The Best Camping Chairs With a Side Table in 2022

best camping chair with a side table

Camping, backpacking, sporting events, and other important outdoor activities provide individuals and families with lots of fun and fulfilment throughout the year. But to gain optimum enjoyment, you’ll need a sturdy camping chair with a side table that can go on the beach, alongside the shore, next to the firepit, or on the sidelines.

Many camping chairs now come with attached tables that flip up when you want a place to hold snacks, beverages, books, or other items.

Among six of the most impressive outdoor chairs on the market today, we’ve found the best camping chairs with a side table.

Here is our list of the top six:

Keep reading for more information on our top six camp chairs with side tables.

Browning Camping Directors XT with Side Table


  • Color: Khaki/Coal
  • L/W/H: 18 x 25 x 39
  • Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Capacity: 325 lbs.

The Verdict

Here’s the best camping chair with a side table that’s extra tall, extra strong, and extra comfortable. At only 9 pounds, the powder-coated hybrid frame of aluminum and steel provides the desired sturdiness for any outdoor adventure. 

Whether you’re at the beach, beside the barbecue, or on the back of your boat, you’ll enjoy the 2-foot-wide seat, padded armrests, tall back, and especially the flip-down footrest. (After a day of hiking around the campground, it’s comforting to take a load off your feet.) 

And at over three feet in height, you’ll love how easy it is to stand right up when the fish bite. This feature is especially critical for those who are a bit on the tall or heavy side.

The camping chair with a side table has canvas seats, armrests, back, and footrests that are thick and durable. Whatever weather your camping chair is subject to, you can be sure the treated canvas will last for years. Just be careful to let the chair fully dry before storing it, as this will keep mold from forming.

The flip-up side table covers 145 square inches of space for your drinks and gear. It includes a beverage holder.

Then, when it’s time to pack up, this folding director’s chair folds flat for easy storage. It’s then ready to pop right back into shape for the next adventure.


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In Summary

If you’re an experienced camper or fisher, then the Browning XT Director’s Chair might be right up your alley as far as a lightweight yet sturdy best camping chair with a side table goes. But it’s a little on the expensive side, so if you’re budget conscious and want similar comforts, you might consider the Coleman Outpost Elite or the Kings River XL Zero Gravity Recliner camping chairs.

Eureka Director’s Chair with Side Table 


  • Color: Deep Water Blue
  • L/W/H: 37.5 x 24 x 36.5
  • Weight: 11.8 lbs.
  • Capacity: 300 lbs.

The Verdict

Eureka has developed stylish and easy-to-use camping chairs that are good for any type of outdoor use. Designers fashioned the seat and top part of the headrest from faux leather. When combined with the deep blue canvas backing this creates a two-tone look. 

Also, a swath of ventilated mesh makes up the back panel, helping the chair dry out after a quick splash in the pool, lake, or watering hole. Finally, the armrests include a padded wood-grain section that not only looks good but also provides a more stable base when you want to exit the chair.

But Eureka didn’t stop there. They also created what they call the “auto-deploy” side table.

Engineers have uniquely built the side table into the camping chair design.  When you open the chair, the table automatically goes up. When you pack up the chair, the side table automatically folds down into its storage position – inside the chair. It’s an elegant solution to what has mostly been a simple add-on piece to outdoor chairs for many years.

And storage is a breeze. The best camping chairs fold down to 6 inches in height. Eureka has designed the chair’s headrest area to fold over the aluminum frame and provide a sturdy handle. This model is a well-designed camping chair from both a transport and use point of view.


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In Summary

If you are in the market for camping chairs that would be good for kids (or grandkids) sporting events, concerts in the park, or camping, this best camping chair with a side table from Eureka is an excellent solution. It has a lightweight yet sturdy steel frame while being affordable and well-designed.

ALPS Mountaineering Campside Chair


  • Color: Rust
  • L/W/H: 19 x 25 x 35
  • Weight: 12.5 lbs.
  • Capacity: 300 lbs.

The Verdict

ALPS Mountaineering has introduced majestic rust-colored canvas camping chairs that will immediately sparkle amongst the mundane blue, gray, and khaki colors that most companies and campers choose. 

The back and seat consist of a coordinated, one-piece polyester mesh material that is breathable and sweat-reducing. It also dries quickly.

The folding side table offers 140 square inches of space to store books, maps, and small food items. The convenient cup holder is deep enough and wide enough to stably support almost every type of drink container.

The side table also folds into the camping chair for ease of transport and storage. This keeps it from being bulky when in the trunk or way-back. It takes up less space than many other director chairs with a side table on the market.

A handle is machine-stitched into the back of its camping chairs, so when it’s collapsed you can effortlessly carry the chair without having to resort to holding it by the padded armrests or, worse, the metal legs.

It’s rated to hold up to 300 pounds, and wide enough to accommodate people with a little extra girth.

Like others we have reviewed in this category, ALPS Mountaineering has built the frame of this best camping chair with a side table from a powder-coated polymer of aluminum and steel to provide a tough, solid, yet lightweight core. It locks securely into place, so you will have no worries about this robust chair toppling over.


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In Summary

This is a great camping chair with a side table if you want fashion to go along with the form. You will noticeably stand out when sitting in this stylish and comfortable chair.

Coleman Outpost Elite Deck Chair 


  • Color: Green/Gray
  • Seat width: 20.5 inches
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Capacity: 300 lbs.

The Verdict

One of the outdoors’ most notable companies has come out with the best camping chair with a side table that has no frills but does the job. The biggest difference between these folding camping chairs and almost every other best folding camping chair on the market is that this Coleman camp chair is slightly reclined. 

The ergonomic angle is more comfortable than a typical folding director’s chair, where the padded seat and back are vertical. This design can make a difference if you are fishing for hours or reading a good book in front of a roaring firepit.

Another difference is how this Coleman camp chair has contoured the seat back into an hourglass. This style more accurately fits a person’s natural backside shape. 

Many other director’s chairs simply spread the canvas across from one side of the frame to the other. Because the Coleman camping chair uses the hourglass design, more air flows around the chair to keep back sweat to a minimum during the hottest days of the year.

The frame is simple gunmetal-gray steel, with weather-resistant green and gray fabric. Coleman has affixed its lantern logo on the top right side. When it’s collapsed and you flip it over, you’ll find they have also included sewn-in straps so these camping chairs can be easily carried from the car to the campsite and back again.


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In Summary

If you are planning on using your camping chair for extended sitting (say at a youth soccer game), then this Coleman camp chair is a good choice based on its ergonomic design. It’s a basic camping chair with a side table that offers comfort and durability.

Kings River XL Zero Gravity Lounger with Table 


  • Color: Black frame and gray material
  • H/W/L: 26 x 37 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 17 lbs.
  • Capacity: 330 lbs.

The Verdict

Adjustable is the main adjective to use when describing the Kings River XL Zero Gravity Lounger with Table camping chair. These best folding camping chairs adjust from almost vertical to almost horizontal. The headrest adjusts up and down. Even the table adjusts from one side of the chair to the other or you can remove it when unneeded.

Approximately 60 grommets line the sides of the attractive mesh design. They are then laced to the steel and aluminum frame to give full-body support in this recliner-style camp chair. The bottom part of the recliner includes a second layer of reinforcement to give your weary feet added comfort as you lie back.

And once you lie back, especially next to a roaring fire, you will likely fall asleep. Sweet dreams!

You can move the headrest/pillow and its attached strap up or down according to your needed height requirements. If you drop it low enough, the headrest/pillow serves as lumbar support while sitting or lying down.

The reversible table includes four holders. Two are circular for beverages, and the other two are rectangles. The longer of the two makes a great place to store maps, books, magazines, or other reading items. The second, much smaller, rectangular indentation provides a safe place for keys, and matches.

One area of comfort you will give away when choosing a recliner-style camping chair with a side table is in the padded armrests. While most on our list have some sort of canvas or rubbery overlay, the Kings River Lounger includes only hard plastic armrests over the frame.


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In Summary

If you’re someone who wants the chance to get a comfy afternoon nap alongside a river’s edge or next to a well-kindled fire, this best camping chair with a side table will do the trick. Once you lie back with a good book in your hand, just let your eyes get heavy and dream.

Timber Ridge Director’s Chair with Side Table 


  • Color: Four styles (black full-back, lava red full-back, camouflage half-back, black half-back)
  • H/W/L: 33.8 x 18 x 25 inches
  • Weight: 7 1/2 lbs. full-back; 6.8 pounds half-back
  • Capacity: 300 lbs.

The Verdict

This is easily the lightest of the lightweight-yet-rugged best folding camping chairs with a table available today. 

The full-back version weighs 7 ½ pounds, nearly 30 percent less than its nearest competitor. The half-back option weighs even less, at 6.8 pounds, meaning children can haul this chair with side table, and not have to wait until the adults finish doing other tasks first.

The full-back option has a modified hourglass design to allow more air to flow through and around the unit. The half-back design looks more like a traditional folding director’s chair.

Its canvas design makes the Timber Ridge suitable for any outdoor activity. Breathable mesh fabric on the backrest reduces unwanted sweat during the summer months.

The generous folding table of approximately 140 square inches must be manually lifted into place or lowered back down before collapsing. Still, this camping chair is big enough and strong enough to support a book, a cell phone, sandwiches, and other items. 

There are three slots in the bottom of the convenient cup holder to keep any drink well circulated with air. This feature will help keep your beer nice and cold.

When collapsed, Timber Ridge also provides convenient, built-in carry straps on each of the arms for ease of transport.


You should be able to buy one at the following stores:

In Summary

If you’re on the lookout for a full-size camping chair that will last a long time for your young kids to grow into, this best camping chair with a side table might be the one for you. It’s a super-lightweight camping chair, includes a large side table, and comes in some interesting color choices.

How to Choose the Best Camping Chair with Side Table

Working out what the best camping chair with side table is for you depends on a few variables. Firstly the style of chair is important (the best folding chairs differ from person to person). Then you probably want to look at the type of side table (because a side table can take different forms).

Once you’ve settle on the type of folding camping chair you want and the type of side table you want, things become a bit simpler as you look at other features you might want (such as weight capacity, cup holders, solid armrests, multiple pockets, the back fabric, the carry bag etc.). Because the best camping chair with side table will be an all-round great chair (not just any old camping chair with side table).

Camp chairs come in several styles. Find one that offers the comfort and utility you desire. 

  • Classic: A classic folding chair has four evenly spaced legs that provide a stable base, and they include a flat, padded seat, solid armrests and a supportive back. The best folding camping chairs are also high enough off the ground to easily sit in and stand up from (side table or no side table).
  • Low: These are usually seen on sandy beaches or uneven landscapes, where they won’t tip over because they are so low to the ground. These are also a good option for any outdoor event that limits folding chair heights (think summer concerts in the park).
  • Rockers: Some camp chairs have arched legs that allow you to rock while next to the fire. A camp rocking chair design is not going to be the best camping chair with side table for obvious reasons (anything you put on the side table will slide off the moment you rock — so when looking for the best camping chair with side table, avoid camp rockers).
  • Campstool: The quintessential three-legged stool typically does not include a back. It’s also not as stable as a classic folding chair with side table.

Side Table

Once you’ve decided on the right chair type, you’ll want to check out various side table setups. 


Most camp chairs with a side table come in the fixed variety, where the side table is permanently attached to the chair. Some of the better models have engineered the table to be part of the frame assembly, and they rise and lower as the chair opens or closes. Many others have added the table to one side or the other, and campgoers must raise or lower them manually.


You may want a side table that you can take off the chair instead of simply lowering it when not in use. This feature may be an attractive option if your space requirements are tighter on some outdoor trips than others.


You might find a side table that moves from the side of the chair to the front of the chair, giving you a platform to eat, almost like a TV tray. You can also use it for resting a book or laptop.


Most side tables are slightly shorter than the overall camping chair length so they can collapse inside the legs. And they are typically about 10 inches long, making the total area about 140 square inches. Most designs include at least one integrated cup holder on the outside upper corner for a more stable resting place for drinks. 

What Materials Are Side Tables Made From?

The outer edge of the side table is usually made of the same steel or polymer material the rest of the frame is. The top can be aluminum or treated laminate materials. 

Engineers don’t want to design a lightweight camp chair and then add extra pounds, which means the best camping chair with side table generally utilises aluminum or laminates. 

Both are good options when it comes time to clean any spills that occur. But because they are lightweight, aluminum and laminate table tops can be flimsy, especially when added onto the side and not built into the frame.

We suggest trying each table type out with a slightly heavier object to see how well it responds. Use a filled Yeti or hardback book to gauge the relative strength of your side table. 

Portability (Carrying Your Folding Chair)

Once you arrive at the campsite, sporting event, or concert you will need to transport your chair from the car to the intended location. Here are some thoughts about choosing the best camping chair with side table if portability is your number one consideration.


Most of the best folding camping chairs with side tables weigh approximately 10 to 12 pounds. But we found one, the Timber Ridge Director’s Chair, that weighs only 6.8 pounds in two half-back folding chair models, and 7.5 pounds in two full-back models. 

Those work well if you have children and want them to be responsible for carrying their chairs or are considering a backpacking adventure and want to lighten the load. Otherwise, the extra few pounds shouldn’t be a problem for almost anyone to easily handle.

How Compact When Folded

Likewise, most chairs with a side table collapse down to about 8 inches. Some are bulkier, and some are trimmer than that. We’ve seen some that lie 6 inches flat, while the recliner-style folding chairs tend to be 10 to 12 inches fully collapsed. If space is an issue, go with one less cumbersome.

Weight Capacity

Companies design camp chairs with side tables to hold between 225 and 500 pounds. Most are somewhere in the middle, closer to a 300-pound capacity. On our list, the Browning XT allows the most weight capacity at 325 pounds. Even an NFL linebacker can feel comfortable in that.


Because no two people and certainly no two families are exactly alike, it’s vital to check a few different styles of camping chairs to determine which is the most comfortable for you because at the end of the day, the best camping chair with side table is one that you find comfortable.

If camping or backpacking is your focus, you may choose a different style than if you plan to use the camping chair to watch your grandson’s soccer game.

With that in mind, test out the neck and back support, the padded seat, armrest comfort, and anything else included.

Some have a tall back that provides ample support for your neck. Other models aren’t as high, and so they focus on back and lumbar support.

Many camping chairs with side table include some sort of covering for the armrests, which might be a piece of wraparound canvas, a rubber sheath, or hard plastic covering. When you sit up straight and let your arms dangle against the chair you don’t want there to be any pain.

Material can also be important. As mentioned above, several of the models we chose to highlight include a mesh section on the backing that allows air to circulate and breathe. During the summer months, this can keep you cool and prevent that uncomfortable feeling of back sweat.

Extra Features

While most camping chairs with side table come with the same basic setup, you can certainly look for those little extras that make any purchase seem special.

For example, we like the folding camping chairs that have engineered the table into the framework. They rise when the folding chair pops open and lower when it collapses.

We also like small details, such as the three slots in the cupholder of the Timber Ridge camp chair. That simple design feature allows more air to flow through the area to keep your drinks colder longer. It’s also easier to clean.

We also think the innovative table on the Kings River XL Zero Gravity Chair is a plus. It has four hard plastic sections to hold drinks, maps, magazines, and keys.

And bold color choices, like those ALPS Mountaineering and Timber Ridge have introduced, impress us. They’re both functional and fashionable.


You can pay anywhere from $25 to $300 on a quality camping chair with a side table. Our list includes one for $50 (Coleman) to one for $230 (Browning) with four in between.

Just remember, paying more does not necessarily mean you will get a better product. Or that a less expensive lightweight chair is inevitably cheap. There are very good models on the lower end of the price scale. Again, your buying decision will likely come down to other factors listed above.


Although most models come with a one-year warranty, they should last far longer than that even with extensive use.

Companies treat the canvases and meshes with water-resistant chemicals so rain and snow won’t harm them.

Steel or poly-carbonate frames are likewise treated to endure all weather conditions.

Design & Materials

The chairs on our list are mostly director’s chairs with one zero-gravity recliner-style chair.

Director’s chairs are straight back, vertical chairs with a flat bottom. In the case of the Coleman chair, it is slightly angled to provide more lumbar support.

Zero gravity folding camping chairs recline and lift the footrest off the ground so you can lie back and take a nap. They don’t go all the way flat but deliver an angle that makes you feel weightless.


For our money, we like the ALPS Mountaineering Camp Chair as the best camping chair with a side table for several reasons. These include its design, color, use of mesh on the backside, and table size. It’s slightly ahead of other camping chairs, including the Timber Ridge Director’s Chair, and the Browning XT.

Timber Ridge gets high marks for having four different styles, the lightest weight in our survey, and a mesh back. The Browning XT is a good option for its length and allowable weight for taller and bigger people.

But the ALPS Mountaineering camping chair uses a bold rust color that will be easily identifiable alongside the campground or beach. It has also engineered the folding table as part of the frame, so it automatically rises when open and lowers when collapsed. Its table size is an ample 140 square inches. In short, this best camping chair with a side table checks all the boxes.