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The Best 10 Person Tents for Camping in 2021

best 10 person tent
Written by Bertie

There’s nothing like being able to go camping with your family and your loved ones, something we’re all anxious and eager for as summer approaches.

Having a tent large enough to fit your entire group makes the whole experience much more social as well, which is where 10-person tents really shine.

I go into detail on what to look for when buying your tent, but know that the CORE 10-person tent tops my ratings.

Here’s my Top 3 best 10 person tents (with more below if these don't work for you):


Packing a weight of 35.5 pounds, the Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent provides 140 square feet of space in a 14-by-10 foot setup with two large D-shaped doors on either side. Its peak height is 7'2".

It has a gear loft with pockets as well as a lantern hook. There are two adjustable vents on each side at the bottom, as well as a mesh ceiling for ventilation. A removable rainfly and guy lines also come with the tent.

The tent has four windows with privacy flaps, one removable room divider, an electric access port and an expandable carry bag. All of the tents fabrics are made of durable waterproof polyester, with the seams thermally sealed. ($$$)

This tent comes in both orange and wine colors.

The Verdict

You’ll have quite the room to move around and store all your kit in this tent with its large floor space and height. Also, the large D-shaped doors make getting in an out really easy and ensure you won't have to queue to do either.

A hook for lanterns is excellent for night time illumination, while the gear loft is perfect for separating your gear from the sleeping areas. This section also has pockets if you love to keep everything organized.

If the weather turns on you, the rainfly can be set up to keep everything inside from getting wet and ruined, while providing some insulation. Being made from polyester and having thermally sealed seams also adds to the waterproof levels.

When it’s hot, you won’t end up feeling suffocated inside the tent. The ventilation system pushes all the hot air out through the mesh ceiling and draws colder air inside from the side vents.

If you like seeing out when inside, the windows don’t block visibility. Additionally, for privacy, you can simply close the windows with the privacy flaps. For added privacy, the room divider splits the tent up nicely, making it perfect if you’re camping with another family, a couple or if you have teenage kids.

You can simply feed any outside cable or cord through the tent’s access port when you need to charge any devices—perfect if you still use your smartphone while camping.

In Summary

If you’re looking for a high-quality tent large enough to fit 10 people, look no further than this Core 10-person tent with its fantastic features and large space.

If you’re looking for something that’s more budget-friendly, then check out the Coleman Weathermaster 10.


Weighing 31 pounds, this brown 10-person tent measures 17 feet long and 9 feet wide, providing a space of 153 square feet inside. It has a central height of 6 feet 8 inches.

There are two large doors—a hinged one at the front and a zippered one at the back. It also has two windows, which are angled to the inside.

There are mesh pockets sewn to the side of the tent inside. It comes with a removable rainfly and guylines as well as a room divider. Along with the mesh ceiling, they provide ventilation to the tent’s interior.

The tent is constructed from durable waterproof fabric with inverted seams and color-coded poles, as well as guy-out triangles. There’s an included carry bag as well as bags for the poles and an electric access port. ($$$$)

The Verdict

You’ll have plenty of room using this tent, thanks to the floor space. It’s also high enough that you can stand in it comfortably without having to crouch.

Getting in and out of the tent should be very easy, too, with its front and back doors, rather than only one entry/exit point. In addition, the hinged front door gives you the feel of stepping into a room rather than a tent.

You’ll have no trouble storing your gear off the floor since it can be placed in the easy-to-access mesh bags.

With the tent’s windows angled inward, you won’t need to close windows when it rains, as you would with competitor tents. This also means that visibility isn’t reduced and the inside of the tent remains dry. To add to this, the rainfly can be set up to cover up the tent’s mesh ceiling.

If it’s sunny outside, the inside won’t overheat, and you won’t feel suffocated due to the excellent air circulation from the mesh ceiling.

Worried about charging your phone or tablet inside the tent? There’s no need, thanks to the electric access port.

Both transportation and setting up is simple with this Coleman tent. The carry bag is super handy, and the poles and parts are color-coded, speeding up the erection time. Pitching a 10-person tent can be incredibly lengthy without such a feature.

If you’re looking for extra privacy inside the tent, simply put up the room divider and choose whichever of the two rooms gets to be yours.

In Summary

If you’re looking for a 10-person tent that combines good quality with a friendly budget, then this is what you should be aiming for.

Otherwise, check out the CORE 10-Person Tent if you’re looking for something with even more nifty features and don’t mind paying the extra cash.


With a weight of 27.1 pounds, this Ozark Trail tent is 20 feet long and 10 feet wide, giving 177.5 square feet of room. It has a central height of 6 feet 5 inches and is rated for three seasons.

Several mesh pockets line the tent’s internal sides—one media pocket, two wall pockets and a gear pocket. It also comes with a removable rainfly and guy lines.

There’s one large D-shaped front door at the center and two side doors. A total of four windows are included as well as a mesh ceiling for ventilation. The tent’s apex comes with a hook for lanterns.

The tent can be split up to three different rooms, each with their own entrance, using the room dividers. Additionally, it has an access port for electricity.

The tent’s fabric is made of durable polyester with taped fly seams. ($)

The Verdict

Having enough space isn’t a problem with the mammoth 177.5 square feet and the ability to stand up comfortably, unless you’re over 6 foot 5. 

Being rated for three seasons means it’s a great option for use from spring through to autumn.

Having three doors allows for easy maneuvering in and out of the tent. It’s also really convenient having a separate entrance when the tent is divided up.

You can have up to three separate rooms in this tent, which is pretty versatile and provides more privacy. Or, you could split up your tent into different rooms for different things, much like at home.

The side pockets will allow you to store all your stuff without it sprawled over the ground while being easy to access.

Who doesn’t like having a panoramic view of mother nature? This tent’s six windows and mesh ceiling allow just that. Also, these allow for excellent air circulation, providing a cool internal atmosphere during the warmer seasons.

If it gets stormy, you can easily set up the rainfly to keep the water from getting inside. This combines well with the waterproof polyester fabric and taped fly seams.

As with most tents, the electric access port is perfect for recharging torch batteries, phones and tablets. Also, the included lantern hook is perfect for keeping the interior lit at night or on a dull day. 

In Summary

If you’re looking for a 10-person tent with great features but can also be split up into three rooms, stop right there and get yourself this Ozark Trail family cabin tent. 

However, if you’re a resident of California, you won’t be able to purchase this due to state restrictions regarding Proposition 65, so take a look at the CORE 10-Person Tent instead.


This dome-shaped, blue-colored tent weighs 21 pounds and measures 18 feet in length and 10 feet in width—170 square feet of floor space. Its top stands at 6 feet 3.5 inches in height.

It has two large D-shaped doors at the front side by side with three windows on the sides and back, all with privacy flaps.

For storage, there are four corner pockets and a gear loft, with one room divider splitting the tent in the middle. A removable rainfly with a hooped frame is included, too, which combines with the mesh ceiling for the tent’s ventilation. 

There’s also a carry bag with straps included. Moreover, the tent is constructed from a durable and waterproof nylon fabric. ($$)

The Verdict

Even though it isn’t the most spacious tent, 170 square feet is still a decent amount. Also, you should be able to stand up straight with a max internal height of 6 foot 3.5 inches.

Having two main front doors makes it easy for several people to go inside the tent simultaneously. They also provide separate entrances when the divider is put up, which makes it all the more convenient for privacy.

The netting near the top of the tent will give you space to stow some of your larger gear, but you also have corner pockets where you can put your everyday items so that they’re within your reach at all times.

The mesh ceiling and windows make for great ventilation and will keep you cool in hot summer camping trips. Also, the window flaps are excellent for privacy and preventing the rain from entering. In addition, the rainfly keeps the water from getting through the ceiling, while the waterproof fabric will also keep everything inside dry.

In Summary

If you’re searching for a spacious 10-person tent that’s simple and of an excellent quality, then this is well-suited.

On the other hand, if you need something larger, check out the Tahoe Gear Olympia 10.


Weighing 22 pounds, this tent provides 189 square feet of space and measures 18 feet by 10.5 feet with a central height of 7 feet. It’s rated for three seasons.

Additionally, it has a large central front D-style door and three windows. It’s ventilated via two floor-level vents, one on each side, in combination with the mesh ceiling. 

There’s no gear loft nor internal mesh pockets, but the tent has a spot where you can hang a light. Also, note that there’s no room divider.

It does come with a removable rain fly, though, with a canopy that extends outside the tent’s door. Close to the door is a port through which you can slide electric cables.

It’s constructed from durable polyester fabric and comes with a carry bag. ($)

The Verdict

189 square feet is enough floor space for you to move around inside as well as placing all your kit. But it’s the ceiling height that stands out at an impressive 7 feet, removing the frustration for tall campers.

Nighttime shouldn’t be frustrating for you, thanks to the lantern hook. And you should also remain cool at night due to the tent’s ventilation system, which will keep the air circulating inside. This is thanks to the cold air entering through the floor vents and hot air going out through the mesh ceiling.

You’ll still be able to see the surrounding scenery through the tent’s mesh ceiling and windows. And if it starts to rain, you can easily set up the rainfly, which has an extended canopy over the door. This also makes sure nothing gets wet if you still need to go in and out of the tent.

You’ll always be able to keep your devices powered up with the electric access port—simply slide the power cord through it from any outside power source and keep everything turned on.

Packing this tent up is a breeze, according to users, and the carry bag is roomy with further bags for the separate tent components.

Note that there’s no room divider, so there’ll be a distinct lack of privacy among the campers.

In Summary

This is a great tent for tall people or if you like a lot of overhead clearance in your tent, which combines well with the 189 square footage of floor space.

If, however, you’re looking to camp with other couples, this isn’t the one for you owing to the lack of room dividers and room separation. An excellent alternative for you is the Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent, which can split up into three rooms.


When assembled, this blue tent measures 14 feet long and 10 feet wide, providing floor space of 140 square feet. It also boasts a central height of nearly 7 feet 2 inches and weighs 13.5 pounds. It’s rated for all four seasons.

There’s a large D-style door at the tent’s front, and it has five windows, each with flaps. The mesh ceiling, combined with the windows, provide the tent’s circulation. 

It also comes with a removable rain fly as well as one room divider and an electrical access port near one of the corners. The tent is made of durable fabric with sealed seams and a welded thick tub floor.

Additionally, it comes with a gear loft and a carry bag. ($)

The Verdict

At a central height of 7’ 2”, there’s a crazy amount of height clearance for tall campers or those who just love space.

One large door makes getting in and out very simple, although other tents have more access points. There is some respite with the five windows, though, which provides ample viewing and airflow along with the mesh ceiling. 

You can put up the window flaps whenever you desire to have more privacy as well as quickly set up the rainfly to keep everything dry. The room divider can also add more privacy by providing two rooms inside the tent.

Also, the tent’s waterproof polyester fabric and welded thick floor will always keep things dry inside, even in heavy rain. 

There’s plenty of space to store your things, too, with the included gear loft. Also, you’ll always be able to keep the lights on and your devices charged using the tent’s electric access port. 

In addition, this tent is rated for all seasons, so it’ll keep you warm and waterproof in the winter and cool enough in the summer. 

It also comes with its own carry bag, so packing things up and then getting on the move becomes all the more convenient.

In Summary

If you’re the kind of person who likes to travel and camp all year round, even in winter, then this is the right choice for you.

However, if you need an option with more rooms, check out the Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent, which is also an affordable option.


Packing a weight of 28 pounds, this tent measures 18 feet by 10 feet and provides 159 square feet of floor space with 6.5 feet of height when assembled. 

It has one large door at the center with a total of four windows, all of which have privacy flaps. A gear loft and a built-in reflective panel at its apex are included. Additionally, the tent has two pockets on the inside.

There’s also a removable rain fly that extends over the door and back window. The windows and mesh ceiling are responsible for the tent’s ventilation.

The tent also includes two removable room dividers as well as one access port for electric power. ($$)

The tent can come in red or blue colors.

The Verdict

You’ll have no trouble finding enough space for everyone in this tent with its 159 square feet of floor space. There’ll also be more than enough room to stand up without having to crouch your head thanks to the 6.5 feet of head clearance, although this isn’t the roomiest tent.

The large door provides easy entry and exit to and from the tent—not so different from being at home. Additionally, you’ll be able to view the sky and scenery with the mesh ceiling and the numerous windows while you’re inside. They also produce a good air circulation so you’ll still feel cool on those hot sunny days.

The built-in reflective panel will reflect whatever light source you place on the gear loft and provide ambient light everywhere in the tent. 

There’s ample space in the gear loft to store all your kit, which combines nicely with the two additional pockets for the smaller everyday items, such as your phone or tablet. This works well with the electric access port for a neat entry for a power cable—perfect for recharging batteries and electronics.

I like how the rainfly extends over the door to protect the entire tent and the entrance for dry access during downpours.

Having two room dividers will give you the option of creating up to three different rooms in the tent, which is versatile for those who need their privacy or if you’re traveling with another family.

In Summary

This is a great option for you if you’re looking for something that can be split up to more than two rooms and isn’t expensive.

If having rooms inside the tent isn’t that important to you, then look to the Tahoe Gear Olympia 10 for a capable tent that’s also budget-friendly.


Weighing a total of 41 pounds, the tent boasts a floor size of 14 feet by 10 feet, providing 140 square feet of space, with a central height of 7 feet. 

Having two large D-shaped doors at its front, the tent also comes with an attached screen room, which is 14 feet by 5 feet. Additionally, it has four windows, one on each side and two on the back, each with a privacy flap. 

Two pockets are present for storage—one beside each door of the tent. There are two adjustable vents as well, which, along with the mesh ceiling, provide the tent’s ventilation.

It also comes with the poles already pre-attached to the tent, along with a carry bag as well as a removable rain fly. Additionally, there’s a central room divider that can be attached to the tent. ($$$$$)

The Verdict

The tent is spacious and tall, so you’ll be able to move about without crouching or crooking your neck. There’s also plenty of storage space, which is thanks to the attached screen room. 

Having a screen room is awesome because you’re officially outside of the tent but enclosed still. This is great for enjoying the views and breeze while being protected from the bugs. It also adds to the storage space, but for the daily essentials, use the pockets inside the tent.

With this tent, camping in the heat isn’t a problem thanks to the side vents and mesh ceiling—both promoting excellent airflow and keeping the tent cool.

Setup is a breeze since everything is pre-attached, and all you need to do is unfold the tent and extend it. The entire process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes—rare for such a large tent.

If your outside chill time is scuppered by rain, the rain fly will protect the tent and your gear, so bring the camping party inside. Here, you can use the room divider to split up the area to get some privacy. This combines well with the room flaps, which adds to keeping the elements out and offering further external privacy.

In Summary

If you like to hang outside while camping, which most of us do, without getting eaten by bugs, this is an excellent choice thanks to the extended screen room.

If having a screen room isn’t a feature you want to pay for, but you like the CORE design, take a look at the CORE 10-Person Tent, which is our top-rated option.

What to Keep in Mind Before Getting a 10-Person Tent

With so many options, shopping for a 10-person can be confusing and frustrating.

To make it easier for you, check out the below core areas to focus on.

Durability and Water Resistance

Tents are a long-term investment, so durability and water-resistance are key, especially since it needs to shelter you from the elements, keep everything dry, and, potentially, deal with highly energetic children who are likely to try over guy ropes and against the tent.

For the best durability and water resistance, the best 10-person tents usually use polyester or nylon fabric for the walls and polyethylene fabric for the floors, all of which are waterproof fabrics.

The poles can be either made of aluminum or fiberglass, and the stakes are usually made out of solid steel.

Size and Storage Space

Yes, a 10-person tent is going to be massive, but if there are lots of you camping, don’t just focus on the sleeping space. You need to factor in places to stash all your equipment, especially if you’re going to hit the trails, too.

A decent tent will have a floor size of at least 140 square feet—although this will still be a squeeze—and a central height of at least 6 feet. It should also have permanent pockets and a dedicated gear loft, which are excellent at freeing up the floor space.

Entry and Exit

If you’ve ever slept in a one or two-person tent, getting in and out of them can be a real pain. You shouldn’t have the same issues with larger tents, although it’s still nice to have more than one door.

Having more doors allows even more maneuverability as well as less disturbance to others who might still be asleep or resting.

Of course, the larger the door, the better, and you’ll find the very best 10-person tents will have a D-shaped door.


Being in a poorly ventilated tent makes for a terrible and suffocating experience camping, especially on hot summer days. 

So for a tent to be good, it should come with a good number of windows, floor-level vents, as well as a mesh ceiling to allow all the cold air in and the hot air out.

Rain Protection

It’s pointless being in a tent with a mesh ceiling if you can’t keep yourself dry and protect your things from the rain. This is why the right tent should come with a rainfly that can be attached and removed when needed. Naturally, the rainfly will be waterproof and have guy lines.

Look out for windows with rain flaps, too, and especially windows that slant inward, naturally preventing the rain from getting through the window mesh.


Having a lighting hook-up option inside the tent can be incredibly handy. While of little use during the day—unless it’s gloomy outside and you have a dark-colored tent—they’re a godsend at night.

Grab your camping lantern, and hang it from the hook to prevent a trip during the night, a light source for bedtime reading, or an ideal solution if you can’t chill outside in the evening due to rain.

On top of this, some tents use reflective coating near the tent’s apex to spread the light further inside the tent.


We all need our private moments. For this, look out for windows with privacy flaps and room dividers.

If you’re traveling with other families and kids who need privacy, the room dividers are crucial and are ideal for getting changed. They can also turn a testy camping experience into a chill-out zone inside the tent where everyone can go to rest.


A camping trip is never really a fulfilling experience unless you can get to enjoy the view, watching the trees, the wildlife or our beautiful starry sky with all of its phenomena at night. 

Being in a tent with a mesh ceiling will allow you to look up and enjoy the sky. Be sure to detach the rainfly to do this, though.

Access to Power

Even though you’d be out there in nature, it’s always important to have access to electrical power.

Most modern 10-person tents have dedicated ports to access power by sliding cords and cables through them while also keeping them safe and away from moisture.


A mediocre 10-person tent will be of a high-quality and do the basics well. A market-leading tent will do that and come with some super-handy accessories, such as carry bags, extra poles, guy lines and stakes.


All the tents I’ve featured of high quality, but that doesn’t mean you need to splash out on the most expensive. By picking out the features that matter to you, you should be able to whittle down your shortlist while keeping to your budget.

If you’re not planning on camping often, you don’t need to break the bank. But if you’re going to be out in all weathers, hitting the trails, hiking, unpacking and repacking, you need something more extensive and should fork out some more.


Through my analysis, I’m confident in the CORE 10-Person Tent as the winner, with the Coleman Weathermaster and the Ozark Trail Family Cabin tents as runners-up.

The CORE tent combines everything you need: durability, a decent floor space, room divider, removable rainfly, space for storage, an electric access port, and even a hook for lanterns. 

Additionally, the ventilation is excellent, and going in and out of the tent comes with ease. Privacy is also no issue here with the tent’s room divider, two doors and flaps for the four windows.

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