How To Find The Best Bird Feeders

Feeding birds has always been a curious and perhaps a little weird hobby to those who don’t really engage in it. If you are among the people who do engage in this practice, you must have seen a few strange looks from time to time from the people around you. That’s because their ignorance doesn’t allow them to recognize the importance of doing this and preserving this fascinating, flying form of life. As this useful source suggests, some species might be becoming dependent on this form of feeding, which is another reason to start practicing it.

In case you are picturing yourself staring out the window with some food in your hand and trying to call the birds to come and eat what you have prepared for them, then you know nothing about how this whole activity is done. You will definitely see no success if you try to do things that way. If you do things the right way, though, you’ll be able to enjoy the fact that you’re actually helping these beings while also reveling in their presence and their magnificent nature.

Doing Things The Right Way

Now you are probably wondering how you can do things the right way. There is one simple answer to this question. You need to get a bird feeder for your yard or any place where you think it might come in handy. This makes things easier both for you and the little creatures whose species you are trying to preserve this way.

It’s easier for them because they aren’t exactly keen on simply landing on your hand and starting to eat, no matter how hungry they might be. You need to understand that these beings are not like your average golden retriever and you cannot exactly turn it into a pet so easily. Although, if you are a true bird enthusiast, you might find simply watching them rather satisfying. Who knows, you might even see some rare species.

In addition to watching these beings, here are a couple more benefits of feeding them that you should know about:

Doing things this way is also easier for you, because you don’t have to put in a huge amount of effort into making sure that the birds are fed. You can enjoy the fact that you are making a true difference in the world by doing as little as placing a feeder in your yard or in a similar place. If that’s not satisfying, then I don’t know what it.

There is a catch, though. When you make the decision to get a bird feeder, you will realize that you don’t know how to buy the right one. There are a lot of these on the market and new products just keep on appearing. That can make your decision a bit difficult, especially if this is your first time shopping for something like this. Due to that, I’ve decided to give you a few tips on how to find the best bird feeder.

Consult Experienced People

The first thing you might want to do is consult a few people that you know have been engaging in this activity for some time already. Their insight can be of huge help, especially since you might not even know that the type you should choose depends mostly on where you are living. When you let experienced people give you some advice, you’ll feel much more confident that you know what you are doing during your search.

Choose The Type

I have briefly mentioned above that the type depends on where you live and that’s true, but it also depends on certain other factors, such as the food you are putting out. In order to choose the right bird feeder, you’ll have to do a little digging on different types and make sure that you understand which one is the perfect one for you. When you start digging like this, you’ll realize that there are a lot of different types, but don’t get overwhelmed by that.

Tube feeders, for example are perfect for mixed type of foods. They are also great for keeping the food dry, which is of crucial importance. Window mounted ones are great for black oil sunflower seeds, as well as mixed foods, while tray or platform types can carry almost any type of food that comes to mind. Those are only some of the types to consider, so make sure to do some more research on that.

In any case, choosing the right feeder is of crucial importance, so make sure to take enough time to do that research. Don’t jump into any decisions just because you are all excited to start this activity. An informed decision is the best decision, which is why you need to get perfectly informed before making any purchases whatsoever.

Check The Quality Of The Product

Once you have decided on the type, you will start looking into specific products. That’s when you should do your best to check the quality of those particular products. As I have already mentioned, there are a lot of these on the market and you definitely don’t want to find yourself choosing the wrong product and regretting that decision after a while.

How can you check the quality, though? It’s pretty simple. You find a few useful sources such as and similar and start going through the resources those sources offer. Read as much as you can about specific types of feeders and check out some brand reviews if you can find them. That will be of huge help and it will keep you on the right track, making sure that you don’t make the wrong choice.

Compare The Prices

The last thing you should do is compare the prices of several different bird feeders that you find appealing. Of course, this step comes after you have decided on the type and found a few high-quality products. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you aren’t getting overcharged, but keep in mind to never shop based on the price alone.