Best Heated Camping Chairs in 2023

best heated camping chairs

Whether you’re an avid camper, love spending vacations at a campsite with your family, or simply love to visit the outdoors now and then, heated camping chairs are the best way to ensure a comfortable, relaxed time. While the KUMA Outdoor Gear Lazy Bear is the best-heated chair in this department, there are plenty more options to consider when looking for the best heated camping chairs, such as:

KUMA Outdoor Gear Lazy Bear


  • Weight: 15lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 350lbs
  • Seat Height: 16″
  • Battery: 10,000 mAh Power Bank (included)
  • Colors Available: Red & Grey

The Verdict

The KUMA Outdoor Gear Lazy Bear Heated Chair is our list’s best overall heated camping chair and heated portable chair. 

With a durable 10,000 mAh power bank and USB power back, this heated chair is fast and easy to charge when you need to. As far as portability goes, the chair folds up at only 15lbs, so it’s easy to store when you need to, and uses integrated heating zones to ensure your entire body stays warm and toasty. 

While the arms rests aren’t adjustable, the back and arm rests are both padded, and the chair features strong back and neck support when you’re sitting. You’ll also notice that the chiar uses an ADD HEAT control system, which allows you to stay warm throughout the entire day. 

And, with a 350-pound weight capacity, the KUMA Lazy Bear chair can accommodate people of many sizes. Plus, the high density foam padding on the backs and arms equates to extra comfort.

The beverage holder is insulated to keep your drinks cold, and there is a pocket to put your phone if you wish to stow it away for a while and enjoy the scenery. If the ground is bumpy or the sand is shaky, this heated chair’s ¾” black tube frame keeps it sturdy on all terrains. 

As far as material goes, the polyester material is strong and won’t easily tear if caught on a tree branch or anywhere it may suffer some damage. This chair also comes with a carry bag, so wherever you wish to take it, there will be some storage space for extra items you bring.

Its design implements all the essential things a heated chair should have and fits the part of a camping chair with its style, structure, and extra storage spots. Its portable charger, once fully charged, can last well over a couple of hours, and the ADD HEAT Control System is exclusively made to keep you cozy in all weathers, so this chair is suitable for the summer, not just cold temperatures.


You should be able to pick one up from the following stores:

In Summary

If you are looking for the best-heated chair with an integrated heating system and long battery life, the KUMA Outdoor Gear Lazy Bear is perfect for you.

Coleman Rechargeable Heated Camping Chair 

Here’s a breakdown of one of the best portable heated camping chairs on our list, the Coleman Rechargeable Heated Camping Chair.


At only slightly over five kilograms, this is one of the lighter camping chairs on our list, and since it has a height of 37.5” from ground to seat, it’s a more suitable option for taller people. There’s one cupholder if you’d like to hold your beverage and no storage pockets. 

The Coleman OneSource Heated Camping Chair has a subtle approach as a heated camping chair, for its appearance is also suitable for tailgating and hiking. With four different heat settings, you can determine which temperature is best for the weather you’ve found yourself in. The pad can also be flipped from the bottom to the back, allowing you to choose where you wish to concentrate the heat. 

The rechargeable low voltage lithium battery has runtimes all according to the heat level you’ve set your chair at, but it also comes with a dual-port dock and device charging, in which the runtimes can double. You can reach up to six hours of heat time at the lowest setting with the dual-port dock. You can also choose to charge your phone or other devices if needed.

This chair’s steel frame (including heavy duty steel tubing) is angled to let you sit back and relax, and the water-resistant fabric is also structured to keep air out, so no cold breezes will sneak through. It’s important to note that the armrests aren’t adjustable on this chair. 

The Verdict

The Coleman Onesource Heated Chair is best if you are on a budget.

With four heat settings, a dual charging port to maximize runtime or phone battery, and waterproof material, this heated camping chair is great for its price. Although the concentrated heating pad allows you to decide where you wish to heat, it relatively leaves other places cold. For a lower budget, this chair is suitable, but definitely not the only option worth consider. 


You should be able to pick one up from the following stores:

In Summary

If you’re trying to shop on a budget, the Coleman Onesource Heated Chair is a great pick. However, for people that need extra storage space in their heated camping chair, this may not be the best pick. 

KingCamp Heated Outdoor Chair

Here’s a look at how the KingCamp Heated Outdoor Chair’s best features as a heated camping chair work.


The KingCamp Heated Outdoor Chair is a three-level temperature chair that quickly warms with a single-button control. This chair also allows you to decide which heat temperature is most necessary, and although it only has three heat settings, the heat can tackle both the seat and the back simultaneously.

While it is a little on the heavier side at 11 pounds, it’s still fairly portable when you’re on the go. As far as maximum weight capacity goes, this chair can support just over 350 pounds. For anyone a little taller or just prefers more back and neck support, the KingCamp chair has a high seat back at 18 inches. 

This heated chair has lumbar support and armrests, which are padded and soft to touch. The material is tear-resistant, although not water-proof, so you shouldn’t take it for a dip in the pool. It folds easily and has four storage spots: a side storage bag for phones or sunglasses, a cup holder, cooler bags to keep drinks chilled while the chair heats, and a head bag storage compartment for clothing materials. 

With thickened anti-rust steel pipe for structure, the KingCamp is durable and withstands different grounds, frozen to soft. It’s easily moved from place to place, perfect for camping, hiking, picnic, and anywhere you wish to go.

The Verdict

The KingCamp Heated Outdoor Chair is best for hiking. 

While this chair covers more surface area with its three-level, single-button heat control, it’s not the strongest warmth. Comfortable and sturdy, this chair works for all sorts of events you wish to take it to, like hiking up mountains, whether the heat is intense or not. All the storage gives you pockets for anything you need to bring anywhere. 


You should be able to pick one up from the following stores:

In Summary

If you are looking for a chair with plenty of storage space, the KingCamp Heated Outdoor Heated Chair may just be the right camping chair for you. 

And for anyone who’s taller and has trouble finding supportive chairs, the high seat back on this chair also makes it a great choice. 

Pop Designs The Hot Seat Camping Chair

Here’s what you can expect from this folding camping chair, and how it compares to most camping chairs with its heating elements for your next camping trip. To be sure, the Pop Design Hot Seat is a quality heated seat.


Pop Designs The Hot Seat Camping Chair is a folding chair with USB-powered seat heating technology with a low, medium, and high setting that, with three pushes of a button, can reach up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. It lasts for several hours, which is ideal for heat, helps sore muscles if you’re seated for a long time, and keeps you warm and ready to move if used in chilly weather.

This chair is all about comfort, with padding to support the back, arms, and bottom, and three separate reclining positions. It’s waterproof and contains storage on the front and both sides of the seat for cups, phones, sunscreen, or glasses.

When it’s time to pack up and go, this chair folds right up and is only 11 pounds, so it’s fairly portable. The weight capacity for this product is right at 300 pounds, so it doesn’t accommodate as many sizes as other picks on this list do. 

One interesting perk of this chair is its two-year warranty, so if it doesn’t hold up during those first few years, you’ll always have a safety net in the manufacturer warranty. 

The Verdict

Pop Designs Hot Seat Camping Chair is the best for long-term use.

With a warranty and USB-powered heating, this chair creates comfort for a long time. It’s waterproof, so if you’re caught in the rain or spill a refreshing drink on it, there is no worry if the USB stops working, you can plug it in at any time for heat. The temperature also gets incredibly high, making an excellent heated camping chair for late winter nights. 

In Summary

If you’re looking for a chair that’s suited for long-term use and is durable to withstand any conditions, the Pop Designs Hot Seat Camping Chair is the product for you. 

Terrain Heated Camping Chair

With a maximum heat level, back support, portable USB battery, and USB battery pack, here’s why this may be the best heated camping chair for some people. 


The Terrain Heated Camping Chair is another three-heat setting chair, low, medium, and high, but this one lasts for nine hours of battery life on the lowest setting – and recharges within three to four hours. This makes it one of the best heated camping chairs for winter camping.

Its durable steel frame has heat levels that deliver to two separate heat zones. It’s wind and water-resistant and comes in four available colors to fit your style: Flare, Midnight, Mossy Oak Camo, and Sunrise.

The weight capacity on this chair is around 300 pounds, and doesn’t come with adjustable arm rests, but there’s still plenty of padding around the arms and back. 

It has an easy set-up and pack-up with a carry case for travel, so whether you’re hiking to a campground or walking to the beach, this chair folds into a convenient carry case  – and only weighs 11 pounds when you’re transporting it. The storage on the chair itself is very simple and down to the necessities, consisting of one cup holder and a pocket. 

The Verdict

The Terrain Heated Camping Chair is best if you’re sitting for a long time. 

This chair offers the most colors of all the others, so if you’re someone that likes to customize or match your camping gear, it won’t be an issue with this chair. 

Its battery life is impressive with its long-lasting nine-hour heating capacity, but it has to be on low to do so. It has additional batteries, however. Its cushioning is slight, and it does not stand out. The feet of the chair are plastic and not entirely reliable like the alloy steel frame.

It has additional batteries, however. Its cushioning is slight and does not stand out, same with its storage. The feet of the chair are plastic and not entirely reliable like the alloy steel frame.

In Summary

If you’re looking for a camping chair that can provide warmth throughout the entire day, the Terrain Heated Camping Chair’s long-battery life is the best pick. 

Kings Trek Heated Folding Chair

There’s a few reasons why the Kings Trek Heated Folding Chair might be the best heated folding chair, including: multiple heat settings, cup holders, USB port, and seat cushion — and a far better choice than a regular camping chair and one of the best folding chair options.


The Kings Trek Heated Folding Chair, like the others, has three battery-powered heat settings: blue/low, white/medium, and red/high. Unlike the others, this seat has a dual-control button, allowing you to control the hip heat and back heat according to the heat you want, even up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. It will last up to ten hours on the lowest setting, perfect for any activity in chilly weather. 

It’s also completely waterproof, so if the chair does get a little wet in the rain or other poor weather, you shouldn’t have to worry about permanent damage. From the seat to the ground, the height is around 40 inches, so this is another camping chair for taller people  – but there is no extra padding on the back or neck. 

The seat is removable, it’s easy to fold, holds up to 350lbs, and has a heavy-duty frame to endure all terrains and weather, and the nylon material it’s made of allows it to breathe perfectly for any day, hot or cold. This seat is essentially the jack of all trades, with everything up to how you want it. 

There’s a decent amount of storage space on this chair, with pockets for the front, side, and the back of the seat. And, if you’d like to charge your phone while you’re sitting, there’s two different USB ports that allow you to do so. 

The Verdict

The Kings Trek Heated Folding Chair is the best for all activities, not just camping. Some camping chairs have a mesh cup holder, but this choice offers two that are reinforced. It even comes with a convenient carrying case.

While the KUMA Outdoor Gear Lazy Bear is the overall best for camping, the Kings Trek Heated Folding Chair is the best for just about everything else, ready to replace your existing chair. Hiking, tailgating, games, and anything else you like to do in your free time. Its breathable mesh, smart temperature control, strong durability, and small storage space (including an easy access phone sleeve) makes it compatible with all activities. 

In Summary

If you are looking for a versatile heated chair that can work for several activities  – like hiking, sports events, tailgating, and camping  – the Kings Trek Heated Folding Chair may just be the right option. 

Heated Stadium Seats & Seat Covers

If you’re in the market for heated stadium seats or heated seats, here are some of the best options on the market. 

Portable Battery-Powered Heat

Here are some stadium seats and chair pads to compare with all these chairs on the list. 

The Chaheati MAXX Add On Seat attaches to camp chairs by looping around the poles of the chair. It has three temperature settings powered by a battery and warms the seat and the back.

Pop Designs Original Heated Stadium Seat is a stadium seat and almost an actual seat. With USB-powered heating technology, a thick cushioned back, seat, armrests, and more storage than some of the chairs, it’s the best overall.

The Blufree Heated Stadium Seat is another USB-powered stadium seat but does not include a USB power bank with the purchase. These stadium seats somewhat resemble theater seats, and the material is waterproof and portable with back straps to walk to the game carrying. The Blufree Heated Seat caters to your comfort, no matter where you choose to use it.

The Coleman OneSource Heated Chair Pad is what its name suggests: a pad. While it’s not a seat with a back like the other options, it’s more affordable. It has four heat settings, it’s weather-resistant, and can be used on a bleacher and any regular chair, which stadium seats can’t do.

This Coleman OneSource Heated Stadium Seat is rechargeable like the others, with four heat settings. There’s a back and seat, but it lacks armrests and storage space. The bottom is more cushioned than the back, but it’s straightforward to fold and transport.

The Verdict

The Pop Designs Original Heated Stadium Seat is the best overall of those on this seat/pad list. It’s practically a seat in itself and can go anywhere. Whether it’s in a stadium for your daughter’s soccer game, cheering for your favorite football team in the wintertime, or sitting on a log at a campsite, you’ll be warm and comfortable. 

In Summary

If you are looking for a cheaper, more portable seat and not a chair, the Pop Designs Original Heated Stadium Seat is the heated seat for you.

How To Choose the Best Heated Camping Chairs

There are a couple of important factors to consider when looking at the best heated chair for you: 

  • How often you’re going to be using it: It may not be a big deal if you’re only going to use it occasionally, but for a chair that you plan to use regularly, it’s important to think about durability and comfort. You may even want to consider products that come with warranties, like the Pop Designs Hot Seat. 
  • Extra padding and comfort: Does the chair include padding on the armrests or the back? Does it have two or three reclining positions? The more padding that your heated camping chair has, the more likely it is to be comfortable. Some of the comfortable chairs on this list include the Pop Designs Heated Chair and the Terrain Heated Camping Chair. 
  • Temperature settings: There are a few things you need to consider: is there woven heating technology? Traditional heating coils? Two heat zones? If you’re going to be winter camping or you’re just more sensitive to heat, more temperature settings can be a major plus  – like the KUMA Lazy Gear chair. 
  • Battery life: Nobody wants a battery heated camping chair that stops working after an hour or two, which is why it’s important to look for chairs that have longer battery lives, like the Terrain Heated Camping Chair. 

Precautions with Heated Camping Chairs

The warmth is beautiful, especially after hours of rain or cold, but too much heat can have some effects you should consider before buying a heated seat. Too high of a temp could make your skin red from irritation or sting with the heat. 

While this may not be an issue if you use the chair occasionally, constantly using your heated seat on the highest setting for hours at a time may not be great for your skin  – so, it’s important to look out for inflammation, redness, or rashes that may appear after use. 


The KUMA Outdoor Gear Lazy Bear is the best overall heated seat for camping. It’s the only exclusive integrated heating system with great reviews that conforms to many weather types. It’s not overpriced, fits the camping aesthetic, and provides warmth without concentrating on just one part, like the seat. 

It’s also incredibly sturdy and will stay upright on all terrains, so you can take it camping in the sand, snow, or other weather conditions.

Runner ups to the KUMA Outdoor Gear Lazy Bear are Pop Design’s products: the Pop Designs, The Hot Seat Camping Chair, and the Pop Designs Original Heated Stadium Seat.