6 of the World’s Coolest Soccer Pitches

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A buddy of mine was recently telling me about a soccer field that is located on top of a skyscraper. I called BS but it turns out I was completely wrong. It does exist and it’s called Adidas Futsal Park bang in the center of Tokyo, Japan.

And that got me to thinking about other weird and wonderful pitches that might exist out there. So thank you, Adam, for inspiring this post. (And by the way, he runs an awesome blog over at SafeFootBallTickets.com. If you’re ever in Europe and want tickets for the likes of  Liverpool FC, Arsenal and Manchester United, check them out).

Anyway, here are 6 of the coolest soccer pitches in the world – and how you can join in on the adventure.

1. Adidas Futsal Park

Coolest soccer pitches

Where Is It?

Tokyo, Japan

Why It’s Cool:

You really can’t beat the idyllic location of this gorgeous soccer pitch – it rests atop the Tokyu Toyoko department store in Tokyo, Japan. The park was built in 2001 immediately before the FIFA World Cup, an event jointly hosted by South Korea and Japan.

Ever since, this soccer pitch remains a happening spot. It hosts a variety of competitions every month, from tournaments to smaller group games. You can register to play as an individual a few times per year, or if you’re a member, you can rent it out on a regular basis – for a price. Member teams can rent for ¥5,250 per hour (but prices go up during peak time).

2.The Float at Marina Bay, Singapore

The Float at Marina Bay, coolest football pitches

Where Is It:

Marina Bay, Singapore

Why It’s Cool:

Also known as the Marina Bay Floating Platform, this floating platform is comprised entirely of steel and can hold the weight of 9,000 people. The soccer pitch is scenic enough in itself, giving players a view of the Singapore skyline, but a nearby seating stand on the shore can hold an additional 30,000 spectators.

This pitch is a popular venue for events, from concerts to artistic exhibitions to – you guessed it – soccer matches. Although it’s only open now for major, registered events (such as the 2010 Summer Youth Olympic Games), future city plans indicate that the platform will soon be opened up to be a “larger, more accessible space,” according to Prime Minister Lee.

3. The Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium

Where Is It:

Gspon, Switzerland 

Why It’s Cool: 

High in the Alps is the Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium. This is the highest soccer pitch in all of Europe and you’ve got to have some serious guts to play in this altitude sickness-inducing arena. It’s carved into a mountainside 6,561 feet above sea level – safe to say that if a ball goes out of range, you’re probably not going to jump down the cliffs to retrieve it.

Home to FC Gspon, an amateur soccer team, the pitch hosts regular football matches – however, the altitude is too high for vehicles to function properly, so you’ll need to take a cable car to get there.

4. Victoria Stadium, Gibraltar

Where Is It:


Why It’s Cool: 

A multi purpose stadium in Gibraltar, this pitch is used mostly for soccer games but also hosts

music festivals. It’s constructed at the bottom of the Rock of Gibraltar – need we say more? Head there on the off season or grab a ticket to a game – this pitch hosts tons of European club games each year.

5. Koh Panyee

Koh Panyee, coolest soccer pitches

Where Is It:

Phang Nga, Thailand

Why It’s Cool: 

This football pitch in Thailand is surrounded by crystal-clear water and limestone cliffs. There’s no bells and whistles here – what you see is what you get. However, what you get is absolutely stunning scenery and the need for complete accuracy in your shot – unless you want to jump in the water to fetch your ball!

This pitch is built from old scraps of wood and fishing rafts, and is home to one of the most successful youth soccer clubs in southern Thailand. You’ll have to take a boat to get there, but trust us – it’s worth it.

6. Tasilaq Stadion

Where Is It:

Tasilaq, Greenland

Why It’s Cool: 

This soccer pitch is surrounded by outstanding scenery, including gorgeous blue waters dotted with icebergs and snowcapped peaks. Built in 1960, this pitch never reached international size and does not have actual grass surfaces. Nevertheless, you can check out a game (you’ll need to sit on the rocks) or try it out yourself by booking a tour with a local agency.