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Best Budget Sleeping Bags in 2021

best budget sleeping bags
Written by Bertie

Have you ever shivered uncontrollably through the night while out camping?

I have.

Countless times.

It's not big. And it's not clever. In fact, I will freely admit I was an idiot when I was younger.

In my defence, though, good camping gear was expensive in the late 90s and early noughties. And I was broke!

Thankfully things have changed and you can pick up really quite technical kit for not a lot of money. And the best budget sleeping bags I’m reviewing today prove that you don’t need to pay a fortune to stay cozy and comfy while camping. 

My favourite is the "Wild Aspen" Range from Klymit. It's incredible how they've managed to create bags that are so warm, so lightweight and so compact at such a budget price point. (Although if you can push your budget into the $200+ range then you definitely won't regret the 

Other options I shortlisted as being the best budget sleeping bags are: 


Klymit launched in 2007. Driven by their love for the outdoors, they incorporated technology to help develop their range of products. 

Non-Budget Range 

Just a very quick note about the Klymit KSB range. Although they tend to be in the $180-$280 price bracket, they are definitely worth considering. There are 4 to choose from (0 degrees, 15 degrees, 20 degrees and 35 degrees). They all designed with a down topper. And as anyone who has slept in a down sleeping bag can attest to, that makes things really roasty, toasty warm! 

The Klymit Wild Aspen works well for backpacking, as it’s stretchable, waterproof, and fairly warm, but best for summer. These factors are why I chose it as my best budget backpack sleeping bag. 


The design of this sleeping bag makes it seem like it’s hugging you while you sleep. It has stretchable baffles that allow for more freedom of movement while you're in it. The sleeping bag is made from micro polyester with a synthetic filling. 

The material is durable, soft, and water-resistant, which protects the insulation and provides extraordinary warmth. It also has a storage pocket on the inside near the left shoulder, as well as a velcro closure to keep all drafts out when you’re zipped up. 

You also have a choice of three sizes: Regular, Large, or Extra Large. 


  • Weighs 3.2 pounds. 
  • Fill weight: 180 grams. 
  • Stuffed size: 15 inches x 8 inches. 
  • Unstuffed size: 74 inches x 30 inches. 
  • Shoulder girth: 56 inches. 
  • Temperature rating: 20 degrees Fahrenheit. 


  • Weighs 3.7 pounds. 
  • Fill weight: 180 grams. 
  • Stuffed size: 17 inches x 9 inches. 
  • Unstuffed size: 82 inches x 32 inches. 
  • Shoulder girth: 60 inches. 
  • Temperature rating: 20 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Extra Large: 

  • Weighs 4.2 pounds. 
  • Fill weight: 180 grams. 
  • Stuffed size: 17 inches x 10 inches. 
  • Unstuffed size: 82 inches x 36 inches. 
  • Shoulder girth: 68 inches. 
  • Temperature rating: 20 degrees Fahrenheit. 

In Summary

Whatever your adventure needs, the Wild Aspen sleeping bag will rise to the challenge of the elements. With its water-resistant, stretchable baffle shell, you'll find it to be soft and warm. It has a fully adjustable mummy hoodie that keeps drafts out, and the double-layered synthetic filling will keep you extraordinarily warm. 

It has a convenient storage pocket on the inside to store your car keys, wallet, or other valuables in so you don’t lose them while you’re exploring. 


Kelty have been manufacturing outdoor gear since 1952. Their years' of experience means they've been able to produce kit to suit all sorts of people and situations, including some really excellent budget sleeping bags.  

Kelty's Sleeping Bag Range 

Kelty have 4 main designs: the Cosmic, the Galactic, the Tuck and the Mistral.

The Galactic is their highest-spec option (although it's still one of the cheapest down sleeping bags you'll find anywhere).

The Cosmic is a great mid-range sleeping bag which is lightweight and synthetic.

The Mistral is their cheapest design and, while some folk love it, it doesn't make the cut for best budget sleeping bag because it's a bit bulky and is likely to lose its 'loft' fairly quickly.

The Tuck is usually a bit more expensive than the Mistral but still extremely cheap and offers tremendous value for budget campers.

Kelty Tuck - Best Budget Sleeping Bag

Kelty tuck - best budget sleeping bag

The Tuck is a high-value, low-cost sleeping bag that's comfortable, soft, snug, and warm. If you’re worried about getting wet, then its ThermaPro insulation will keep you toasty and dry.  

But if you reckon on being hot at night, it has a cool feature that allows you to unzip the bottom of the bag, so you can stick your feet out to get rid of excess heat. 

It also has storage pockets on the inside that allows you to keep your devices close and safe.

Snuggly sleeping is easy due to the mummy-shape and they've gone to the effort of adding extra insulation in the hood to make it feel like you’re sleeping on a pillow!


You can choose from 3 temperature ratings: Tuck 40, Tuck 20 & Tuck 0. Each version has a choice of Regular (fitting up to 6') and Long (fitting up to 6'6").

It's made from ThermaPro™ Ultra Synthetic Insulation, using 75 Denier Polyester Taffeta for the shell, making it breathable and durable. It’s also lined with 75 Denier Polyester Taffeta making the inside extremely soft and warm. 


  • Can fit a person up to six feet in height. 
  • Weighs six pounds. 
  • Fill weight: 73.4 ounces. 
  • Stuffed size: 11.2 inches x 18 inches. 
  • Unstuffed size: 78 inches x 32 inches. 


  • Can fit a person up to six feet six inches. 
  • Weighs 6 pounds. 
  • Fill weight: 85.7 ounces.
  • Stuffed size: 11.8 inches by 18.5 inches.

The Tuck 40 is a great option for summer camping, especially in warmer climates. If you fancy being a bit warmer at night or want to extend your camping season, the Tuck 20 might be a better fit. And the Tuck 0 is a perfectly servicable all-season sleeping bag.

It has a shoulder girth of 62 inches and hip girth of 58 inches and can be used by both men and women. It’s easy to store, as it comes with a stuff sack; this also means it won’t lose its shape.

You can use this sleeping bag if you’re backpacking, camping, or hiking. It doesn’t just answer the call of the wild, either — you would be able to send it with your kids if they’re attending a sleepover or if you have an unexpected guest arrive at your house. 

In Summary

The Kelty Tuck is the best budget sleeping bag, as it has substantial insulation to keep you warm in colder weather. It’s made from sturdy and durable polyester with extra padding in the hoodie, which acts as a pillow. The sleeping bag is comfortable and roomy so you can get a good night’s sleep even if you do toss and turn. 

When you get hot in the summer, just unzip the foot-box and stick your feet out to get rid of excess heat. 


Coleman has a rich history, having been in business for 120 years. Of those years, 60 have been spent developing outdoor camping gear. They’ve made everything from tents, grills, coolers, and sleeping bags for us to enjoy. 

Budget Sleeping Bag Product Range 

The Silverton 350 will keep you nice and cozy, even at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. It has impressive heat retention due to its Thermolock insulation. It’s been designed so the insulation doesn’t move and has a tube over the zipper to keep sneaky breezes from getting in. 

The Autumn Trails Sleeping bag is designed for colder weather, specifically for temperatures between 20 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Made with a cotton shell and lined with cotton flannel, it’s super soft. Its design allows you to wrap and roll, making packing up easy. 

  • North Rim 0 - Best Budget Winter Sleeping Bag. 
  • Silverton 350 Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag.
  • Autumn Trails Cold Weather Sleeping Bag. 

Coleman North Rim 0 

The North Rim 0 is my pick for the best budget winter sleeping bag; it will keep you extremely warm in colder areas; it features a semi-sculptured padded hoodie and comes with double padding insulation. This mummy-style sleeping bag is waterproof, made from 100 percent polyester, and has 100 percent Coletherm polyester fill. 

The stitching will prevent tears to the inner insulation, as it has sectional areas situated across from each other to help reduce cold spots. This adult sleeping bag has wiggle-room at the bottom, due to its box-shaped foot. Its length can easily accommodate someone that’s 6 feet, 2 inches tall. 


  • Weighs 6.2 pounds.
  • Stuffed size: 12 inches x 12.35 inches x 17.1 inches. 
  • Unstuffed size: 2 inches x 32 inches x 82 inches. 
  • Temperature rating: 0 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • It comes with a five-year limited warranty. 


Designed to keep you nice and toasty in colder climates, the North Rim 0 can be used if you’re sleeping at a campground, inside a car, in a tent, or napping at the beach. Both women and men can use this mummy-style sleeping bag. 

In Summary

The North Rim 0 comes with a stuff bag so you can store it easily. It’s lightweight enough to be easy to take along for a camping trip. Coleman patented the Coletherm fill, which is also hypoallergenic and won’t promote common allergies when out in the wild. Draft tubes keep the warm air inside the sleeping bag and the cold air out, which is exactly what you need in a winter sleeping bag. 

Teton Sports

Teton started in 2005 with the idea of getting more people to fall in love with the beauty of the outdoors. They’ve created a range of outdoor gear, including sleeping bags, hammocks, tents, and cots. 

Budget Sleeping Bag Product Range 

The Celsius sleeping bag has double-layered insulation and a durable shell made from taffeta. Its rectangular shape makes it roomy, and the material is extra soft. The TrailHead sleeping bag is super light and has Polarlite insulation. 

  • Mammoth - Best Budget Double Sleeping Bag. 
  • Celsius. 
  • TrailHead. 

Teton Sports Mammoth

I love the Mammoth sleeping bag, and it’s my best budget double sleeping bag, perfect for family camping. Whether you just want a bit more room or are keen to share a few cuddles while camping, you'll want to consider this sleeping bag. 

It sports a mummy-style hood that feels like a pillow and has three zips, which means you can add a blanket onto it or separate the sleeping bag into two blankets. Its lining is made from brushed polyester flannel, while the outside is made from taffeta and is non-allergenic. This sleeping bag will warm you up nicely after a day out in the woods. 


  • Weighs 16.5 pounds. 
  • Stuffed size: 28 inches x15.75 inches x 15.75 inches. 
  • Unstuffed size: 94 inches x 62 inches. 
  • Temperature rating: +20 degrees Fahrenheit/-7 degrees celsius or 0 degrees Fahrenheit/-18 degrees celsius. 
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty. 
  • Rectangular shape. 

This sleeping bag can be used for the whole family. It will fit two adults and a child very comfortably, and leave room for rolling around. 


The Mammoth can be used when camping in areas with colder temperatures, but can also be used throughout the year. I’d recommend this for camping, or even for a guest who will be sleeping on the pull-out couch. 

In Summary

If you’re unsure if the camping area you'll be in will be freezing or temperate, get the Mammoth sleeping bag liner made from double-brushed cotton; this will help add extra warmth, and also keep it clean. The sheet is designed not to twist inside the sleeping bag; it also comes with a hood for a pillow. 

The Mammoth sleeping bag will keep you and your loved ones so nice and snug that you may forget you’re not at home in your own bed. 


Marmot has an interesting history that’s not limited to climbing mountains and being outdoors. Marmot also made 108 “puffy” jackets for the film crew of The Eiger Sanction, starring Clint Eastwood. These jackets came to be known as the Golden Mantle. 

Marmot has grown since 1974, but they’re still just as committed to creating the highest-performing camping gear for the intrepid explorer. 

Budget Sleeping Bag Product Range 

The Voyager is a compact sleeper with a blend of three-denier separate hollow fibers that provide extra warmth. The outside of the sleeping bag is made from polyester taffeta and is also water-repellent. It has a brushed lining by the chest and at the bottom of the foot box for added heat retention.


The Trestles sleeping bag can be purchased for either a man or a woman. While this is a great option for three-season camping, it has a thoughtful design made from long-lasting materials. 

  • Voyager - Best Budget Summer Sleeping Bag.
  • Nanowave. 
  • Trestles. 

Marmot Voyager 55 

When it comes to camping in the hot months, the Marmot Voyager 55 is my best budget summer sleeping bag. Both the shell and the liner are made from 50 denier polyester, which means it can also be used in areas that may have a chillier or damp climate. 



  • Weighs 1.5 pounds. 
  • Stuffed size: 5.5 inches x 10 inches. 
  • Unstuffed size: up to 72 inches. 
  • Temperature rating: 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Shoulder girth: 60 inches. 
  • Hip girth:58 inches. 
  • Mummy-style sleeping blanket. 


  • Weighs one pound and 12 ounces. 
  • Stuffed size: 5.5 inches x 10 inches. 
  • Unstuffed size: up to 78 inches. 
  • Temperature rating: 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Shoulder girth: 62 inches. 
  • Hip girth: 60 inches. 
  • Mummy-style sleeping blanket. 


This sleeping blanket is ideal for backpacking, hiking, or camping in spring, summer, or fall. It’s compressible and is so small when folded that you can pack it into your backpack.

In Summary

The Voyager comes with a convenient travel bag, and you can also grab a sleeping bag liner to go with it; this will help keep the sleeping bag clean. It has a two-way zip, which allows you to adjust the temperature for those hot summer nights easily.


Slumberjack has been coming up with innovative ways to provide the outdoor traveler with a fantastic night's sleep over the last 50 years. They have a broad product range to cover all of your most enthusiastic camping experiences. 

Budget Sleeping Bag Product Range 

The Downwind sleeping bag is made from durable nylon taffeta that will allow condensation to bead and roll off of it. It features a curved hoodie that you can turn into a pillow on warm nights and an ergonomic bottom that leaves plenty of room in the foot-box. 

The Wheeler Lake sleeping bag is very spacious and will allow you to wiggle and move around freely in the bag. If you have large feet, you’ll love the “Toes-Up” foot-box, which gives you more room for your feet. The counterpane design prevents cold spots, while the synthetic insulation provides a comfortable and homely feel. 

  • Ronin - Best Budget 3-Season Sleeping Bag. 
  • Downwind 20. 
  • Wheeler Lake 20. 

Slumberjack Ronin 

The Ronin sleeping bag is my pick for the best budget 3-season sleeping bag. What I really loved about this sleeping bag is the double zip, which allows you to unzip to reveal a hole you can stick your arms through. It also has a full-length zipper, which you can open as wide as you want when you need additional ventilation; this also makes it easier to get in and out. 

It has a draft collar that helps to maintain heat around the neck and shoulders, and the hoodie can be turned into a pillow if you don’t need it to warm your head. The shell is made from long-lasting Ripstop polyester with a high polyester filament that’s exceptionally soft to the touch for extra comfort. 


  • Weighs 4 pounds and 13 ounces. 
  • Stuffed size: 12 inches x 20 inches. 
  • Unstuffed size: 84 inches x 34 inches. 
  • The temperature rating: 0 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Can fit a person up to 6 inches and 4 feet. 
  • Mummy-style. 


The Ronin can be used from spring to winter and allows you to cuddle up with a book during winter without compromising the warmth. In the summer, when temperatures are hot, the zips allow for further ventilation to allow the heat to escape. This unisex sleeping bag has plenty of space to move around. 

In Summary

The Ronin sleeping bag will provide warmth and comfort in spring, summer, and fall. Although not suitable for extreme cold, it’s perfect for warmer nights as you can unzip a portion of it to allow for extra airflow. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

Choosing the Best Budget Sleeping Bag 

When you’re looking to buy your sleeping bag, there are a few things to take into consideration, such as: 

  • The fit of the bag. 
  • Temperature rating. 
  • Fill. 
  • Down or synthetic. 

The Fit of the Bag

Just as you would try on a pair of jeans before buying them, you need to try on your sleeping bag for size. They come in different shapes and sizes, and not all of them are unisex. Sleeping bags that cater to women specifically would be slightly narrower in the shoulders and wider in the hip area. 

You may prefer the rectangular-shaped sleeping bag over the mummy-style simply because you feel like you can move more. At the end of the day, the shape and length come down to personal preference. 

Temperature Rating 

It’s important to check the temperature rating of the sleeping bag, as they do vary. As individuals feel temperatures differently, it’s wise to choose a sleeping bag with a lower temperature rating than the average climate of the place you expect to camp. 

When you’re hot, it’s easy to unzip and allow for ventilation to cool down, but it’s difficult to warm up if you’re in a place that’s colder than you expected. Having a sleeping bag that allows for lower temperatures means that you can go camping any time you like, even during the colder months of the year. 


The fill of the sleeping bag comes down to personal preference. Usually, the choice is between down or synthetic materials. Down is lighter and more compact; while synthetic materials are also light, they’re often not as compactable as down. 

Down will also be more expensive than synthetic fillers. Down is also at a disadvantage for camping purposes, as it will stop insulating body heat when it gets wet. Synthetic materials don’t have this problem. 


When looking for a sleeping bag, you don’t have to go for the most expensive one. I’ve covered the best budget sleeping bags for all your needs. 

My top choice for all seasons is the Kelty Tuck; it’s the Best Budget Sleeping Bag. Whether you’re looking for the best budget sleeping bag for 3-Seasons or the best for one, I have no doubt that you’ll find a budget sleeping bag on this list that fits your needs. 

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