Best 8 Person Tent for Camping in 2022

8 person tents are a really good size for family camping trips. They are a really nice balance of space and weight.

There’s quite a few to choose from; from different designs (whether you want a dome tent or a cabin style tent), to set up style (an instant tent or manual setup), with a screen room and without a screen room, room dividers and so on…

We’ve done oodles of research and here is a round-up of the best 8 person tents we could find:

Marmot Limestone 8 – Best 8 Person Tent

Marmot Limestone 8 - Best 8 person tent


The Marmot Limestone 8 Person Camping Tent is a home away from home; this reliable three-season tent is big enough for a party of eight and probably even a friend or two. It has two vestibules and two D-shaped doors for a quick escape at any given time.

The Marmot tent comes with a ready doormat that offers a dry spot for discarding shoes and keeping dirt outside. 

The package comes with a removable divider enabling you to create two separate rooms in the extension. The tent requires five poles along with extra for the awning. Each of the poles color-coded to fit the corresponding color sleeves of the inner tent. 

When set up, the tent measures 77 by 100 by 187 inches and has a floor area of 130.5 square feet. Packed, it measures 33.5 by 17 inches and weighs 21 pounds 3 ounces. The tent is currently priced at 658 dollars.

The Verdict

The interior has a big enough space that makes it ideal for a large group of eight or more. It can be configured into more than one room, each having its own entrance. If you love stargazing, this tent makes it perfectly possible through the tent’s mesh roof. 

The Marmot tent is ideal for large parties who go camping on the regular. Since it’s a three-season tent, expect nothing less than maximum reliability during weather conditions of all magnitudes. The tent’s aerodynamic shape makes it easy for it to be firmly staked into the ground; you won’t have to worry about your tent being blown away by strong winds.

During storms, the large rainfly gives you and everyone inside the tent maximum protection. The tent’s high-quality waterproof fabric is a bonus protective feature. A distinctive feature of this tent is its near-vertical high walls; this feature will be useful in accommodating very tall campers who may need to move around inside the tent.

Its sizable dimensions and light weight are two more reasons to consider it the best 8 person tent; this makes it convenient enough for countless outdoor activities with no limits whatsoever.

In Summary

The Marmot tent is a great option if you plan on camping during the warm months of summer. You really have to consider this if you love stargazing on a cozy night, and If you have an extremely tall member within your camping group, they will also appreciate the huge height space this tent has to offer. 

For the high cost this tent commands, you will definitely enjoy all its superior performance features through various climates.

Coleman Montana 8 – Best Budget 8 Person Tent

coleman montana 8 - best budget 8 person tent


The Coleman 8 Person comes with a limited warranty of one year. The interior of this extended dome-type tent measures 192 by 84 inches with a center height measuring 74 inches. It’s a single-room tent with no divisions; you can easily fit three queen-size air beds and still have some extra space in the central zone.

There is also a WeatherTec system within the Coleman that keeps the interior warm at all times. The tent’s three windows are sealable with the help of the added Velcro frame accessories, and the top is covered with a mesh that promotes smooth airflow. You will find two storage pockets on the tent’s sides to keep small equipment in one place.  

This hinged-door shelter also features an extended awning and a bathtub-style type floor. When purchased, you will find a carry bag included for seamless storage. The tent is priced at 140 dollars. 

The Verdict

The 192 by 84-inch tent size would be a good enough size to accommodate seven or more people. Although it’s debatable as to whether the stated number can fit into this tent, it’s up to you to decide if this is indeed the best 8 person tent. It could be one of the best features that appeal to you and your mates. To me, the space wasn’t much of an attraction; the tent’s E-port, however, caught my eye.

The walls are strategically fitted with power outlets that provide electricity within the tent. Campers will find this feature helpful because they might need to charge their devices without having to rely on nearby power sources. The extended bag will come in handy if you have any lights or gadgets you wish to carry along with your tent.

The tent’s fly isn’t really a full-coverage type per se, but it does shield the side windows from excessive rainfall or harsh sunshine. The bathtub-type floor serves its purpose of leakage prevention perfectly well; this is because of its 4 to 5-inch elevation above ground on every side. 

In Summary

The Coleman Montana 8 might be the best 8 person tent, with an enviable style and lots of perfect features. The price itself is a testament to just how good it is. It’s relatively popular among customers and has an impressively high rating on online shopping sites. The next time you go camping, and you wish to watch a movie in your tent, just purchase this tent and plug it into the convenient E-port. 

Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Model Geodesic 8 Person Tent

Cabela's Alaskan Guide Geodesic 8 Person Tent


The Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Model is a four-season tent with one-of-a-kind rugged fabrics and a seven-pole system; these are effective enough to handle the harshest winds and other extreme conditions. It also features a 210D polyester door whose entry is covered by a full-coverage rainfly. The interior is fitted with smooth-operating no.8 and no.10 YKK® zippers.

It weighs just 41 pounds, measures approximately 150 by 144 by 80 inches when open, and 31.9 by 10.2 by 11.4 inches when packed. Included are a repair kit, 2-ounce seam sealer, 16 tie-downs, and 24 aluminum stakes. The Cabela’s Alaskan tent is priced at 549 dollars and only comes in a single dark-themed color. 

The Verdict

If this is your first major tent purchase, you might consider this the best 8 person tent. It’s a worthy upgrade from a four-man or less tent, due to the many comforts it provides for your group and has plenty of space for your belongings. The 2,000mm PU waterproof coating will keep you and your equipment dry on rainy days. 

The vestibules are large enough to store your equipment and other items, and the four cup holders are unique features that are a rare spectacle in tents of this size. The compartment zippers can serve you for five or more years, while most are only good for 12 months, making the compartments exceptional.

I loved the solid fiberglass poles that make setting up the tent fast and easy. When you assemble it alone, it will take approximately 20 minutes at most. If you find the set-up instructions somewhat insufficient, there are plenty of YouTube videos that simplify the whole process. Once you get it done, you’ll admire how durable, stable, and rugged the finished product is. 

While some might find the price tag a little too much, the many attractive specs make it well worth every penny. 

In Summary

Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Model Geodesic 8 Person Tent is a remarkable option for large groups of campers. Set-up is super easy, and fitting it in your luggage while packing is almost effortless. It’s perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy all-year-round traveling.

The ventilation screens are more than enough to keep you well-ventilated during windless, sunny days. To take full advantage of the airflow, you have to unzip the rainfly. If you plan on camping in regions where it frequently rains, this is the best 8 person tent for you. 

It can survive heavy winds and harsh weather conditions for days on end with no problem at all. What’s more, the floor material is elevated at a fair-enough level to prevent water intrusion. 

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe


This 8 person tent has a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty. This canvas tent is made entirely from Hydra-Shield cotton duck canvas, it’s breathable, watertight, and durable. When packed, the tent measures 30 by 13 inches and its poles 50 by 5.5 inches. It weighs 79 pounds when packed (inclusive of 6.5 pounds in stakes).

Its large awning measures 84 by 78 inches, and the tent is 120 by 168 inches with a center height of 78 inches. The tent’s floor is reinforced with seamless vinyl polyester for extra stability. This four-season tent can be used all year round, except for heavy snow and extreme winter mountaineering. General set-up is quick, easy, and successfully achievable by a single person.

The Kodiak Canvas tent features two huge D-shaped doors, each with a durable YKK zipper and four extra-large meshless windows. Its flex-bow frame consists of ⅜-inch solid, spring steel rods, and 1-inch galvanized steel tubing. Currently, the tent is priced at 549 dollars.

The Verdict

The Kodiak Canvas tent has tons of extra sleeping space that makes it ideal for setting up a home base with friends or family. As a matter of fact, it may end up being less of a tent and more of a palace. It has an extended door awning that provides enough space for entry and gear storage. Whenever there’s a torrential downpour, the interior walls won’t let in a drop of water. 

The tent’s silicone finish and tight weave make it generally breathable and watertight. I found the walls to be pretty effective when it came to minimizing mugginess and condensation. Although its heaviness didn’t allow me to backpack with it, it was a worthy upgrade from my standard tent. 

If you don’t like spending a lot of time setting up tents, the Kodiak Canvas won’t be a bother at all. All you need to do is just firmly stake down all the loops, then connect the poles. Although it might take a little extra effort putting up the second side, you will appreciate the tight fabric once you’re done. The tent’s general design is super simple, and the flex bow pole system is pretty good.

The Kodiak tent’s absence of a meshed-roof makes it completely dustproof. Compared to other nylons, this tent stands up to strong winds perfectly well. Its tautness and shape make it less vulnerable to dust storms; you won’t have to bother yourself brushing off the dust.

In Summary

Most people may consider the Kodiak Canvas the best 8 man tent out there for car camping. Ironically enough, its foremost weaknesses—packed size and weight—that make it exceptionally great in terms of roominess and durability. It may not be perfect (no tent is), but it does serve its purpose in the best possible way.

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent 


The Wenzel measures exactly 192 by 132 inches and has a height of 78 inches. It has 98 square feet of floor space with a 60-square-foot screen room. The tent has a carry weight of 28 pounds and comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty against all defects.

The tent has two rooms with a door dividing them (screened room), it’s a dome-style tent that’s supported by vertical side poles, but its fiberglass poles disqualify it from use as a winter tent. You may need to stake it to the ground as it is not a free-standing shelter.

Being a three-season tent, it performs best in areas with minimal wind or rainfall. It has an inverted T-style door with plenty of mesh ventilation surface area and a built-in extra vent and flap zippered windows for constant ventilation. The Wenzel Klondike tent is available in various colors.

The Verdict

This prestigious tent clearly sets a new standard for fun and wholesome family camping. I especially fell in love with the tent’s huge interior space. It’s wide enough to fit two Queen airbeds and still have some liveable space to spare. Sufficient headroom is more than enough for your whole group. 

On hot summer days, two mesh windows and a full mesh roof will keep the bugs out and offer hi-low air circulation. The entry room is designed with a zipped-up mesh on its walls to limit the amount of ventilation that enters the tent. If you’re a handy person, you’ll love the easy-to-reach storage pockets that are intricately included in the tent walls.

Setting up the tent takes at most 15 minutes with assistance from a second party. However, it’s worth pointing out that it will be beneficial if one of you is at least 6 feet tall. 

In Summary

Despite the Wenzel Klondike being a suitable pick for the best 8P tent, it can also work as a luxurious alternative for couples. There is sufficient sleeping room for you to put your queen-size camping bed in, and the second room can be used as a sitting area. Wherever you choose to pitch, make sure the ground is good enough to stake, as the tent is not free-standing.

Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch 8


This spacious 8 person cabin-tent features an in-built LED system that keeps your tent lit up hours after the campfire dies out. When packed, it weighs 32 pounds and measures 33.5 inches by 10 inches, and when set up, it measures 156 by 84 by 80 inches. With such huge dimensions, this tent can comfortably accommodate 8 people and still have some walking space left!

The three-season tent features a built-in closet, a divider that enhances extra privacy for members in separate rooms, and an in-built WeatherTec device that boosts the tent’s protection from harsh weather. The tent’s fast-pitch design increases set-up speed by as much as 55 percent faster compared to cabin tents with a similar design. 

The rainfly and 185T taffeta walls offer strength and durability, further strengthened by the 800 mm polyurethane coatings on crucial areas. Featured on the walls are covered zippers and protected seams for extra protection from natural climatic conditions. For ventilation, the tent is fitted with roof panels and a mesh window. 

The Coleman Tenaya comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty in case of any defects after purchase and carries a 249-dollar price tag.

The Verdict

I would totally consider the Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch 8 Person Cabin Tent a splendid choice for huge families and groups. The first feature that stood out to me was the built-in closet. With somewhere to arrange your clothes and gear, you won’t have to worry about using up precious floor space. Because you have your belongings organized in one place, there is no chance of losing important equipment.

The rainfly is a worthy addition to the tent as it provides extra protection during rainy days. It also makes for better airflow during windless sunny days, and the hinged door provides effortless entry and exit. A WeatherTec system design, covered zippers, polyurethane coatings, protected seams, and so on; these are all perfect combinations for a quality tent worth every dollar. 

In Summary

I find it hard to resist a tent that provides fast installation. The overall design of the Coleman Tenaya model makes it easy for you to snap it in place without inserting stakes in the ground. Moving it from one place to the next is fast, easy, and convenient. 

It is the ultimate weather-resistant tent. During rainfall, waterproof floors, zipper protection, wind-strong frame, and protected seams work hand-in-hand to keep the water out and the inside dry. 

Browning Big Horn 8 – Best 8 Person Cabin Tent


The Browning Big Horn is considered by many to be the best 8 person tent for family camping. It features a free-standing design with dimensions of 180 by 120 inches (150 sq feet of floor space) and a peak height of 87 inches. It’s a bit heavy, weighing approximately 30 pounds, and utilizes 185T polyester material. The rainfly and oxford floor are also made out of 185T and 150D polyester material, respectively. 

As the name suggests, the three-season Browning Big Horn is only available in brown. The tent’s spacious two rooms make it big enough to provide comfort for large groups of campers and the whole family. Also included are guy lines, steel stakes, and mesh storage pockets for the interior. The Browning Big Horn 8 person cabin tent is currently priced at 329 dollars.

The Verdict

The Browning, in my opinion, is one of the best 8 person tents, try it out on your next family campout adventure. The tent’s huge dimensions promise plenty of comfort and room for the entire crew. The self-supporting free-standing design allows you to pitch it on terrains of all kinds without being staked to the ground. 

Got a few tall folks in your family? The 87 inches of height is almost similar to that of a room at home. However, with that incredible height, the tent may be vulnerable to strong winds. Not to worry, though; if you find yourself amid a whirlwind, use the included guylines and stakes to secure your tent. 

Since this is a three-season tent, there’s a number of large openings with a mesh ceiling. The tent’s fly is also minimal by design, meaning that all the poles are made entirely of fiberglass. 

I don’t have any issues with regards to the packed size. If you have a means of transport, you won’t either. The tent packs up to only 30 by 12 inches and can fit snugly in any car or motorbike; this is a point worth keeping in mind if you’re in a motorbiking group or on a cross-country tour. All these incredible features at such a low cost make it an unmissable bargain.

In Summary

I’m in awe of this 8 person tent—it has a spacious interior and storage but somehow stays compact. You can use the Browning Big Horn tent during the summer and also into late fall when the weather conditions become wet and colder. 

It should be noted that the fiberglass poles are incapable of withstanding a lot of vertical pressure; this could be in the form of horizontal pressure winds or falling snow on the roof. But, you’ll get a year’s warranty, and they use the most durable materials, so it’s probably worth it.

How to Choose the Best 8 Person Tent

The best 8 man tent will be waterproof, easy to put up, spacious and have loads of storage space. Ideally it will also have a screen room (some tents have them, other tents don’t — they can be a nice touch).

For some people a large tent is more important than an affordable tent. But the truth is you can actually have both.

Here are some of the main things you should think about before deciding on the best tent for you:

  • Waterproofing (especially the rain fly)
  • Size (number of queen air mattresses, storage space, screen room etc)
  • Ventilation (look for large mesh windows and a mesh roof)
  • Tarps and Vestibules
  • Number of Doors

Choosing a Waterproof Tent

A dry and warm waterproof tent is equivalent to comfort, warmth, and overall enjoyment of the entire camping experience. The majority of camping tents have coatings on the rain fly that prevent moisture or water from entering the tent. A tent’s hydrostatic head (a measure of how water resistant your tent material is) is measured in mm: the greater the mm number, the higher its level of waterproofness.

1500mm is the number typically acceptable for a rain fly to be considered waterproof; this means that any number lower than the 1500mm standard will mean waking up to a puddle in your tent on a rainy camping night. Ratings should be relatively higher for tent floors because they deal with downward pressure most of the time. 

Ideally, your tent’s hydrostatic head should measure anything from 3,000mm to 10,000mm. You would not want your peace of mind compromised because of heavy rain! However, it’s worth keeping in mind that a greater mm rating does not always make it the best 8 person tent. 

A hydrostatic head of around 3,000mm or more is recommended if you are camping in areas with heavy rainfall. The best waterproof tents are either three or four seasonal; this simply means that the tent is structurally able to withstand the climatic conditions of three or four seasons, day or night. 

The three-season tent is ideal for camping in the summer, spring or fall, and is incredibly lightweight. It’s perfect for camping trips in warm weather because it’s much cooler. A four-season tent is a lot heavier in comparison and is best suited for colder, wetter, and windier environments and climatic conditions. 

Ease of Setup

Most 8 person tents can be set up in less than 45 minutes.

If the idea of spending 45 minutes pitching a tent while the kids run around screaming then you may want to choose an instant tent.

An instant tent doesn’t actually mean an instant set up. But it does usually mean a much faster pitch.

And instant tent is usually a bit heavier and a bit more expensive than using traditional tent poles. But that shouldn’t matter too much when car camping, especially if it means your family camping trip gets off to a good start!

Size of Tent

8 person tents range in size from around 100 sq feet of floor space to about 150 sq feet of floor space. Some 8 person tents also come with a screen room which is a real bonus, allowing you extra space for relaxing or storing gear.

You’ll find that an 8 person tent is usually quite tall, ranging from 74″ up to about 90″. So most people will be able to stand up. But taller people might want to pay closer attention to the peak height.

The design can also be relevant to the interior space. Cabin style tents that fit up to eight people will feel like a massive tent compared to a dome tent of the same size whose tent poles bend inwards.


Ensure that the seams are tightly sealed to prevent the entry of moisture or water. Camping tents with a polyurethane coating should always have a clear tape that runs through the seams on the fly’s underside.

Since these taped seams may not be affixed to surfaces coated in silicone, you may have to apply a liquid sealant manually. In some tents, the top part of the fly is coated in silicone, while the underside is coated in polyurethane. 

The seams in canvas tents typically don’t have any problem. They are adequately sealed to offer protection on their own and do not need additional boosting.


Rain brings about significant humidity and moisture, which would explain why most campers seal all the tent openings once the rain starts. One would argue that this is a normal reaction to keep the rain away and the tent dry. But you should know that as you stop all ventilation, moisture gets trapped, leading to condensation within your shelter; this can be quite uncomfortable, not to mention the air trapped in the tent gets stale and unbreathable. 

You need to go for a camping tent that has sufficient ventilation alternatives and put them to good use. The ventilation ports, doors, and mesh inner walls can all be left open. The tent should also have fly straps to tweak the opening between the ground and the fly.

Tarps and Vestibules

It’s not a common tent feature, but think of carrying along a tarp as well. If you can rig up a tarp, you can secure your tent from the rain, in addition to getting a covered area to cook in and exit the tent.

The sealed storage spaces just outside the interior door are more important when it’s raining. Ensure there is enough area to store your camping gear, boots, and packs out of the rain.

Room Dividers

Many 8 person camping tents will have room dividers. Some people like to use a room divider. Others don’t.

A room divider can be a really nice touch for marking out living space and sleeping space. Or to offer a bit of privacy if the kids are running in and out of the tent while someone is getting changed for example.

A room divider is most commonly found in cabin style tents.

Entry Points

Many 8 person tents will have two doors but some will have only one door. It’s not a huge problem to have only one door but two doors definitely make life a bit easier.

You don’t get blocked moving in and out of the camping tent.

If you have a cabin tent then the two doors are often in the middle of the long sides which means people don’t walk through the entire tent (including the living and sleeping space).

Ensure that both entry and exit points are seamless, it’s very easy to let in considerable amounts of rain unintentionally. But when entrances are seamless, it will help you get in without getting the inner tent wet. 


These are all great tents, but of the seven tents on this list, only one reigns supreme for me; and that’s the Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Model Geodesic 8 Person Tent. Not only does it have high ratings (five stars) on popular shopping sites, it’s widely considered as the best all-weather and all-terrain tent.

Two other tents worth considering from this list are the Marmot Limestone 8 Person Tent and the Coleman 8 Person Tent, respectively.

Both tents have an impressive four-star rating and have a lot to offer compared to their competitors. Whichever tent you choose to settle for, be sure to consider the important factors such as the ease of assembly, weight, size, and the material used during manufacture.