Best Teepee Tent (2022)

Regular tents typically have low ceilings and little space for you and your family to hang out. But a teepee provides enough room for you to stand up inside the tent and its circular shape makes for a great hangout space in the middle. Some teepee tents even allow you to use a heater or stove inside the tent, making it a great camping tent for wintertime.

In this article, we’ll review our top six best teepee tents. If you’re short on time, the best teepee tent, in our opinion, is the Vidalido Dome Camping Tent. This is the whole list:

Reviews of the Best Teepee Tents

Vidalido Dome Camping Tent—Best Overall


The Vidalido Dome Camping Tent is a 6-person teepee tent that’s 7.9-foot tall and 12.5 inches wide. This means that you can easily stand up in the tent as well as fit two twin bed mattresses. Note that the 6-person size means that six people can sleep in the tent, but you’ll be packed tightly. We recommend this teepee tent for four or five campers.

As for materials, Vidalido makes the tent itself from anti-tear polyester and 150D Oxford fabric, which is a type of polyester. The central pole consists of reinforced, anti-rust steel, which is a durable material but not super light.

As well as the tent and poles, this package also includes a carrying bag, 12 roots, six ropes, a tent flag, and two colorful tent flags, which is a nice decorative touch. There’s also a hook at the top of the tent where you can hang a lamp, for example.

Another great feature of this teepee tent is that it has an insect net that covers the whole tent. This means that you can take off the more protective tent fabric and sleep under the stars while staying bug-free. Naturally, this also gives this tent great ventilation. But note that this teepee camping tent is not made to use a stove inside it.

The Verdict

One of the most popular features of this teepee is that it’s so easy to assemble, and users state that one person can put it up in about 10 minutes. However, you should note that it isn’t free-standing and that you need to stake down the edges, which makes it less ideal for rocky grounds.

Customers also like the ventilation in this teepee tent with a top vent and mesh interior. They love fully enclosed insect net as well. Adding to the ventilation is that you can open the doors on both sides of the teepee.

Further pros are that the tent has sturdy zippers and taped seams for added durability. This tent also rolls up small and is light to carry. 

Perhaps the biggest complaint customers have is that the instructions that come with the tent aren’t great. They do have English instructions, but they’re translated badly, which might make assembly tricky at first. Once you get the hang of it, however, it’s a breeze to put up.

Another con is that this tent doesn’t come with any windows, making it less breathable unless you want to keep the doors open or only use the insect net. Some users further report that they didn’t receive all the accessories that were supposed to come with the teepee.

In Summary

The Vidalido teepee is easy to assemble and sturdy once put together. But it’s still lightweight and easy to carry. Overall, it’s a great buy that fits perfectly for a family of four or five.

It doesn’t come with any windows, but the doors can be opened on both sides. Plus, you can take off the tent fabric and sleep underneath an insect net, which makes up for the lack of windows in terms of ventilation and landscape-viewing.

Preself Tipi Hot Tent—Best Stove Jack Teepee


The Preself Tipi Hot Tent is a 2-person teepee tent that has a 10.5-foot wide floor and a 5.2-foot high ceiling. This means that most people can’t stand upright inside the teepee but it’s still more spacious than regular tents. Also, note that this tent doesn’t have a floor, inner mesh, nor a mosquito net.

When it comes to materials, the tent consists of anti-tear polyester and waterproof polyurethane. This makes the teepee tent ultra-light, weighing only 3.4 pounds. The package is small enough to bind onto your backpack.

Also, the teepee has a hot flue pipe window and is fire retardant, making it a great fit for those who want to use a stove inside the tent. It has two big air vents as well and a big double door for increased ventilation.

The Verdict

Users like the double doors so that they can use it as a beach sunshade. It’s also easier to get in and out of the teepee tent with big doors. 

Furthermore, the tent holds up well in the rain as well as in light snowfall. But it can handle heat as well, and buyers state that the white color of the fabric makes it release more hot air in the summer as well as insulate warmth during the winter. People with stoves also feel like this tent accommodates them well.

As an added plus, this is an affordable tent that won’t break your budget.

Not as popular is that the tent feels thin and is less spacious than expected. With a stove, it accommodates two people at most, but they might feel a little cramped, especially if you include backpacks and gear.

Also, the zippers aren’t the best quality, and some customers say that they get stuck easily and even break.

In Summary

For those looking for a lot of bang for their buck and wanting a tent that they can use a stove in, the Preself teepee is a great alternative. However, it’s not very spacious and is probably best fitted for a single camper.

BaiYouDa Family Camping Teepee Tent—Best for All Seasons


The BaiYouDa is a 3–4 person teepee tent made from polyester and polyurethane. It has an impressive waterproof rating of 1500mm. As for measurements, this tent has a floor that’s 10.2 feet wide and is 6.5 feet high, which means that almost anyone can stand upright inside the tent, making changing clothes a breeze.

This teepee is available in either brown or green, which are good camouflage colors and will do well if you want to look at wild animals when on your camping trip.

Included in this set are an inner tent, a rain fly, a 3-section center pole, 25 stakes, one stake bag, and one carry bag. The whole tent with all these components weighs 11.87 pounds when packaged. This isn’t the most lightweight teepee on our list, but it’s still okay to carry.

Looking at ventilation, this tent has windows that are covered by mosquito nets and rain flies to circulate air while keeping bugs and water outside the teepee tent. Additional features include inner pockets for storage and a top cover that keeps rain out of the tent.

The Verdict

According to customers, the BaiYouDa teepee tent has good ventilation, and moisture doesn’t build up inside the tent due to the three windows and three lower vents. It also manages to retain heat at the same time, making it well-fitted to most temperatures. Reportedly, it also holds up in both rain and wind, and it’s made of high-quality fabric that doesn’t tear easily.

Also appreciated is that this teepee is easy to set up and only takes about 15 minutes to do with two people. Buyers also like the zippers and state that they don’t get stuck and feel smooth.

However, some report that the door doesn’t open very high, and while the teepee is spacious inside, taller people will have to crawl through the opening to get inside.

Users also note that this might not be the best teepee tent for harder soils. The tent pole isn’t the most heavy-duty, and it bends easily on harder ground. Furthermore, you have to stake down the front of the rainfly, which isn’t appropriate for rocky or hard grounds either.

In Summary

The BaiYouDa teepee tent will do well in most temperatures and environments due to its sturdy build and great ventilation as well as insulating features. If you hike throughout all seasons, this is the tent for you. However, for harder soils, it might not be that easy to set up solidly.

DANCHEL OUTDOOR Cotton Canvas Yurt Tent—Best Canvas Teepee


Here’s a 4-season cotton canvas tent that looks pretty and feels soft. It’s also super breathable as per the qualities of the material. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t protect you against harsh weather conditions, and this teepee is treated on the surface to give it a waterproof rating of 3000mm. It also has a PVC floor that protects against humidity. Note that the central pole is made of sturdy steel.

There are four windows on this tent and one big double door that further adds to the ventilation. Also, you can roll up the walls and separate them from the tent floor to enjoy a 360-degree breeze and view of the scenery.

You can get the Danchel Outdoor tent in four sizes. The smallest one is a 3-person teepee tent and has a 10-foot diameter and is 6.5-foot tall, while the biggest size is 20 feet in diameter and reaches 11.5 feet in the air. It has room for 8 people. The two mid-sizes are 4-people and 6-people tents.

Other features include a ring that you can hook a light to, a fire-resistant 5-inch stove jack, and four roof vents.

The Verdict

Users state that these are very roomy tents, especially the bigger sizes. They love the luxurious “glamping” look this teepee tent has, and they also state that the materials are high-quality and feel sturdy and durable. 

It works really well with a stove, and if you use one, you’ll stay warm even through temperatures reaching below freezing. The floor is also thick and has a bathtub design that prevents water from seeping into the tent.

Buyers like the heavy-duty bag that comes with this teepee and state that it’s surprisingly easy to pack, even the bigger sizes. But the weight might be a bigger issue. The smallest size weighs about 44 pounds, while the heaviest tent weighs a whopping 106 pounds. This might be a pretty-looking tent for festivals or your garden parties, but it’s not light enough to carry while you backpack.

Also, the zippers tend to get stuck for quite a few customers. There’s some excess fabric around them that can get in the way sometimes. Finally, all four sizes of the teepee tent are pricey.

In Summary

The beautiful Danchel Outdoor cotton canvas tent gives a luxurious feel, but it’s not lightweight enough to be used when camping on a backpacking trip. For the frequent festival-goer or for those who want a gorgeous breathable tent with lots of space, this is a superior alternative for a teepee tent.

Outbound 6-Person Festival Tent—Most Budget-Friendly


The green Outbound Festival Tent is the most affordable teepee tent on our list. It’s made for six people and has a polyester floor as well as seams protected against leaks. It comes with a 600mm coated rain fly as well, which is a lower waterproof rating compared to other teepee tents. The tent pole is made from fiberglass, and while lightweight, it’s not as durable or strong as metal.

As for measurements, the tent is 7 feet high and 11 feet wide, and weighs a total of 11.46 pounds when it’s assembled. The full teepee camping tent includes the tent fabric, rainfly, insect net, tent stakes, and guy lines that can all be packed into the accompanying carrying bag.

In terms of ventilation, the D-shaped door has see-through mesh windows that protect against mosquitoes while helping air circulation. You can also pull back the fabric for increased airflow and only use the insect net for protection. Also worth mentioning is that this tent comes with inner pockets for storage.

The Verdict

According to customers, the Outbound 6-Person Festival Tent only takes about 10 minutes to set up for one or two people. There’s also plenty of space inside the teepee tent for camping once you set it up and you can easily stand up as well as fit several campers along with camping gear. Note that six people is pushing it; it’s ideal for four campers with luggage.

Also appreciated is that this tent stays warm throughout the night. It’s not a winter tent, but for fall and spring, it’ll do well to retain heat. It also protects against the wind.

Customers state that the material seems to be high quality, and they like how the teepee tent looks in general. However, the plastic poles feel flimsy, according to some, and users recommend that you get thicker stakes that you can hammer into the ground as well.

Others state that this teepee tent isn’t completely waterproof and that it tends to leak. It’s only 600mm waterproofed, which is a lower waterproof rating compared to the other tents on our list.

In Summary

The Outbound Festival Tent is a cheap alternative for those looking for a teepee tent. It’s easy to set up and has lots of space for its price, but the plastic poles are rather flimsy, and the tent lacks in terms of waterproofing.

Hasika Teepee Camping Conical Tent—Most Waterproof


The Hasika Teepee tent has a polyester groundsheet that’s 4000mm on the waterproof rating index. The rainfly won’t leak water either, with a waterproof rating of 3000mm. As for the tent pole, it’s made from aluminum that makes it both lightweight and strong.

This is a 4-person teepee tent for camping if you sleep side-by-side with one another. It’s better suited for two to three people with gear, however. As for measurements, it’s 8 feet by 12 feet, which is rather spacious.

One cool feature with this green tent is that you can take off the insect net and tent floor and use only the outer layer as a shade, ideal for the beach. If you take off the outer tent fabric, you can also stay underneath the insect net made from nylon mesh while resting on the tent floor. Basically, it’s a two-piece set that can be used separately from one another.

Looking at ventilation, it has mesh screen windows on the upper part of the tent and two triangle doors. The doors can be opened and allow air to flow through the teepee tent.

The Verdict

Users report that this tent feels breathable and waterproof at the same time. Some have even used this teepee tent in thunderstorms without much leakage. Customers especially like that you can take off the outer layer and sleep with a breeze underneath the insect net.

Assembling the tent is reportedly easy, and it’s also rather light to carry. This might be due to the fact that the material is rather thin. The downfall with this is that it doesn’t provide the best insulation and will likely feel cold in lower temperatures.

The manufacturer offers a great warranty, according to buyers. Namely, that you get sent a free replacement or get your money back with no questions asked if you’re not happy with your purchase.

Note that there have been some reports that the seams on the tent aren’t the best. The top seems to especially have weak seaming. Also, there are no stakes that come with the tent, so it doesn’t stay as securely on the ground. If you encounter some heavy winds, some parts might fly away.

In Summary

As far as waterproof rating goes, this teepee tent has got you covered even in thunderstorms. It’s still breathable, however, with great ventilation features and an outer layer you can take off. But it’s thin and doesn’t provide much warmth in the winter, plus it doesn’t stay on the ground securely enough in windy weather conditions.

What To Consider When Buying a Teepee Tent


You need to consider both the material of the tent itself as well as the material of the tent poles.

Tent Body

While classic teepee tents used leather hide as shelter, newer products tend to either choose polyester or cotton canvas fabric. These are all very durable materials, but they differ in some ways.

Polyester and polyurethane are synthetic materials that are very lightweight and water-resistant. The lightness of these synthetics makes polyester teepee tents easy to carry in your backpack and ideal for backpacking or hiking. As for the cons, polyester and polyurethane aren’t breathable, and it might get hot and humid inside your tents.

Note that not considering breathability makes it easier to fully waterproof synthetic materials which is a positive. The best polyester tent is the Vidalido Dome Camping Tent.

As for high-quality cotton canvas fabric, it’s more breathable as well as more insulating than polyester. It’s also naturally water-resistant but not to the same extent that polyurethane is, for example. The downside to using canvas for teepee tents is that it tends to be bulkier and heavier than synthetics, making it less ideal for carrying around on camping trips.

On our list, the DANCHEL OUTDOOR Cotton Canvas Yurt Tent is a luxurious cotton teepee tent.

Tent Poles

The tent structure of a teepee tent is held up by a high center pole. This supporting pole needs to be both lightweight and durable.

The best teepee tent pole material is carbon fiber since it’s extremely durable and super light at the same time. This is why NASA uses this material in their spaceships, for example. The downside is that carbon fiber tends to be expensive. None of the tents come with a carbon fiber pole, but many manufacturers sell them separately.

As for the runner-up, we’d say aluminum is the next best alternative for the center pole. It’s also strong and rather lightweight for a better-value price. One product that uses these types of poles is the Hasika Teepee Camping Conical Tent. Third, we also have high-quality steel poles that are strong for a center pole but can feel rather heavy carrying around.

Finally, you also have the option of going for a wooden tent pole that you can get from nature itself. This is the classic pole material that’s easy to customize to your preferred length and thickness for the center pole. Most modern teepee tents don’t use wood, but you can always pick one up yourself for that close-to-nature look.


You can either size your tent based on people or purpose.

If you’re thinking about the number of people, most tents state how many individuals the tent has capacity for. However, tent sizing charts are notorious for being on the smaller side, so you’ll find you have more space if you go for a 5-person teepee tent if you’re four campers, for example. Teepee tents sizing charts tend to be more accurate than normal ones; however, due to their round shape that gives more room.

In any case, you also have to consider what purpose you buy your teepee tent for. If you want to go mountain climbing, you should definitely use a smaller tent since it’ll be easier to carry and you won’t be spending too much time inside it anyway. 

If you’re going to a festival or just going camping with your family for a weekend, size might be more important to you. One spacious teepee tent for camping is the Vidalido Dome Camping Tent.


We all know what it’s like to be inside a non-ventilated tent in the afternoon sun. Hot, humid, and just all-around uncomfortable. If temperatures are really high, it might even be super warm inside the teepee camping tent during the night which will make it difficult to sleep.

This is why you need good ventilation. The best teepee tents for camping have vents at the top and some form of lower ventilation consisting of windows, doors, and ground vents, or a mix between these. Note that you shouldn’t only depend on doors for a nice breeze, especially if you don’t want to sleep with your doors open.

Ideally, you want a cross-breeze, so teepee tents for camping should have windows on opposite sides from one another. Most windows consist of mesh material and have foldable flaps that can be used when it rains. Look for those that allow you to open the windows without letting bugs in. Some teepee tents, such as the Hasika Teepee Camping Conical Tent, even allow you to take off the outer fabric and sleep only under the insect net.

You also want ground vents that are leveled to the sleeping surface on the sidewalls for a good night’s sleep. They should have protective flies that you can fold up and down depending on the weather conditions. The best teepee tent for camping has both windows and ground vents, such as the BaiYouDa Family Camping Teepee Tent.

Smoke Ventilation

Traditionally, people used to start fires inside their teepee tents. Some modern tents also allow you to use a heater or similar inside your teepee but make sure that they have adequate smoke ventilation. If they don’t remove smoke, the air can even get potentially life-threatening in an enclosed space.

An in-built stove flume jack is a good option if there’ll be smoke inside your teepee camping tent. One product that provides this is the Preself Tipi 

Other Features

One additional point to consider is the style of the teepee tent. Don’t be ashamed of choosing a good tent that suits your own aesthetics and will look good on Instagram when you’re camping at your dream festival.

Teepee tents can also come with some other features, such as in-built pockets where you can store your glasses for the night or perhaps your iPad or a book. Interior hooks where you can hang lights or clothing are also a plus. Also, privacy curtains might be a good feature if several people are sleeping inside the teepee.

Finally, teepee tents should also be easy to set up and take down.


We’ve presented you with several waterproof, breathable, and spacious modern take on teepees in this list. But the best teepee tent for camping, according to us, must be the Vidalido Dome Camping Tent.

It has lots of room and enough space for several people to stand up straight inside the tent. Also, it’s made from high-quality materials and is easy to set up. However, it doesn’t have any windows, which makes it lack slightly in terms of ventilation.

If you want more of a cool breeze in your camping tent, go for the BaiYouDa Family Camping Teepee Tent that’s praised by users for both its ventilation and insulation. It can be used during all seasons and is another one of the best teepee tents for camping.

But which teepee tent is your favorite?

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