Best Truck Bed Tent in 2022

Are you looking to take advantage of your pick-up truck to keep yourself dry on your next camping trip? Truck bed tents are a fantastic option for those who want to stay away from the cold ground. 

But there aren’t a lot of truck tents on the market. If it’s your first time choosing a truck tent, you might need a little help. We’ve gathered the best options for your next outdoor adventure on this list and have concluded that the Napier Backroadz Truck Tent is our top pick. 

Also, remember to check out our tips for picking the best truck bed tent.

If you’re in a hurry, these are the best truck bed tent models on the market right now.

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Reviews of the Best Truck Tents

These are the best truck tents on the market right now. We also added an extra model for those who own an SUV.

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent—Best Value


The Napier Backroadz truck tent is one of the first and leading models, sold at a very attractive price. It’s a comfortable, large tent with a center height ranging from 4 feet and 10 inches to 5 feet and 2 inches.

Inside, this model is big enough to fit a queen-sized air mattress, and the large door awning occupies almost the entire front. The inner wall of the truck tent has large mesh windows on the sides, but none on the roof or to reach inside the truck. This model also has a complete tent floor and a full-coverage rainfly.

There are storage pockets at the sides and a removable gear loft up at the roof. It also has a hook for a lamp or a portable camping ventilator.

Erecting the tent is easy, even if you’re on your own, and it weighs 8 pounds, so it’s easy to carry. 

The Verdict

What customers like about this tent is that it’s spacious. The center height isn’t enough for most adults to stand inside, but it’s enough to sit comfortably and move around.

Overall, the size is enough for two adults to sleep in on an air mattress, with a few inches to spare on the sides. The storage pockets and gear loft are handy for keeping your small personal items at hand. 

The setup is also easy, and the tent is lightweight enough at 8 pounds so anybody can lift it. The tent poles are fiberglass that’s generally good quality. Some customers do comment that they may break in rough winds or if you’re not careful when setting up the tent.

Large windows on this model provide great ventilation, but most of it disappears if you put on the rain fly. If you’re in a hot and humid environment and it rains, you might get a little uncomfortable. There’s also no window on the back wall, so you won’t be able to reach inside the truck.

But most customers are happy with their purchase because it does keep them protected from the rain. And not waking up in a pool of water is a much more important feature for your overall comfort.

In Summary

The Napier Backroadz truck tent is a high-quality option that doesn’t break the bank and is sturdy and protective against bad weather. The sewn-in floors and separate rainfly will most likely keep you dry through the night. 

It’s not the option for a high-end truck camping enthusiast, and it won’t last you a lifetime. We recommend it for those looking for a beginners’ tent that offers good value for the investment.

Sportz Truck Tent—Best With an Awning


The Sportz Truck tent is another market leader and one of the most well-known options for truck bed tents. It’s a dome design with a fully sewn-in floor, rain fly, and a large door awning at the front. 

As for the size, the Sportz truck tent has 5.6 feet of headroom and comfortably sleeps two adults. The awning adds another 4×4 feet of shaded space outside the tent door. There are large windows on the sides and a rear access panel to quickly reach inside the truck when needed.

The setup is relatively easy and comes with a color-coded pole and sleeve system, making it easy to figure out which part goes where. It weighs 22 pounds with everything included. 

This model also has a gear loft on the roof for your personal items, as well as a hook at the center to attach a flashlight. 

The Verdict

This truck tent’s star feature is the awning that allows you to enjoy the outdoors while protecting yourself from the sun. It’s ideal for sitting around, eating in the shade, or enjoying a couple of beers with friends.

The awning design does add a couple more minutes to the assembly, and some customers also comment that the pole for the awning is too long, making it hard to get it just right. 

Customers mention that putting up the Sportz truck tent may require two people; setting it up on your own can be a challenge. Also, the tent is quite heavy to move around.

Otherwise, the design is spacious and comfortable. It includes a full floor, and it’s big enough to fit a queen-sized mattress. 

The cab access window is handy if you want to listen to music from your truck or pass a cable inside to charge your phone. You can also use it to access items you keep locked up in the truck for security purposes.

In Summary

If you like spending time outdoors but feel like a little shade would be useful on your truck camping trip, we recommend this Sportz truck bed tent. It has all the necessary features for a relaxed summer camping trip, and it protects you from the elements. 

But the biggest selling point is the separate awning at the door that gives you some more shade. It’s ideal for a camping trip with friends, or couples’ camping.

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent—Most Waterproof


This Kodiak canvas truck bed tent doesn’t have a floor, only the upper fabric attached to the back of your pickup. The tent is made from thick, 100 percent cotton, treated with a water-resistant coating to withstand a downpour. 

It’s more expensive and much heavier than other truck tents, but it blocks more sunlight and is likely to last you for years.

The tent has a tunnel shape and a tailgate down-design designed to maximize all the floor space on your truck. The structure is supported by tough steel tubes that are heavy but can handle even rough winds.

The Kodiak Canvas truck bed tent has five windows, with two of them to the inside of your truck. It also has a small awning at the front and the back, so you can keep the windows open for ventilation without letting rain inside.

The Verdict

What customers love about the Kodiak canvas truck bed tent is that it’s ideal if you’re expecting rough weather. Canvas is more expensive than other tent materials, but it’s tough, durable, and amazingly waterproof. 

Despite its thickness, this tent is still breathable compared to synthetic materials. The downside of this material is that if it does rain, you’ll need to make sure your canvas tent airs out properly, or it can grow mold.

Note that the five windows on this truck tent are smaller than on most truck tents. They’re all around the tent, so you should be able to get in some airflow, but you won’t be able to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors as much as with many other truck tents. It does include a window at the back to reach inside the truck.

And, thanks to the thick material and the window size, you’ll get less sunshine inside the truck tent. This can help you sleep better in the summer when the sun comes up early. 

Remember that this model doesn’t have a sewn-in floor, so you’ll need to figure out some other way to separate yourself from the truck bed. We recommend using a tarp and an air mattress for the best comfort. Otherwise, you might end up sleeping in a puddle.

Because there’s no floor, it’s impossible to get an airtight closure at the corners of the truck tent. It generally holds up against the elements better than other options, but if it’s windy, sand or water droplets can get in. Not to mention bugs, if you keep a light on inside.

In Summary

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, heavy-duty truck bed tent, we recommend canvas models. This tent is also the option we recommend for those who go out camping throughout the colder seasons or when it’s rainy. 

This is quite a heavy tent, so the setup is not the easiest to do on your own. The fact that it’s also pricier than other truck tents means that we don’t recommend it for beginners or occasional campers. You’ll get the most bang for your buck if you regularly head out into the wilderness.

Fofana Truck Bed Tent—Easiest Setup


The Fofana truck bed tent features a super-fast, automatic setup that takes about 5 minutes in total. It’s also the tallest on our list, with a 6-foot center height that allows most adults to stand inside the tent without ducking. 

If you’re worried about bad weather, this model includes a full-coverage waterproof floor and a complete rainfly.

Another major feature of this truck tent is the walls and roof that feature 360-degree windows on all sides. There’s a cab access port through the back wall to slip cables inside when you want to charge your electronic devices.

The tent features large interior pockets and a gear loft on the roof to store your gear. 

The Verdict

Probably the key feature of this tent bed for campers is its fast setup. There’s no need to pass poles through sleeves; just spread the tent on the truck bed and extend the poles, clipping them in place. Then, attach the tent to the truck, and you’re done.

A tent like this is ideal for those who don’t want to waste a minute of their camping trip on setting up camp. 

The large mesh windows are great for getting in some air and light without letting in bugs. You can also look at stars through them as you’re lying on your bed. This is why this tent is at its best in the summer when you don’t have to use the rainfly. Of course, anybody will be able to see inside, so it’s not the best in crowded areas.

The floor is sewn in, and you’ve got a full-coverage rainfly to keep you guarded against the rain. It’s not the most trustworthy; some customers have experienced the rainfly ripping during the setup. 

Another comfortable feature for tall campers is the tall center height of this tent. With 6 feet of headroom, most adults will be able to walk inside without crouching. The negative is that when it’s windy, a tall tent is more susceptible to breakage and bending of the poles. 

In Summary

If you prioritize ventilation and panoramic views, this truck bed tent with 360-degree windows might be the right option. It’s best for camping in summer weather when you can take the rain fly off and enjoy the ventilation.

We also recommend it for people who regularly go for short weekend getaways. The automatic, 5-minute setup allows you to enjoy nature and spend less time setting up camp.

Guide Gear Full-Size Truck Tent—Best Budget Option


The Guide Gear full-size truck tent is the most affordable one on our list but comes with most of the same features as the higher-priced truck tents. The center height is 5 feet 3 inches, and the tent weighs 11 pounds overall.

It comes with a full, sewn-in floor and a rainfly made from waterproof, lightweight polyester. As for the design, this one is a typical dome tent, with two crossing poles in the middle and one at the entrance. The setup takes about 15 to 20 minutes once you’ve figured it out.

There are two large mesh windows on the sides but no window to access your truck directly from the tent. At the front, there’s a large D-shaped door that occupies nearly the entire wall. Inside, you can find two storage pockets and a gear loft on the roof.

The Verdict 

Overall, this Guide Gear full-size truck tent comes at a brilliant price for the quality it offers. Customers who’ve bought this tent note that it’s surprisingly durable and spacious; and offers excellent value for money.

The design is traditional, so if you’ve ever put up a dome tent, there’s not much difference. There are a couple more straps to attach it to your truck bed, but it’s quite easy and quick to set up once you’ve tried it for the first time.

Despite the low price, this model is surprisingly tough and heavy-duty. It’s not a lifetime purchase, but thanks to the full rainfly and floor, it holds up well against the rain and wind. Some people have had negative experiences with it in storms, but the comments are generally positive. 

Campers also love the relatively high ceiling and large door opening. It allows you to enter and stay comfortable inside the truck tent, even on longer stays in the big outdoors.

There aren’t as many windows as on other models and no direct cab access. This makes charging your phone more difficult, but we think it’s a small annoyance for such a low price.

Another issue is that with the rainfly on, the truck tent does gather quite a lot of heat. The small vents aren’t enough to keep the temperature down inside. On the other hand, the rainfly gives you more cover from the sunshine, allowing you to sleep longer in the morning.

In Summary 

In short, this Guide Gear truck bed tent is easy to assemble and comes with all the necessary features and weather protection. The price is more than reasonable for this quality, but you can’t expect it to last forever. 

A budget tent like this is a good option for those looking to make the occasional weekend getaway or a festival trip. It’s also a great option for those just getting into camping but don’t want to commit to the lifestyle yet.

It’s not the best for camping enthusiasts looking for something that will last them a lifetime. Over time, it will likely deteriorate, but it’s definitely a good practice tent to start with.

Rightline Gear Truck Tents—Best for Summer Camping


This Rightline Gear truck tent is a decent, affordable tent that’s easy to set up for summer camping trips. The fabric is water-resistant, the seams are sealed, and the tent comes with a full rain fly with tough buckles and straps.

When you’re not using the rainfly, there are a couple more vents and windows on the sides of the truck tent and on the roof. For those looking for a truck tent with a complete floor for a bed, this model is not the right pick as it only includes the upper.

The Verdict

The Rightline Gear truck tent is our top pick for the summer months. It can handle some heavy rains, but it also has a well-ventilated design with mesh windows on the sides and the roof. 

Keep in mind that the windows don’t cover the whole tent, so it’s a good option for crowded areas. You’ll be able to keep some privacy while still enjoying the feeling of sleeping under the stars.

Customers are delighted with the weatherproofing of this Rightline Gear truck bed tent. If you set the rainfly up correctly, making sure it remains tight, you shouldn’t have a problem with summer storms. The seams and buckles are tough and, in most cases, resist summer storms well.

Since this model doesn’t have a full floor, we recommend putting a tarp or another cover on the truck bed. Your best bet will always be sleeping far from the ground, preferably on an air mattress. 

It also won’t be as airtight as a model with a sewn-in floor, so you might get some bugs and sand inside. However, how tight a fit depends on the compatibility with your truck and how well you’re able to set it up. 

Taking the time to practice before you head out can make the difference between a mosquito-filled night and a peaceful sleep.

In Summary

This Rightline Gear tent is a perfect option for summer trips and holds up well in light rainstorms. For a campsite where you don’t have enough privacy to go with a full-mesh tent, this is a great option. It still gives you the outdoor feeling, without being as exposed to prying eyes.

Overall, we recommend this model for beginners and occasional campers who go out mostly in the warmer months. It’s not ideal for those who don’t want to sleep on the truck bed or those who plan on going camping without a good, tall mattress. Without a floor, you always risk waking up in a puddle.

Patio Joy SUV Tailgate Tent—Best SUV Tent


If you don’t have a truck but an SUV, you can still use it to create a comfortable camping experience. This model from Patio Joy is a common straight-walled tent that attaches to your car, creating a tunnel. You can use it to make more room for your family to sleep while keeping the two spaces connected to each other.

This amazingly affordable tent includes full mesh windows, which allow for complete ventilation and star observation at night. 

In case of bad weather, the tent also includes a full rainfly with an awning. You can comfortably take off your muddy shoes before you go inside, avoiding a mess. There are several storage pockets on the inside of the tent for small items. 

When it comes to size, the maximum capacity of this tent is five people. The interior height of the tent is 7 feet, and the floor dimensions are 14 x 9 feet. 

The Verdict

The good part about this type of tent is that you’ll be able to use it independently if you’re out without your vehicle. You can keep the tent separate, on the ground or on the truck. But if it’s specifically a truck bed tent you’re looking for, remember that it’s best for SUVs and that you can’t attach this model to your pick-up.

Another place where this tent has an advantage over the other models is that you’re not limited to the size of the truck bed. In this one, you can fit two adults and a couple of small kids, so it’s a better option for young families. 

If one or two people sleep inside the car, you’ll be able to fit an entire family or group of friends inside. The door awning adds to the comfort because you can use it to get out of your wet clothes and shoes before going inside.

The floor space is wide, and the center height is 7 feet, so you won’t have to duck to get inside.

And let’s not forget the price tag! It’s one of the most affordable tents in our review and offers excellent value for your investment.

In Summary

This tent is obviously a different concept from the other models, being an SUV tent instead of a truck bed tent. It’s a good option for SUV owners and families who need to fit more than two people inside their tent.

The Patio Joy tailgate tent is also a smart pick if you want to use your tent without having to attach it to the car. Just take off the tube that connects the two, and you’ll have an independent tent with two doors.

This is not the most high-end and durable tent, but it can certainly be a fun option for a summer family truck bed camping trip.

What To Look for in the Best Truck Bed Tents

What is a truck bed tent, exactly? Normally, it’s a common, dome-style tent that attaches to the back of your pickup truck. They’re a relatively new product, so there’s not much variety on the market, but there are a couple of heavy-duty, high-quality options.

When picking out a truck bed tent, you should mostly pay attention to the same criteria as you would with a normal tent. However, truck tents do have some specifics as well, so let’s go through everything you need to know before you make your purchase.


Truck bed tents are usually ideal for up to two people to sleep in. Any more than that, and you’ll be seriously cramped. Remember that your sleeping space is limited more by the width of your truck than the tent, so it’s tough to find room for more than two adults.


The most important thing about a truck tent is that it’s compatible with your pickup truck. Tents come in many sizes, as do trucks, so measure the floor space of your truck bed before your purchase. 

Note that even if you have a compact truck, you’ll get some valuable extra inches when the tailgate is down. Most truck tents are designed with this purpose in mind, to attach them directly over the lowered tailgate.

Many truck tent manufacturers list the compatibility of their tents with different pickup truck models on their websites. Check the compatibility and measurements before you make your purchase to get the right fit.

Ease of Setup

Especially if you’re mostly going on short trips in your truck tent, you won’t want to spend too much time on the setup. However, most models will take a little bit of time to get used to the first time you’re setting them up.

If you’re going out alone, make sure you’re able to set up the truck tent without help before you leave home. Also, make sure the attachments for your truck work correctly and are the right size. There’s nothing worse than a tent that’s flapping in the wind all night, maybe even letting rain inside.

You shouldn’t need any tools for assembling a truck tent, but it is a possibility. Make sure you’ve got everything you need before heading out.


Even in the summer, it’s hard to avoid getting at least a light drizzle on your truck tent, especially on a longer trip. Here are some tips to make sure you’ve got a truck bed tent that will keep you nice and dry through the night.

Separate Rainfly

Today, all tent fabric is treated with a water-resistant coating, but a double-walled truck tent, one with a separate rainfly, is the safest option.

In a single-walled truck tent, you’ll usually be fine if you camp in dry areas. However, light rain or heavy morning dew can cause water to pass and condensate on the inside of your tent. A rainfly will add a second layer of protection between you and the elements, so you won’t wake up with water dripping on your face.

Keep in mind that the rainfly fabric needs to be tight to work well. If it’s a little loose on the sides, it can create small pools of water that can pass through to the inside.


The best water-resistant fabric is usually canvas, and it’s the only one that doesn’t require a rainfly. While canvas isn’t naturally as water-repellent as many synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, it’s much thicker. It’s also not as noisy if you have a lot of wind.

On the downside, canvas also takes a longer time to dry and can get moldy if you pack it when it’s humid. It can also easily double the price of synthetic fabrics.

Both polyester and nylon are generally water-repellent, although much thinner than canvas. Polyester is the fastest-drying, but it likely won’t last you as long as nylon and canvas.


Another point where water can get inside your truck bed tent is at the seams. These are vulnerable points, so if you’re mostly camping in rough or unpredictable climates, make sure you’ve got a truck tent with tight seams. 

The best truck tents include inverted seams, sewn to keep water out. They’ll likely also be treated with sealant, but you can always treat them with some more sealant to make them more waterproof.


Also, pay attention to the floor. Some models attach directly to the sides of the truck, but others come with a full floor. If you pick one with a floor, a bathtub-like design where the floor extends all the way to the sides is best for protection.

If your pick doesn’t include a floor, we recommend finding a sleeping arrangement that keeps you elevated from the truck bed. An air mattress on top of a strong tarp or liner should be enough to protect yourself from water. 

Poles and Tent Type

The tent pole quality and truck tent style are also important when you hit some rough weather. 

Most truck tents include strong but flexible fiberglass poles that can bend without getting damaged. However, some truck tents have steel poles. This material is heavy to carry but much tougher than fiberglass. It can rust, though, so make sure you keep your steel tent poles protected from excess humidity.

Truck tents with straight walls are more of a risk in windy locations simply because they tend to be higher. Lower, dome-shaped truck tents, on the other hand, are more protected behind your truck bed’s walls.


Ventilation is crucial when you’re camping in the summer. Even if you find a shaded spot for your truck tent, the temperature can rise quickly with the first rays of sunshine in the morning.

If you’re camping in hot weather, make sure your tent has large mesh windows and vents so you can get some air in. Some models have entire roofs and walls covered with mesh so that you can enjoy the views on your wilderness adventure.

Canvas truck tents generally don’t have big windows, but the material is generally more breathable than synthetic fabrics. It’s also thicker, so it won’t let in as much sunlight to heat up the inside of the truck tent.

Are Truck Bed Tents Worth It?

Yes, we think truck bed tents are definitely worth your investment. We recommend them for campers because they’re comfortable and easy to pop out anywhere you can find enough space for your truck. 

You’ll have a little more protection from the cold ground, which makes truck tents a good option for 3-season use, sometimes even in winter. This also means you won’t get as many bugs inside the tent, and you’re protected from the rain.

The Winner

So, after carefully revising our options, we’ve concluded that the Napier Backroadz Truck Tent is the best truck bed tent on the market right now.

The truck tent has a reasonable price for the quality it offers. It comes with large mesh windows, a full-coverage rainfly, and sewn-in floors. Inside, the tent feels spacious, and, most importantly, it will likely keep you dry if it rains in the middle of the night. 

We picked the truck tent as the best one because of its great value. If you’re looking for something a little different, check out the other truck tents on our list!

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