Enjoying the Benefits of the Beach at Jaco Beach Hotels

Beaches are narrow, sandy and gently sloping landforms that lie along the coastlines of lakes, rivers, seas, or oceans. They are typically attractive and exquisite and as such have become popular places for recreation and relaxation. Lots of people like to come around to enjoy themselves by having fun in the sun.

These can be by just lying in the sun, bathing and swimming in the water, or canoeing. Some other activities include surfing, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, jogging, water skiing, and water polo. 

You can play sports like beach soccer, volleyball, jump rope and build sandcastles. You can even have a bonfire, picnics, go fishing and do a host of other activities. You will find some other fun things to do in this article.

Because of these, beaches are tourist attractions and they play prominent roles in the economic and cultural landscape of countries. Most beaches are natural phenomena but there are often man-made structures available to support the tourism that they bring. 

These structures can include showers, changing rooms, lifeguard posts and shacks. It is also typical to find resort centers like bars, camps, restaurants and hotels lined up along the beachside. All these can either be for temporary or permanent residency.

Why Go to The Beach?

As previously stated, it is fun going to the beachside and you can do a whole lot of activities over there. You can choose to go on a vacation, or just go along to have fun with friends. You can watch the sunrise at dawn or even have a wedding or party there.

There are many benefits to going to the beach. It is a very refreshing and relaxing place and the longer you stay there, the better you will feel. Studies have shown that just walking along the beachside can improve your mental health and mood. 

When you feel stressed, burned out, or overwhelmed, it is a good excuse for going there. Some benefits you get include:

A Change of Scenery

If you experience the downsides associated with city life like noise and traffic every day, in no time, you will be stressed. Studies reveal that experiencing the same thing over and over leads to stress. A beachfront offers you a different scenery altogether. This helps to calm your nerves, remove pressure and improve your mental health. 

Often this is because you are far from the hustle of daily life. Additionally, most water bodies are considered blue spaces. Exposure to them has been associated with better health.

Furthermore, nature has a way of replenishing us and improving our health. Spending time at the beach can help to lower your blood pressure, anxiety as well as stress hormone levels. You can see more of the health benefits of spending time at the beach here https://www.thefactsite.com/beach-health-benefits/

You Get An Abundance of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that the body needs. It helps to absorb calcium which in turn promotes healthy teeth and bones. It supports the heart, brain, immune function and many more.

One of the best places to get soaked in vitamin D is on the beach. You get it naturally by bathing in the sun. By spending time there especially in the early hours or in the evening, you will get a good dose of the vitamin.

The Sand is Good For Your Skin

Spending your time in the sand can be great for your skin. Beach sand is grainy and loose and it can serve as a natural exfoliant for your skin. You can lie in the sand or stick your feet in it and afterward, take a swim in the water. This will help you to shed some dead skin.

You Get The Benefits of Exercising

Going to the beach is often associated with just lazily lying there enjoying the sun. However, with the many fun activities that are available to do, you get to exercise even without knowing it.

From walking along the beachside to swimming, playing with friends, jogging, and many others, you are actually working your muscles and exercising. 

Staying Over At The Beach

Spending time at the beach is especially great in the summer when the weather is warm. At this point, kids if you have them are off school and you can have your vacation. If you have a family, you can go with them to bask in the sun and water for a few days or weeks. You can also go alone or with friends.

This is not to say that beach resorts are not opened all year round. If you prefer it peaceful, quiet and with fewer people, you may need to go at another season. Summer may not be the best as you will find more people coming around for vacation.

You may go to a beach resort in the city where you live but it is equally great to discover new places. You will typically find good hotels on these beaches where you can stay while your vacation lasts. These resorts such as Jaco Beach Hotels have a variety of packages and events that will make your stay fun.

There are spas and different clubs for activities like surfing. You can do yoga and meditate on the sand in the morning or evenings and visit the city during the day. There is also the nightlife where you can go to bars, have drinks and enjoy the music. These resorts are great places for couples to not only wed but also have their honeymoon.

Not to forget the dining. Beach resorts typically will have restaurants that serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Keep in mind that not all hotels will be close to the beachfront. Nevertheless, they strive to make their guests welcome and connected to their surroundings. These may serve seafood, offer a view of the ocean and so on.


Spending time at the beach is fun in every sense of the word. You have a whole lot of activities that you can do but one of the greatest benefits is what it does to your health. It helps to lower your stress levels and improve your overall health. You can use the opportunity to take your mind off work and get pampered while you stay in a beautiful resort.