The Best Heated Gloves for Warm Hands in 2022

When the temperature drops, extremities—such as hands and feet—are the first body parts to feel cold. Whether you’re going for a casual winter walk, outdoor work, or sports, having chilled hands is never a pleasant sensation. 

If you’re looking to keep your hands warm, the best heated gloves should help keep them cozy and toasty. We reckon the Outdoor Research Gripper Heated Sensor Gloves are our top choice.

Our full range of the seven best heated gloves for warm hands is:

Outdoor Research Gripper Heated Sensor – Best Heated Gloves


These gloves contain a bunch of tech including GORE-TEX waterproofing on the back of the hand and a breathable, wicking microfleece inside. The fingertips are touchscreen compatible.

There are 3 settings and batteries should last 4-5 hours when set medium or high setting. The lithium-ion batteries are neatly stored in a zipped pocket.

They come in 5 sizes from x-small to x-large.

The Verdict

Users love the style of these gloves—simple, elegant and without fussy or fancy designs.

Perhaps their greatest lure is their flexible use, though. Since they’re waterproof, they’re an excellent option for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowball fighting and shoveling snow. Some users even find them suitable for cycling or motorcycling. 

Despite being waterproof, the gloves contain a breathable fleece. If sweaty hands aren’t your favorite feeling, you should appreciate this feature. Plus, the insert is removable and can be machine washed whenever needed.

These gloves are also flexible in the amount of warmth they generate thanks to the three different heat settings. If you prefer your hands slightly warm, choose the lower mode; if you like intense heat, the highest program should stay on for about two hours.

No matter your preference, switch between the modes by simply pressing a button over the glove. You won’t even need to remove your gloves to do so. 

And for the social types, if you don’t like to remove your gloves to use your cell phone, this product includes SoundTouch technology—allowing you to text and use the screen with your gloves on.

While the flexible use might be an advantage for many people, others might want a pair of heated gloves for very specific applications like cycling or skiing or hunting. In that situation, these might not be the best heated gloves for you and you might want to check out some of the others on the list for something more suitable.

In Summary

We found these gloves to be the best overall due to its versatility and high quality, perfectly suiting cold, snowy and rainy days. 

Also, users find this pair easy to put on and remove, and the various heat settings should fit everyone’s warmth preferences.

Savior Heated Gloves—Best Value Heated Gloves 


This product combines an extra-thick combination of leather at 40 percent and polyester at 60 percent, with an inner cotton layer. It also comes with one multiple port charger, two lithium batteries, instructions and a carry bag. 

Also featured are reflective strips, an adjustable wrist buckle and pull strings toward the extremities. 

There are three settings to switch between: low, medium and high warmth. The gloves heat-up fast and stay warm from two to six hours, according to the chosen program. A button turns them on and off and switches between the three modes.

The heating surface covers the entire hand and every finger individually. It will function in temperatures up to -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Note: This product comes in sizes from x-small to xxx-large.

The Verdict

This model offers the best value for a product offering all the needed features for a reasonable price point. Of note is that it’s waterproof and wind-resistant, yet contains a breathable inner layer that’s also soft to the skin.

Consider these gloves as user-friendly since a large button allows you to turn them on and off quickly or regulate the heat level. Within 30 seconds, you should feel your hands slowly coming back to life.

If you’re worried that the heat won’t reach your fingers’ extremities, don’t fear—the wire surrounds every finger to the fingertips. Plus, it comes with a protective shell to protect your joints and fingers.

The three heat settings allow you to choose how hot you’d like your hands to be, which impacts how long your hands stay warm. From low to high modes, your hands shouldn’t be cold from two to five hours, respectively. At their highest setting, the gloves should reach 140 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The gloves include a buckle and a pull string to make this toasty feeling last. These features should give you a custom fit around your wrists and prevent heat from escaping.

Users also love the reflective strips over the back of each glove. These are particularly handy when running a motorbike in the dark.

When the batteries run out, simply recharge them before your next outdoor event. This product even includes several international plug connections in case you’re traveling.

This pair is also one of the most economical available in our selection. Despite its low cost, it offers great value and all the needed features. If you have any doubt, they come with a 1-year warranty.

In Summary

If you’re searching for the best value heated gloves, this might be it. It’s budget-friendly, easy-to-use and can warm your hands for up to five hours. Besides, if you’re a biker, these gloves should keep you visible on the road. 

If you’re looking for a more discrete model without reflective strips, we’d recommend looking at the Seirus Heat Touch Inferno Glove.

Outdoor Research Lucent — Best Heated Ski Gloves


These mittens are battery-powered and include a charger. They also feature three different programs and a button to operate the heating system. 

This pair mixes abrasion-resistant leather, fleece and molded EVA material. This combination makes the gloves waterproof, insulated and breathable.

The palm of each mitten contains silicone, and each side of the glove includes a hook to keep them together when not in use. It’s also touchscreen-compatible, and the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.

You’ll also find elastic on the inner side of the wrist and a pull string toward the low extremity of each mitten.

5 sizes are available from x-small to x-large. You can pick up the mitten version here on Amazon. There is also a version with fingers available at

The Verdict

This is an excellent pair if you’re planning on skiing since its classic style and colors should match most outfits. 

It’s also durable and should resist falls and shock—the leather is abrasion-resistant. The back of the mitt also contains sturdy EVA-molded material that can withstand impact, so you shouldn’t worry about pushing a branch away or falling. 

Besides this, the palm strips increase the durability of the product. They also permit a better grip while holding your poles.

Additionally, this model includes EnduraLoft insulation, which allows your hands to stay warm even when your mittens are wet. Plus, the three heating modes give you the flexibility to set your gloves to your ideal temperature. Each program comes with red, orange and green visual lights, so you’ll know for sure when you’ve hit the right mode.

Although this product doesn’t include heating durations, you’ll be able to recharge the batteries after your ski-day using the included charger.

On top of that, your fingers will snuggle together, surrounded by a soft fleece. This material doesn’t only allow proper air circulation; it’s also smoother for the skin. 

If you like taking breaks and stopping for pictures, you won’t have to take the mittens off—they’re touchscreen, so you can take the best shot right on the spot. 

They also come with a separate strap to secure the gloves around your wrist as you ski. In case of a fall, there’s no risk of losing them in the snow. 

In Summary

Whether you’re going skiing or snowboarding, this model should make a perfect choice. It’s made of durable and impact-resistant materials to avoid damage during falls. It’s also waterproof, insulated and provides the needed heat to keep your hands toasty.

Keep in mind that this model doesn’t come with an adjustable wrist band. If this is important to you, check out the Sealskinz Waterproof Heated Cycle Glove.

If you prefer mittens to gloves, then check out our article reviewing the best heated ski mittens here >>

Sealskinz Waterproof Heated Cycle Glove—Best Heated Gloves for Cycling


This Sealskinz product combines several materials. The face fabric combines leather, polyester and elastane; the membrane has 100 percent polyurethane, while the lining is a mix between polyester—92 percent—and aluminum. 

It features a wrist strap and extra padding toward the inner knuckles. It’s waterproof and built with 3-layer Primaloft Gold insulation. 

It also comes with three heat levels, running up to five or six hours at a time. Besides, the manufacturer backs-up the product with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Note: This product only comes in x-large size.

The Verdict

Although the manufacturer recommends these gloves for sand, mud or snow, we find them perfectly suitable for cycling. If you’re looking for a pair to wear during long descends, or while pedaling in cold winter months, this should be a model to consider.

The gloves contain materials that allow both durability and strength—leather—and flexibility—elastane. The pliability, thanks to the elastane, should make it more comfortable when riding and holding the bar handle. Some users mention that the gloves can be a little stiff at first, but the materials stretch as you wear them.

In addition, the leather palm ensures a good grip, so your hands shouldn’t slip away. This material also provides added comfort. 

Just like many of the top products, you can specify the warmth level. Pick from one of the three settings and keep your hands hot for up to five hours of cycling. Besides, the gloves have three layers of materials to provide extra warmth.

If you only need the extra heat during specific moments of your ride, you can turn the heat on and off by the simple push of a button. The red button powers the gloves, while the control above allows you to choose how hot you’d like your hands to be.

This model also includes a hook to secure the gloves together when not in use. Besides, the loop strap should keep your hands well-insulated.

These gloves are also one of the most cost-efficient models we’ve reviewed. If doubts remain, the included 1-year warranty should alleviate your fears.

In Summary

These gloves make a fantastic winter accessory for cyclists. They’re also a great choice for enjoying warm hands while skiing or during cold outdoor winter activities. 

The flexible material and three layers of fabric provide extra warmth and comfort. Plus, this pair is easy to operate and includes a firm grip. 

Yet, they only come in x-large size. If you’re looking for smaller gloves, have a look at the Savior Heated Gloves.

Actionheat Women’s 5-Volt Heated Premium Gloves—Best Heated Gloves for Women


These premium women’s gloves provide heat up to five hours and will reach a maximum temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating elements contain extremely fine fibers and surround the hand and the thumb. 

Three layers of materials make up the gloves, and a waterproof pocket holds a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. This pair combines the brand’s Thinsulate technology, leather, polyester and a soft inner lining. The fingers are also pre-curved. 

A button operates the heating element and lights-up in red, orange or blue to indicate the selected mode.

In addition, this pair comes with an adjustable wrist band and a pull string. It also includes a touchscreen feature and two batteries. 

Note: This product comes in sizes from x-small to x-large.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a woman’s model, this is our favorite. Nevertheless, these gloves aren’t too girly but maintain their elegance and classic look. 

More importantly, these high-quality gloves come with the latest technology. The brand’s Thinsulate technology allows for heat retention, providing the required warmth in any weather condition. In addition, it’s built with a touchscreen feature, so you’ll be able to text with your gloves on. 

Pressing the button for three to five seconds gets the heat started while keeping the control pushed down selects your desired warmth. The indicator lightens-up in various colors depending on the program you’ve chosen; there’s nothing better than a visual to avoid mistakes. 

The highest program should reach a temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit but will only last about two hours. If you need your hands warm for longer, choose medium or low heat that’ll keep your fingers warm for three or five hours, respectively.

This pair also comes with specifically thin heating elements for optimum performance. But if you’re worried about cold spots, the heat spreads throughout the hands, fingers and thumbs.

The gloves also come with a sturdy wrist band and pull string for a custom fit. These features should keep your hands comfy and the heat inside. Plus, the gloves’ fingers follow your hands’ natural shapes and curves, bringing added comfort.

Of note is the included two batteries. In case you run out of power earlier than expected, remove the used battery from its waterproof zipped pocket and replace it with the second. 

In Summary

This pair makes for the best model for women. It’s also durable, performant and comes with two batteries, as the ladies always seem colder than their male friends. 

If you’re looking for a men’s model with similar features, consider the Seirus Heat Touch Inferno Glove.

Fleece Heated Gloves by Volt – Best Heated Gloves for Raynaud’s Syndrome


This product includes two 7-volt batteries, a dual charger and four heating modes. Your hands should stay warm for eight hours at the lowest setting and two at the highest.

They feature leather at the fingertips, robust nylon material, a tricot lining an inner fleece. This pair also comes with straps around the wrists and pull strings. Plus, each glove has a hook to attach them together or to a belt. 

You’ll also find heating wires placed on both sides of each hand, including the thumb. Plus, a waterproof membrane surrounds the gloves.

Note: This product comes in sizes from x-small to xx-large.

The Verdict

When you’re trying to overcome Raynaud’s syndrome, keeping your hands warm isn’t only a matter of comfort—it could save your fingers. To address this, Volt has devised a pair more powerful—at 7 volts—than most other products while maintaining a reasonable price point.

Every inch of your hand should become warm and cozy. For this, the heat travels through each of your fingers and on both sides. It also offers four heat modes—low, medium, medium/high and high.

At their lowest program, the gloves provide warmth for about eight hours, which is a couple of hours longer than their closest competitors. At their highest intensity, you should still be able to keep your hands hot for two hours. 

The control panel is easily accessible and located above the wrist. Press it to activate the heat and a few more times to select the desired level.

The tricot lining also provides extra heat. It’s designed to keep moisture at bay and adds breathability and warmth. 

We’re equally impressed by the comfort level of this pair. Soft fleece covers the inner portion of the glove, making it comfy to the touch but also allowing proper air circulation. Besides, the wrist strap and pull string permit a snug fit and a cozy feeling.

The hook is also helpful when you aren’t using the gloves. Attach them to avoid losing one or affix the pair to a belt or bag. 

Also, reviewers love that this product comes with two batteries and a dual charger. These ensure there’s no surprise when a battery runs out, and the charger is handy to keep closeby. If needed, you can purchase additional battery packs—not included.

Despite these gloves being an excellent choice when suffering from poor blood circulation, many users have had success using them while hunting, shoveling snow and simply when walking a dog.

In Summary

This high-quality product is ideal for anyone living with Raynaud’s syndrome, mainly since it provides strong and durable heat. It also warms the entire hand, fingers, and thumb to ensure that every inch is warm.

If you prefer a smaller and more discrete power button, the Outdoor Research Lucent Heated Sensor Mitten might be a better option.

Gerbing T5 Hybrid Heated Gloves Kit—Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves


These gloves come with 12 volts of power. Alternatively, you can hook-up the gloves with your vehicle’s battery. 

They combine premium leather with fabric material. Kevlar fiber and padding cover the palm, and the fingers articulate and are pre-defined. Inside, you’ll find a fleece lining.

This pair has a wrist fastener located above the top of the hand. It also includes Thinsulate and Hipora technologies. 

The Microwire heating technology covers the entire hand and each finger individually, which combines with the three heat settings, providing heat for 1, 2.5 and 4 hours, respectively. Plus, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the heating elements.

This product is compatible with controllers—not included—that’ll drop and automatically increase the temperature based on your heat setting.

Note: This product comes in sizes from xx-small to xx-large.

The Verdict

Riding a motorcycle without proper gloves can be uncomfortable and painful. If you’re looking for a pair to keep your hands warm even after hours of riding, consider this pair.

To start, these German gloves carry high-quality components. In particular, the heating wire has stainless steel fibers and a waterproof layer ensures the gloves’ longevity.

On top of that, they come with one of the most powerful batteries available. And if you’re looking for continuous heat, you can even plug them into your motorbike’s battery. 

The design and materials also breathe quality. Kevlar fibers make up the palm of the glove, which provide excellent protection, while the padding and articulated fingers offer additional comfort when holding bike handles tightly. 

Offering various heating programs, you’ll be able to warm your hands up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit at its highest setting. Besides, users appreciate the even heat and that there are no cold spots as they ride. 

Inside, the soft fleece also adds comfort to your ride. This combines well with the fastener and pull string to keep your hand fully insulated.

Finally, this model is compatible with a controller to automatically adjust the glove’s temperature to your desired warmth. Although this product doesn’t include this additional device, most reviewers recommend its addition.

In Summary

If you’re a biker trying to find a long-term solution to keep your hands warm, this model should make your ride toasty, comfy and safe. It offers a high-power battery and can even provide continuous heat when directly plugged into the vehicle’s engine. 

Yet, if you ride at night and are looking for gloves that provide better visibility, the Savior Heated Gloves and their reflective strips can be a good alternative. 

Why Heated Gloves?

Heated gloves can come in handy in various circumstances:


Are you planning on skiing, snowboarding or shoveling snow? In this case, you may want to invest in a waterproof and well-insulated pair. Also, ensure that the model comes with an adjustable wristband to prevent the snow from sneaking in. 


The best heated gloves for cyclists typically come with articulated fingers and padding for added comfort.

Breathable materials—such as fabric—are important to avoid sweating and slippery fingers.

Plus, if you intend to bike in the dark, choose a model that features reflective stripes.


In winter, heated gloves are a must for bikers; it feels colder as speed increases.

Besides the features mentioned for cyclists, you’ll also want to plan for longer rides. The best heated gloves for bikers generally come with two batteries, or a model that hooks up to your motorcycle’s battery can be useful.


If you work outdoors all-year-around, the best heated gloves can make your day more enjoyable. Selecting a model that comes with a good grip and high durability can be a good idea. They should be able to resist abrasion, cuts and rough use.

Raynaud’s Disease

If you have poor circulation, such as with Raynaud’s—a disorder of the blood vessels causes this condition, and the blood can’t reach the surface of the skin—you’ll need highly efficient gloves with a long battery life. 

In this case, ensure that the pair you pick heats the entire hand, with heating elements covering each finger on both sides and the thumb.


Choosing the Best Heated Gloves for Warm Hands

When choosing the best heated gloves for your needs, consider these points:

  • Type of gloves.
  • Materials.
  • Heating method and power.
  • Heating time and settings.
  • Heating coverage.
  • Touchscreen feature.
  • Waterproof ability and insulation.
  • Warranty

Type of Gloves

There are mainly two types of gloves:

  • Regular: Fabric separates each of your fingers.
  • Mittens: Contains a large pocket where all your fingers are snug together.

Choosing one type or another mainly relies on personal preference. Many users enjoy wearing mittens to avoid cold spots and take advantage of natural body heat. However, you’ll experience reduced dexterity with mittens when compared to regular gloves.


Most models contain leather, polyester or a combination of both. Polyester is lightweight and water-resistant, which is an excellent choice if you’re planning on skiing.

Leather, however, is sturdy and typically makes durable products. It also gives an elegant and classic style to the glove. 

As for the inner layer of the glove, fleece is preferable.

The best heated gloves should allow good airflow and be soft to the skin while providing excellent comfort.

Heating Method and Power

As you shop for the best heated gloves, you’ll find that they generally come with a lithium battery safely secured in a waterproof, zipped pocket. This increases portability and allows you to keep your hands warm wherever you go.

Some products, however, go a step further and include two batteries. This is ideal as you’ll be able to switch them when power is out. 

Make sure also to check the battery power. The higher the number of volts, the faster and longer it typically heats. 

Many models offer 5-volt batteries, a few come with 7 volts, while the most powerful types provide up to 12 volts. With this in mind, some models—mostly aimed at bikers—can connect to a motorbike’s battery for continuous heat.

Heating Time and Settings

How long your battery will last will depend on which setting you use. The best heated gloves come with three or four different modes, from low to high.

When set in a low program, batteries can generally provide warmth for five to eight hours. Yet, if you like very hot temperatures and use the highest mode, you’ll need to recharge your battery after about two hours.

Heating Coverage

The next element to consider is where are the heating elements placed within the glove. The best heated gloves have wires covering both sides of the hands and the entire length of each finger, including the thumb.

Touchscreen Feature

If you need to use your phone often, whether to text, call, or take pictures, this is a feature you’ll want to look out for.

In essence, it allows you to operate your mobile device without removing your gloves. Taking your gloves off every time you need to use your phone can quickly become annoying and frustrating.

Waterproof Ability and Insulation

Even when heated, your hands will have a hard time staying warm if water penetrates the gloves. Choosing models with water-resistant materials—such as polyester—should keep you dry.

The best heated gloves should also ensure that the heat remains inside. Models containing polyurethane offer great insulation. In addition, a pull string and an adjustable strap around the wrists should prevent the hot air from escaping.


Just as with all electronic devices, surprises can happen. To avoid this as much as possible, select a product from a reputable company.

The best heated glove brands—such as Gerbing—back up their gloves with a generous warranty. 

Some of them even offer a lifetime warranty on the heated elements, which is the most sensitive aspect of the glove.

Cooling Down

Selecting the best heated gloves for warm hands starts with deciding on the type of use. Do you prefer regular ones or mittens? Is a waterproof feature important for your needs? 

From our selection, the Seirus Heat Touch Inferno Glove is our top runner. It’s classic, simple to use, and comes with four heat settings. Plus, the fleece insert is removable for easy maintenance.

The Savior Heated Gloves is our runner-up since it offers excellent value. Although it comes with only three heat settings, you’ll feel the warmth within 30 seconds through the entire hand. Additionally, it comes with a 1-year warranty.