Best Sleeping Bags for Big Guys in 2023

best sleeping bag for big guys

The best sleeping bags for big guys aren’t immediately easy to find on the internet. However, it becomes much easier once you understand that the problems faced by big guys are very similar to the problems faced by side sleepers: it’s all about space.

Specifically, you’re looking for sleeping bags that have extra shoulder girth

Of course, there are loads of different body shapes. If you’re a tall person then we’ve recommended some of the best sleeping bags for tall people here. The list includes long bags (for folk up to 6’6″) and extra long bags (for folk up to 7′).

We’ve tried to include bags that are suitable for all big and tall shapes.

The Nemo Disco Series is our top recommendation. In many ways its an ideal bag for bigger guys: long, roomy, lightweight and super-cosy.

However, depending on your needs, shape and budget there are several other options may work better for you:

Let’s start with the Nemo Disco, the best option for big guys on our list. 

Nemo Disco — Overall Winner


  • Shoulder Girth: 66 in
  • Fill Material: 600 Down
  • Item Weight: 2 lb 3 oz
  • Design: Classic spoon
  • Packed Size: 11 x 7.5 in
  • User Height Range: Up to 6’6″ 
  • Bag Temperature: 30F or 15F

The Verdict

The Nemo Disco series is an excellent option for big guys who love to go backpacking. This lightweight sleeping bag features a roomy design and is a favorite among the big and tall community. 

In my opinion, the Nemo Disco sleeping bag is the best option for big and tall people available on the market. This sleeping bag is optimal for those who enjoy backpacking and camping. It closes up to be just 11 in by 7.5 in, which is no bigger than a couple of rolled-up sweaters. This way, it easily fits in any backpack. You can even carry it on your person conveniently if you need to. 

The Nemo Disco bag also doesn’t weigh very much. This small sleeping bag leaves plenty of room in your backpack for other amenities or necessities at just a little over two pounds. 

The Disco was designed with comfort in mind. It features a unique blanket fold around the face which helps you stay comfortable while also serving a practical purpose. If you are in an area with freezing temperatures and strong winds, the face opening can zip up to protect you from a cold. 

The Disco is 100% waterproof, from the nylon shell lining to the down insulation filling. Speaking of insulation, the Disco features a 650 hydrophobic down filling, which contributes to how light and foldable it is. The down is 100% ethically sourced and is RDS certified for humane treatment. 

One of the unique features of this sleeping bag is its spoon-like shape. The Nemo Disco features a shape unique from any other sleeping bag. The spoon shape works to allow extra room at your knees and elbows so that you can get comfortable on your sides if you are unable to sleep on your back. 

This sleeping bag comes in both 15 degree and 30-degree options. Even though it’s designed to handle near in below-freezing temps, the Disco also features unique Thermo gills that allow you to control your body temperature better and let out warm air without letting in a cold draft. 

The Disco is a perfect fit for big guys. Its spoon shape allows for extra shoulder and hip room, perfect for heavier men. The shoulder girth goes up to 66 in, and this sleeping bag can comfortably accommodate users of up to 6’6” in height.


The Nemo Disco should be available from the following stores:

In Summary

In summary, the Nemo Disco is one of those near perfect backpacking sleeping bags and is currently the best sleeping bag for big guys available on the market. It has a high-quality yet compact design that is perfect for nearly any big outdoorsman.

Runner-Up: Marmot Sawtooth 15 Long X Wide

My next pick is the Marmot Sawtooth 15 Long X Wide king-size sleeping bag. Let’s take a look at the specs. 


  • Shoulder Girth: 70 in
  • Fill Material: 650 Down
  • Item Weight: 2 lb 14.5 oz
  • Design: Mummy
  • Packed Size: 18 x 8.5 in
  • Height: Not listed
  • Bag Temperature: 15F

The Verdict

The Marmot Sawtooth is another one of the best backpacking sleeping bags for big guys. The extended extra-wide version is even wider around the shoulders than the Nemo Disco, but it’s a little harder to find and more expensive, which is why it’s my runner-up.

It was a close race between the Disco and the Sawtooth because the Sawtooth has so many fantastic and unique qualities. This sleeping bag is both compact and lightweight. It folds up to be around 18 inches by 8.5 inches, which leaves plenty of room for other necessities in your bag. 

In addition to its small fold-up size, the Sawtooth is very lightweight. The bag itself weighs just around 2 lb 14.5 oz, so carrying it around is a breeze. 

The Sawtooth is insulated with 650-fill-power duck down treated to be as hydrophobic as possible. This way, you stay both warm and dry. 

This sleeping bag features a classic mummy shape designed to keep your body heat as close to your body as possible. Unlike many other mummy bags, the Sawtooth has a roomy toe box with an added heater pocket to keep your feet warm and dry. 

This bag is perfect for outdoor use in temperatures as low as 15F. The two-way zipper comes with a draft tube that helps keep cold air away from your body. The bag also features a drawstring hood to keep your face shielded from the wind and cold. 

The length of the bag isn’t explicitly listed on the website, but users as tall as 6’4″ and weighing nearly 300 lbs have verified that they fit comfortably in the bag with no issues. 


The Marmot Sawtooth 15 Long X Wide should be available from the following stores:

In Summary

In short, the Marmot Sawtooth is a near-perfect option for big campers. It’s roomy and comfortable without sacrificing insulation and quality. Only the price difference and limited availability keep this option from being my number one choice. 

Kelty Cosmic – Best for Bigger Guys with Athletic Builds 

Are you a taller guy who is tired of being insufficiently covered by your sleeping bags? Look no further. The Kelty Cosmic might be what you’re looking for. 


  • Shoulder Girth: Not listed
  • Fill Material: 550 Down
  • Item Weight: 4 lb 9 oz
  • Design: Mummy
  • Packed Size: 19 x 10 in
  • Height: 6’0″
  • Bag Temperature: 0F

The Verdict

The Kelty Cosmic is a rock solid xxl sleeping bag for big people with athletic builds. It doesn’t have the girth that the other options on this list have, but it makes up for that in length for taller guys.

The Kelty Cosmic sleeping bag is an affordable and lightweight sleeping bag perfect for any tall outdoorsman. All of Kelsey’s sleeping bags are made in the US and shipped from Colorado.

The Kelty Cosmic isn’t the most lavish sleeping bag for heavy men, but it’s great for people who have a tall and athletic build. The mummy shape of this sleeping bag is somewhat restricting for larger people, but the long design fits users measuring well over six feet in height.

The Kelty Cosmic is also the perfect backpacking sleeping bag. When folded up, these lightweight sleeping bags measure only 10 inches by 19 inches. The bag only weighs a little over four altogether, so it doesn’t take up much space in your backpack. It even comes with a stuff sack, so you can carry it on your person if you need to. 

This sleeping bag is perfectly designed for freezing temps. It features a warm, down filling treated with DriDown insulation. This combination works together to keep you not only warm but also dry as a bone. The unique trapezoid and mummy-like shape are also perfect for helping you retain your body heat. 

The Kelty Cosmic sleeping bag also features two sliding and locking zippers with draft tubes that can unzip in either direction. This bag is excellent for unzipping from the bottom in case your feet get too warm or for leaving your face exposed. 

You can even enjoy the added convenience of the internal stash pocket to keep extra heating pads, a cell phone, or any other handheld amenities on your person.

If you are camping in a warmer environment and only need a blanket, the Kelty unzips and can act as one giant blanket.


The Kelty Cosmic should be available from the following stores:

In Summary

The Kelty Cosmic is a fantastic sleeping bag for tall people with athletic builds. The slender mummy-shaped design and shorter shoulder girth make this design not so great for heavier users. However, this sleeping bag will help you stay dry and sleep warm all night in below-freezing temps. 

Best Sleeping Bag for Broad Shoulders: Big Agnes Echo Park

If you’re a guy with a broader build, this sleeping bag is built for you. 


  • Shoulder Girth: 80 in
  • Fill Material: FireLine MAX synthetic insulation
  • Item Weight: 3 lb 2 oz
  • Design: Rectangle
  • Packed Size: 16 x 8.5 in
  • Height: Up to 6’6″
  • Bag Temperature: 40F 

The Verdict

This sleeping bag has the most considerable shoulder girth on my list. The Big Agnes Echo Park sleeping bag is for you if you like the Kelty Cosmic but have a broader build.

The Big Agnes Echo Park sleeping bag features the length and comfort of the Kelty Cosmic series but allows for more wiggle room. This sleeping bag is the best size sleeping bag for a fat person.

This extra wide sleeping bag is perfect for large people or people who move around a lot in their sleep. This bag features a unique relaxed mummy-like design that is over 80 inches across. 

If you prefer the more typical mummy shape, the double zippers on the sides of the Echo Park allow you to streamline your bag and tighten it up around you. You can also unzip it entirely and simply use it as you would a comforter. 

The Echo Park sleeping bag comes with a flex pad sleeve attachment that will go onto your pad, similar to how a fitted bed sheet goes on a mattress. This attachment allows you to sleep comfortably both on your pad and in your bag without shifting around all night long. You can even zip multiple Park series bags together, making double sleeping bags so that you and your partner can huddle together for warmth. 

This sleeping bag features a Fireline MAX synthetic insulation that is both water-resistant and cozy. Combined with the nylon lining, this insulation will keep you both warm and dry in below-freezing temps. Some Echo Park bags can keep you warm and temps as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Big Agnes Echo Park sleeping bag comes with an internal stash pocket so that you can keep your phone or other Commodities on your person all night without having to worry about losing them. 

The sleeping bag also features exterior loops perfect for storing your bag or hanging it up to dry after washing.


The Nemo Disco should be available from the following stores:

In Summary

The Big Agnes Echo Park sleeping bag is a fantastic option for big and tall people and for people who move around a lot in their sleep. This extra wide king-size sleeping bag is sure to keep you both warm and comfortable and freezing temperatures, even when they dip below zero.

Best Budget Option: Coleman Big Basin

On a budget, but you’re still hoping to find that perfect sleeping bag? You’re in luck. The Coleman Big Basin is an affordable option for big guys. 


  • Shoulder Girth: Not listed
  • Fill Material: Polyester
  • Item Weight: 7 lb 15 oz
  • Design: Rectangle 
  • Packed Size: Not listed
  • Height: Up to 6’6″
  • Bag Temperature: 15F

The Verdict

Coleman is a known and trusted name in the outdoorsman community. This spacious XL sleeping bag from Coleman is not only very affordable but is also huge.

The Coleman Big Basin sleeping bag is the most affordable option on my list. This sleeping bag has many of the same features as the other options but is more readily available at far less high prices. 

The Coleman Big Basin is a king-sized sleeping bag with a rectangle design. This rectangle design is perfect for heavier people and people who move around a lot while they sleep. The rectangle shape of this bag ensures that you are not constricted well inside of it. 

This bag also features a pull-cord hood that lets you seal the face opening further to protect you from the cold and strong winds. The hollow polyester insulation inside the Big Basin helps keep heat as close to your body as possible while keeping the cold off you. 

The zipper also features a “Thermolock” draft tube that keeps heat from escaping through the zipper, keeping you even warmer. 

This sleeping bag measures 92 inches in length when fully rolled out, so it is perfect for people who measure up to 6’6” in height. It is also easy to roll up and carry in a backpack. Although this oversized sleeping bag doesn’t come with store sacks like many of the others, this bag rolls up tightly and only weighs around seven pounds. 


The Nemo Disco should be available from the following stores:

In Summary

The Coleman Big Basin is a giant sleeping bag perfect affordable option for heavy-set outdoors people looking for a high-quality sleeping bag without breaking the bank. 

The Best Sleeping Bags for Tall People

The best sleeping bags for tall people have one (obvious) over-riding requirement: they needs to be extra long.

Regular sleeping bags are typically around 6’6″ long and can comfortably accommodate someone who’s 6′ tall. So this section looks at sleeping bags that are longer than 6’6″ and fit people who are taller than 6′.

Once you’ve found a sleeping bag that is long enough for you, the standard requirements for any sleeping bag kick in: budget, temperature rating, weight, compactness & material. In short (ho ho), the best sleeping bag for tall guys or gals should be no different to the best sleeping bag for anyone else.

Best Long Sleeping Bags

“Long” sleeping bags are typically between 6’6″ and 7′ long. They can accommodate people between 6′ and 6’6″ tall.

The Klymit “KSB” Series is one of the very best sleeping bags for tall guys — at 6’10” long they can easily accommodate someone who’s 6’4″. They are roomy in the shoulder area. The leg area is stretchy. They pack down fairly small. They’re relatively light. The down top and synthetic bottom make them super cosy. And they aren’t stupid expensive! A great all-round, extra long sleeping bag. Check them out at Klymit >>

The Kelty “Cosmic Down” sleeping bags are probably one of the best down sleeping bags for a tall man — They can comfortably accommodate someone who is 6’6″. A little bit bulky and a little bit heavy, as you would expect from a large down sleeping bag. But again: extra long, really comfy and very affordable. Check them out at Kelty >>

Best Extra Long Sleeping Bags

Extra long sleeping bags tend to be over 7′ long and able to accommodate people over 6’6″ tall.

There is a UK brand called Snugpak whose long versions tend to be 7′ -8′, which accommodate people who are 6’6″ to over 7′ tall. (The “Softie” series, at 7’2″ long, is what we’d recommend – you can find them here on Amazon and also here at OpticsPlanet).

The Alps Mountaineering “Aura” series are the best budget extra long sleeping bags we could find — with the long versions coming in at 7’2″ they can easily fit someone who’s over 6’6″. Alps Mountaineering are one of the awesome brands that deliver solid functionality at bargain basement prices and the “Aura” sleeping bags are no different. Check them out on Amazon or at Cabelas >>

The North Face Eco Trail 20 is a down bag that comes in extra long (7’5″) and can fit people as tall as 7′. If you can find one, it’ll likely be quite good value (often not much more than $200). Weight wise it’s just 3lb 7oz so it makes for a really good budget backpacking down bag for tall guys. Trouble is, they can be quite tricky to track down. At the time of writing you could find them at and The House >>

Buyer Guide: Best Sleeping Bags for Big Guys

How to choose an extra large sleeping bag? Now that we’ve gone over some of my favorite options for sleeping bags for big guys, you may be wondering what factors you should consider when shopping for your own. 

A few things to consider when shopping for extra large sleeping bags are the shoulder girth, length of the bag corresponding to your height, the weight of the sleeping bag, and the design of the sleeping bag. 

Shoulder Girth

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a sleeping bag as a big guy is the shoulder girth. The shoulder girth of a sleeping bag is the circumference of the top of the bag that will fit around your shoulders. 

Many bags are designed for smaller people and will not zip entirely around broad shoulders, which is detrimental to heat retention. 

To get the most accurate fit, you can measure your shoulder circumference. To do this, simply take a fabric measuring tape and wrap it around the outside of your shoulders at the broadest part. 

You don’t want a bag to fight you too tightly, so it will be best to get a sleeping bag with a shoulder girth that measures at least a few inches wider than your own. 


The length of the sleeping bag directly corresponds to the height of its intended users. To find a sleeping bag that will accommodate you, you should first accurately measure your height. 

Once you know how tall you are, look for bags designed to fit tall people with a few inches to spare. 

Most standard sleeping bags are “regular” sized and will only fit people up to around 6’0”. If you are taller than this, you will want to consider purchasing a tall sleeping bag. 

Weight of Sleeping Bag

Many people fail to consider how much their sleeping bag weighs when they’re shopping for one. You may not realize it at the time, but if you purchase heavy sleeping bags, your back may suffer in the long run. 

Most of the time, you are carrying your sleeping bag on your back or in your backpack for long distances, and you will need it to be as lightweight as possible without sacrificing heat retention. 

The Nemo Disco sleeping bags are great options for backpackers because they can accommodate people at temperatures below freezing. The bags themselves only weigh a little more than two pounds. 


Most sleeping bags feature either a mummy or rectangle design, except for the Nemo Disco series. 

Mummy sleeping bags fit tightly against your body to help you retain as much heat as possible, but they don’t leave much wiggle room and aren’t great for people who can’t sleep on their backs. 

Rectangle bags aren’t as warm as mummy bags, but they are better for side sleepers and people who move around a lot in their sleep. 

The Nemo Disco series features a unique spoon shape that combines the two designs, making you as warm and comfortable as possible. 

Final Thoughts

The Nemo Disco sleeping bag is the best sleeping bag on my list overall. The Marmot Sawtooth 15 LXW was a close runner-up, but the Nemo Disco is too great to pass up. 

The Disco’s unique spoon-shaped design is unlike any other option and allows you to stay warm while also giving you wiggle room. It’s super lightweight and rolls up to a size smaller than a sheet of paper. It accommodates both tall and heavy people without breaking the bank. The Nemo Disco sleeping bag fills all of the needs of a big outdoorsman.


What is the best backpacking sleeping bag for big guys?

The best backpacking sleeping bag for big guys is probably either the Nemo Disco or the Marmot Sawtooth. Both are very roomy down sleeping bags that can fit people up to 6’6″ while weighing less than 3lb. Highly recommended!