The Best Instant Tents for Camping in 2022

The best instant tents are super easy to pitch, simple to break down and will hold up well in poor weather. However, some of them are flimsy and heavy and just not worth your hard-earned dollars.

The TETON Sports Quick Tent takes the crown for me. It’s a lovely 1-2 person tent. Not ridiculously heavy at 5.7 pounds. A good amount of space. And very durable, too.

When it comes to larger instant tents, the Core 9P Instant Cabin Tent is huge, easy to set up and incredibly good value (in fact, I’d recommend any of the Core Equipment instant tents, check out their full range here…)

I’ve pulled together a bigger list for a variety of different scenarios. Whether you’re an avid camper, or a festival goer, or looking for something to throw up in the backward for the kids, you should find a really good option below.

TETON Sports Quick Tent – Best Instant Tent


This lightweight waterproof tent weighs 4.3 pounds and its dimensions are 25 x 8 x 5 inches when packed and 82 x 32 inches with a high point of 39 inches when unpacked. It has one door for all guests with no storage features. It’s made of micro mesh and has a standard rainfly to complete its all-in-one design. 

The tent can attach securely to most extra-large cots or can be used freestanding. It’s equipped with a room for viewing. ($)

Note: This review is about the one person version, it is also available as a two person tent.

The Verdict

The mesh top allows you to stare at the Milky Way and adds to its lightweight nature, making it easy to carry. However, on windy days, it’s advisable to leave some gear inside to hold down the tent.

Some tent brands don’t house lots of ventilation for their smaller tents, but this one is an exception. The micro-mesh does this really well while also remaining durable.

This masterpiece pops and sets up in seconds with a single pull on the enhanced cord, and requires only one person to do so. It’s quite an easy procedure: just roll it out, lock your poles, pull the drawstrings, and you’re ready to use the tent.

You’ll be cozy, even when the temperature is as low as 28 degrees Fahrenheit, thanks to the high-quality construction.

In Summary

The TETON Sports Quick Tent is the best instant tent for solo campers and couples because it’s one of the lightest pop up tents on the market. It’s reliable, durable and easy to carry.  Perfect for little getaways!

Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review – Best Instant Cabin Tent

Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review - Best Instant Cabin Tent


The Core 9 person instant cabin tent weighs 27.6 pounds and measures 48 x 11.5 x 11.5 inches when packed and 168 by 108 inches with a center height of 78 inches when set up.

It features a big T-door and room dividers. Extra features consist of wall pockets, electric cord access ports, a rainfly, and stakes. It offers an advanced venting system and a mesh ceiling. It also features room dividers, a carry bag, and telescopic steel poles.

You can instantly set it up in 60 seconds, and it has adjustable ground vents and CORE H20 Block Technology, suitable for three seasons. ($$$)

The Verdict

The floor plan of this tent allows it to fit two queen mattresses, making it one of the best instant camping tents for families. It holds nine adults — providing enough space for each, and you won’t experience back cramp from bending too much because of its extensive 6.5-foot (78 inches) center height.

The deal gets sweeter. The room dividers are great for the average family of four: mom and dad get their privacy, and so do the kids.

The CORE H20 Block Technology combines active bead technology with water repellent fabrics, rain-resistant door, and window seals and sealed seams for faster water runoff. This ensures you and your family stay dry in case of a downpour, making it water-resistant.

To expose panoramic mesh windows and ceilings, you can remove the fully tapped rainfly in warmer weather. 

The wall pockets help you to keep the place organized because it’s very easy to misplace things while camping, as I’ve found out on many an occasion.

In Summary

If you’re looking for a high-quality, three-season tent that enables the entire family to spend time outdoors, the Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent is a great option for you. It’s a suitable choice for tall adults, too, thanks to its center height and being a cabin tent.

Though, if you’re searching for a camping tent with three rooms, the Ozark Trail 11-Person Tent makes a great choice for bigger families.

Toogh Tent Review – Best Instant Camping Tent


This Toogh tent weighs around 7.5 pounds and measures 35 x 7.4 x 7.4 inches when packed up. When fully set up, you’re looking at 90 x 83 inches with a center height of 59 inches. It’s made of an implausible and unique design, with a dual door and a quick-pitch quality. It has an extremely dense mosquito net and mesh on the door, too.

The tent features two pockets and overhead gear storage and is suitable for four seasons. It features ventilation designs, high-quality waterproof fabric, and exquisite packaging. ($)

Note: This Toogh tent is also available in a six-person and a two/three-person model.

The Verdict

The dual-door provides adequate room for four people to play fun games like monopoly or bridge. Also, the ventilation design allows air to flow in and out of the doors and windows — allowing for stargazing and to keep the bugs out.

Having a hexagon structure at the bottom gives the tent a spacious and adequate floorplan while staying ultralight with an extremely dense mosquito net.

For a newbie, five minutes is enough to pitch the tent, but a pro should manage it in one minute. Simply lift the top of the tent, and it’ll automatically install. You only need 60 seconds to take it down, and to do so, press the end of the pole and the tent will automatically fold. 

Its high-quality waterproof fabric is made of a silicone coating, and it has a rain-fly vented roof to protect you from unexpected rain. Also, the leak-free seam tape covering the bottom ground sheet guarantees better performance on wet grass.

The package includes a carrying bag for easy traveling, eight anti-wind pipes, two door poles, and 12 aluminum ground nails. It’s also suitable for fishing, beach holidays, picnics, mountaineering, travel hiking, and camping.

In Summary

If you’re looking for an instant camping tent that has added package benefits for small families, this might be the best option for you. As it’s rated a four-season tent, it can handle a variety of weather — including heavy rain and snow.

I don’t recommend this one for a larger family, though. If this is you, take a look at the Coleman Tenaya Lake, which is great for up to eight people. Or check out my article on the best large tents for more options.

Mobihome Six-Person Tent Review – Best Family Instant Tent  


This is six person instant tent is rated for three-seasons and weighs 14.3 pounds with 55 inches at the center height. It measures 161 x 83 inches when unpacked and 35 x 9 x 9 inches when packed. It features three windows and one water resistant main door.

It also has a removable rain-fly, a breathable mesh roof, and a zippered door to improve the ventilation when everyone’s inside. There are four storage pockets in total. ($$)

The Verdict

Its weight makes it ideal for hiking, camping, backpacking, backyard camping, traveling, beach camping, and trekking. With its water resistant fabric, which is reinforced with a sealed seam, tapped rain-fly, and 120G PE floor, you can enjoy a dry and happy camping experience.

The Mobihome Six-Person Tent has a comfortable and roomy interior that can hold two queen-sized beds. In addition, the mesh roof keeps flies out and allows sufficient ventilation.

The height provides enough room for the average adult to stand and walk within the tent. 

It’s a reliably fast pitch even with only one person because of the special hub system. Simply roll it out, lock your poles and pull the drawstrings. You can also take it down in a flash, which is perfect for a fast escape.

In Summary

This tent is suitable for a family because of its spacious dimensions. It also provides plenty of floor space and storage space for everyone to have an enjoyable and organized trip.

Overall, it’s water resistant, durable, ventilative, spacious, and comfortable. 

If you’re new to camping and want a trusted brand to keep you warm, we recommend this model. However, if you’re searching for something a bit smaller and cheaper, you could try the Toogh 3–4 Person Tent.

Ozark Trail Dark Rest 10 Review – Best 10-Person Instant Tent


This all-season tent weighs 37.7 pounds and is 168 by 120 inches when erected, with a center height of 78 inches. When packed up, the dimensions are 43 x 8 x 8 inches.

Being a 10 person instant cabin tent, it has eight big windows, 14 stakes, a hanging organizer, deluxe pockets, and accommodates two queen-sized mattresses. There are two main doors for entering and exiting the tent.

The tent’s poles are pre-attached, and it sets up in 60 seconds. It features innovative Dark Rest technology and is an all-weather tent. It includes electric access codes, carrying bags and drain-fly with factory-sealed seams. The tent is made of polyester and steel. ($$$)

The Verdict

The tent gets its fancy name from the Dark Rest technology, which blocks the sunlight — helping you sleep better and stay cooler.

This tent has large mesh windows that offer breathtaking views to the outdoors. Additionally, it has multiple skylights and ceiling panels that enable you to adjust the light for interior illumination or that can be rolled back for stargazing, all supported by the 14 sturdy steel stakes — trying saying that while putting the stakes in after a campfire whiskey!

Holding a capacity of 10 people, this Ozark Trail model has a removable room divider to create two rooms. These can each house a queen airbed or up to ten campers in total in sleeping bags.

I particularly like the included accessories, especially the electric cord access. This combines well with the convenient carrying bag, a hanging organizer, and a deluxe gear pocket for organization. You have no limitation on the amount of gear you should carry.

The factory-sealed rain-fly, combined with its polyester fabric, makes it water-resistant, which is a crucial factor while sleeping outdoors.

In Summary

Some folk enjoy rising with the sun but if that bothers you, then you’ll love the blackout technology. If you’ve got teenagers they might really appreciate it. And if you are a festival-goer then I can see you loving this!

It’s nicely designed, especially if you’re a fan of cabin tents. And it’s not particularly expensive. Although, if you’re searching for an instant tent that’s of a similar size, is cheaper, it may also be worth checking out the CORE 9.

Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Review – Best 8 Person Instant Tent


Coleman’s Tenaya Lake is an 8 person instant cabin tent weighing 34 pounds and measuring 158 x 108 inches with a center height of 80 inches when set up. The packed dimensions are unavailable, unfortunately.

The tent features a built-in closet (24 x 24 inches) with shelves and a hanger bar and has one hinged door as the entrance. It sets up in around nine minutes and comes with plenty of ventilation to keep everyone cool, and the inverted seams to help keep water out. ($$$)

The Verdict

I really like the built-in closet. How cool is that? I haven’t encountered any other tent that has this unique feature. Additionally, it has shelves and a hanger bar for both gear and clothing organization.

It packs and unpacks in no time and is simple to fold thanks to being pre-attached, the fast-fit feet, snag-free clip suspensions, and color-coded poles and hubs.

The tent’s WeatherTec system keeps the water out, be it dew or a cold breeze, making it an all-weather tent. It can accommodate eight people, two queen beds, making it easy to stretch out for a good night’s sleep. It’s also equipped with a room divider for privacy, which is great for parents traveling with teenagers.

In Summary

I’m in love with this tent. Its specifications are just amazing. However, it’s not convenient for hiking or trekking—the thing is heavy. So, for an alternative tent that weighs less and is suitable for backpackers, opt for the TETON Sports Quick Tent.

Timber Ridge 6 Review – Best 6 Person Instant Tent


With dimensions of 132 x 108 inches and 72 inches as the center height, this tent accommodates six people and is suitable for three seasons, excluding winter. It’s made of durable material and is water-resistant.

The tent features several good-sized pockets, adequate ventilation, and weighs 25.4 pounds. It’s easy to set up and packs up nicely into a 53 x 12 x 10-inch package.

This dome-type tent is freestanding, and it comes with three glass-fiber poles, rain fly, carry bag, flysheet, inner tent, 11 steel stakes, and seven guylines. You’ll also find zippers on the door and windows, great ventilation and protection features, and an LED hook at the top of the tent. ($$)

The Verdict

This dome-type design makes the tent much more stable in windy conditions. Freestanding implies that you can pitch it on any terrain, but it’s best to stake it to the ground whenever possible.

It’s quite spacious because it has a six-person capacity, although it can’t hold much gear. For families, however, the tent best suits parents with one or two kids.

The fabric—polyester—is durable and doesn’t absorb water. The floor is a heavy-duty bathtub-style polyethylene.

Setting it up is easy and fast, and the ventilation is top-notch with the mesh single door and free airflow under the fly. The mesh window also protects you from insects.

All the poles are shock-corded, meaning you’ll never lose a segment of them. The flysheet has durable double-protection against storms and other adverse conditions. 

I like the neat hook at the top of the tent, which is perfect for hanging an LED lamp. Also, the zippers on the door and window keep you warm on chilly days and nights.

In Summary

If you’re looking for an incredible tent with water-resistant qualities, I recommend this option. It’s great for friends getting together for a camping trip as it can accommodate two queen air mattresses. 

Some mention that this model isn’t as long as they needed for a six-person tent, so consider the Mobihome Six-Person, instead, although it is some 20 inches narrower.

QOMOTOP Review —Best 4 Person Instant Tent


This tent’s dimensions are 96 x 96 inches when unpacked, with a center height of 59 inches, and weighs 15.8 pounds. When packed, it measures 36 x 7.1 x 7.1 inches.

It has an electric cord port and is waterproof, so is suited for three seasons (not winter). You can set it up in 60 seconds and take it down just as fast. It’s a 4 person instant tent.

There’s one door and window on each side with a mesh roof and underground vents, all made from a durable and high-quality fabric.

The tent also has a mud mat, gear pocket, carry bag, gear loft, and none tent stakes. ($$)

Note: It’s also available in: 120 x 108 x 69 inches, 156 x 108 x 78 inches, and 168 x 120 x 78 inches.

The Verdict

You can rest easy when it’s raining because the PE tube floors and PU taping for both the inner tent seams and rain fly seam will keep the inside dry when faced with light or heavy rain.

I’m impressed with the accessories of this model. The internal storage pockets are for holding small items, e.g., phones and tablets, and are found on the top and sides of the tent. The mud mat is a handy addition to keep the inside of the tent clean—we’ve all had those frustrating moments of dirtying the inside.

Its roof and ground ventilation allow you and others to keep cool during hot nights. These features also ensure that water droplets don’t condense during the night. The windows allow a breeze to enter while also offering views of your surroundings. You can take off the rain roof at night and enjoy the starry sky.

The instant design allows you to set up the inner tent in one minute. It’s recommended that two people build the tent together, but it’s equally easy for one person.

In Summary

This durable tent is suitable for four campers in their sleeping bags, or less with one queen airbed. It’s also super comfortable with its spacious floor plan and height.

I don’t recommend you hike with this tent strapped to you—it’s a bit hefty for that. For a lighter alternative, I suggest the Toogh Tent, which can house a small family and only weighs 7.5 pounds.

HikerGarden Tent Review – Best 2 Person Instant Tent


This two-season tent measures 168 x 108 inches and has a center height of 72 inches. Its packed dimensions are 25 x 8.8 x 8.5 inches.

It weighs a total of 18.2 pounds and has professional waterproof and windproof fabrics and a smooth zip. It has five windows and one sizeable mesh external door and a room separation detachable door, with the entire tent having a waterproof index of over 1000 mm.

Other features include an E-port, storage pockets, ventilation, and heat-resistance systems. The package also comes with a carry bag. ($$$$)

The Verdict

It takes 10 minutes to set up and is stronger and sturdier than most instant camping tents on the market.

The tent is designed to keep all guests inside cool during the summer, and the mesh door prevents any bugs from entering. The generous amount of windows and a large door give the tent a roomy and airy feeling.

With plenty of room and a separate door with curtain, all occupants have enough privacy to feel at home. It’s also configured with a sturdy zip that doesn’t stick when used.

With plenty of storage, the tent suits a group on a camping trip. Although, you should be conscious if you take this tent out in the winter, as it’s only rated for the warmer seasons of spring and summer.

In Summary

If you’re into outdoor activities but need some privacy, then the HikerGarden Tent is a good option. For a tent that can handle harsher weather conditions, we suggest the Ozark Trail Dark Rest Tent.

Coleman Cabin Tent – Best Coleman Instant Tent


This 4 person instant cabin tent measures 96 x 84 inches and has a 59-inch center height. It weighs 18 pounds. Once packed, the tent measures 39.37 x 8.89 x 8.26 inches.

The entire tent is designed with poly guard double-thick fabric, with the entrance door being off-center and there being two big windows. In addition, there’s a small vent at the top of the tent.

It features a Weather Tech system, convenient carry bag, and Dark Rest technology, and is most-suited to three seasons—spring, summer and autumn.

It’s a four person instant cabin tent and has quite an easy setup—in roughly one minute—thanks to the pre-attached poles. It’s also waterproof, has integrated storage pockets and weighs about 20 pounds. ($$)

Note: The tent is also available in 120 x 108 x 72 inches, and 168 x 79 x 120 inches.

The Verdict

The Dark Rest technology blocks 90 percent of the sun and reduces temperature build-up by 10 percent. This is perfect during sweltering summer days when you want to take a break after a tough hike. 

The Weather Tech system with inverted seams and patterned vented floors keep you dry while the rugged poly guard double-thick fabric is long-lasting and reliable.

Since this Coleman tent has preassembled poles, you’ll have it up in about a minute. Anything longer than that and you’re doing something wrong.

Sufficient ventilation is important for any tent, but the vented rainfly improves airflow without needing any extra assembly.

Although this isn’t the roomiest of instant tents, you can still fit one queen-size airbed inside, so I wouldn’t recommend more than two people use it. You could fit three at a push, but they’d have to be a child.

Its materials can withstand the rigors and harshness of the outdoors. This aspect makes it durable for rain, though not for harsh winds, snow or storms.

In Summary

Coleman is one of the more popular tent brands on the market for good reason. The ventilation is excellent, and you’ll always have a satisfying nap or a good night’s sleep, thanks to the Dark Rest technology.

Setting it up and taking it down is simple, and the storage pockets are ideal for organizing your camping essentials. Although some see these as necessities, some instant tents fail to meet this need.

Due to its weight, you’ll struggle to hike with it. As an alternative, I suggest the TETON Sports Quick Tent. It’s slightly smaller—though, not by much—and is much cheaper and lighter.

Night Cat Tent Review—Best Instant Tent for Backpacking


This lightweight 10-pound tent measures 78 x 70.8 inches and has a center height of 47 inches with a hydraulic mechanism for the frame. The packed dimensions are 29 x 6.2 x 6.2 inches.

It comes equipped with a door on each side and a mesh window that can open completely.

Being a three-season tent, it uses 210D waterproof PU 3000 Oxford fabric and waterproof tape on the seams with fiberglass for the frame. It has a double-door entrance and a two-person capacity. ($)

The Verdict

The sturdy fiberglass poles ensure the tent’s stability, making it a long-term investment rather than a one-trip wonder. This is compounded with the reliable Oxford fabric, which is one of the best for tents.

I like the rain fly for it being easily separated, acting as a staging area for different uses, such as beaching, fishing, and picnics.

I’ve never been great at putting up and taking down tents, but this model is so easy to set up! It can be erected in as little as one minute, with takedown taking only two. The advanced hydraulic pressure system is what makes this process easier, but I’ll still take double this time, so see if you can beat me!

A double-door system provides easy entry to the tent, ensures good airflow, and keeps the bugs out. The high-density fabric is also there for ventilation.

It can accommodate one queen airbed or two sleeping bags. This means there’s enough room for two adults, but you could squeeze in a child, too. This does make it a small family-sized tent, but it’d be a squeeze if there’s four of you.

Accessibility is good with this tent due to the double-sided zipper enabling both internal and external ease of access. The buckles make it easy to connect and disconnect the inner tent, rainfly, and tarp, which is done tightly and efficiently. This handiness is accentuated by the indoor pockets for storing small pieces of equipment.

I also like the attention to detail. For instance, the pegging is simple due to the plastic foot sheets, while the mesh fabric connecting the tent and poles doesn’t trap the wind. To add to this, the roof hook is perfect for hanging a light.

In Summary

What sets this tent apart from the rest is design. I love the easy setup! At 10 pounds, it isn’t the lightest instant tent, but it’s a manageable weight, especially when you consider all its useful features.

If you’re searching for a bigger alternative, we recommend the HikerGarden Tent.

Choosing the Best Instant Camping Tent 

There are a few factors you should consider when looking at instant tents:

  • Weight.
  • Capacity.
  • Layout and features.
  • Size.
  • Setup time.
  • Price.
  • Ventilation system.
  • Waterproof and windproof system.


Instant setup tents tend to be a bit heavier than other tents. This is because the mechanism to turn it into a pop up tent is bulkier than using standard tent poles. But obviously the size of the tent is the major factor that determines weight and the weight of a pop up tent ranges from 4lbs to 40lbs.

If you plan to hike to the campsite, then you should opt for a lightweight tent. This saves you energy, prevents a stiff back and aching shoulders. But, if you’re driving to the campsite, then weight shouldn’t be an issue. 

Be realistic about how much you can carry. You might think that 30-odd pounds sounds like a breeze, but factor in the details of your trip. Can you manage that weight climbing uphill or on rocky terrain? How will it feel after a couple of hours? And don’t even think about trying to hike around with a ten-man tent on your back.

The TETON Sports Quick Tent is the lightest instant tent I’ve reviewed and is excellent for solo camping. The heaviest is the Ozark Trail Dark Rest at 37.7 pounds.


When looking at capacity, think about how camping usually turns out for you—how many friends join in last-minute? Have you added a new member to the family since your last trip?

If you’re traveling in groups, you should find out if the tent has a detachable door to create two separate rooms for privacy. The same applies to those of you bringing your kids along for the adventure, especially if they’re older and want their own space.

Alternatively, there are plenty of open-spaced tents with no rooms, making them suitable for close friends, couples, or a single person.

I recommend you go with more space than you think you need. If there are four of you camping, go for a six-person tent such as the Timber Ridge. That way, you know you’re going to have enough sleeping room with some additional storage space.

Also, consider the style. Dome tents tend to have less space, whereas a 6-12 person instant cabin tent will feel much roomier.

If you’re looking to travel solo, the best instant tent is the TETON Sports or the Night Cat tents. They’re both affordable, lightweight and are excellent options. If I had to pick one, it’d be the TETON.

Layout and Features

This is a crucial factor to consider. The best instant tent is one that gives you the space you need. If you have a queen-size cot that’s your pride and joy, you’ll need to make sure your instant camping tent can hold it comfortably.

Plus, it’s good to know the amount and type of gear to take with you. You don’t want to clutter your tent to the point that you’re kicking items over every time you stretch out in bed, so look for other tent features like a separate storage area. The CORE 9 person instant cabin tent is excellent at segregating off areas while providing enough sleeping room and storage for the whole family.

If you want a smaller tent but you’re the type that can’t help but pack heavy, look for tent features such as organizational pockets. The Toogh tent, in particular, has four storage pockets as well as an overhead storage area.

Setup Time

Ideally, one or two-person instant tents are incredibly easy to set up (within one minute, and down in the same). The bigger the tent, though, the longer it’s likely to set up. However, there is an exception to this—the CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent can be up in only 60 seconds, which is impressive for such a big tent.

Also, make sure the setting up and taking down is manageable with one pair of hands. For a family tent, the Mobihome is easy to set up and take down solo. The easiest of all is the TETON Sports model, primarily since it’s the smallest and most lightweight.


I wouldn’t personally pay more than $400 for an instant tent (unless it was, like, a 15 person instant tent). There’s a lot of good brands that sell smaller instant tents for under $100. And when traditional tents often run to the upper hundreds, that means these guys are sold at the cheaper end of the market. I think the main reason for this is that they aren’t intended for really heavy use.

So buying a decent one is unlikely to break the bank. But if you are planning to use it a lot, you’ll probably want to either plan to replace it within a couple of years, or consider buying a traditional tent.

Ventilation System

Adequate airflow and conditioning are vital for your health and overall well-being while you’re exploring nature. Nobody wants to be stuck in a sweaty, stinky tent when the weather gets hot and instant tents are no exception. 

Always choose an instant tent that has a good ventilation system. Search for mesh panels, plenty of windows that open, and materials that adjust to the outdoor temperature and other weather conditions.

The QOMOTOP is especially good at this with its roof and ground ventilation and windows, but all the instant tents I’ve featured have high-quality airflow mechanisms.

Waterproof and Windproof

While most instant tents claim to be weatherproof, that doesn’t mean you’ll be entirely protected from the elements. 

Particularly look for tent features like storm flaps and roll up windows.

Some instant tents, though, just jump out at you for being weatherproof. The Core Nine-Person does just this. Its water-blocking technology repels water, and it also has a rain-resistant door. The icing on the cake is how well the seams are sealed for added water and wind protection.

The Advantages of Instant Camping Tents

Instant camping tents are great for casual campers as well as committed ones—who doesn’t appreciate convenience? You can avoid the stress of battling your tent every time you camp because they are so easy to set up.

These tents are also ideal for events such as music festivals and other fun outdoor activities, including fishing or having a picnic. Most take between one and two minutes to set up and take down—true to their name. They’re a great option for those restricted on time or perhaps have limited strength. 

Parents will find these types of tents are also ideal for living-room and backyard camping. An instant tent makes for instant fun—little adult intervention required.

I particularly love them for those impromptu trips away. If you’re feeling in a bit of a funk, what better way than to pack a bag, grab your sleeping bag and compact instant tent and venture off.

These tents allow you to introduce your kids to the true camping experience without all of the hassle. Standard tents can require quite a bit of effort to set up, which you might not be willing to put in for a single trial-evening of camping. 

They’re also super handy if you’re on a road trip somewhere and fancy a detour from the boring motels. Check out this Vancouver Island road trip report to see what I mean (although they used Airbnb credits for their accommodation, it’s clear that an instant tent would have given them more flexibility on the hiking front…)

Potential Downsides

For one, they might not be as sturdy in all weather conditions as other models. Pop-up tents are great for camping, but not all are waterproof, as some have glued seams. It won’t be long before the seams start leaking.

These tents are bulky when packed because they can only be folded and not rolled up like conventional tents. This is attributed to their built-in suspension system, which can become tedious to manage, especially if you hike long distances to get to your campsite.

You should also consider the difference between water-resistant and waterproof. A water-resistant tent might protect you from a damp morning mist, but not a full-blown downpour.

Not all instant camping tents are designed for cold temperatures, too. If you’re planning on camping during colder seasons, you’ll need one that not only fits your desired number of campers but offers protection against the chill.


The best instant tent is the TETON Sports Quick Tent. It’s a great pop up tent: lightweight, affordable & spacious for a one-man setup. Plus, it pops up in one minute, making it suitable for those searching for a quick start to camping.

The CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin tent is probably the best instant tent for family camping. It’s large, easy to set up and very affordable.

Next, it’s a tie between two instant camping tents, the Coleman Tenaya Lake and the Night Cat Tent.

The Coleman has excellent storage features, such as a built-in closet, shelves and a hanger bar, and is ideal for family camping. Plus, this is a reputable brand you can trust with many years of experience in designing camping gear and accessories.

The Night Cat has an excellent design, with hydraulic pressure for an easy setup, strong fiberglass poles and has no odd smell or chemical odor. Also, the double-sided zipper makes it incredibly user-friendly.