Best Portable Hammock Stands

If you’re planning a camping trip or simply getting away for the day, there are few better ways to relax than in a gently swinging hammock.

That’s why today we’re going to help you decide by taking a look at the best portable hammock stands for those lazy, mellow days and determine which are more portable than others.

The portable hammock stands we’ll review today are:

  • The ENO Nomad hammock stand
  • The Kammock Swiftlet
  • The Zupapa Portable Hammock Frame
  • The Best Choice Portable Hammock Stand

ENO Nomad Hammock Stand


This aluminum stand when packed in its carry is 34 x 11 x 10 inches and weighs 15lb. Once set up its unfolded dimensions are 13 ft. 9 in. x 4 ft. 8 in. x 4 ft. 2 in and has a weight capacity of 300lbs. You can find this stand for an RRP of $299.95.


At 15 lbs this easily portable hammock stand is designed to accommodate 9-10′ hammocks and comes with a carry bag, making it a convenient addition to your camping hammock loadout.

Some camping sites or national parks have strict rules about using tree straps on their grounds which can get in the way of people wanting to enjoy traditional hammocks.

Luckily, the easily assembled aluminum frame of the ENO Nomad gives your freedom to enjoy a sturdy setup wherever you like.

The sturdy frame and weight capacity mean this free-standing hammock stays firmly upright in any unexpected windy conditions and provides a secure, comfortable base if you’re sleeping in it and not just relaxing during the day.

Plus if you do plan on sleeping outside the crossbar makes a handy ridge line for your tarp.

In Summary

Make no mistake, the ENO Nomad is big. At nearly 14ft across you’re going to make sure you’ve got the space for it at your destination.

That said, if you do have the space in your backyard or at your destination and don’t mind the 15 lbs total package, which is pretty great considering its size, then this portable hammock stand is perfect for taking large hammocks.

You’ll also want to consider the $300 price point, which makes it the priciest portable hammock stand on today’s list.

Some users have said in spite of the sturdy frame their hammock still hangs very low to the ground when they’re in it, though this is a rare complaint and the ENO Nomad generally receives glowing reports.

Kammok Swiftlet


This portable hammock stand retails for $279.95 and weighs 17lbs and packs into a carrying case with 50 in. x 8.5 inches and weighs 17lbs. The aluminum frame has a short bar set up of 2ft. 8 inches x 3ft. 4 inches and a long bar set up of 8ft x 3ft. 4 inches.


Kammok is a popular brand whose products run the full gamut of single, double, and even kids’ hammocks, and their Swiftlet portable hammock stand makes it easier to own a hammock.

The stand has a straightforward setup with no need for screws and assembly tools. It instead uses a simple push pin and release button system, making snapping it up and down quick.

This adjustable system has 11 points on each arm and also allows you to format the stand into a chair that can comfortably fit up to three people, up to its 300 lbs weight limit.

The anodized aluminum alloy frame also makes it weather resistant and enhances the lifespan you’ll get out of it.

In Summary

If you’re looking for a portable hammock stand that’s easy to set up, the Swiftlet is a winner. The push pin system means there’s no need for fussing with tools and makes adjusting its size an easy task for every user.

Being able to adjust its size also makes it adaptable to any camping style and makes it easily configured into a chair, though you’ll need a double hammock to sit comfortably, which luckily the Swiftlet can accommodate easily.

However, if you’re a taller user then its shorter size may be less accommodating for sleep.

Zupapa Portable Hammock Stand


The largest stand on our list, this steel hammock stand sits at 10ft x 4ft 4 in. x 3 ft 58in and packs into a snug 5ft x 8in. x 8in. With a huge 550lb weight capacity while only weighing 17lbs this is also the second cheapest option on our list at $119.99.


Far and away the meatiest portable hammock stand on our list, the 550 lb max weight on this stand speaks for itself.

Its sturdy, robust tubular steel dual-bar stand is rust-resistant and can be easily assembled with its spring-pin mechanism, taking this powerful stand minutes to assemble with no need for fussing with tools.

Whether you’ve got a camping, Brazilian, or spreader hammock, the included 18-inch chains, s-hooks, and heavy gauge hanging hooks allow you the freedom to adjust the portable stand to the hammock hanging height to fit your setup.

In Summary

Though this jumbo stand may technically be portable, its size doesn’t make it the easiest to transport. It’s perfectly manageable in its folded form but its hefty weight means it’s best suited for trips where you’re planning minimal traveling.

Further to this, its big size necessitates plenty of space to use it comfortably, so if your family prefers camping out in the woods and the wild this isn’t the best portable hammock stand for you. It’s perfectly suited to a camping site, on the patio, or in the yard, where it can be easily moved to catch the shade or hide from the sun.

It almost goes without saying that if you want a heavy-duty solution, this Zupapa hammock stand is far and away the best portable hammock stand with nearly double the capacity of its competitors.

Best Choice Portable Hammock Stand With Built-In Wheel


At $79.99 this is the cheapest option on our list, making it a perfect choice for a spur-of-the-moment purchase or budget camping trips, though it is the heaviest option at 26lbs. The steel frame can carry at up t0 450lbs and is 9ft 5in. x 4ft x 3ft 58in when unfolded.


You’d think with a price point like that that you would be sacrificing in other areas, but you’d be surprised how well this cheap option holds up against our other portable stands.

Weighing in at 26 lbs it is the heaviest stand on our list and is a little too much weight for intrepid hiking trips but it packs a punch with a 450 lb weight limit to match.

It has a tool-free setup but lacks the push spring mechanisms of our other options. Its slightly smaller size makes it a great choice for a space-saving stand.

In Summary

The all-around efficiency of this product combined with its fantastic reviews and its low price point makes you wonder what it is you’re paying for from other stands which charge roughly three times the price across the board for a similar product.

It’s a universal stand that takes spreader, Brazilian, flat, and rope-style hammocks making it versatile for your setup, but its slightly more involved setup, though tool-free, coupled with its weight, makes it less ideal for camping adventures.

What Portable Hammock Stand Should I Choose?

Weight capacity

The Zupapa hammock stand is the clear winner here, with a 550 lb capacity that nearly doubles two of the competition and beats second place by 100 lbs.


At $79.99 the Best Choice hammock stand wins this category by a country mile. You could buy three of these for the price of the Kammok and ENO portable hammock stands, making it a no-brainer if you want the cheap option.

Ease of assembly

If it’s an easy setup that’s the deciding factor, the Swiftlet wins once again. It comes in the fewest pieces and weighing in at only 17lbs there’s zero stress when it comes to assembly. It also only needs carabiners for attaching hanging hammocks so no need for separate chains and straps.


The ENO Nomad ekes out first place here at a minimal 15lb, though second place is only a negligible 2lb higher for the Kammock Swiftlet and the Zupapa portable stand.


With a length of 13.9ft, the ENO Nomad is a clear winner here, leaving the Zupapa a distant second at 10ft, though the Zupapa’s 550lb capacity is much more generous.

Packed Size

At 34 x 11 x10, the Nomad wins once again as the smallest packed hammock stand on our list.


The market for portable hammock stands is a competitive one with every option offering a similar, sturdy product designed for easy assembly and to withstand the elements.

All the users of the portable hammock stands on our list agree that their chosen stand has lasted them for years with firm resistance to the elements, so whichever choice you make you can be sure to get plenty of sunny afternoons and comfortable nights out of it.


Will my hammock stand come with a hammock?

No, all the hammock stands on our list today are simply the stands so you’ll need to buy your hammock separately.

Do portable hammock stands fit a double hammock?

Every hammock stand on our list is equipped to fit both single and double hammocks.

What size hammock should I get?

The minimum size for all the hammock stands on our list is 9ft, but if you’re a taller person you’re best going for something closer to 14ft as the length naturally feels shorter once it’s hung. The Zupapa hammock stand fits hammocks up to 14ft.