9 Tips in Driving Hyrbil (Rental Car) in Sweden

Sweden is considered one of the safest places in the world for tourists. As one of the more premier areas of Europe, it is a must-see for anyone who wants to tour around the continent. For one, it has so many vistas and views that you can explore on your own or with a group as you can see here. The city is also rather lively, with cafes and museums dotting around the capital. You can also go to the quieter countryside and explore the forests and seas.

However, there are many other ways that you can enjoy the scenic view around this area. Most people these days like to drive around using a car, which is more convenient. You do not have to go through the perils of public transportation, as all you have to do is rent one. If you are considering bringing your own, then it can be difficult if you are living outside of Europe. The cost of transporting and registering it is not worth the hassle and money, so it would be best to just go for a rental.

Rentals And Rules

Fortunately for you, there are many options that you can take for your car travel needs. You can always take a look online for these rentals, although you can also communicate with the local ones in the area. A good billig hyrbil is great especially if you want to explore more of this kingdom. You do not want to miss the many things that this beautiful country has to offer.

On the other hand, there are a handful of rules that you need to follow when driving around this area. You must be familiar with all of this since you are still under the jurisdiction of their laws. Even if you are a foreigner and a tourist, the laws of the land will always apply to everyone in it. There is no special treatment, and laws around this area are known to be stringent especially when it comes to safety. It still covers you as well even if you are driving a rented vehicle.

Here’s What You Need to Know

  1. You Will Drive on The Right-Hand Side Of The Road

If you are already driving on the right side in your home country, then transitioning to driving in Sweden is easy. However, it would be a little bit tricky if you are driving on the left side as you will need to adjust your vision. You must adjust as soon as possible since you cannot stay here forever unless you apply for it. All the rental cars around here are also on the right side, so good luck trying to find one that is on the left.

  1. Seat Belts Are Necessary and Enforced All the Time

Seat belts are always a necessary thing when it comes to driving anywhere. It is an essential safety feature that saves lives and helps people to learn more about their safety on the road. However, it is even more strict in Sweden as they enforce it properly with their citizens and tourists alike. You cannot drive around without wearing it, whether you are in the countryside or the city.

  1. You Are of Legal Age and Have a Driver’s License

One of the trickier parts of being a traveler around here is the driver’s license. Of course, the age limit is important: you must be 18 years old and above to do it. The legal license, on the other hand, will be your proof if you are of that age. Some countries’ licenses like the UK and USA are honored in Sweden, but only for a year and if it is still valid in their respective home countries. Otherwise, you will need to get an international driver’s permit especially if you are staying here longer than 90 days.

  1. Avoid Alcohol at All Costs

It is also a known rule on the road that alcohol is not your friend while driving. Most countries around the world have specific rules toward their consumption while behind the wheel. The limit is 0.02% in blood content, and you do not want to pay the hefty fines. If you get into an accident due to this issue, then your stay in the country will be affected as well. If you are going to go drinking, it would be better to just hire a taxicab through the Taxi Stockholm or 020 apps as it is more affordable and practical than an Uber. 

  1. Headlights Must Be Switched on All the Time

It does not matter whether the sun is shining or otherwise, you need to always keep the headlights on. For this, it is not an issue with locally rented vehicles as it is fixed to always have this feature. However, if you have rented it from another country, then you will need to keep this in mind while passing through Sweden.

  1. Learn The Tire Requirements

If you are from a part of the world where winter and summers do happen, then you are aware that there are tires based on these seasons. You need to have them on as it will help you drive especially in more slippery areas during the cold. From December to March or depending on the snowfall, it is required to have special winter tires with or without studs to help with the friction in the road.

  1. Children Should Have Special Seats

Bringing your child while traveling internationally is usually a great idea, but the pandemic has made it a bit difficult to move around. Fortunately, it is still allowed in Sweden provided that they would be using a car seat. If they are under four feet and five inches (1.25 meters) or 3 years of age, then they should have a car seat that properly fits their size. 

  1. Know The Speed Limits

Look out for any signs that designate the speed limit in the area. In Sweden, they are round, colored with yellow, and have a red outline. If you are driving around the city, the limit is 50 kph or 31 mph and 90 kph or 55 mph for open country roads. On the other hand, you can push up to 110 mph or 68 mph on highways. 

  1. You May Need to Pay Tolls

There are hardly any toll fees if you are traveling in Sweden, even if you are renting a vehicle from outside of the country. However, there are two points wherein you will need to pay the toll fee: it is the bridges across Sundsvallsfjärden and Motalaviken (link: https://www.worldtravelguide.net/guides/europe/sweden/getting-around/). You may also need to do so in the Öresund and Svinesund bridges. You will need to pass these through if you want to go further into the Swedish countryside.

As you can see, there are many laws that you will need to follow even if you are a foreigner in this part of the world. However, these laws are necessary for your safety and security especially if you are renting a vehicle. Sweden is a great country to tour around as there are so many things you can do and explore. It is up to you though on how you can enjoy it and make use of your time while in the country.