The Best Camping Cots for Big Guys in 2022

best camping cots for big guys

Finding the best camping cots for big guys (or gals) can be challenging, with most camping cots featuring lightweight materials designed to support lightweight sleepers. 

Fortunately, I’ve discovered some genuinely top-notch camping cots that can support campers of all sizes! 

While I feel the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL is the best choice overall, I’ll also present some of our other favorites to help you choose a camping cot that suits your body, budget, and preference.

5 Best Camping Cots for Big Guys

Best Camping Cot for Big Guys – TETON Sports Outfitter XXL


The TETON Sports Outfitter XXL camping cot is 86 inches long and 40 inches wide, with a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds. It stands more than 19 inches off the ground and weighs about 26 pounds. The bed frame is aluminum, with an Oxford canvas bed surface.

The Verdict

It’s challenging to find a camping cot with a higher weight capacity than the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL. As such, it’s an excellent and supportive option for big-and-tall individuals. Besides, the 3.3-foot width and 7.1-foot length provide plenty of room for you and your sleeping bag. 

But one of my favorite things about this camping cot is how easily it sets up. The pivoting sidearm significantly improves the standard pull-and-lock cot arm design, making it easier than ever to unfold and build this cot. 

I also think that the leg design is one of the best. While most camping cots feature X-shaped folding legs, this model has S-shaped ones. These withstand greater weights and keep the cot more stable, providing an exceptional level of support that you don’t often find with camping cots.

And while many camping cots with higher-than-average weight capacities are pretty heavy, this option barely weighs 26 pounds, so it’s far easier to carry along trails or tote to your campsite. It’s also worth mentioning that this model ditches the standard polyester bed fabric, using a thick and durable Oxford canvas instead.

The TETON Sports Lifetime Warranty is also an excellent feature, especially for those who enjoy regular camping trips. I’ve yet to find a more reliable, portable, and comfortable sleeping cot for big-and-tall folks.

In Summary

If you’re a big-and-tall individual looking for the most support and plenty of room to stretch your legs, the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL is an excellent choice. Overall, it’s the best option for big-and-tall campers.

Best Camping Cot for Tall Person – ALPS Mountaineering Escalade XL


The ALPS Mountaineering Escalade XL camping cot is 90 inches long and 35 inches wide, with a maximum weight capacity of 325 pounds. It stands about 22.5 inches off the ground and weighs 24 pounds. The bed frame is aluminum, with a polyester fabric bed surface.

The Verdict

Though the ALPS Mountaineering Escalade XL has one of the lowest weight capacities of any camping cots in this guide, it’s one of the longest camp beds available, making it a natural choice for tall individuals.

At 7.5 feet long, it’s designed to comfortably accommodate outdoor enthusiasts of any height, especially those on the taller end of the spectrum. But the comparatively low weight capacity and slightly lackluster width might not be suitable for all big-and-tall folks. 

But if you’re 6 feet tall (or taller) and you’re athletically built, you’ll likely enjoy your evening spent sleeping on this cot. It offers a decent amount of height to keep you off the tent floor, and you might be able to store your backpack and cookware underneath to free up floor space in your tent. 

This cot even comes with a nifty hanging storage pocket! So, if you’d like to keep a flashlight, your smartphone, or a pair of reading glasses nearby while camping, this cot has you covered.

Besides, the lightweight aluminum frame also keeps this camp bed’s weight at a relatively low 24 pounds, making it one of the most portable camping cots for tall individuals.

In Summary

If you’re tall and have an athletic build, you’ll want to consider investing in the ALPS Mountaineering Escalade XL. Its 90-inch length makes it far longer than standard camping cots, ensuring that tall sleepers remain comfortable while enjoying the great outdoors.

Best Camping Cot for Big and Tall Guys – Slumberjack Big Cot


The Slumberjack Big Cot is 86 inches long and 40 inches wide, with a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds. It stands about 20 inches off the ground and weighs 32 pounds. The bed frame is made of steel with a polyester fabric bed surface.

The Verdict

If you’ve been searching for an affordable, no-frills camping cot ideally sized for big-and-tall individuals, you’ll likely enjoy the Slumberjack Big Cot. While it is four inches shorter than the ALPS Mountaineering Escalade XL, it’s wider and has a higher weight capacity.

While it is slightly heavier than other options, the included carrying case makes it easy to tote to any destination, near or far.

One of the most attractive features of this camping cot is its easy setup. To deploy this camp bed, you’ll only need to slip the cot out of its carrying case, unfold the central section, then pull and attach the main bars to each end. After that, the cot is ready to go—or should I say, stay?

After all, each of the folding legs features a rubberized stopper to keep this cot stable while you’re resting. In addition, the middle legs have extra-wide feet for optimal support, so you won’t need to worry about the middle section developing slack and leaving you with a sore back.

Overall, this camping cot features a unique balance of length, width, and weight capacity, making it a worthwhile option for big-and-tall individuals who enjoy camping.

In Summary

Big-and-tall individuals looking for an excellent balance between camping cot length, width, and weight capacity will want to consider choosing the Slumberjack Big Cot. Its only potential drawback is its weight, which is slightly higher than other big-and-tall camping cots.


The Coleman Big-N-Tall Oversized Cot could be a worthwhile alternative for those looking to spend slightly less. This Coleman cot also has a weight limit of 600 pounds, making it a somewhat more supportive option. 

The included wheeled carrying bag is also a nice touch, especially for those looking to reduce the weight of their camping backpack.

Best Heavy Duty Camping Cot – Cabela’s Big Outdoorsman Cot


The Cabela’s Big Outdoorsman Cot is 85 inches long and 40 inches wide, with a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. It stands 20 inches off the ground and weighs about 31 pounds. The bed frame is steel, with a polyester fabric bed surface.

The Verdict

Not only is the Cabela’s Big Outdoorsman Cot one of the most affordable options, but it’s also exceptionally rugged. The water-resistant polyester bed surface won’t collect morning dew, and the steel bed frame is powder-coated for maximum rust resistance.

Even better, this camping cot features some of the strongest folding legs of any comparable option. They’re reinforced with multiple steel bars, allowing them to handle sleepers of up to 400 pounds. 

This superior construction makes this camping cot an excellent choice for those who enjoy frequent camping trips. And while the Cabela’s Big Outdoorsman Cot doesn’t feature many frills (no hanging pockets, for example), what it lacks in extra details, it more than makes up for in support.

The middle folding legs keep the midsection of the cot taut, so sleepers can use this camp bed dozens of times without worrying about the bed fabric developing slack areas. That’s great news for anyone who’s ever tossed and turned on a drooping cot all night (believe me, it’s not fun).

The stabilizer arms located on each corner of this cot also make it wonderfully sturdy, even when used on wet or slightly rocky ground. The rubberized feet that adorn each cot leg prevent slippage and keep the frame stationary in even the most humid conditions. 

In Summary

Are you someone who enjoys camping every other weekend? Then, you might want to choose the Cabela’s Big Outdoorsman Cot. It’s a heavy-duty option that can withstand plenty of camping trips, making it one of the better options for wilderness explorers of all body sizes.

Most Portable Camping Cot for Big Guys – Browning Titan Cot XP XL


The Browning Titan Cot XP XL is 85 inches long and 40 inches wide, with a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds. It stands 21 inches off the ground and weighs 20.5 pounds. The bed frame is aluminum, with a polyester fabric bed surface.

The Verdict

While the Browning Titan Cot XP XL is one of the priciest options, it’s also exceptionally portable, thanks to its lightweight design. So, if you’re eager to reduce your carry weight while exploring the wild outdoors, you’ll appreciate this cot’s minimal weight and zippable carrying case.

Still, portability isn’t the only thing this camping cot has going for it. It’s longer and wider than the average option, making it a smart choice for big-and-tall individuals. Though its weight limit could be higher, it’s still impressive considering the light aluminum frame.

I also love the two-toned polyester bed surface, a feature that makes choosing a spot for your pillow super simple. The two hanging pockets are also a nice touch, as this camping cot doesn’t offer a ton of underneath storage space.

One of the hanging pockets has a mesh front, making it a great area to store sweat-soaked socks or other items that could benefit from ventilation. In addition, the zippered pocket can help you keep your more sensitive things, like your smartphone, out of sight and protected from foggy morning moisture. 

If you enjoy hunting in remote areas or trekking to faraway primitive campsites along half-forgotten trails, this camping cot could be the best choice. 

In Summary

If you’re planning on hiking a long trail to reach your campsite, you might want to select the Browning Titan Cot XP XL. It’s one of the most portable big-and-tall-friendly camping cots, with a low total weight of 20.5 pounds.

How to Choose the Best Camping Cot for Big Guys

Though I’ve presented some excellent camping cot options for big guys, you might feel inspired to search for alternative options. 

But before you set out to discover a camping cot that meets your needs, there are a handful of features you’ll want to consider, including:

  • Length and width
  • Distance from the ground
  • Weight capacity
  • Portability
  • Ease of setup

Let’s take a quick moment to explore these features and specifications to ensure you choose the best possible camping cot!

Consider the Cot’s Length and Width

There’s almost nothing more frustrating than realizing that your new camping cot is too short and skinny to support your body. But unfortunately, many of the most portable and lightweight camping cots aren’t designed for big-and-tall individuals.

For that reason, be sure to take extra time when shopping to consider your chosen camping cot’s length and width. A top-notch cot should be long enough for you to lay down flat without your feet dangling over the edge. 

It should also be wide enough to accommodate your hip and shoulder width. Be sure to enlist the help of a friend or family member to take body measurements before you search for a new camping cot.

Once you have these measurements on hand, you can compare them to the length and width of your favorite cots, ensuring that you choose one that’s suitably sized. 

For example, if you’re a tall guy (or gal), you might want to select the ALPS Mountaineering Escalade XL, as it’s 90 inches long, making it one of the longest camping cots available.

Select a Camping Cot That Keeps You Off the Ground

One of the main draws of owning and using a camping cot is staying elevated off the ground while sleeping outdoors. But if you’re a big guy (or lady), you’ll want to choose a cot with more height than the standard option.

Not only will a camping cot with a higher height provide more distance between you and the uncomfortable tent floor, but it could also offer some unique storage space. 

You could store your hiking backpack or cooking gear beneath your cot, increasing your available floor space. Imagine being able to wake up in your tent and not immediately trip over your belongings!

I feel that one of the best camping cots for those looking to enjoy a bit of under-bed storage is the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL. While many big-and-tall camping cots have a height of about 20 inches, this one offers double that amount, resting a solid 40 inches off the ground.

Check Out the Weight Capacity

Your chosen camping cot could be long and wide enough to fit your body, but if it’s not sturdy enough to support your weight, you can quickly find yourself spending your camping trip lying on the cold hard tent floor.

Consequently, it’s crucial to consider weight capacity when selecting a camping cot. Most camping cots are designed to support sleepers weighing 300 pounds or less. But the most lightweight options might only support about 200 pounds.

So, before you buy a sizable camping cot for your upcoming trip, ensure that your selection features a weight capacity that’s at least a few dozen pounds over your current weight. 

If your current weight is over 300 pounds, I recommend choosing the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL. It can support up to 600 pounds, making it one of the sturdiest and most supportive camping cots available for big-and-tall campers. 

Think About Portability

Camping cots are designed for portability. After all, their primary purpose is to keep you comfortable while you’re spending time in the wild outdoors, so they need to be lightweight enough for you to carry them along hiking trails and through thick forests.

That said, camping cots made for big-and-tall individuals are almost always heavier than standard options. That’s because they feature more fabric and stronger supports, both of which are necessary to accommodate larger sleepers.

But unless you’re driving directly to your campsite (which is a possibility), you’ll want to ensure you’re selecting a camping cot that’s both portable and lightweight. Otherwise, it could become a back-breaking burden as you hike to your camping spot.

Most camping cots include carrying bags, but these won’t do much good if the cot’s weight puts your total carrying weight at more than 20% of your body weight. Consequently, it’s often best to choose a cot that weighs 30 pounds or less.

The Browning Titan Cot XP XL is one of the most lightweight options for big-and-tall individuals, with an incredibly minimal weight of only 20 pounds. 

However, the Coleman Big-N-Tall Oversized Cot could also be an excellent choice for those seeking maximum portability. It’s one of the few cots that comes with a wheeled case, allowing you to drag it across the ground instead of adding another hefty bag to your shoulders.

Choose Something With Easy Setup

Many camping cots feature folding support legs, making them easy to unfold. But some can be a pain to put together due to flimsy support bars that you’ll need to wrestle into place.

Now, after a long day of hiking or driving to your camping site, the last thing you’ll want to do is use up the last of your precious energy setting up your cot. After all, there’s a good chance that you’ll also be setting up your tent and organizing your gear, two activities that can quickly sap your energy.

That’s why I recommend choosing a cot that requires the least effort to set up. The TETON Sports Outfitter XXL is one of the best choices in terms of fast and simple setup, as its pivoting support arm pushes into place with just one strong push. 

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to spend ages looking for a camping cot designed to support your weight and size. After all, I’ve presented quite a few options in this guide.

I believe the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL is the overall best choice. This cot is wide and long enough to fit most big-and-tall sleepers comfortably. It also features an exceptional weight capacity of 600 pounds, providing the maximum level of support.

Besides, the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL weighs a mere 26 pounds, making it one of the most lightweight options for big-and-tall campers! That said, it’s not the only top-notch choice.

For example, if you’re looking for the most lightweight camping cot for big guys, you might prefer the Browning Titan Cot XP XL, weighing only 20.5 pounds.