A Guide to Sex While Camping by Sexpert, Emma Hewitt

[Emma Hewitt is a writer from New Zealand that enjoys writing about the good things in life. Be it sex, relationships or adventure. She has a Bachelor of Communications which she put to use for three years marketing sex toys. Here she shares her expertise on sex while camping.]

Maybe it’s the campfire, or the stars, or the feeling of being all alone, just the two of you with nobody else around for miles. Whatever it is, it’s getting hot in here right?!

There’s just something about camping that gets people all hot and bothered but I think we will all agree that actually getting it on in this kind of environment isn’t always easy. There’s the hard earth under your butts, the fear of being seen, and also, well, dirt, and leaves, and bugs. The great news is that there are some really simple ways to make having sex while camping sexy, comfortable, clean and awesome!

Camping Sex Checklist

Having Sex Outdoors 

Camping sex can obviously be in a tent or you can take the opportunity to head into the wilds for some fun in the fresh air (more on tent sex below). Of course, you could always take a more comfortable approach if you’re camping in something fancy like a teardrop camper trailer

Anyhoos! Here’s what you want to do if you’re looking to get some fresh air on your cheeks!

Choose your spot carefully! Pick somewhere that is out in the open, but somewhere where you are pretty sure there is no one else around. A forest full of trees is perfect, or even in a lake if you can find a secluded spot.

What if I Get Caught?

So let’s talk about getting busted while you are at it. Getting it on outside can be super exhilarating for both of you. It releases a lot of endorphins doing something that feels kind of naughty. Plus, let’s be honest, a big part of the fun is the fear that you might be caught out right? 

Sex Positions for Camping

If you want to do it outside, bring a blanket you can put down to save yourself from scratches or getting dirty (you know, in a bad way, you will definitely be getting dirty in a good way!)

Standing Options

Or, if the ground doesn’t appeal, consider some standing positions. Look out for a tree you can lean into and do it from behind. Or why not try the “three-legged dog” or “ballet dancer” which is a face-to-face standing position where she lifts one leg off the ground and wraps it around his waist. It’s great for g-spot stimulation because the recipient can adjust the height of their leg and both parties can flex their knees to try out different angles.

If your heights don’t really allow for that, then remember it’s a great place for oral too. One of you leans against the tree while the other gets on their knees on the blanket. Just roll the blanket up a few times to protect those delicate knees! 

“Table Top” Position

You don’t need a table to do this. All you need is a surface at crotch height. A rock could work well.  You might find a small hillside terrace. If you are really lucky, you might even find a tree that has a branch sticking out at exactly sitting height!

One of you can stand up and the other can sit or lie on the surface with their legs around your waist. Awesome for eye-contact and a great option if height difference makes the standing positions challenging.

How to Have Sex While Camping: The Art of Discretion

campground sex, having sex in the woods

If you are staying somewhere like a campground where seclusion just isn’t possible, then stick to your tent! Now, you are not alone if the first thing that pops into your mind right now is that scene from Austin Powers with the questionable shadows on the side of the tent. But that can so easily be avoided by simply turning out your lights. Easy.

So, off with the flashlights or the LEDs. Just let the natural light of the moon and the stars give you any light you need. That is what camping is all about after all.

Try and keep your moans to a minimum if possible!

And if you are thinking of campground shower sex, it’s probably best to think again. It’s a public space. You’re probably sharing the campground with kids. Just wait until you get home and use your own shower.

How to Have Sex in a Tent: Getting Comfortable

Now, let’s talk about comfort. I think we will all agree that sex camping in a tent or in the great outdoors is never going to be as comfortable as a bed, but that’s not what you are here for right? If you wanted comfort, you would have booked a hotel. This is all about getting back to nature and that means that you might need to sacrifice a little. But, sex in a tent doesn’t need to be uncomfortable or cramped, however, the positions you go with are going to depend on the size and shape of your tent. But, don’t worry, even in the tiniest of tents, there is a way to make it work.

sex in tent, sex while camping

How to Have Sleeping Bag Sex 

First off, you’ll want a double sleeping bag for maximum comfort. Teton Sports do a fantastic queen-sized sleeping bag at a great price.

If your tent is really low, then sticking with positions with you both lying down are going to be the best option. So, lay down your sleeping bags and pillows to make it as comfortable as possible for the person on the ground. If it’s cold out, then spooning is the way to go. Get both of you inside one sleeping bag for a super intense spooning sex session or zip the two together so you have a bit more room to move about. If your tent is on the taller side, then there are all sorts of options for you. Stick with your sleeping bags underneath so you are as comfy as possible then let your mind go wild. You can try having sex in an upright seated position, do it reverse cowgirl or even from behind.

But don’t forget that intercourse isn’t the only way to have sex. Oral sex or using your hands is just as fun, and just as erotic in the outdoors. And it can actually be a lot easier as you don’t need to worry too much about cleaning up or being forced into specific sex position due to the shape of your tent.

Just remember to open up the vents on your tent while you are at so that your action doesn’t create moisture on the inside walls of the tent. Sure the sex might be awesome, but drips on your face all night from the roof… not so much. And speaking of moisture, don’t forget to use a towel or some sort of sleeping bag protector underneath you so no one ends up sleeping in the wet patch! If the tent is small, there might not be any way to avoid it if it happens so prepare some protection in advance.

Be Prepared! A List of Things to Bring to Have Sex While Camping


There are also a few other things that you can prepare before you leave to make sure things go as smoothly as possible while you are having some sex camping. The first of these is to bring is some sort of wet wipe. You may not be showering as often as you like out there so using a wet wipe before you get down to it can help you both feel a little fresher and a little sexier before you get started.

Travel Towel

The second thing you are going to want to bring is a small towel (or some sort of absorbent cloth) for cleaning up afterwards.


You’ll also want to bring lube. Let’s face it, you might not be able to fully relax and for some people that can mean that their bodies won’t become as naturally lubricated as they might in a more comfortable or secure setting. Grab a small lubricant and bring it along with you to help things move along a little easier.

Loose Clothes

And of course, easy access clothes! You might not want to go fully naked inside the tent if it is cold, and you might feel more comfortable outside if you still have some clothes on too. Sticking with elasticated waists or things you can easily lift up like a skirt or dress will help.

An Outdoor Blanket

Perhaps less important for sex in a tent. But for reasons set out above, if you are planning to have sex outdoors, a blanket is going to be helpful in a whole variety of situations.

And that’s pretty much it but before we wrap up, I suggest you think about your expectations of having sex while camping and maybe lower them a little… Having sex outside is wild and exhilarating but sometimes it can be uncomfortable, awkward or it simply won’t work the way you want it to. So don’t be surprised if it doesn’t end up being the most pleasurable sex of your life. But no matter what happens, it will definitely be fun and I’m sure you will never forget it!