Best Multi Room Tent for 2022

If you’re going camping with family or friends and don’t want to feel cramped, a multi room tent is your best bet. After spending the day in the great outdoors, walking through tough terrain, or having fun in the water, you need proper rest to face the next day of activities.

While some might say that a tent bigger than an inner-city one-room flat takes away the charm of camping, anything that gets you to spend more time outside with your kids is a good investment.

So in this article, we’ll review the hottest products on the market to decide which is the best multi room tent for 2021. If you’re in a hurry, our top pick is the Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

The best multi room tents include:

Reviews of the Best Multi Room Tent

Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent—Best Overall


The Core Instant Cabin is a 9-person tent that gives you 14 x 9 feet of floor space, so there’s lots of room for both sleeping bags and other gear. This size is probably more suited to six campers, though, unless you want to sleep side-by-side. Also, the center height is 6.5 feet, meaning almost everyone can stand upright inside the tent.

This 2-room tent features a detachable room divider, meaning that you can take it off and enjoy one large room if you prefer. Note that even though the cabin has one large T-door and another smaller door on the side, these are both in one of the rooms, and the other room doesn’t have its own separate door.

Both rooms have several mesh windows, and if you take off your rainfly the whole ceiling works as a window as well. Other ventilation features include ground vents that draw heat which is then released through the mesh ceiling. 

The tent consists of polyester and comes with steel poles that are already attached to the body. This means that this is an instant cabin tent that you just have to pull up. Other items in this set include a rainfly with heat-sealed seams and a carry bag. When packed up, all the components weigh 30.5 pounds in total.

The Core Instant Cabin Tent is available in 6-person, 9-person, and 12-person sizes.

The Verdict

Users love how easy this tent is to set up. They state that you can put up the body and rainfly single-handedly in under 10 minutes due to the instant cabin design. Once it’s time to pack it up again, it seems to always fit in the accompanying carrying bag due to its expandable design.

Also appreciated is how well-ventilated the tent is with several big mesh windows, a large front door, and a mesh ceiling. You can also enjoy the view of the starry night sky when you open up your roof.

The downfall of the ventilation is that it doesn’t keep much heat inside the tent if you’re camping in colder weather since the heat simply escapes through the open roof. According to users, you can put the rainfly over the tent, which protects rather well from water leakage, but this doesn’t stop the heat from escaping.

Furthermore, customers state that this family tent gives you lots of space and has a high ceiling so you can walk around comfortably without crouching. Since the T-shaped front door is so big, it’s also super easy to bring furniture or mattresses in and out of the tent.

However, buyers report that not all windows have tie-up straps, so the fabric hangs loose on the sidewalls, which isn’t the best design. Some users also state that the floor is rather thin, which might not be sufficient if you encounter heavy downpours.

In Summary

With lots of space, a detachable room divider, and excellent ventilation features, this is the best multi room tent overall. It suits a family of four if you want lots of space for your kids to play, and you can sleep up to nine people side-to-side inside the tent. 

Furthermore, the 9-person instant cabin tent is incredibly quick and easy to set up. The only time we wouldn’t recommend this tent is when you’re camping in colder weather since heat escapes through the big windows.

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent for Camping—Most Windproof


The renowned Coleman brand has designed this 8-person tent that measures 16 x 7 feet and is 6.2 feet tall, so most of us can stand upright inside it. It’s tested to withstand over 35 mph winds due to its strong frame and poles that won’t bend easily.

Continuing on the weatherproofing features, the tent comes with a rainfly and welded corners to prevent water from entering. The Montana also has a door awning for added rain protection and has angled windows that can remain open during a downpour without leaking. This will help the humid air exit the tent quicker and keep it dry.

Other rainproofing features include the welded doors that will keep water from entering the tent. It also has a “tub” style floor to keep out dirt and rain.

This is a 3-room tent, but there are no room dividers between the different areas. Even so, Coleman has designed this tent so that they’re two sleeping alcoves and one middle room that works as a living space.

The Verdict

According to customers, this tent feels spacious and is a great fit for a family of four with accompanying gear. They also like the vestibule at the front that protects from rain, and that you can even use it as a small porch with camping chairs. Several users further praise how good this tent holds up in the wind.

Although it doesn’t have room dividers for privacy, you can create three separate rooms within the tent: two for sleeping and one living space.

Another pro is the built-in lighting inside the tent, but note that you have to buy batteries yourself. The multi room tent also has an e-port through which you can conveniently attach an extension cord to bring electricity for lamps or electronics.

Users also like how lightweight this tent is, weighing only 22.3 pounds despite being large in terms of space. With the accompanying carrying bag, it’s also easy to carry. Not as easy is exiting from and entering the tent, however, and several customers state that they keep tripping when moving through the tent door.

While there are some storage pockets inside the tent, which is a plus, buyers feel like there could be more pockets.

Finally, even though Coleman advertises this tent as withstanding heavy downpours, some users seem to disagree. They state that it leaks through the floor and the sides. Others feel that it holds up okay in light rain, and you can further strengthen it against rain with some seam seal and a tarp.

In Summary

The Coleman Montana 8 is stable and holds up well against strong winds. It’s also lightweight despite being spacious. It doesn’t keep rain from entering the tent that well, but if you want to go camping in a desert environment where you might encounter winds and not much rain, this tent is a great choice.

Coleman Weathermaster Tent With Screen Room—Best Tent With Porch


This is another tent from Coleman that comes with a porch in the form of a floorless screen room to let you enjoy the outdoors without worrying about insects creeping inside. It also has a room divider you can set up inside the tent, effectively making two bedrooms and one outdoor room.

As for size, it’s 11 x 9 feet and labeled a 6-person tent. This is a little smaller than other multi room tents on our list, and we’d recommend a family of four to stay in this tent, but perhaps not a bigger group. The center height is not lacking at 6.8 feet, and the screen room measures 9 x 6 feet.

The tent poles in the Weathermaster are made from fiberglass, which is a type of lightweight, strong plastic. The whole tent weighs 32 pounds which is rather light for its size. It also comes with an expandable carrying bag and a rainfly.

An e-port that lets you easily bring electrical power to your tent, several storage pockets, and a hinged door are other features of the tent. Finally, the Coleman Weathermaster has several big mesh windows as well as a mesh ceiling that lets you enjoy a cool breeze and look at your surroundings.

The Coleman Weathermaster is available as a 6 person or 10 person tent.

The Verdict

Buyers looking for a porch and a two-bedroom tent will not be disappointed since many people enjoy this feature of the Weathermaster tent. The screen room is also covered by the rainfly, so you can even sit outside in the rain.

The auto-closing screen door is a nice feature, according to many customers. It makes entering and exiting the tent so much more convenient, and you can skip the hassle of zipping and unzipping the door.

Other appreciated features are the little tabs inside the tent that you can hang lights on, as well as the headroom that allows you to stand upright.

Users like that the rainfly has zippers and sealed seams which makes it both easy to put on the tent as well as increase its resistance against water. Most users report staying dry during lighter rain inside the Weathermaster. The bathtub-style floor is also appreciated and helps keep water out.

However, when it comes to heavier rain or storms, this tent tends to leak, and many users are disappointed in the water-resistance qualities of the Weathermaster. It’s recommended to use an extra rainfly or seam seal if you’ll be in wet weather. Also, there’s little insulation on the fabric cabin, which can make it cold during the night.

In Summary

If you want to enjoy the outdoors bug-free, invest in the Coleman Weathermaster that comes with a screen room as well as a large space for a family camping trip. If you’re more people than that or if you’re setting camp in wet environments, take a look at other products on our list.

Ozark Trail 12-Person Instant Cabin Tent—Most Spacious


The Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent offers a whole 16 x 16 feet of floor space as well as an outdoor area with a large front awning. It has three rooms that are separated by two proper room dividers to give a lot of privacy. Two rooms work as bedrooms, while the middle room is more of a common area.

You can sleep up to 12 people inside the tent, but we’d recommend this multi room cabin tent for a larger family of six or eight people to have enough space for everyone. There are also separate doors for both rooms as well as several windows. In total, this tent has seven fully closable windows and a large air vent that even has space for an air conditioner.

Since this is an instant tent, it sets up very quickly, and the poles are already attached to the fabric; you simply have to “pop” them up. It also comes with a carrying bag for easy transport, but note that this 3-room tent weighs 61 pounds, which can be heavy to carry for long periods. At 6 feet 8 inches, the center height is comfortable for all guests to walk around the tent.

The Verdict

This 12 person 3 room family tent offers a lot of space, and users say that it really feels like a small cabin. All three rooms are nicely sized and you can easily fit queen-sized air mattresses into all of them, as well as have space for other gear such as camping chairs and backpacks.

Users say that the Ozark Trail is easy to assemble due to its instant cabin design. Packing it down into the bag again is reportedly also simple and the accompanying carrying bag works great.

Also, this fabric cabin retains heat better than other products on our list since it comes with fully closable windows while still allowing for ventilation if you open the windows up. If you use it with heaters, it reportedly also keeps the heat inside the tent.

However, for windy or rainy weather, the Ozark Trail seems to not hold up well. Some people report that it leaks in heavy rain, while others state that the guy lines and other parts of the tent come undone when it’s windy.

In Summary

For those with a large family that needs lots of room, an outdoor space, and a warm night’s sleep, the Ozark Trail 12-person instant cabin tent is a great alternative. But it’s not for backpackers or those camping in stormy weather since it’s heavy and doesn’t withstand wind or heavy rain very well.

Forturnershop Family Cabin Tent 14 Person—Best 5-Room Tent


This 14-person tent from Forturnershop has a whopping five separate rooms: four bedrooms and one living space. These rooms are divided by fabric, but the room dividers can also be tied back to make one large room inside the tent.

The rainfly has taped seams to prevent water from seeping in, but underneath the fly is a see-through mesh ceiling that gives a nice breeze throughout the whole space. Also adding to ventilation are the 12 windows spread throughout the camping house and the four separate doors for each sleeping area.

With a 6.5 feet high ceiling, most people will be able to stand upright in the camping tent. However, the doors are lower, which means that you might have to crouch over to enter and exit the tent.

The Verdict

What users like the most about this tent is how many people it can accommodate. With four separate bedrooms, you can easily sleep eight people comfortably and even 10–12 if you don’t need as much privacy.

The accompanying e-port and many storage pockets are also appreciated by buyers. Many people also like the see-through ceiling that allows you to stargaze late into the night, as well as the many windows and doors this tent has for ventilation.

What customers report having problems with, however, is the quality of the materials. It feels like the tent isn’t the most durable, and several people report stakes breaking and bending or the fabric ripping after camping only a few times. When you’re setting up, take care with the tent to make it last longer. It reportedly also leaks in heavy rain, and even condensation from the night may seep into the tent. 

In Summary

If you’re camping with lots of people who all want their own space (teenagers, for example), this multi room tent is a great choice. Just note that the tent material is rather thin, and it might not withstand harsh environments.

What To Think About When Buying a Multi Room Tent

When shopping for family camping tents, you want to make sure that everyone has a fair amount of space and perhaps also some privacy. Ventilation and weatherproofing are other important multi room tent features. Consider the following things:


Naturally, this depends on how many people you’re planning to camp with. In terms of size, always go one up from the recommended capacity. If you’re a family of four, go for a 5 or 6-person tent and you’ll have space for each person as well as all your gear.

You should also consider the height of your tent—it should be at least 6 feet tall. The best multi room tents are 6 feet 2 inches or more, so you can stand upright and walk around inside the tent. This prevents back injuries from bending over and also makes it easier to change clothes, for example.

In terms of packed-up size, the tent should be as compact as possible. This is important if you’ll use it when backpacking, for example, but less important for weekend family camping where you have access to a car.


You don’t want to carry a heavy tent on a hike that’s several miles long. Therefore, go for a lighter multi room tent that weighs around 20 pounds if you’re going to use it when backpacking. This won’t be as important for car campers staying in a campsite.

Since multi room tents tend to be larger than other camping tents, they sometimes weigh as much as 50 pounds or more. If portability is important to you, one tip is to go for a connectable tent that comes in separate bags and pieces, so you can divide the weight between several people.

Number of Rooms

This is also dependent on how many people will sleep in the tent. A 3-room tent would be enough if you want to give your kids one room and you and your partner the other room, and then have a common space in the middle.

If you’re traveling with several friends or if everyone wants to have their own room, go for a 4-room tent or larger, depending on how many people you are.

Privacy Features

While some multi room tents have room dividers, others will not. For increased privacy, you may want to go for tents that have them. But know that there are also different types of dividers, for example, a curtain design with fabric that you tie to a knot or those that have a zipper closure, which offers the most privacy.

Removable room dividers are available on some models that you can open up if you want your tent to feel more spacious or create a large living space during the day. The best multi room tents also have mesh windows with zippered fabric panels for privacy.

Doors and Windows

The more doors your tent has, the more accessible it is from different sides. You’ll also lessen the probability of people waking each other up in the middle of the night or early in the morning if some want to exit while the rest are sleeping.

Windows will give more light inside the tent as well as a view of the outdoors, but their most important function is that they provide ventilation. Go for multi room tents that have several mesh windows that can be closed with zippered fabric when it’s cold and open up when you need a breeze. Ideally, all rooms should have their own windows or air vents for the best ventilation.

Also, be sure that your doors and windows come with mosquito nets to prevent bugs from crawling into your sleeping area.


A tent isn’t as stable or durable as a house when encountering storms and heavy downpours. But you still want to invest in a multi room tent that’s water-repellant and has a rainfly to protect you and your gear from water. The best ones are coated with polyurethane, which is highly water-resistant. You also want sealed seams to keep water out more effectively.

You may also encounter strong winds when camping, and you should know that multi room tents are more susceptible to blowing over due to their high shape and not-so-stable frames. The solution is to look for strong materials and stable poles to stake down your fabric into the ground. Aluminum and stainless steel poles are both strong with high corrosion resistance and will hold your tent in place.

To prevent the fabric from ripping in stormy weather, look for multi room tents with ripstop nylon or high-density polyester.

Ease of Setup

A tent that takes hours to set up is not fun when you have hungry kids running around or if the weather conditions are less than ideal. Therefore, go for a tent that’s easy to set up. The easiest multi room tent to assemble is a 3-room instant cabin tent with pre-attached poles that pop into place when you unfold your tent.

Extra Features

  • In-built pockets: Make storing eyeglasses, books, or phones easy when you’re sleeping.
  • Hooks: For hanging a lamp or clothing.
  • Outdoor porch: A nice feature for sitting around an open fire or staying in the shade on a sunny day.

The Verdict: The Best Multi Room Tent Is…

Now you know that the best multi room tents should provide space and privacy for all campers, be weatherproof, and have several doors and windows. But which is the best product on the market right now?

In our eyes, the Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent is the winner. It’s spacious, has plenty of windows for ventilation, and even a mesh ceiling so you can stargaze during the night. You have the option to use a detachable room divider to have two bedrooms or open it up for a large hangout space. Finally, it’s super easy to set up due to the instant cabin design.

If you camp in areas where temperatures tend to drop during nighttime, you should go for the Ozark Trail 16×16 Feet Instant Cabin Tent instead.

But which multi room tent is your top choice?

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