9 Excellent Tents Tall Enough to Stand Up In

tents tall enough to stand up in

Don’t enjoy crawling into a tent on your hands and knees? Quite like having a bit of space when camping? The best tents tall enough to stand up in can be really comfortable; saving you the indignity of scrabbling in the dirt or putting your back out.

This article looks at 9 tents you can stand in from 3 very reputable brands, all bar one of the are 6’6″or more. (Please note that none of these are backpacking tents. If you are looking for a long backpacking tent, check out this article recommending tents for tall people).

  • Eureka Copper Canyon LX tents are a really great option: really well built, great storage options and all 7′ tall. You can find the 8 person and 12 person versions on Amazon and the 6 person and 4 person at Campmor.
  • Browning Big Horn tents are often a bit cheaper: completely bombproof, great for bad weather and 7′ plus. You can find both the 5P version and the 8P at Amazon and Campsaver.
  • Coleman do several budget tents that are reasonably tall: you can pick up the 6’10” Coleman Octagon from Optics Planet or Walmart while the 6’6″ WeatherMaster 10 is also available at Cabelas.

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Eureka “Copper Canyon LX” Series

Eureka are known for making great outdoor kit. They have a history stretching back to the 19th century. Their tents have been used on multiple expeditions, including Sir Edmund Hillary’s Himalayan expedition. They also supply the military with tents. They bring their extensive technical expertise to the recreational market with their “Copper Canyon LX” series at reasonable prices.

Copper Canyon LX – Specs

The Copper Canyon LX is a cabin tent design that comes in four sizes: 4 person, 6 person, 8 person and 12 person. And whatever size you go for, you’re going to be getting a tall family tent because every version has a peak height of 7′.

All versions come with two gear hammocks, carry bag, an array of storage pockets, reflective guy lines, tent stakes, an E! powerport and several mesh windows. The 8P and 12P versions also both come with a detachable room divider.

The Verdict

Eureka Copper Canyon LX are really high quality tents and are probably the best tents you can stand up in. (I love the Browning Camping Big Horn Tent as well, but the Copper Canyon LX range has a bigger choice of sizes and better storage features IMO).

of large cabin style tents have a lot to offer when it comes to space. All feature walls are close to vertical, and an arched ceiling gives you a generous height of 7-foot. 

The tents also come with several storage and organization options—including gear lofts and mesh storage pockets. The larger versions also feature room dividers to help you keep the space even more organized—a handy feature if you’re camping with another family or kids.

Ventilation is superb in the Copper Canyon LX range—each tent features large mesh windows on all sides that can provide a cooling breeze in the summer. All the tents are fitted with mesh ceiling panels. These not only improve ventilation but also give you front row stargazing seats.

If you’re worried about staying dry on wet days, all tents come with a protective rainfly made of high-quality polyester. The wrap-up bathtub floor keeps the seams on the walls rather than the floor, to prevent water from entering and protect you from underneath. 


You should be able to find Eureka Copper Canyon LX camping tents are the following stores:

In Summary

These are among the best family tents you can stand up in with ample headspace, a really durable design and a price point most camping families would consider affordable (once you take into account the many years of service you will get from one).

Browning Camping Big Horn

The Browning Big Horn is available as a 5 person tent or an 8 person tent. With center heights of 7′ and 7’3″ respectively, either version is an excellent tall camping tent. The Big Horn is quite popular in the hunting community partly because of the Browning brand but also because it’s a seriously durable tent that is performs extremely well in wind and wintry conditions (when hunters typically use it).


Both versions are durable, free-standing cabin tents, made with fiberglass poles and steel uprights. The both come with an excellent rain fly with a relatively easy setup.

The Verdict

The impressive center height of 7′ 3″ on the Big Horn 8 makes it the tallest tent on this list. It’s honestly one of the best tents you can stand up in and can accommodate most tall people.

The sides of the tent are almost vertical, giving you optimal headspace inside. There’s room inside to fit up to eight sleeping bags or several air beds comfortably, and you can set-up the divider for more privacy.

Thanks to the free-standing design, you can move the tent around without having to take it apart. You can also use it on hard ground, since it doesn’t rely on support from ropes to keep its shape. 

Inside the tent it comes fully equipped with mesh storage pockets, guy ropes, steel stakes and a durable polyester fly. The seams on the fly are factory sealed, so that you can stay dry on rainy days.

The six windows and the mesh ceiling provide excellent airflow throughout the tent while the two doorways make for easy entrance and exit.

One of the few downsides is that it doesn’t have a screen room.

Where to buy…

You should be able to pick up a Browning Big Horn in any of the following stores:

In Summary

The Big Horn is not an average tent. It’s an ideal cabin tent for families or friends camping together. The design and materials make this tent pretty much bombproof so that it’s sturdy enough to rely on even if your camping trip is a washout.


The Big Horn is a traditional camping tent which means it can take a bit of time to set up. These days a lot of people like to go for an instant tent. So if you’re looking for a large instant cabin tent, then I’d definitely recommend taking a look at an instant cabin tent from the CORE range. They’re got a good variety of sizes, with the CORE 12 Instant Cabin Tent being by far the largest. The Core 9 person is also a good shout.

Coleman – Best Budget Tall Tents

Coleman have been dedicated outdoors specialists since the 1950s and they make good, solid, budget family tents (not the best family tents!… good, solid, budget tents). Their decades’ of experience shines through in their manufacturing quality. In short, people trust Coleman because there are good reasons to trust Coleman.

Coleman have 3 tall tent designs that are definitely worth considering:

Coleman Octagon

This tent has an almost-yurt-like design and boasts a very roomy 6′ 10″ center height (which should be pretty attractive to most tall people). If you’ve ever seen them at a campsite you’ll know they stand out (and as far as we’re concerned that’s in a good way). At 13′ x 13′ it’s definitely not the biggest tent on this list. But with a tent floor of 169sq feet… that sort of space is not to be sniffed at. It’ll easily fit 2 queen airbeds. And you can throw up a divider to create two rooms. it weighs about 20lbs.


You should be able to pick up a Coleman Octagon at the following stores:

Coleman WeatherMaster 10

Measuring 17′ x 9′, the WeatherMaster 10 dome tent provides a very comfortable 153sq feet of space. With a peak height of over 6’6″ it should work for most tall people. It weighs 30lbs. It’s rated for 10 people and can comfortably fit 3 queen sized airbeds. It’s got two doors (one D-shaped mesh door, the other a standard zip-up-zip-down job). And it’s got a surprisingly easy setup too given it’ size (expect to have it up in less than 15 minutes, even if you’re doing it solo).


You should be able to pick up a Coleman WeatherMaster at the following stores:

Coleman Red Canyon 8

The Coleman Red Canyon 8 person tent is another dome tent very similar in style to the WeatherMaster 10 (similar price, too). But it’s a bit smaller. The floor space is the same (17′ x 9′) but the center height is just 6′. As a result it’s about 30% lighter at around 20lbs. Honestly, the design is so similar to the WeatherMaster 10, I don’t know why they didn’t just call it the WeatherMaster 8. But there we go.

It’s a massively, massively popular tent. Whether or not it is tall enough for someone researching tents tall enough to stand up in, I don’t know. But if you’re under 5’10” it’s a solid buy at a solid price. Well worth considering for your next camping trip.


You should be able to pick up a Coleman Red Canyon at the following stores:

How to Choose a Tall Tent

When looking at tents tall enough to stand up in, there’s really only 4 things you want to focus on to make your camping trips a success: design (eg dome tents vs cabin tents), how well it performs in bad weather, storage features and how much you’re willing to spend.

Design (& Space)

If you’re looking for tents you can stand in, you should probably be looking at cabin tents. Even the best dome tents probably won’t feel like they have enough room because of the way the sides slope inwards. The cabin design is always going to feel like a more spacious tent because of the vertical (or near-vertical) walls.

If you are trying to calculate the amount of space you want, it might be worth thinking about how many queen sized air mattresses you will be able to fit. As a rough guide, queen air mattresses are about 32 square feet (two queen air mattresses therefore about 64 square feet). So if you look at the interior space of a tent and divide by 32, you’ll be in the right ballpark. Of course, there may be other issues with configuration, so be sure to check out the actual dimensions of the floor space before making a purchase.

Weather Resistance & Durability

Most tall tents are best suited to family camping trips because that extra height (and the muscle required to stabilise that extra height) adds a lot of weight. And because most family camping takes place in the summer months, you may not to too worried about weather resistance. But the last thing you want is for you tent to fail in the middle of a storm!

And this is a particular worry with tents tall enough to stand up in because the wind can catch the side of tall tents in a way it won’t with lower profile camping tents. So it’s definitely worth investigating any tests that have been done on a particular design. And generally speaking, it’s also worth spending a bit more money on a tall tent to avoid that worry.


The whole point of tall tents you can stand up in is less time scrabbling on the floor. And so for me having at least one gear loft is absolutely essential when it comes to storage. But frankly, the more gear lofts the better! Being able to keep as much stuff up high can make the difference between a really spacious tent and a really cramped tent. So the best tall tent has to have at least one!

Other storage features you might want to look out for are a lantern hook (very handy) and, of course, as many storage pockets as possible for all your camping gear. I always think a room divider is a nice feature in larger family camping tents, because if it’s just your family you it means there’s enough space you can have separate rooms for storage and sleeping if you want.


Tall tents you can stand up in range from around $150 all the way up to over $600. If I was a tall person buying a camping tent, I would definitely try to stretch my budget as far as possible to get the most robust tent I could. The last thing you want is for your tent poles to snap because the high sides were caught in a gust of wind. (That would definitely ruin your camping trip).

In Conclusion

Don’t get a dome tent; a dome tent won’t give you enough space. The best cabin tent will give you the height you want as well as the robustness required to withstand high winds in the same way a smaller tent would.

The best tall tents are probably the Eureka Copper Canyon LX tents because of the choice you get, the build quality and the price. But I do think the Browning Big Horn is one of the best camping tents on the market (and not just for tall people), so I’m somewhat torn between the two. (I would only go for a Coleman cabin tent if money was really tight — I don’t think they are the best tall tents on the market).

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