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A List of (Almost) Everywhere You Can Buy Used Camping Gear

used camping gear
Written by Bertie

Most first time campers will spend between $100-$500 on gear before they set out. Obviously you can spend a lot more and a lot less. It’s one of the great things about camping as a hobby. It is really accessible if you need it to be. And one of the best ways of keeping costs down is to find used camping gear instead of buying new.

And just in case you’re thinking this list is going to cover eBay, Craigslist and FreeCycle, think again. I know you don’t need to be told to look there. 

Before You Buy... Have You Asked to Borrow?

Before we get into places to buy cheap gear (and at the risk of being super obvious), your first port of call for saving money is to borrow from friends. If you are a first timer it makes sense because you have no idea if you’ll like camping or not. And if you are camping with kids, then they grow up so fast that new gear may only get a small number of uses before they grow out of it.

There are a couple of other benefits of asking to borrow kit:

  1. You can get great hints and tips from your friends
  2. You might find some new folk to go camping with

Friends love to help friends. So don’t be embarrassed. Put the word out. 

OK! Just checking! Now...onto the actual list of places!

Check Out “Gently Used” Programmes

More and more businesses are starting to address the concerns many consumers have about waste. People who love the outdoors are perhaps more conscious of the environment and our throw-away culture than most, and so it’s not surprising to see outdoor businesses taking a lead in what the industry refers to as “gently used” products.

Both retailers and manufacturers have introduced specific outlets for used gear. And there are a number of businesses that specifically deal in refurbishing apparel. (Whilst not strictly for outdoor gear, an example of this can be found in The Renewal Workshop which is solely dedicated to reducing waste in the textile industry).

Unlike new gear, when you’ll get the best deals at the end of season, with used gear you’ll get the best deals at the start of the season. So when looking for great deals on used gear for the summer, start looking in May. If you’re looking for great deals on used ski gear, start looking in September.

Here are 5 places you can buy fantastic used outdoor gear:

The North Face Renewed 

Under the tagline “Refurbished clothing remade to explore” this North Face ‘recommerce’ store is a great place to pick up half-price outdoor clothes. All items they work with are professionally cleaned, repaired and then quality checked before going on sale.

You won’t find any tents here. But you will be able to get a bargain on some excellent technical gear. The jackets look especially good value.

WornWear from Patagonia 

These guys have been right at the forefront of repairing and reselling used gear. They have a few areas to their site. One section teaches you how to repair your own gear. “Recrafted” is a line of clothes that have been made from other clothes. And they have their shop.

Unlike North Face, it’s not just used outdoor clothes they sell, you can also buy pre-loved backpacks. Families might want to pay particular attention to the Kids & Baby section.

Oh! And if you have used gear to sell, you can trade it in get credit...

RockSolid by Arc'Teryx 

This is quite similar to WornWear. You’ll find a really good range of clothing and accessories and packs. Nothing specific for kids and, like the others mentioned so far, no camping gear (other than the packs).

REI Co-op 

REI Co-op is REI’s used gear offering (not to be confused with REI Outlet which is discounted new gear). 

In terms of what you can buy, it’s probably the most comprehensive of all the programmes listed in this section. It’s not just clothes you can get here, you can buy loads of outdoor stuff including tents and camp kitchen items.

Although the range is fantastic, don’t expect the deepest discounts. You’re unlikely to get more than 40% off the new equivalent. But hey! 40% is 40% right?!

Visit a Used Gear Store

There’s lots and lots of stores that sell used gear alongside new gear. There’s even some stores that are dedicated to only selling used gear. You’ll typically find them in the most outdoorsy states. And you’ll probably have to actually make a trip to the store itself. But it’s well worth having a Google to see what you can find.

Try the following searches:

[YOUR CITY] + used outdoor gear

[YOUR CITY] + gear exchange

Outdoor gear consignment near me

I would also recommend searching for outdoor gear rental places. In fact, Mountainside Gear Rental (below) was one of the few stores I found (apart from REI) who were selling used gear through their website. To search try googling something like

outdoor gear rental + [YOUR CITY]

Then give them a call and ask if they sell any used equipment.

Mountainside Gear Rental

This is a real gem! Based in Golden CO, Mountainside Gear Rental rents out gear (surprise surprise!) to folk who want to spend some time outdoors but don’t want to own all the stuff. Much like a car rental tends to have the newest vehicles, so a gear rental store likes to rent out the newest gear. 

So they carry top of the range brands and need to constantly replenish their inventory. This means that you can buy their used gear at knock-down prices. (They say up to 70% off compared to new, but it looks like most of their stuff is discounted more like 40%-45%).

Outdoors Geek

Another rental company based in Colorado. Denver this time. Their online store is well-curated with decent images. As with MGR above, the discounts are not, perhaps, as deep as you might like. But the gear they sell is from well-known brands. And high quality gear that is well looked after does hold its value extremely well.

OG have a really good variety of all the bits and pieces you need for a camping trip, including stuff for the kids. And it definitely deserves to be on this list.

Switchback Gear Exchange

These guys are based in Grand Rapids, MI. They also rent gear and sell new gear. You can find some good deals on used backpacking on their website as well. It’s not the best online experience I’ve ever encountered, but you’re looking for gear rather than the beautiful shopping experience. Worth checking out, for sure.

Examples of More Used Gear Stores

Here’s a few other stores that sell used camping and hiking gear. If you’d like to see anyone on the list, please just let me know and I’ll add them in. It would be great to get a bigger directory going!

The Gear Room - Salt Lake City, UT

Wonderland Gear Exchange - Seattle, WA 

Lower Gear - Tempe, AZ 

Feral Mountain Co - Denver, CO 

Browse Specific Used Gear Marketplaces

The internet wouldn't be the internet if it wasn't connecting people who wanted to sell stuff with people who wanted to buy stuff. So it will come as no surprise to you to discover that there are a number of online marketplaces where people can trade their outdoor gear. Here's a couple:


GearTrade is a marketplace dedicated to letting people buy and sell their outdoor gear. Started in 1999, it was acquired by the founders of BackCountry in 2005. The concept is really simple: think of it like eBay for the outdoors.

Whilst I haven’t used it personally, the site gets rave reviews from some people. But it also has its detractors. Sellers seem to have more frustration than buyers as the platform takes a 13% cut of any sale and then seems to hold onto the money for longer than a lot of people like.

Buyers seem generally happier though they too struggle sometimes, with a number of reviews talking about trying to buy something but being unable to complete the transaction (for unknown reasons).

It’s obviously got a lot of items listed and clearly a lot of people really trust it. And there are definitely some great deals to be had. But it does look like the site could do with a bit of TLC; not just with the design but also with the user experience for both buyers and sellers.

Mountain Equipment Co-Op

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) is a Canadian co-operative that began in Vancouver, BC in 1971. You can only buy gear from them if you are a member but a lifetime membership only costs CAN$5 and will be applied at checkout on your first purchase. Anyone can become a member. You don’t have to be a Canadian!

If you are reading this page then what you’ll likely find most interesting is it operates a Gear Swap. But it also has a Clearance section on its website which you may also want to check out.

Do you know anywhere else that sells awesome used outdoor gear? Drop a comment of send me an email as I'll do my best to add it into the article!

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