5 Incredible Flash Flood Videos (that might make you scared to go near water)

flash flood videos
Written by Bertie

I've pulled together a selection of interesting flash flood videos recorded by people just out and about, enjoying the outdoors. No spectacular montages or compilations here... I think the videos are incredible because they capture real people reacting to live situations. I mean, any one of us could have witnessed any of these events. And it serves as a useful reminder that we should be extremely respectful of our surroundings...

Flash Flood on Maui Captured by Drone

When Renee Lusano went for a hike on Maui with her drone "Furby", she didn't expect the beautiful, gentle stream to turn into a raging torrent. Amazingly, because she was flying Furby at the time, she made a video of the flash flood so you can see exactly how quickly things can turn nasty.

Historic Flash Flood in Utah

Jared and Charlene from GirlGuyGaming were visiting The Narrows in Zion National Park back in 2014.  What started out as a gentle hike turned into a rapid exit to high ground as a wall of water swept through the canyon. Jared expresses disappointment that he wasn't able to film them running, but you do get the see the wall of water sweeping past him!

Flash Flood Hiking out of Havasupa Falls, Arizona

A group of friends were hiking in the Grand Canyon one evening in July 2012. You can hear people up ahead shouting warnings. This isn't the most spectacular video I've listed but it's another demonstration of how quickly a flood can come on. And you get a really good perspective of how deep and fast-running the water gets.

Another Flash Flood in Arizona

Shot at Payson, Ellison Creek in July 2017, the amount of debris and logs that are carried downstream is simply incredible. It's not always easy to determine the true power of a flood until you see the objects that are being swept up.

Flash Flood in California Desert

What I really like about this video is it takes you upstream of all the action to where a flash flood begins. If you've ever wondered why a flash flood can happen without it raining, this answers your question. Over the course of a few minutes you can see how the rain hits the ground and just starts to run off. The other cool thing I like about this video is it shows the desert insects rocking up to join the party (I mean, if you lived in the desert you would rush towards the rain, wouldn't you).

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