Best Canvas Tent

Camping is a fantastic experience to get you closer to nature and enjoying the great outdoors. Doing this in a quality tent with friends and family can give you memories that last a lifetime.

To make the most of your camping experience, you should invest in a good canvas tent. A canvas tent can be used in all weathers and seasons—the tent will keep you warm and dry in the winter and cool in the summer. 

We have reviewed the best canvas tents to help you choose the right one for you. Our top choice of canvas tents would be the White Duck Outdoors Regatta Canvas Bell Tent. Check out why and our other favorite canvas tents in the guide below.

These are the best canvas tents available right now:

Reviews of the Best Canvas Tents

The best canvas tents available right now are:

White Duck Outdoors Regatta Canvas Bell Tent—Best Overall


The White Duck Outdoors Regatta bell canvas tent is made from army duck canvas. This is a sustainable, 100 percent natural cotton with a PFC-free breathable finish. 

The camping tent canvas is UV, mold, and mildew resistant and is entirely water repellent. The White Duck tent can also be made with a fire retardant finish for an extra-safe environment. The bell tent comes with a sewn-in groundsheet that provides protection and insulation from the outside elements. 

The bell canvas camping tent is available in four sizes, sleeping up to eight people. The poles for the steel frame of the tent are made from heavy-duty galvanized steel. There’s also a center pole and door A-frame, giving plenty of headroom inside the tent.

The Verdict

What customers like about this White Duck canvas tent is the easy set up and how easy it is to dismantle after use. They love the great quality and durability of the tent. However, it’s heavy and is difficult for someone to carry the tent alone. 

The White Duck canvas bell tent is a good size, with plenty of room for the maximum number of people along with their belongings. The tent keeps the heat in and the outside elements out during cold weather, keeping you warm and dry. The heavy-duty zippers are double stitched for reinforcement and are waterproof so that they will last the lifetime of your tent.

Included with the tent is a stove jack with a weather flap to protect the tent from the hot stove pipe. This is an excellent addition to canvas tents you plan to use in the winter.

The carry bag for the tent is also good quality and waterproof. There’s a bag for the canvas tent and one for the zippered groundsheet, poles, and tools. It isn’t the cheapest option out there, but you get what you pay for with this tent.

In Summary

The White Duck Outdoors Regatta bell canvas tent is our top choice for the best canvas tent, as the features and functionality of this canvas camping tent are second to none. 

It’s a good all-around tent that’s ideal for families or groups of friends getting together. It offers a premium, heavy-duty material that is natural and sustainable. The tent is suitable for all weather and comes with a mesh door and windows to keep bugs at bay.


Kodiak Canvas 1-Person Swag Tent—Best One Man Tent


The Kodiak Canvas 1-person swag canvas tent is made from Hydra-Shield premium grade cotton duck canvas with a silicone finish. This makes the tent extremely watertight, but it remains breathable, giving you the comfort that you need. The solo tent is 6 feet 8 inches long and 3 feet wide, which is roomy for a swag tent.

The canvas tent is easily set up in just minutes and comes down even quicker. It’s not the lightest tent due to the heavy-duty canvas, but everything rolls up into a neat package. The poles for the tent frame are aluminum, and it comes with a vinyl floor that’s reinforced with polyester.  

The Verdict

Customers like the fact that this swag camping tent all rolls up together; just roll it up and go. It’s a modern version of the cowboy bed roll and is for sleeping and keeping you away from the elements. There’s little room to move around in the tent, which could get quite claustrophobic if you’re not used to it—but it does the job for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The tight weave of the cotton duck canvas minimizes condensation and muggines and gives you a breathable tent material. This, along with the waterproof exterior, allows you to sleep in the tent without worrying about the weather outside.

The 2-inch sleeping pad that’s included with the tent is comfortable but adds to the bulk of the tent. It has mesh windows, which can be left open to let the air circulate and make the tent feel roomier. The canvas tent has a center pole that’s held in place with velcro tabs, which can be fiddly to put together.

In Summary

The Kodiak 1-Person Swag canvas tent is an excellent sleeping space for anyone wanting to get away from the elements. It keeps you warm and dry but still close to nature and the great outdoors. The tent is easy to assemble and gives you a quick and easy bed for the night. It’s a one-man tent that’s perfect for one person—don’t try to get anyone else in there.

TETON Sports Mesa Canvas Tent—Best for the Family


The TETON Sports Mesa canvas tent is a cabin-style tent made from 100 percent cotton canvas. The tent comes in two sizes and can comfortably hold up to eight people inside. It has a heavy-duty floor made from interwoven polymer to keep you dry when sleeping.

The tent canvas is waterproof and breathable to protect you from the elements but still allows the air to flow. The robust steel poles are easy to assemble, and the carbon steel stakes work well in the toughest of environments. There are also easy access ports to be able to run electricity directly into your tent.

The tent has extra-wide front and back doors to be able to get your camping gear in and out easily. The tent also has a built-in awning to shade you from the sun or protect you from the rain.

The Verdict

Users like the fact that there’s lots of headroom in this tent when standing, as it’s 6.5-feet high. There is also plenty of room in the tent for the family when enjoying a trip away together. 

The tent canvas material performs well in the wind and keeps you dry in the rain. The extra-large doors give great ventilation and allow you to move your gear around the tent with no issues.

The camping tent has mesh screens for better ventilation and to check out the amazing views. It also has organizers included for storage and high-quality zippers that are double stitched for reinforcement. The built-in e-ports allow you to support lights and electronic devices inside the tent. 

Setting up the canvas tent is relatively easy, as is taking it down. However, it’s heavy to carry, so it would be difficult to hike long distances with.

In Summary

The TETON Sports Mesa canvas tent is a great tent for family camping trips and get-togethers. The canvas fabric stands up well against the harshest of winds, keeping you comfortable and safe inside. 

Bushtec Adventure Nomad Canvas Bow Tent—Best In the Wind


The Bushtec Adventure Nomad canvas tent is a 6-person tent made from military-grade 320 gsm canvas. This fabric is waterproof, UV-resistant, and fire retardant, giving you security while you sleep.

The tent’s frame is made from sprung steel and coated in zinc for strength. PVC floors with flood walls and taped seams make it resistant to water, even in heavy rain. The tent is easy to assemble in under 20 minutes and doesn’t require any tools.

The Verdict

What customers like about this canvas tent is how it handles the wind and outside elements. The tent dome shape helps it to withstand winds up to 60 miles per hour, so it’s the perfect tent for windy weather. 

The material is high-quality and durable. However, as with most canvas tents, it’s quite heavy and wouldn’t be suitable for hiking camping trips. The steel poles give the tent a sturdy frame, leaving you feeling secure in your environment. The storm stakes included are unbendable and will hold your bow tent down, no matter what you put them through.

The luxury camping tent is engineered in Africa, giving it that great, rugged safari look. Customers place lots of trust in the manufacturer, as it’s the supplier for the military, UN, WHO, Unicef, and many more organizations.

In Summary

The Bushtec Adventure Nomad canvas tent is unbeatable in the wind and can certainly hold its own against extreme outdoor elements. The tent has flood walls that are built into the flooring to keep you dry when inside. The tent material is waterproof and fire retardant so that you can camp anywhere with confidence. 

Kodiak Canvas Screen House—Best Ventilation


The Kodiak Canvas Screen House is a spacious tent, holding up to four people inside. The tent has a 6 foot 6-inch high peak ceiling to make standing easy and is made from Hydra-Shield cotton duck canvas and poly cotton ripstop canvas. 

The tent canvas is heavy-duty but breathable and features two large doors for easy access. It also has four large windows with no see um mesh for privacy and to allow the air to flow through the tent. 

The frame of the tent is built on the sturdy Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow frame with steel poles, and the whole thing weighs 61 pounds when packed up.

The Verdict

Customers like the waterproofing of the Kodiak canvas tent, and it can be used without worry in storms and heavy downpours. While its performance is great in all weathers, users tend to buy this screen house for protection from bugs and the sun when it’s warm outside. 

With four large mesh windows, you get air and light from all angles of the tent. Space is a rare commodity in some canvas tents. The windows and side rolling walls are great for ventilation and open up the tent, giving the feeling of more space. Users have even placed a picnic table in here to create a safe, comfortable place to eat outdoors.

The camping tent is roomy inside, and the two awnings on either side give you shelter and protection when sat outside. It’s easy for one person to set up the tent, and although it’s quite heavy, it can be carried without issues.

In Summary

This canvas tent and Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow frame are durable and great for couples or small families. The high ceiling gives lots of headspace, and the large doors make it easy to move your camping gear in and out, unlike some canvas tents. 

The mesh windows of the canvas tent allow air to flow through the tent without exposing you to the harsh elements. Another way to get air circulating is to roll up the sides of the tent. This opens up the space in the tent and brings the outdoors in.

TETON Sports Sierra 16 Canvas Tent—Easy to Set Up


The TETON Sports Sierra 16 is a bell canvas tent design made from durable cotton canvas. Though it’s a 12-person tent, it comfortably holds up to eight people and comes in three sizes, holding from six up to 12 people with space to spare. The removable floor in the tent is durable, leakproof, and can be walked on safely barefoot.

The tent is easy to set up with its two-pole assembly and carbon stakes that can be used in the toughest terrain. The tent canvas is waterproof and breathable, giving you a good night’s sleep. It has an oversized door to let the sunshine in and let you move your camping gear easily. 

The Verdict

What customers like about this canvas tent is how easy it is to set up. It can be done alone in under 20 minutes, but you need to be able to carry it. 

It’s a two-in-one design that can be used as a tent or as a canopy by unzipping the floor, giving it multiple uses. The tent floor is thick and high-quality, keeping you safe and dry no matter the terrain underneath.

Users say the tent performed well in strong winds and heavy rain and is durable even after plenty of use.

The bell tent has built-in ventilation, with three top vents and windows for the air to circulate. It also has easy access electricity ports to run power into your tent for lighting or electrical devices.

In Summary

The TETON Sports Sierra 16 canvas tent is a good-looking bell tent that performs well in all weathers. The tent is easy to set up and has large doors to get your camping gear inside easily. 

The tent canvas is breathable and has reinforced seams to ensure maximum protection. It has room for all the family and a removable floor to be able to use it as a canopy. The camping tent is ideal for those outdoor get-togethers and bringing family and friends together.

UNISTRENGH 4 Season Cotton Canvas Bell Tent—Best for Strength


The UNISTRENGH 4 Season Bell Cotton canvas tent is made from 100 cotton canvas for a durable cabin style tent. The tent has a heavy-duty PVC floor that offers a waterproof base. The poles to support the tent are made from galvanized steel to give you the security needed when inside.

The tent holds a maximum of eight people sleeping inside, though it comes in a range of sizes. There’s a double front door, and windows for ventilation, all of      which feature no see um mesh for privacy.

The Verdict

Customers like the fact that this tent is sturdy and strong, and they feel secure when sleeping inside. The zippers for the tent are high quality and big, so won’t break when using any amount of force. 

The camping tent comes with a hole for a chimney pipe that can be covered when not in use. This means you can safely set up a stove inside the tent for those chilly winter evenings. The steel frame and zinc-plated spring rods give the tent the support needed for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The tent offers great ventilation and allows you to control how much light comes into the tent with the flaps. The sides of the tent can be rolled up to increase ventilation. Canvas tents that bring the outside in and open up the space are ideal for families.

In Summary

The UNISTRENGH 4 Season Bell Cotton canvas tent is a strong tent that’s built to last if looked after properly. It has a solid, sturdy structure and offers lots of ventilation and light.

Happybuy Bell Tent 10-12 Persons Canvas Tent—Best Design


The Happybuy Bell canvas tent is shaped like a yurt and gives a simple classic feel to your camping experience. It’s made with a waterproof cotton canvas that has a solid steel frame. The tent has a central pole and A-frame pole for stability and strength. 

It’s a large tent that can accommodate up to 10–12 people inside, and there are five different sizes of tent depending on your needs.

The Verdict

What customers like about the canvas tent is that there is plenty of space inside. It also comes in different sizes to give you a better choice. The tent has a high-quality mesh screen on the door to keep all the bugs out so you can relax in peace.

The tent is easy to assemble, and the bell design gives plenty of headroom to walk around. Its double-stitched seams give extra strength against all types of weather so that you can use it all year round. Some users recommend seasoning the tent exterior first, though, to make sure it stays fully waterproof.

The durable PVC floor is heavy-duty, and the sides of the canvas tent can be rolled up for more ventilation if required. 

In Summary

The Happybuy Bell canvas tent is a spacious, well-designed bell tent that’s waterproof and can withstand most weather conditions. The tent has a stove hole for winter and four mesh windows for good airflow. The canvas tents come in a choice of sizes, so they’re suitable for friend or family gatherings.

What To Look for in a Canvas Tent

You need to be comfortable in your canvas tent after a long day of outdoor adventures, and it should feel like a home away from home. Your canvas tent is a big investment that will last for many years if chosen correctly and looked after. Check out how to choose the best canvas tents:


Size is important when choosing the best canvas tent, as they can be made for one person or for more than 10 people. 

How many people will be sleeping inside the tent at any one time? The capacity is dependent on the dimensions and size of the tent. Most canvas tents will mention how many people it’s suitable for on the manufacturer’s guidance. Be sure to have enough room for the maximum number of people that will use the tent, it’s best to size up by one or two.

There should be room in the tent for your belongings to be stored inside your canvas tent. You don’t want them outside with the elements; they will be dry and safe inside. The best canvas tents will specify a comfort capacity for how many people fit comfortably inside.


Canvas tents come with a frame made out of metal or bamboo poles; the material is then attached to the frame. Woven canvas is used to make canvas tents. However, there’s cotton canvas, duck canvas, and also polyester canvas that are used for canvas tents with different results.

Duck Canvas

Duck canvas is a popular fabric for canvas tents. It’s a heavy canvas that’s woven tightly by twisting two threads into a thicker, stronger single thread. It has a higher thread count than a cotton canvas and is heavier. Cotton duck canvas is also called army duck canvas as it was made to meet US army specifications.

Cotton Canvas

Cotton canvas is another great fabric for use in canvas tents as it’s woven and is hard-wearing and water-resistant. It’s not as heavy as duck canvas, which is great when transporting your tent to and from different locations. 

Polyester Canvas

Poly-cotton is a hybrid material with a combination of cotton with polyester weaved into it. This gives it the positive benefits of a cotton canvas for a tent. It also has the added advantage of being slightly more resistant to mildew and stops the tent canvas from tearing. 

Water Resistance

Canvas is water-resistant due to the woven process; however, it must be fully waterproofed before use. To do this at home, you should completely drench the tent with water. The tent fabric will then expand before tightening and shrinking when dry. This will then make the tent watertight for your first camping trip with it.

However, if your canvas tent gets wet when camping, you must make sure that it dries completely before storing. When canvas tents are stored wet, the tent becomes susceptible to mold or rot.  


You need your canvas tent to be stable when you have yourself, your family, and all your belongings in there. If it’s set up correctly, most canvas tents will be extremely stable. 

The tent poles and guylines should make this job quite easy when setting up. They will make sure that the tension is in the right place for your tent. The tent shouldn’t be sagging due to being loose or tearing due to being too tight.

Check out the manufacturer’s guidelines when choosing your canvas tent. Weather conditions such as wind and snow can affect the stability of your tent. The best canvas tents will have been tested to ensure they’re stable and secure in all weather.


Canvas tents for camping are designed to be highly durable and can sometimes last for decades. However, this is dependent on the quality of the tent and also how well it’s looked after. Canvas tents are tough in most conditions and can be repaired easily with a needle and thread or a sewing machine if needed. 

Your canvas tent should be appropriately stored and kept clean and dry to ensure it stays in good working order for many years.

Packed Size and Weight

If you’re hiking with your canvas tent and carrying it over long distances, the size and weight of your tent is essential. You may not think about this too much until you have to carry it, and then it makes a huge difference. You have to transport your camping gear and your canvas tent, so think about this before purchasing your tent.

Canvas tents are made from a heavy and bulky material. Your tent should come with a carry bag for you to fold the tent into. It should also have space for the poles as these can be difficult to carry otherwise.

Our Favorite Canvas Tent

Our choice of the best canvas tent is the White Duck Outdoors Regatta Canvas Bell Tent. This canvas bell tent is a great all-season tent that’s ideal for families or friends getting together. It’s made from a natural, sustainable cotton canvas that is heavy-duty for use in all weather.

There are lots of additional features in this White Duck outdoors canvas bell tent that will give you the perfect camping or glamping experience. The canvas camping tent will last a lifetime and is worth every dollar.

The best canvas tents for camping protected from wind and rain are the Kodiak Canvas One Person Swag Tent if you’re a solo camper and the TETON Sports Mesa Canvas Tent for families.

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