Best Camping Chair with Footrest in 2023

At the day’s end, you want to put up your feet and relax.  

I think this goes doubly so for vacations, in the woods, or at the beach. I’m there to kick back and feel good. That’s why, if there’s a bunch of camping chairs to choose from, I’ll often jump into the one with a footrest until the owner claims it back! 

My favorite is the XGEAR 2-in-1, but there’s lots more choice if that doesn’t float your boat.

If you aren’t sure about any of those ones we’ve just listed, then not to worry because we’ve short-listed a bunch more excellent options that might suit you better.

GigaTent Outdoor Quad Camping Chair


The GigaTent Outdoor Quad is my winner for its comfort. It has a steel frame construction with padded seats and comfortable armrests. 

The footrest adjusts with a simple elastic and plastic slide system. It’s easy to carry in the included 38-inch by 8-inch tote and weighs only 9 pounds. 

The chair has a high back and measures 40 inches tall and has a 21-inch wide seat. It can support 250 pounds. Like most of the best camping chairs, it comes with a cup holder—with a drip release bottom for easy cleaning. 

Some styles of this product include a cooler pocket or tablet viewing system in the footrest, allowing you to slide your devices into a clear plastic pocket for safety. Each of the four colors has slightly different features.  ($$)

The Verdict

The GigaTent has a unique adjustable footrest, which is why it is the top of my list. It is simple to vary for different heights and locks into place for safety.

Though the manufacturer lists the product at 9 pounds, users report that theirs is heavier. This may be because of the built-in cooler pocket, which does not come with all colors. If you plan to hike with it, consider the extra weight. 

The chair sits quite high, which is ideal for older people or those who can’t get out of a low chair easily. The elevated seat can also be terrific if you’re super sore after a day of hiking. 

In Summary

My choice for the best camping chair with footrest is easily the GigaTent model. It has quality construction and excellent extra features. 

The highly padded chair is exceptionally comfortable. If you buy the red option, that includes the cooler pocket, know that it’s difficult to close completely.  

Kamp-Rite Chair with Removable Footrest


The Kamp-Rite is distinctive, with its footrest that completely detaches. Although, even when attached, the footrest does not impede the chair’s ability to fold up small — It fits into a convenient carry bag 38 inches long x 7 inches around. 

Able to support 300 pounds, the chair weighs in at 11 pounds. When it is fully open, it is 28 inches long x 38 inches wide and high. The back of the seat to the end of the footrest is over 45 inches. 

The chair is sturdy, and even though the seat is a canvas suspension, users report that it is stable and does not sag. It comes with a mesh cup holder in each of the comfortable armrests, and a pocket on the side for sundries storage.

It is available in a rural brown and navy color scheme.   ($$)

The Verdict

Some camp chairs are tied to their footrests. Not so with the Kamp-Rite — it can function as a comfortable dining chair or a seat for fishing or tailgating. You can easily add the footrest with a few simple clicks. 

The wide pocket — it’s a full foot, can hold most books, tablets, and, of course, your cell. This seat is ideal for big and tall people, since its base is 38 inches wide and the footrest is long.

In Summary

Because of its easy to use the detachable footrest, this chair is perfect if you need versatility. It’s also light enough for a casual seat during an ambling walk. You can easily carry it with the included tote.   ​ 

Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair with Removable Umbrella and Footrest


The Sport-Brella comes with so many great features. The chair is also a recliner, able to adjust to three positions with easy-to-use hinges. You also have access to an insulated pocket, a storage pocket, and a cup holder. The zippered storage pocket even has a bottle opener for your longneck. 

An included umbrella is removable and can clip onto either side of the top of the chair. A matching set, the umbrella and chair come in red or blue. 

The frame can support 250 pounds and easily folds down to 39 inches high x 8 inches wide. It’s one of the heavier models on our list, at 13.5 pounds. 


The Verdict

I love the added umbrella feature of this model. The support has a swivel that allows you to hide from the sun at just the right angle.

Its extra cooler pocket is also a great addition — no need for a cooler while out and about, just throw a few extras into the pouch and be on your way. 

Although they describe the footrest as detachable, you need to remove it with some hand screws at the base of the legs. I wouldn’t recommend it as an everyday feature, since it can be time-consuming, but it’s worth noting if you need a chair that can convert. 

In Summary

I love it when a product is easy to use. This chair has lots of extra features, but none of them hinder relaxation. The recliner is simple — the footrest is comfortable, and the umbrella is easily removable. 

Happybuy Blue Folding Camp Chair with Footrest


Two distinct reclining positions let you sit up straight or take a load off. A breathable mesh seat and back keep you cool and comfortable. 

A cup holder is included, and there’s a foot long storage bag on the opposite side. The footrest is fully integrated, and the accent fabric comes in blue or green. 

The chair is 66 inches long, 22 inches wide in the seat and 27 inches tall when unfolded. Though it weighs only ten pounds, its weight-bearing capability is almost 250 pounds. The chair folds easily and comes fully assembled.  ($$)

The Verdict

This camping chair with footrest is handy for naps. It reminds me of a fully supported hammock. Summer heat is no match for its breathable mesh. 

It reclines by adjusting the armrests down and popping a lock on the back supports. You should be able to adjust it from a seated position, but those who have limited mobility may have some issues. 

It is easy to store, just grab the base and headrest. The folded size is 7.09 x 7.09 x 35.04 inches. 

In Summary

This is the chair I would take to the beach. The mesh means that sand doesn’t get trapped away, and it’s cool in the summer. The lower fabric is also waterproof, so it can hold up well to salt water. 

Since it reclines so much, it’s ideal for tanning and relaxing after a long day — more like a reclining cot than a chair.  

Rio Beach Face Opening Sunbed High Seat Beach Chair & Lounger


Available in an attractive blue, its five position recline makes the Rio Beach Face unique — it can lay completely flat. The footrest can flip up and down, and its backrest pillow is removable. 

A wide backrest of 31 inches has cushy fabric, and it has a memory foam headrest that opens, allowing you to read while lying on your stomach. The chair’s height from the ground is 14 inches. When open, the chair measures 38.3 inches high and 30 inches long when it’s upright. 

It folds easily and, weighing in at only 11 pounds, you can carry it easily with an attached strap. A simple clip keeps the chair folded while transporting. You get a cup holder and cell phone slot, like most good chairs, and it is weight rated for 280 pounds. 

The chair’s most thoughtful feature is the towel rack — a separate, lockable bar that flips up to dry anything you want. Clothes, bathing suits, and, of course, towels can be kept up and off the sand.  ($$)

The Verdict

This is the perfect tanning chair. You can sun your back and stay entertained thanks to the open-face portal — it reminds me of a massage table. When you’re not using the hole, a sturdy pillow covers the area. 

If you like to adjust your comfort, the included pillow is a great asset. You can use it as an extra head pillow, for lumbar support or under your feet. 

In Summary

The Rio is so comfortable. It’s easily washable thanks to its reinforced fabric, and with its extra features, it’s one of the best portable chairs around. I love the adjustable footrest —  it lets you switch between sitting and lounging almost instantaneously. 

GCI Outdoor 3-Position Reclining Director’s Chair  


The CGI has a separate ottoman for your footrest. When it’s time to move, the ottoman fits into a pouch on the side and straps into place. It all folds together with Slim-Fold design into a 21.75 x 4 x 32.25-inch package. Simply grab the carrying strap and transport it like a briefcase. 

The three-position adjustable backrest gives you excellent comfort and quickly locks in place. When fully extended, the chair measures 21.75 x 24 x 38.25 inches. Though it’s a small chair, it supports up to 250 lb. However, the ottoman is rated at 150 pounds.

This is the most substantial chair on review, weighing 16 pounds, though it will be less if you forego the ottoman. Part of this weight is a solid plastic flip-out tray with a cup holder.  ($$$)

The Verdict

The winner for aesthetics, the GCI Outdoor Director’s Chair is perfect for the Scorsese or Speilberg wannabe. I love the deep red, almost purple color, and mesh accent on the back. 

The included ottoman is a great multi-tasker. Of course, you can use it for your feet. During a fishing outing — let it hold your tackle box or plate of snacks. You could even use it in a pinch for a kid’s seat, but I wouldn’t recommend an adult, they may take a spill.

The connected legs feel very stable to me, and the seat and back are very supportive — no sag.  

In Summary

This chair is solid to use. It takes more effort to fold — you need to remove and fold some of the parts, but this allows it to be flatter for transport. The main feature is the completely free-standing footrest, which makes it a super-compact recliner chair.    

How to Choose the Best Camping Chair with Footrest? 

When researching the best camp chairs with footrest, you probably want to consider some (all) of the following:

  • Style of chair
  • Type of footrest
  • Storage & portability
  • Weight capacity


When a chair comes with great extra features, I know I’m getting a good deal. All the chairs on this list come with one of the best bonuses — a footrest, essential for a relaxing nap, or stargazing. 

If you’re ready to invest in a good camp chair, make sure you get the best deal to suit you. I love the GCI Director’s Chair because you can choose to bring the included ottoman footrest when it’s needed. If I’m traveling light, it can stay at home. 

The Sport-Brella is also a great bundle of fun, with the included umbrella and extra-large insulated beverage pocket. An umbrella can block UV and UVB radiation from the sun. It’s more than just a chair — it’s a safer relaxation system.


When you’re hiking, or even just toting the chair from the car trunk to the sidelines, it’s nice when it’s easily moveable. The National Park Service recommends that hikers don’t exceed over 30% of their body weight in gear.

Our lightest camping chair with footrest, the GigaTent Outdoor Quad Camping Chair, is the winner of this roundup. You won’t want to bring the heaviest on our list, the GCI Outdoor Recliner, hiking unless you have Dwayne Johnson along to tote it.

In Conclusion

A camping chair with footrest is a great way to relax: in nature, at a sports game, or even in your backyard. 

My best choice for 2020 is the GigaTent Outdoor Quad Camping Chair, and the runner-up is the Kamp-Rite Chair with Removable Footrest. Both are light, have quality construction, and feature detachable footrests.    

When deciding on additions to your best camping chair with footrest, look for great extras such as the umbrella in the Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair. 

However you plan to use your new chair, make sure it’s portable, adjustable, sturdy and comfortable.