Best Hammock Bug Nets for Hammock Camping in 2023

You’ll never escape the mosquitoes! Never!

But a decent hammock bug net should spare you the worst of them. 

If you’re just starting out with hammock camping, a bug net may be a bit of an afterthought. Or perhaps you’ve learnt the hard way. Or maybe you’ve been underwhelmed by a previous purchase.

At a very basic level, I reckon hammock bug nets should be ultralight, really compact and relatively inexpensive. But if it’s not just for a single trip, you may want to add some further considerations into the mix. 

  • Is good visibility worth paying extra for?
  • What about easy set up?
  • Attachment loops for storage?

One product that I think combines all those elements (and more) is the Kammock Dragonfly. It’s a really nice design, almost invisible and (while not the cheapest) offers great value. For my money it’s definitely the best hammock bug net on the market and the reviews are also overwhelmingly excellent, so well worth checking those out here. 

But if, for whatever reason, that doesn’t float your boat, there are others worthy of consideration including:

ENO “Guardian” Bug Net is a great mid-range hammock bug net that’s especially popular with ENO fans.

Wise Owl Outfitters “SnugNet” is a really great budget hammock bug net if a little on the heavy side.

If none of those appeal there’s a few more to check out further down the article. Or you want to see more in-depth reviews of any of the bug nets mentioned so far, just scroll down… 

ENO Guardian Bug Net Review


This bug net is 9.4 by 4.3 feet unfolded. It’s made from 950 square-inch SkyWave mesh and weighs 16 ounces. 


The ENO Guardian Bug Net is pretty spacious, so feel free to roll around in it and keep your stuff hidden. Although, it’s shorter than the others on our list. It comes in at just over 9 feet, compared to many other options of 11 feet. 

It’s made from 950 square-inch SkyWeave Mesh netting, which is pretty fine and does a fairly good job at keeping those critters away. 

One of the unique things ENO offers is peace of mind when it comes to the production process. Potential waste is reduced as the company uses every possible bit of fabric available when making the net. Sure, this doesn’t do much for the net — except meaning the exact color may vary slightly — but it feels good to be environmentally conscious, right? 

The length of the net is a little disappointing. Although you’re still likely to have space — I’m sure you’re well under 9 feet in height — a fair few hammocks are longer than this. That means there can be some compatibility issues. If you do want to purchase this net, make sure that your current hammock is compatible. 

This net is lightweight, too, and can be easily compressed down into a provided storage bag. ENO also provides you with the ridgeline to hang the net. 

I would describe the ENO net as an excellent option so long as you don’t have a compatibility problem. However, it does the job, and feedback shows it’s a popular option.

In Summary 

This bug net is on the higher side when it comes to price. It does justify its price in terms of the roomy interior, bug protection through its superior mesh netting and ease of setup. The only downside is the length issue. 

If you have a hammock that’s also on the shorter side and a higher budget, though, then this is a great option. 

Chill Gorilla Defender Review


This net is offered for a double or single hammock, with both options being 11 feet long. The bug net is 132 by 51 inches and is made from 950 square-inch no-see-um bug netting. It has a 5-meter paracord and is in a drawstring sack for easy storage. 


Chill Gorilla makes some of the sturdiest and safest equipment around. The founder of the company is a US marine and boasts years of testing gear for safety. 

This hammock is a generous 11 feet in length, so don’t worry about the leg room. It provides full 360-degree protection, and a vertical zipper means you’ll have no issue getting in and out. 

If you’re worried about compatibility in any form, don’t, as this bug net is compatible with all hammocks on the market. That includes double hammocks, too.

The Defender Bug Net is made of superfine 950 square-inch no-see-um netting and comes with a 5-meter paracord and drawstring bag that lets you easily pack it away and head out. It’s set up through a paracord that runs the length of the net and via clips. 

The one drawback of the Defender Bug Net is that users report having issues with the zipper, particularly in terms of being able to close the zipper when they’re actually inside the hammock. There are also some reports of the zipper breaking. 

In Summary 

This hammock is hailed as being one of the easiest to set up – hence the title. However, it does have another benefit over other hammocks – the mesh netting. This netting provides a good amount of visibility, which is likely to make you feel safer and more aware of your surroundings. 

At a very fair price too, you can’t go wrong with Chill Gorilla. 

Wise Owl Outfitters Snugnet Hammock Bug Net Review 


Made from high-strength see-through mesh netting with ripstop nylon connection points, this bug net measures 11 feet long and 4.5 feet wide with triple-reinforced stitching.


This is a fantastic hammock bug net for cocooning yourself in a nice, cozy pod while protecting yourself from the hungry bugs hanging around the countryside. It’s also spacious enough that it can fit both double and single hammocks. 

It’s lightweight and can be packed to a compact size, making it a breeze to carry around with you.

I particularly like the double-sided zippers with pull tabs, which makes it easy to get in and out of the net. If you’ve tried other bug nets before, you know how frustrating poorly constructed openings can be.

It also comes with a 30-foot ridge line and a waterproof compression bag, so you can use it in all kinds of outdoor activities.

In Summary 

This bug net is lightweight and isn’t too restrictive, providing lots of space around the hammock. In addition, its material is tough but provides a clear view of the outside. On top of this, it comes at a bargain price. 

If you want a top-of-the-range bug net but don’t want to break the bank, this is the hammock bug net for you. 

PYS Hammock Bug Net


This hammock net is 12 by 4.4 feet and weighs 21.5 ounces. It’s made from no-see-um netting and is easy to see through. It comes with one ridgeline, attached compression sack, and vertical zipper design. 


To get it out there first: this is one of the largest bug nets around, even fitting many double-hammock brands. Another huge benefit is its weight – at just 21.5 ounces, you’ll barely notice you’re carrying it. 

It’s also relatively easy to set up, though there’s a little bit of a trick to it – the guy line needs to be pulled taut quite a bit of a distance from the straps. 

This bug net also has mesh netting with high visibility to help you feel more safe and secure.

In Summary

This net’s low weight is the reason that I decided to give it the ‘Best for Regular Travelers’ title – you’ll have absolutely no issue carrying this one around. This is both because of the weight and the compression sack, which will save you plenty of space in your backpack.

So, if you’re a regular camper/hiker/traveler, this bug net is the best option for you.

Legit Camping Hammock Bug Net


This hammock mosquito net is 11 feet long and fits into a compression sack of 6.3 by 4.7 inches. It’s made of superfine and breathable Polyester 30D knitting, has a ridge line and speed clips included. 


Like a couple of other products on this list, this 11-foot hammock bug net provides plenty of room for the tall or for those who want some extra space. Not just that, it gives you full 360-degree protection, so feel free to store your gear inside it while you’re sleeping. 

However, this particular large net protects from even smaller insects than other options, including those pesky gnats. It does this with that super fine Polyester 30D knitting. And the best thing about this type of knitting is that it’s still breathable. 

This hammock bug net is relatively easy to set up, too. It comes with a sturdy ridge line that you simply need to hang up, clip the heavy-duty clips onto and then you can open up the zipper and use. Voila! You may not even need the ridge line if your hammock comes with one.

Despite its huge size, it also compresses down into a 6.3 x 4.7-inch stuff sack. So, don’t worry about dragging around a huge lump of a net. 

Users report very few issues with this bug net, and I haven’t myself seen any real disadvantages. So, I can wholly recommend this to anyone looking for a great bug net. 

In Summary

The amazing netting this hammock net provides makes it by far the best option in the ‘large net’ category. It won’t just be the mosquitoes that can’t get anywhere near you; it’ll be those particularly irritating teeny-tiny bugs that other great nets can’t protect you from. 

How to Choose the Best Hammock Bug Net 

The main features you probably want to be looking at when assessing the best hammock bug nets are:

  • Mesh Style (bug net vs no see um mesh)
  • Net Style (sock v zippered v tent-style)
  • Bug Net Coverage
  • Weight & Packed Size


Mesh should be your top priority when it comes to choosing a hammock bug net. Specifically, you should be thinking about the gaps in the mesh. You’ve got two main choices: mosquito mesh and no see um mesh.

Mosquito Netting vs No-See-Um Mesh

Depending on where you live or are traveling to, insects can vary massively in size. If the bugs are generally pretty big and visible, most types of netting will keep you bite-free. However, there are far smaller insects — gnats and sand flies, for example. A gnat can be as small as 2.5mm, so you’ll be lucky to spot these blighters. 

Mosquito nets tend to have larger holes, whereas no see um netting is smaller. So you should roll with no see um netting then? Because it will keep all the critters out right?

Well yes and no. The trade offs with the smaller mesh are breathability and visibility. If you are camping in the heat, you’ll probably want as much ventilation as possible and there’s a good chance that no see um mesh will retain heat on breathless nights. (Not much of a problem in colder climates).

The other issue is visibility. No see um mesh have holes so small it can be difficult to see out (“no see mesh”?!).

If the bugs are tiny, be very careful about the netting material. It needs to have only the smallest of gaps — a gap of 0.06mm will stop tiny critters, like midges. In some cases, you may end up having to sacrifice breathability to stop the bug bites; however, there are high-quality bug nets that can easily cover both of these issues. Breathability is important, as is visibility. 

Bug Net Style: Sock vs Zippered vs Tent Style 

Here’s another important question: do you buy the hammock bug nets with the built-in net, or do you buy the net separately? 

The built-in bug nets may seem like the most convenient option: one purchase, and done. Also, a built-in bug net is attached in a way that your hammock is completely protected from all angles.

So, why bother messing around with any other option? Well, there are a few reasons: 

With no insects around, you have a net obstructing your view for no reason, and trying to fiddle around with the net to prevent this will only help tear the fabric. 

A hammock mosquito net, naturally, only covers the hammock. A separate bug net can be moved around and set up in different places, so you have more freedom in what you want to protect from bugs. 

A hammock net is specifically placed around the hammock. 

The underside of the hammock is often left unprotected. While this may not stand out as an issue immediately, there are bugs that can bite through camping hammocks. Nylon is one of the most common materials hammocks are made from, so you can see where the issue is. 

So, a dedicated hammock bug net is a better option, as these are more commonly made of polyester. 

Size: Hammock Bug Nets & Coverage

If you’re buying a hammock with a built-in net, size isn’t really an issue, as the net is constructed perfectly for that particular hammock. But if you’re buying a modular net, you need to be 100 percent sure that it’s going to fit your hammock. 

Stand-alone bug nets can range from 9.5 feet to 13 feet, and can sometimes only fit a single hammock. If you’re tall or want plenty of space around you, a 9.5-foot bug net isn’t going to cut it – even less so if your hammock is already far longer than that. 

If your bug net isn’t long enough, you’ll end up with huge uncovered spaces in your hammock, meaning you quickly become a feast for the local bug life. And double hammocks are a completely different ball game!


Hammock bug nets tend to range from about $30 up to around $80. The best hammock bug nets are at the higher end of that range (see Kammok Dragonfly and ENO Guardian — both companies make a very high quality hammock bug net).

The more affordable bug nets tend to be a bit heavier and less durable. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy one for your outdoor adventure. Even a cheap mosquito net is some protection against tiny biting insects while you try to get some sleep in your camping hammock. (You don’t necessarily need the best bug net for hammock camping as any bug net is better than none!).


My favorite hammock bug net is the Kammok Dragonfly. It provides everything you could need from a bug net while hammock camping, with a stand-out feature being how lightweight it is for easy travel and storage. It’s also super easy to set up with the provided ridge line and speed clips. In addition, the high-quality material that won’t rip or fall apart, and the tiny gaps in the mesh will stop even the tiniest of insects. 

The runners-up are the Chill Gorilla Defender Bug Net and the Wise Owl Outfitters “Snugnet”. Although, all of the options in my top five list are great choices, depending on what you need.

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Do I need a bug net for my hammock?

No, you don’t need a bug net for your hammock. In the same way you don’t need to be comfortable. Or you don’t need 8 hours of restful sleep. But most anyone who has experience of bugs out camping will agree that having a bug net for your hammock is a good idea…

Do hammock mosquito nets work?

Yes, hammock mosquito nets do work. You need to make sure it is the correct size for your hammock. Cheaper hammock mosquito nets might tear easier than higher quality ones. But most hammock mosquito nets keep the bugs out.

Is white or black mosquito netting better for hammocks?

Dark color netting is easier to see out of. They say that mosquitos are attracted to dark colors. But since they shoudn’t be able to force entry then that is something of a moot point.