Inflatable VS Hard Paddle Board: Which Board To Get & Where

Paddle boarding has become quite a popular activity in recent years, and people are increasingly starting to enjoy it. The fact that it is easy to learn makes it even more popular, since we all love the idea of being able to do something even when we are complete beginners. Given that you are here, it is most likely safe to assume that you are also a beginner and that you are trying to get all your facts straight before actually getting on the board.

That is definitely the right thing to do. You need to understand the sport completely in order to actually engage in it. And, no, I am not saying that you need to become an expert right away, because that’s impossible without practicing. I am simply saying that you need to get your facts straight on some basics, so that you can know exactly what to expect from this sport when you start practicing it.

One of the things you need to learn is that there are different types of boards you can find on the market these days. Those can be divided into two specific categories – inflatable and hard paddle boards. Since you’re a beginner, you are probably finding it difficult to understand the differences between these two types, except the obvious difference of course. Thus, you don’t know which one of these two to choose.

It is completely normal for you to be confused about making this choice. It is also normal for you not to know where to get those boards in the first place. So, what we are going to do right now is help you understand the difference between inflatable and hard paddle boards, and then proceed towards explaining where you can get the right one for you. Thus, you’ll get your questions answered and you’ll be ready to take concrete steps towards enjoying this sport.

In case you’re not that well acquainted with this sport in general, here’s something that will help you figure out what it really is:

Inflatable VS Hard Paddle Boards

So, as mentioned previously, there are two different types of boards that you can get if you decide to engage in this sport. The inflatable ones need to be, well, inflated before use, while the hard ones are made of rigid material. The difference between these two is quite obvious, but you are most likely interested in hearing which one is better for you.

Well, there are some benefits to both of these types. The inflatable ones are easier to store, while the hard ones might offer some more stability. Anyway, since you want to decide which one to get, I will now tell you about some factors that you should consider when getting them, because you’ll get to understand the benefits much better while keeping the factors in mind. So, without any more ado, let’s start talking about that.

Which One To Get

There are a few significant factors that you should keep in mind when trying to decide which one of these boards to get. Those include performance, durability, storage and portability, as well as the actual costs of these products. So, let me tell you what you need to know about both of these types in terms of those factors that I have mentioned.

Hard paddle boards win in the performance department, due to their stability and rigidness. They are more agile and they have a better glide. Thus, they are the perfect choice for SUP surfing, racing, or for long-distance expeditions. In addition to that, the hard ones have proven to be faster than the inflatable ones.

Of course, the above might not be your biggest concern as a beginner. We cannot fail to mention that falling on the hard boards will hurt much more than falling on the inflatable ones. And, you are bound to fall at least a couple of times until you actually get the hang of it all. So, it seems that the inflatable ones could be a better choice for beginners even though the hard boards provide for a more optimal performance.

You would think that the hard boards are more durable than the inflatable ones, but that’s definitely not the case. Your logic might have led you to this conclusion, but that’s probably because you don’t know much about these products and about the sport in general. When you think about it for a moment, you’ll realize that those hard boards will probably need repair when you accidentally drop them, while the inflatable ones will endure just about anything.

Storage and portability are our next factors to consider, and the inflatable boards win in both of those departments. Basically, since these can be deflated, they will be much easier to store and carry around, and you can even take them with you on vacations. And, another thing you should know here is that the inflatable boards are usually more affordable than their counterparts, which is another great benefit for beginners.

The decision on which board type to get is yours to make, and I’m sure that you’ll make the right one by looking at those factors that I’ve been talking about above. Still, if you are a beginner, my advice for you would be to get the inflatable type, because it is more affordable, more durable, easy to store and to transport, and gentle on your body when you fall. As mentioned, though, this decision is yours to make, and now might be time to make it.

Where To Get It

If you’ve made your decision, and you now want to get your paddle board, the only thing left to do is figure out where to buy it. Well, there are quite a lot of shops out there that can sell these products to you, but you need to be careful to choose a great, trusted one. It would do you good to read some reviews on those shops and their products before making a final purchase. And, remember, quality is highly important here, because it plays a role in your safety.