Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Review

The Weathermaster 10 is a durable and quality tent that promises only the best outdoor camping experience for adventurous families and groups. This tent offers a whopping 153 square feet of floor space, making it perfect for eight or more people. It’s majorly targeted towards families who would benefit from the roominess.

Putting it together can be a fun family activity as well. You can read more below, but it gets a solid thumbs up from this writer for its design, weatherproofing and durability!

Coleman Weathermaster 10 Pros and Cons


  • Easy to set up (15-30 minutes)
  • Durable (5-10 years, easy)
  • Roomy (3 twin mattresses + more)
  • Convenient.


  • You may need to seal the seals
  • Some reports of poor performance in high winds

Things to Consider Before Buying a Big Family Tent 

Adventurous groups or families who plan on going camping should always strive to purchase quality tents. Harsh weather conditions can tear apart the weakest tents and ruin the whole camping experience. Since you wouldn’t want to risk your safety and that of your loved ones, consider buying the Coleman WeatherMaster 10. 

As the name suggests, the WeatherMaster 10 Tent protects large groups and families against terrain and weather of all kinds. Couples and small families should instead go for smaller tents such as the Mountaineering Meramac 3. Families of three to four members will enjoy the Meramac 3 mostly for its size and weight, making it ideal for hiking and cycling trips.

Before purchasing the WeatherMaster 10, here are a couple of things to think about first:

  • Sleeping capacity.
  • Seasonality (3-season tents are the most popular).
  • Peak height.
  • Material.
  • Ventilation.
  • Type of Rainfly.

Features and Benefits of the Coleman WeatherMaster 10

Plenty of Space

Anyone considering a tent like the WeatherMaster 10 probably has one thing in mind: space. If you’re looking for a little extra space during camping, you’re going to appreciate what this tent has to offer. On my last hiking trip, I was able to fit a whopping three mattresses inside this tent. 

What’s more, there was still enough room for my equipment and camping gear. Inside, this Coleman tent has a simple set-up with separate sleeping and living areas. The tent pays attention to privacy, which is great since we all need some time alone from others every once in a while. 

Hinged Door 

Another great feature that appealed to me while writing my Coleman WeatherMaster 10 review is the hinged door. Initially, I was not sure if this was some marketing ploy by the brand to boost sales. I had never owned a tent with a hinged door before I purchased this tent.

The door is well built, sturdy, and has a unique design; this will help a great deal to provide easy movement in and out of the tent. A feature like this can come in handy when you have younger children who are not so good at settling in one place.

Easy Set-Up

 I’ve dealt with tons of other tents before this one. Not one of them was as easy to put together as this one. Most people hate setting up a tent solo; this can be a bother, especially if there are a couple of parts that require two hands or more.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with this one. It took me approximately 1 hour to get the tent in one piece. If I had some extra help, the same job would have taken only 20 minutes.

Easy Break Down

Setting up the tent was easy for me. Breaking it down was easier. Despite critical reviews about it being hard to fit the thing back in the bag, I had no issues during the many times I tried. 

It’s twice as easy if you have two people help in dismantling it. You can hold the bag and roll up the tent, while the other zips it up.

Great Ventilation

In most tents, airflow can be a huge problem. The Weathermaster is ideal for summer camping because it has plenty of ventilation to offer. The tent’s impressive mesh ceiling is screened and fitted with large windows on either side for maximum airflow. 

When the weather’s windless and sunny, keep the window flaps down and open the doors. You’ll enjoy the cool breeze that circulates through every corner of the tent. When it gets too cold, you can regulate it by sealing all the openings with the easily accessible rainfly.

Quality Build & Materials 

The tent is made purely from quality polyester material. During those cold and rainy nights, I was particularly impressed by how the weather-proofing PU coating maintained the tent’s warm atmosphere. 

A fantastic benefit of the materials used is its durability. The tent’s shock cords and fiberglass poles will serve you and your family for years to come, providing you handle it carefully. Once you purchase the Coleman Weathermaster 10, you won’t have to worry about buying another tent in the near future. 

Not Too Bulky 

The Weathermaster 10 is one of the lightest tents you will ever find on the market today. When shipped, the tent weighs a comfortable 35.6 pounds, which is excellent because carrying it to your camping site becomes an easy task. I like that while I’m on the road, it doesn’t feel heavy on my back and doesn’t hurt a bit. It’s light enough that your kids won’t find any problem when (or if) they offer to help carry the burden. 

When packed up, the tent measures 30.3-inches by 10.2-inches; this makes it compact enough to fit comfortably in any backpack or carrying compartment. 

Reliable Brand 

Coleman is a reputable brand that is widely recognized for manufacturing comfortable and durable tents. If you are not sure which choice to settle for when purchasing a tent, look no further than Coleman. Every dollar you spend on this tent is worth it in every sense. 

The brand is known for blending the best features any camper needs in a tent, such as waterproof floors and wind-strong frames, together with their patented hinged door. When you buy this brand, you are assured that the manufacturers have your best interests at heart. These helpful features made my nights in the tent a lot easier. 

Coleman’s tents are also known for their affordable price tags. When you add the decent ratings and a vast number of customers into the mix, that is reason enough to try out the Weathermaster 10 tent.

Reliable Weather Protection 

I love this tent because of the innovative WeatherTec system that keeps everything and everyone inside it dry during rainy weather; it’s probably the best feature that this 10 person tent has to offer. 

This attribute is made possible through its inverted seams and a patented welded flooring system. The adjustable rainfly can be left open during summer and closed during rainy conditions. If you would like to boost its waterproofing, I suggest spraying the tent material with a water-guard to ensure no condensation or water ruins your snug spot.

Great Customer Reviews 

With all the great features that this tent has to offer, I decided to scour the Internet in search of some positive feedback. Sure enough, a good number of customers that purchased this product shared my sentiments.

Most of them agree that the Weathermaster 10 is ideal for large families; this is mainly because of the spacious interior. I also found numerous comments about how well the waterproofing feature is. There was not a drop of rain within the tent. 

Overall, big families who want to get the best of their camping should seek out this customer-favorite tent. Its price tag seems insignificant, considering all of the amazing features that it has to offer.


Most families struggle to find the perfect tent with enough room for the entire family, friendship group, and belongings. Don’t look any further. My Coleman Weathermaster 10 review makes it clear that this tent is a splendid all-rounder as far as space goes. 

My verdict on this tent: Sure winner! 

When you purchase this tent, you and your group won’t have to worry about sleeping uncomfortably close to each other every night. As you enjoy the roominess, you will appreciate the fact that it’s capable of withstanding all weather conditions. It’s sure to carry you through plenty of camping trips for years to come.