The Best Extreme Weather Tents for Mountains & Expeditions

The reason you’re looking for a 4 season tent is probably because you’re expecting some extreme weather. And there’s a good chance your main worry is about getting really, really cold at night.

OK. A question… If you’re looking for a tent to keep you warm, how important are other considerations such as the price and weight? Because there’s some pretty crazy options out there…

The reality is that most tents are not going to help you keep the cold at bay unless they are specialised. Which leaves you looking for something quite traditional and investing in other gear to keep you warm (check out my article on how to go winter camping for some tips).

In my book, you’re looking for a tent that’s sturdy, durable and waterproof. And I’m also going to suggest that you want something with a bit of space for socialising. For me it boils down to providing a reliable shelter and as dry an interior as possible.

That said, if you’re dead set on investigating warm tents, you will want to look at these bad boys!

Crua Outdoors Review – Best Insulated Tent

Crua Outdoors Review  - Best Insulated Tent, hunting tents cold weather, sub zero tents

Crua Outdoors are a winter tent manufacturer with some nifty bespoke technology and they claim they offer the world’s first insulated tents. Certainly the Crua Dual Combo is incredibly comfortable. It’s immensely spacious, rock solid in the wind and the insulation also keeps the interior quiet and dark.

It’s lighter than The Arctic Oven both in weight and on the wallet! You won’t have to spend many nights in it for it to become cheaper than a hotel room, especially for family trips away.

So if you (or some family members) really can’t stand being cold but like the idea of spending some quality time outdoors this winter, it’s definitely worth checking it out. perfect for winter glamping!

Arctic Oven Tent Review – Best Expedition Tent

Arctic Oven Tent Review - Best Expedition Tent, winter tent with stove, best extreme cold weather tents, most expensive tent

This is a truly epic expedition tent although you’ll not want to buy it for your first trip! If you need to go to either of the Poles for any reason or if you’re dog-sledding perhaps or doing a long winter hunt, then this has got to be one to consider.

For most of us the 56lbs of weight is too much and the price tag is extremely punchy. But it’s well worth ogling the specs. It’s got a proper living space. The large vestibule acts as a really effective transition from freezing outside to warm inside. The Vapex technology means the tent both breathes and is completely waterproof. And you can even use a wood burning tent stove in it!

It really is a beautiful piece of kit that will make you think you aren’t in a tent at all!