The Best Beach Cart in 2022 — A Buyer’s Guide

With summer just around the corner, you’re probably planning your well-deserved vacation to lay on the beach, relax, and keep your mind off work.

But before you head to your relaxing afternoon on the beach, you need to consider all the things you’re going to bring with you. Parents with small children, especially, have to bring endless items with them, from beach chairs and umbrellas to towels, sunscreen, sand toys, and snorkeling gear. 

If you don’t want to break your back by dragging all of these essential things through the hot sand, you should consider investing in a beach cart. It will help you to get all the things you need to the beach—fast and easy without as much effort. 

If it’s your first time buying a beach wagon, you might need a little help with choosing the best option for you and your family. We’ve gathered the best beach cart options for your next day on the beach on this list and have concluded that the Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Beach Wagon is our top pick.

If you’re in a hurry, these are the best beach carts in 2021:

Reviews of the Best Beach Wagons and Carts in 2021

These are the best beach carts on the market right now. 

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Beach Wagon—Best Beach Cart Overall


The Mac Sports heavy-duty collapsible beach wagon is a convenient and versatile cart that can be used for a number of different outdoor activities. 

Because of its large size, which is approximately 31.5 inches x 21.4 inches x 9.7 inches, and its heavy-duty frame that allows the capacity of 150 pounds, it’s a must-have to transport heavy, bulky loads needed for trips to the beach. Although in deep, soft sand, you should avoid making it too heavy, as it’s recommended that the maximum weight capacity for soft sand is 50 pounds. 

The Mac Sports cart is easy and fast to unfold and set up, with no assembly required. The adjustable handle and extra-large wheels make it easy to drag it through all types of terrain, including deep sand, to provide effortless transport for your goods. 

You’ll also find two mesh cup holders on the front of the wagon that’ll keep your beverages secure at all times. 

Although it’s at a lower price point than many other competitors, the Mac Sports model is still a high-quality beach wagon, thanks to its heavy-duty frame and UV and mildew-resistant durable 600D fabric that can easily be cleaned.

This collapsible folding cart also comes with a carry case and weighs 24.5 pounds, so it’s pretty easy to store and place in the trunk of your car to always be ready and prepared for your beach trips.

The Verdict

What customers love about the Mac Sports heavy-duty collapsible beach wagon is the weight capacity of the wagon, which allows you to load it with all kinds of things, even if they’re on the heavy side.

Users say it’s easy to drag around through the soft sand, thanks to its large wheels and ergonomically designed handle. It’s made in a way that prevents your hands from getting tired and sore while pulling it. The handle also latches securely in an extended or collapsed position, and the lock to the steel frame keeps it standing upright rather than laying on the ground. 

Note that your heavier items should be placed at the back of the cart to make the pulling easier. Users mention that this wagon is not designed to transport children inside, as it can only hold up so much. If you’re going to a sandy beach, avoid filling it to its maximum capacity of 150 pounds, instead keep to the instructions and fill it up to a maximum of 50 pounds to be able to use it as desired. 

The mesh cup holders on the front are designed to carry average-sized water bottles, though customers love the fact that they’re stretchy and can hold smaller items without them falling out.

In Summary

If you’re looking for a beach wagon that’s able to sustain heavy loads, is convenient and durable, and makes transportation of a bulky load through heavy sand quite easy, then we would recommend getting the Mac Sports heavy-duty collapsible beach wagon. 

Because of its large capacity and bulkiness, we would recommend it for families that need to bring along lots of items on a day trip. 

Overall, it’s an excellent purchase for beach trips, sports activities, or other events where you would need to carry a heavy load for a longer distance. 


Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Utility Foldable Cart—Best Multipurpose Cart


Groups of friends or families that usually have a ton of beach supplies will absolutely love the Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler. It can hold up to 100 pounds of gear and has 15 cubic feet of storage. It features a handy beach chair rack that can easily carry up to four full-size beach chairs. 

It also includes a deluxe removable tote bag that has enough room for snacks and drinks, a bottom tray that can hold a 48-quart cooler, and a side umbrella holder, making it a truly all-purpose beach cart. 

Thanks to the wide all-terrain wheels, this beach cart is incredibly easy to pull through soft sand, regardless if the sand is dry, wet, deep, or shallow. 

The Verdict

Customers love the high weight capacity of this beach cart, despite it being smaller in size compared to other beach carts and wagons. It’s straightforward to assemble, and thanks to the wide and larger wheels make it extremely easy to pull it through deep sand, which makes taking all of the family stuff to the beach a one-person job. 

Another big benefit for customers is the side umbrella holder, beach chair rack, and bottom tray, making it a truly multipurpose beach cart. This helpful tool can hold all sorts of different beach gear that’s needed for a full day at the beach. It also folds flat, so you can store it in the trunk of your car without taking up too much room.

A couple of users mentioned that the wheels are not of great quality, and the swiveling front wheels can crack after use on rough terrain. Another thing worth mentioning is that the wheels can be noisy on sidewalks, especially when pulling heavier and bulkier loads. 

In Summary

If you enjoy spending time on the beach or at other outdoor activities that require you to drag along heavy and bulky loads of gear, then we recommend you get the Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler folding wagon.

It has all the necessary features for a relaxing day on the beach, from side umbrella holders to a beach chair rack. It also comes with a deluxe removable tote bag that has enough room for a family of four to carry all their snacks and drinks.

Seina Manual Folding Utility Cart—Best Beach Wagon on a Budget


The Seina collapsible folding wagon is an excellent choice for those who are on a budget but still want a functional and convenient beach wagon to make transportation of beach gear easy and fast. 

The heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame and durable 600D polyester fabric allow for up to 150 pounds of gear, and the all-terrain rubber wheels make pulling heavy loads over uneven ground or soft sand easier without much effort. 

It comes with a strong telescopic handle and two mesh cup holders for beverages and sunscreen bottles. It’s quick and easy to set up, and once you’re done using it, it folds compactly and can easily be stored in most car trunks or closets. At 12 pounds, it’s also lightweight to lift in and out of your vehicle.

The Verdict

What customers love most about this beach wagon is the price point, which is affordable compared to other beach carts and wagons that are currently on the market. Not only that, the cart is a perfect size for trips to the beach, as well as other activities such as shopping, sports events, and more. 

It’s easy to fold and unfold, and very lightweight. You can easily store it anywhere around the house when not in use, and it won’t take too much space. For a lower price, you still get a durable, high-quality beach wagon that can hold up to 150 pounds.

However, some customers report it doesn’t handle turning so well, especially if it’s fully loaded, and the wheels tend to squeak as well when there’s more gear inside. 

It’s definitely not the most durable beach cart on the market, but it can be an ideal option for a summer family trip to the beach.

In Summary

This Seina Collapsible Folding Wagon is perfect for those who want to buy a beach wagon that’s affordable and still can hold all the beach gear that you need to take with you. It’s also lightweight, easy to fold and unfold, and can be stored anywhere due to its small size. 

Overall we would recommend this to people who’ll use it occasionally for a week or two on summer vacation or for smaller shopping sprees. It’s durable enough and has a relatively high weight capacity, but it’s not suitable for those who’ll need it daily for bulky and heavy loads. 


Best Choice Products Utility Cargo Wagon Cart — Best Beach Cart With Canopy


The Best Choice Products utility cargo wagon cart comes with a weather-resistant removable canopy for sun protection that will keep your gear, food, beverages, or even pets safe from rain or strong sun. 

This folding beach wagon features four heavy-duty oversized wheels for improved traction on all kinds of terrain and has a 150-pound weight capacity.

It’s made out of quality materials, including a powder-coated steel frame and weather-resistant polyester fabric, making it extremely robust and suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. 

The cart has a 32-inch cargo area, two mesh cup holders on the front, and a detachable pocket, which provides you with reliable storage for all kinds of beach items. 

It’s easy to assemble, quick to open up and fold back together, and is small enough for convenient storage, either in a closet or car trunk. 

The Verdict

Customers who’ve bought this beach cart report that it’s easy to assemble and has a hard base on the bottom. This makes it perfect if you have a small toddler that gets tired on the way home from swimming all day, and you can easily put them inside the cart along with other gear. 

The removable canopy is another benefit, as it protects your cargo from getting damaged in the sun or rain. If you find it gets in the way, the canopy can be removed and quickly put back again when required. 

It’s important to keep in mind that the maximum weight capacity of this beach cart is 150 pounds—less if you’re pulling it in deep sand. The wheels might crack or even fall off when you go over the maximum recommended capacity, so don’t put your kids inside when the beach cart is already overloaded with other heavy items.

In Summary

This Best Choice Products folding wagon with a canopy is great value for money. It’s spacious, with a 32-inch storage area, allowing you to transport anything from beach chairs, towels, and cooling bags to different sports equipment. The removable all-weather-resistant canopy will keep your belongings safe from sun and rain.

It’s also suitable for families with small children or pets, so if you’re going to the beach or park, you can now avoid those piggyback rides on your way back home. 


Big Kahuna Beach Wagon — Best Beach Wagon for Big Loads


The Big Kahuna beach wagon has a bed with internal measurements of 3’6″ x 2′ (a total of 7 sq feet) and 4 removable walls measuring 8.5″ high (providing 4.75 cubic feet of internal space).

The external width is 33.5″.

It comes with 4 x 12″ low PSI balloon tyres.

It weighs 65lbs and has a load capacity of 484lbs.

The Verdict

This is an ideal investment for large families or groups that are looking for a high-quality, durable, and long-lasting beach cart. This wagon features a solid aluminum deck with drain holes in all four corners to keep the gear secure. It has oversized low-pressure balloon tires that are extremely easy to navigate through various terrains. 

This beach wagon has an impressively high load capacity of 350 pounds, but it weighs a massive 64 pounds, which makes it that much easier to navigate and transport all of the stuff you need. Furthermore, it features a curved, ergonomically designed pull handle, which allows you to manoeuvre the wagon along narrow pathways and tight turns with ease. 

It also comes with removable aluminum wagon walls, which are ideal for stacking the deck with large items such as oversized coolers, camping or fishing equipment, beach gear, sports equipment, and much more. 

Customers who’ve bought this beach wagon cart love the weight capacity and durability of the item. The durable aluminum walls will last for many years, so although it has a pretty high price point, it’s a good investment for the long haul. 

It’s also effortless to navigate through soft sand, thanks to the oversized low-pressure balloon tires. There is plenty of room for all the beach gear that you need, even for large families that need heavy loads when going to the beach or camping. 

One thing to consider is that it can be quite hard to assemble, especially if you don’t have any experience with this. It’s best if you ask someone from your family or friends to help you or call a professional who’ll do it for you. Another disadvantage is that it’s not foldable, so you can’t really store it in a small car trunk or closet. 

In Summary

This is a good investment for families who often go camping or practically live at the beach. Despite the relatively high price, it’s worth the money as it will last you for many years.

Despite being large, it’s easy to maneuver around with ease, even when pulling heavy and bulky loads. Another benefit that’ll convince you into getting this beach wagon is that it’s made of aluminum with stainless steel hardware, so you don’t need to worry about it getting rusty, even in wet weather conditions. 

How to Choose the Best Beach Wagon

Beach carts and beach wagons are often compared to trolleys. They’re a handy gadget that helps you carry all of your beach gear with ease. 

The best beach wagons are usually made out of durable materials, sturdy wheels that are easy to pull through deep sand, and an ergonomically designed pull handle for easy navigation. 

The most significant benefits are that they’re lightweight and easy to navigate and offer you a large storage space so you can bring everything you need without making multiple trips back and forth. 

When you’re picking the best beach wagon for your or your family’s needs, it’s best to consider some key features before you decide to purchase one. Here’s all you need to know before you decide to buy a beach cart.

Storage Space

The first thing to consider is the storage space. There are some beach wagons that can easily store up to four chairs along with other necessary beach gear. It’s essential to get a larger storage space if you have a family where you’ll need to bring lots of stuff to the beach.

Another thing is to see how much storage the beach cart takes up when not in use. It’s best to opt for a foldable cart, as this will be much easier to store it away once in small spaces such as a car trunk or a closet. 

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity will tell you how much weight the beach cart can carry. Some can handle up to 60 to 100 pounds, while the larger beach wagons have a 400-pound weight capacity. This decision depends on your needs and how much gear you usually need to bring with you to the beach.


Another thing to consider when buying a beach cart is how durable it is. Is it made out of strong materials? Getting a beach cart that’ll only last you for one summer isn’t the best investment. Try to read all the specs about the materials, before you decide to buy it. It’s best to opt for beach wagons made out of hardy materials such as polyester or stainless steel hardware, and a steel frame.


The size and durability of the wheels are critical, especially if you plan to use beach carts in the sand. It can be quite hard to navigate a fully loaded beach cart through soft sand, and here’s where the wheel size is important. Bigger wheels will help with better and easier navigation through sand without much effort. 


The price of beach wagons, like most other products, varies hugely. Think about what you want and set a budget before comparing the prices online. 

If you’re only looking for a beach cart that’ll last you a season or two, then you don’t need to spend lots on the top product. But if you plan to use it often, in case you live by the sea or want to use it for various outdoor activities, then you should opt for a more advanced and functional beach cart that’ll probably cost you a bit more.

Extra Features

Beach wagons come with various additional features. Since everyone is different and has their own needs, you should consider how you plan to use your beach cart. 

Do you need an umbrella holder or ample space for beach chairs? Or maybe extra pockets where you can store water or sunscreen, a tackle box, or even a small foldable table where you can eat your snacks? 

Keep in mind that the best beach wagons come with two or more extra features for better functionality and comfort.

Ease of Cleaning

Since you’ll take the cart to the beach where it’ll be exposed to sand and salty water, it will eventually get dirty. That’s why it’s best to opt for a beach cart that’s made out of material that’s easy to maintain and clean. Consider getting a beach cart that’s made out of breathable and fast-drying materials for fast and easy cleaning.

Are Gorilla Carts Good for the Beach?

Although the Gorilla cart has large pneumatic tires, it’s not suitable for hauling a heavy load of beach equipment in soft sand. You might be able to get across without any problems with lighter loads, but you’ll have issues in soft sand as the tires are narrow and won’t stop the weight of the loaded wagon from sinking deep into the soft sand. For frequent trips to the beach, we would recommend choosing between the many beach carts that are available on the market instead.

Are Beach Wagons Worth It?

Yes, we think that beach wagons are definitely worth your investment. They’re excellent for bringing heavy loads of beach equipment from your car or vacation house to the beach. Beach wagons are also easy to navigate through soft sand because of their special design and oversized wheels. 

With an investment in a beach cart or wagon, you’ll save yourself the time and effort of going back and forth to bring all of the necessary equipment to the beach, and painful hands or backache from all the heavy gear you had to carry without it. We’d recommend that if you plan to use it often, you should invest in a more durable, high-quality beach wagon. 

The Winner

After carefully researching our options, we’ve concluded that the Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Beach Wagon is our winner of the best beach cart on the market.

It has a good weight capacity, is convenient and durable, and makes transportation of a bulky load through soft sand look easy.

Because of its large capacity, we would recommend it to families and groups that need to bring along lots of gear for full days out and about. Overall, the Mac Sports cart an excellent purchase for beach trips, sports events, or other events where you need to travel a small distance with lots of stuff.

We’ve picked this beach cart as our winner because of its high quality with an affordable price point. If you’re looking for something a bit different, check out the other beach carts and wagons on our list!

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