11 of the Best Beach Games You’d Be Crazy Not To Play

We’re all anxiously awaiting the arrival of summer. What better way to plan ahead than to start thinking about your next trip to the beach? You might be the sort of person who’s content to kick back in their beach chair or chill out in the shade. But if you’re looking for a more energetic source of entertainment on your next trip to the ocean, consider these top beach games – you’d be crazy not to play them!

Beach Games for Everyone

Kan Jam 

Kan Jam is a quintessential outdoor game, and while it can be played anywhere, it is ideal for the outdoors. It has no age limit, and is fun for the whole family. This game involves tossing a Frisbee-like disk into a can to score points. While you can purchase the name-brand disks, labels, and goals, you can also make your own version with a Frisbee or other type of throwing disk and some trash cans.


There’s nothing that says horseshoes quite like a rousing backyard game of horseshoes, and you can take it to the beach, too. You can play with two or four (or more!) players, and it’s a great option for teaching young children how to hone their aim.


Another classic, the limbo is a fun game to play on the beach. Use a pool noodle or boat oar and let the kids take turns going under the bar with their backs facing the and. You can lower it each time they go through, upping the challenge each time.

Beach Games for Kids

Water Bucket Relay

If you have lots of small children, a water bucket relay is a great way to keep them occupied. Give each child a small container like a tiny spoon or a large shell, and have them race to the water and then back to you to fill up their bucket as quickly as possible. This will help develop your children’s’ agility and balance, and is a great way to tire them out at the beach!

Bocce Ball 

Bocce ball is a classic summer game that can be played by children of all ages, and it involves throwing balls from one end of a playing court to another. You can play for as long as you’d like, and you can purchase a commercial bocce ball kit or make your own to be used anywhere – including on the beach.

Beach Frisbee Golf

Sick of Frisbee? Play Frisbee golf instead. All you need to do is set up targets with items you already brought with you, like your towel, and then take turns trying to throw your Frisbee as close to the target as possible. This is a great option for toddlers and small children in particular!

Hidden Treasure

Have lots of small children to entertain? Fill a small bucket with sea water, and then add some sea vegetation and small treasures. Have the kids dig through the bucket until they find the treasures. You can make this as challenging or as easy as you’d like!

Beach Games for Adults


This game will require a little more work and forethought to set up, as you’ll need a net. However, you can purchase a compact badminton set like the HLC Outdoor Folding Adjustable set, which is a popular choice for families. For badminton, all you need is a net, a couple of racquets, and a shuttlecock to have endless fun on the beach.


TidalBall is a great beach game for adults. This combines bocce ball and cornhole, and can be turned into a drinking game for maximum fun. All you have to do is dig a couple of holes and some trenches, try to throw balls into them, and then drink when you miss!

Beach Ball Games


If you like badminton, you’ll love volleyball. This is a game that can be enjoyed by adults or by children alike, and if you have a badminton net you’ll already be set up with the equipment you need. Many beaches also have volleyball courts so you won’t need to pack any gear – just familiarize yourself with the rules of the game.

Waboba Ball 

Waboba Ball isn’t played on the beach, but in the water. This ball is one that bounces on top of the water, and you can come up with a whole range of games to play with it once you purchase one of the balls.

So there you have it. 11 extremely fun reasons to escape your pop up sun shelter and get the heart pumping!

What are your favourite beach games?