Best Wooden Hammock Stands

If you’re in the market for furniture that will lend your yard a classic, rustic note, then a wooden hammock stand might be exactly what you’re looking for.

We all know the simplicity of a comfy hammock between two perfectly spaced trees is a timeless image, but not all of us have that option, so a wooden hammock stand is an obvious alternative.

We’ve trawled the market and assembled a list of the best wooden hammock stands on the market to help you find the right one for your yard.

We’ll be taking a look at the following:

  • OnCloud Wooden Hammock Stand 10.5′ and 14′
  • SunnyDaze 12′ and 15′
  • Vivere Solid Pine Wooden Hammock
  • Lazy Daze Wooden Arc Stand 12′
  • Petra Leisure 14ft Wooden Arc hammock stand

OnCloud Wooden Hammock Stand 10.5′ And 14′


This Russian pine wood arc hammock stand accommodates two people with a weight capacity of up to 400lbs with assembled dimensions of 168″(L) x 56″(H) x 46″(W). It sells for an RRP of $198.99


The simplicity of this wood arc hammock stand is immediately striking. Made from 100% Russian pine, the oversized arc design makes for a subtle but bold statement that is sure to complement any backyard.

The assembly of this elegant piece of outdoor furniture is simple and comes with all the hardware necessary for a quick build. The oversized frame provides plenty of room to stretch out. It comes with sturdy chains and s-hooks to accommodate a variety of hammock styles, including Brazilian and larger spreader bar hammocks ranging from 11.5ft up to 13.5ft.

Its size, combined with its generous 400lb weight capacity, means that you can stretch out on it yourself or comfortably share it with company with no fear of compromising it.

In Summary

The minimal design of this hammock stand will be enough to sell itself to you on first impressions alone, and with favorable reviews across the board, it’s hard to find a chip in its armor.

The design may be simple, but it’s sturdy and robust, takes minutes to assemble, and speaks to its resilience. Some users complain that the feet are designed to sit correctly on the ground, resulting in some wobbling. This seems to be a common enough complaint to be a general design flaw but not enough to put buyers off enjoying this wooden stand.

The wood comes pre-treated to withstand the elements, and the bolt covers come with protective plastic snap covers, but as is the case with all wooden furniture in outdoor spaces, you’ll need to take care to preserve the solid pine frame during the harsher months.

Sunnydaze 12′ And 13′


The Sunnydaze 12′ hammock stand retails for $282.99 and the 13′ retails for $339 with respective dimensions of 142.5″ (W) x 50″ (D) x 51″ (H) and 162″ (W) x 47″ (D) x 48″ (H).

The 13′ stand weighs 50lbs and the 13′ weighs 80lbs but both Larch stands have the same 400lbs weight capacity with space for up to two people.


This freestanding hammock chair also uses an elegant arc design to lend an understated modern feel to any backyard without sacrificing space or comfort. The simple design also makes for easy assembly.

The wooden stand is varnished in weather-protective wood oil to maintain its life against inclement weather, and the included stainless steel chains are also rust-resistant.

This hammock stand again has a chunky 400lb weight capacity. With its ability to take large spreader bar hammocks, it’s a perfect choice for daytime relaxation, entertaining, and catching an afternoon nap.


There is almost nothing to separate our first two solid pine hammock stands in terms of specifications except the pricing. For a product virtually identical to the OnCloud Hammock stand, the Sunnydaze will cost you $90 more, which makes the purchase hard to justify.

Furthermore, this hammock stand doesn’t come with s-hooks, meaning that hammocks on the larger end of the scale may not fit onto the supplied chains and require that you purchase extra hooks on top of the bumped-up price point.

While the setup is straightforward due to its minimal moving parts, users agree that having two people to assemble it is essential.

Vivere Solid Pine Wooden Hammock Stand


The sturdy Vivere pine is made from European Pine and retails for $349.97. Its frame accommodates two people up to 450lbs with assembled dimensions of 102″(L) x 47″(H) x 41″(W).


Another arc hammock stand but this time with a distinctly more rugged look. Where our two previous wooden hammock stands emphasized minimalism, this chunky arc stand still offers plenty of space but with a thicker and more robust structure.

What sets this hammock apart, as you might have noticed from its significantly higher price point, is that it comes with a dense and comfy cotton Brazilian hammock. When you get your hammock, there is a choice between 7 different colors and designs so you can find the one that complements your yard perfectly.

This doesn’t only save you the job of hunting high and low for the perfect hammock, but gives you the assurance that the hammock you pick is perfectly suited to your stand.

There are no chains with this hammock stand; instead, it uses adjustable hooks on the long bar, which you can fit to adjust so you can have your hammock hang as loose or as tight as you like.

In Summary

The high price point of the Vivere might be a little hard to swallow, but unlike the Sunnydaze, it’s clear that you’re getting what you’re paying for here.

This stand’s customized, heavy-duty hammock means you don’t have to run around looking for the right one – it’s right there.

The design also means no chains, which, while handy for adjusting the hammock, can detract from the overall look. The thick material of the Brazilian hammock hides the hooks well and makes for an overall more satisfying finish.

Lazy Daze Wooden Arc Stand 12′


This stand can be purchased with a two person hammock for $349.99 or you can buy the pine stand by itself for $179.99. It’s dimensions are 144″(L) x 52.8″(H) x 46.8″(W) and it can carry up to 350lbs.


The Lazy Daze is our second option, where you can opt to pay a little extra and get your hammock included. This time it’s a 78″x55″ spreader bar hammock instead of a cozier Brazilian, which creates a flatter surface that’s easier to sprawl out on.

The included chains and carabiners allow some freedom for a variety of hammocks, so you can choose a Brazilian or quilted hammock if the spreader bar variety isn’t to your taste. However, you’ll need to ensure your hammock is below 114′ as anything above this will be too long and won’t hang properly.

At 12ft, this is the second largest hammock stand on our list, so it requires plenty of space, but if you’ve got the room, then it’s a great jumbo-sized solution with a hefty weight capacity to boot.

In Summary

This hammock stand is another great choice if you want to save the hassle of buying both a stand and hammock separately. Though, unlike the Vivere, the included spreader bar hammock only comes in one pattern.

Thanks to the simple arc design, assembly is a straightforward job, but the box doesn’t include any of the basic tools required for assembly, so you’ll need to ensure you’ve got the necessary equipment before assembling it.

Petra Leisure 14′ Wooden Arc Hammock Stand


Retailing for $329.99, the European Larch wood Petra Leisure stand is the largest hammock stand on our list with assembled dimensions of 168″(L) x 50″(H) x 46″(W), weighing 95lbs with a generous weight capacity of 450 lbs.


There is a choice of three varnish finishes on this robust, water-treated frame, which has a robust structure very similar to the Vivere hammock stand.

This stand also comes with a quilted hammock in various styles, so you can choose from nine patterns and colors to find the one that suits your tastes.

This wooden stand is easy to assemble, and the manufacturer has gone to the effort of including all the tools necessary for assembly so you can start building without delving into the toolbox. The package comes with chains to adjust the hammock’s height so you can use them for a looser fit or attach them directly onto the hooks if you want a more taut hammock.

In Summary

Reviews for this hammock chair are generally good, with many users saying they would recommend it to anyone looking for a simple, comfy piece of garden furniture.

The quality of the wood is of a lesser standard than the Vivere or the Sunny Daze, with some users complaining that the frame started splitting soon after purchase. Another common complaint is that the quilted hammock often attracts mildew and begins to perish, so you’ll want to take extra care to keep it dry if you live in a humid climate.

How to Choose the Best Wooden Hammock Stand

Ease of assembly

If you want speed, then the OnCloud hammock stand boasts the quickest assembly time, with some users saying they’ve been able to assemble by themselves in a matter of minutes.

Weight capacity

It’s a tie for first place here, with the sturdy Petra Leisure, and Vivere wooden hammock stands offering a capacity of 450lbs. To comfortably fit two people on your hammock chair without the risk of damaging it, a minimum of 400lbs is the best mark to aim for to avoid pushing your chair to its limit.


Joint first place for largest wooden hammock stand at 14ft in length are the Petra Leisure and the OnCloud Wooden hammock stand, which are also share an identical 46 inch width.


The Lazy Daze hammock stand, when purchased without the hammock, is the cheapest option at $179.99.


Wooden hammock stands are a simple alternative to plastic or metal frames that combine a traditional look with a classy feel.

Metal hammock stands generally require a more involved building process and have smaller composite parts.

However, whichever hammock stand you settle on, all the wooden stands on our list have settled for an arc design that isn’t only aesthetically pleasing but makes for simple assembly every time.


Do wooden hammock stands fit a double hammock?

All of the stands on our list are big enough with a large enough weight capacity to handle a double hammock and the extra weight they can fit.

How do I care for my wooden hammock stand?

We recommend varnishing your wooden stand once or twice a year to weatherproof it. Make sure to sand it before applying your treatment and ensure you’re using varnish and not simply a wood stain which provides no protection.

What size hammock should I choose?

A good rule of thumb is to choose a hammock that is around 2ft taller than your height. Large or family hammocks are usually 5ft 11in width to provide enough space for you to sit on them comfortably.