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Coleman Sundome 4 Review

coleman sundome review
Written by Bertie

Camping with a big group is a joy you’ll never forget. Ghost stories and s'mores around the campfire, lots of laughs and serenity away from reality for a while.

To enjoy this time with a larger group, you’ll need an equally larger tent. Enter the Coleman Sundome 4...

Approaching the Coleman Sundome 4, it’s clear that this is a pretty nice tent that doesn’t break the bank. It sleeps 2–4 with few issues and is fitting as a decent 3-season tent.

What We Like

  • Very reasonable price.
  • Excellent for beginners.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Simple to transport.

What We Don’t Like

  • Poles are small.
  • Not much insulation.
  • Inadequately sized rainfly.
  • Lack of space for gear.

Bottom Line

The Coleman Sundome 4 is a nice amateur tent for festival-goers and backyard campers. It won’t withstand roughhousing, but as with other Coleman Sundome tents if it gets damaged, it’s not much of a tragedy due to the low price.

Where to buy Coleman Sundome 4

coleman sundome review

The Coleman Sundome 4 weighs over 10lbs and provides 63sq feet of floorspace.


The Sundome 4 isn’t fantastic for campers with lots of gear. It will fit a king or queen-size mattress, but after that, there won’t be room left for much else.

It makes a wonderful tent for families with one small child, for those early-days camping trips. It’ll be a squeeze if four people use the tent, but with two adults and a child, it’ll be roomy and secure.

The tent would be more secure with sturdier stakes and a larger rainfly, but those are upgrades you can obtain in the future. If you’re still in the market for improvement, seam sealer and a waterproofing spray coating would go down well, too.

All in all, it’s not the greatest tent in the world, but it does the job well for a mid-quality and inexpensive piece of equipment.


The 3-season Sundome 4 measures 7 by 9 feet, with a center height of 59-inches (5 feet). The single door is almost as tall as the tent’s maximum height.

Despite the large size, the tent condenses down into a smaller package weighing 10.47 pounds.

Contained within this semi-lightweight tent is also a storage pocket for a small amount of gear inside. The storage pocket isn’t the only add-on to this tent, as it also features an e-port to run a cable through. 

Lastly, there’s a ventilation window close to the ground to ensure airflow throughout the tent.

Features and Benefits

For the price, these are some impressive specs, especially as the tent is very much mid-quality and far from bad. But, some aspects could be improved upon.


10 pounds isn’t heavy—but, it is in comparison to other tents of this size. In fact, it’s double what some 5-person tents weigh.

Coleman’s Sundome 4 being heavier than average shouldn’t put you off buying it, though. But just be warned, if you’ve had other, lighter tents in the past, you’ll likely notice the difference.

The weight may also be too much for children if you plan to use this for your kids’ scouting trips. However, with some practice, they should get used to it. After all, it’s only double what the average school backpack weighs.

Floor Space

The Sundome 4 is about average in terms of floor space. With its 7 by 9 feet size, it seems like there’s plenty of room for four people. Each person gets two feet of space, leaving a foot for gear.

But, a foot isn’t much for gear, especially for four people. And 2 feet isn’t a lot for a person who likes personal space. Additionally, if one or more campers have a larger build, then it’s definitely not ideal.

Truthfully, 4-person tents are better suited to three people, or even two. A couple with a small child or dog would have plenty of room. You may even be able to fit the child and the dog.


Kids and smaller people will be able to stand tall in the almost 5-foot height, but taller people will have to stoop to get in. Once you’re in, you can sit down with plenty of room to spare.


Several buyers found they needed to replace the stakes with this tent. They’re not terrible, but still not ideal for windier weather or ground that’s too hard or soft. 

As far as upgrades go, this is one to do sooner rather than later. They’re of a lesser quality than the rest of the tent—according to customers, they bend easily and are light.


There’s plenty of ventilation in the Sundome 4. The two windows and ground vent work as they should, but are better in windless, warm conditions.

You can’t close the ground vet, so you’ll feel the chill if it’s cold. Also, if it’s windy, the air won’t circulate as efficiently.

Although it’s a tent that will hold up well in all seasons bar winter, you may need extra blankets if you camp in fall. There’s no insulation in the tent’s material, and, paired with the ventilation, it can get chilly.


Where with the Sundome 3 some users found it had leaky seams, the Sundome 4 has an improved design. Several users didn’t seal the seams and had no issues with leaks, even in heavy rain.

Although, after several sodden beatings, it might be wise to seal the seams anyway, along with waterproofing the tent.

A buyer who used waterproofing spray and let it cure for 48 hours had the tent survive a storm. The interior remained bone dry throughout the extreme weather.


With only two adults inside, there’s plenty of storage space on the floor. But, the built-in storage is minimal.

Down towards the back on one side, there’s a small pocket for essentials—phones, torches, water bottles and the likes. But, if you have tons of gear to stow away, it’s best to travel with a vehicle to keep it in.


Not only can you utilize your vehicle for storage, but you can use it for electricity, too. The Sundome 4 features an e-port to run a cable through, so you can light up the tent, or fill it with movies and music.


Customers have had mixed experiences when it comes to the Sundome 4 and a warranty.

Some had trouble obtaining even a 1-year warranty. Others discovered wind damage isn’t even covered.

However, others found that contacting Coleman for replacing parts was simple. Even so, they didn’t specify whether or not these cost extra or were included.

Sundome 4 In Use

As a 3-season tent, the Sundome 4 is great for an array of scenarios throughout the year. But, as a budget and beginner tent, there are some it’s particularly suitable for.

We’ve scoured the internet and found real-life examples taken from Coleman Sundome 4 person tent reviews.


One of the most positive and excited customer reviews of this tent implores you to use it at festivals.

First of all, it’s easy to assemble, so there’s more time to enjoy the festivities. Secondly, it’s great for a couple of friends at a festival, but there’s not much extra room if you meet new pals and want to shelter.

It’s also breathable, so even if you’re cramped, you’re comfortable in that regard.

As a budget tent, it’s also not too much of a disaster if it gets wrecked, which occurs far too often at festivals. And if they only wreck part of it, there’s always the warranty to fall back on.

Backyard Camping

A beautiful part of kids growing up is their desire for independence, and backyard camping in this Sundome tent works well for this.

Due to its simplicity, you should have no problems getting this tent up in the yard on a moment’s notice. And, even when you’re exhausted in the morning, it’s a breeze to take it back down.

It’s not just for nights, either. The Sundome 4 makes for an excellent playhouse for kids to put up whenever they have friends over. The e-port lets you add string lights as decoration, or set them up with movies and popcorn for the day.

Even if you’re not an avid camper and only need the tent for one-time use, it won’t go to waste. It’s perfect for fun-loving families and kids who want a world of their own. 


Another practical use for this tent is if any of your kids are in the Scouts. Or, if you’re a Scoutmaster.

There are only two snag-free poles holding up the Sundome 4, and even beginners find it only takes 15 minutes to get it set up. This makes it suitable for children to put up, even young ones.

Weekends Away

Although you may want something more premium for long camping trips, this little tent isn’t bad for a weekender. It’ll sleep you and your partner or friends for a few nights pleasantly.

In fact, one buyer was able to fit four grown men in the tent for an entire weekend. It was tight, but not unbearable.

On a weekend of relaxation and no hiking, all you’ll need is a small backpack of essentials, so storing gear is no problem.


If you like the Sundome 4 but it’s not your perfect match, you may like one of the following:

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4

For slightly more money, the ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4 has a similar size and weight to the Sundome 4. However, it’s slightly more durable, can survive storms and seals in heat well.

GeerTop Toproad 4

If you have a considerably larger budget, the GeerTop Toproad 4 may be more in line with your requirements.

It’s of a similar size to the Sundome 4 and with the same capacity, but excels in these areas:

  • Higher quality.
  • More durable stakes.
  • 4-season tent.

Final Verdict

The Coleman Sundome 4 is an excellent starter tent and works in several scenarios. It’s an incredible buy for the money and should last several years of casual use—if you care for it.

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