The Best Large Tents for Camping in 2021

Are you going camping with a sizable group of people? If you don’t want to sleep shoulder to shoulder with your camping buddies, you’ll need a large tent.

I will take you through the best large tents available on the market so you can make the best-informed decision.

All the tents reviewed in this article are three-season tents. A three-season tent is suitable for use during spring, summer and fall, but not for typical winter weather.

If you’re short on time, I can reveal that my choice of the best large tent is the Nemo Wagontop 8-Person Tent.

The best large tents include:

Nemo Wagontop — Best Large Tent 

nemo wagontop 8p


The Nemo tent has a floor area of 125 square feet. When unpacked, it measures 180 by 100 inches, the center height is 80 inches and it weighs a pinch over 25 pounds in its carry bag. 

The vestibule area is 27 square feet, with large screened windows and one door for ventilation. $$$

The Verdict

The Nemo Wagontop 8P is an excellent tent for a group of four to eight people. It features a unique pole structure that creates straight walls and arched ceiling—providing you with an impressive 6.5 feet of headspace.

If you’re looking for a light tent, this single-wall offering will provide you with what you need. It doesn’t have a rainfly, but it has a sizable vestibule area that can be rolled back for added ventilation and light. The single-wall design means it is simple to set-up.

You can easily fit four sleeping bags at one end of the tent while creating a sitting area in the other half.

The vestibule area is really cool. It’s not quite the same as having a tent with screen room, but it does have large mosquito mesh windows for ventilation and views. And it’s a great space to stow all your camping gear.

In Summary

The Wagontop tent is one of the most popular large tents on the market, and for good reason. It provides lots of space—although it doesn’t feature private rooms, it still has a large, comfortable living area.

It also comes as a 4 person and a 6 person tent.

Ozark Trail – Best Cheap Large Tents

Ozark Trail have a big selection of large family tents. we’ve published a dedicated article about this budget brand from Walmart, which you can read here.

Their range covers a variety of styles and sizes including cabin tents, instant tents, multi-room tents and more.

Whilst we generally like Ozark Trail tents because of how darned cheap they are, it’s always worth pointing out the downsides to buying a cheap tent. Often cheaper tents have design flaws but that isn’t really the case with Ozark Trail tents, because they tend to actually be quite well designed.

The flaws with Ozark trail tents are more to do with reliability and durability (with the risk of quality control issues in there as well). Put simply, to sell a cheap tent, you have to manufacture using cheap materials. And so Ozark Trail tents are not built to survive heavy use over many seasons. And you probably don’t want to be relying on one in adverse weather conditions.

And so, if you are on a tight budget and you’re looking for a large tent to use occasionally in the summer months. And you’re happy to own it for a couple of seasons before potentially having to replace it, then buying a large Ozark Trail tent is probably quite a good decision.

If you aren’t on a tight budget, you should definitely consider pushing the boat out a bit more to buy yourself something a bit sturdier. (And we’d recommend a large tent from Core Equipment as the next step up – not much more expensive but generally a better build quality).

Ozark Trail Multi Room Tents

You’ve got a couple of options here: the Ozark Trail 20 Person, 4-Room Cabin Tent or the 16 Person, 3-Room Cabin Tent. They both come in under $300. Their specs and our thoughts are detailed below.

Ozark Trail 20 Person, 4-Room Cabin Tent Review

It measures 25′ x 21′ and provides a whopping 283sq feet of floor space. It’s peak height is a whisker shy of 7′ so it’s super easy for most people to stand up in. It packs down into a carry bag measuring approximately 28″ x 14″ x 14″ and it weighs just over 50lbs.

In short, it’s an absolute monster!

Ozark Trail 16 Person, 3-Room Cabin Tent Review

Slightly smaller, this tent boasts floor dimensions of 22′ x 16′ yielding 230sq feet of floor space. A slightly lower ceiling at a shade over 6’6″. The carry bag is 28″ x 12″ x 12″ and it weighs just over 43lbs.

This, too, is a very substantial tent! 

Ozark Trail Instant Tents

Not everyone likes the idea of spending ages putting up a large tent. In this case pop up tents with pre attached poles can be a very good option. They tend to be a bit heavier than their traditional counterparts but all large tents are fairly heavy anyways so that might not be an issue for you. (Note: the Dark Rest tents are also instant tents, but I’ve added them under a separate heading below).

Ozark Trail 11 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Hands down one of the most popular Ozark Trail tents, this chunky beast measures 14′ x 14′ giving 196sq feet of floor space. It’s peak height is a shade over 6′ 3″ which should be fine for most people. It comes with a room divider, giving a bit of flexibility over how to allocate space, and can easily fit 2 queen air mattresses. It weighs about 38.5lbs.

Yes, there are several tents on this list that are bigger, but this one seems to hit the sweet spot in terms of size, design and price in the ultra-budget category.

Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Riddle me this? How is their 12 person version of an instant cabin tent smaller than their 11 person version? Prizes for any answers that make sense! Measuring 18′ x 10′, you get 180sq feet of floor space (so about 16sq feet less than the ‘smaller’ version – perhaps it’s because it’s longer and so easier to configure sleeping arrangements?).

It comes with 2 room dividers and can fit 3 queen airbeds. Quite a bit taller at more than 6′ 6″. And quite a bit heavier at nearly 48lbs. And it comes with one other funky little feature…LED lights on the pre attached poles! A bit gimmicky? Or genuinely awesome? Reviews suggest that owners love this feature…

It’s around 100 bucks more expensive than the Ozark Trail 11, though, so you’ll want to bear that in mind.

Ozark Trail 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent (with Screen Room)

I almost didn’t put this on the list because I don’t know if it’s big enough to qualify as a “large tent”. However, the thing that’s really nice about this tent is the integrated screen room. Even cabin tents with lots of big windows can feel a bit claustrophobic and you can find yourself feeling a bit ‘indoors’. That’s where an integrated screen room comes in because it’s like a conservatory for tents.

It’s rated for 9 people. It measures a pretty generous 14′ x 14′ which means it’s approximately the same size as the Ozark Trail 11 (above). But remember the screen room accounts for a good chunk of that. It breaks down into a very portable carry bag (47″x10″x10″) that weighs 30lbs.

Ozark Trail Dark Rest Tents

The “Dark Rest” technology in Ozark Trail tents is pretty cool. Not only does the fabric block out a lot of the light, it can also really help with the heat as well.

Ozark Trail 12 Person Dark Rest Tent

This cabin tent measures 20′ x 10′ providing 200sq feet of floor space. It has a peak height of over 6′ 6″. Ozark Trail claim you can set it up in 2 minutes. It comes with 2 removable room dividers, meaning you can create 3 rooms (or just have it as one big open space. It’s rated for 12 people and can fit 4 queen sized mattresses. It weighs 45lbs.

Ozark Trail 10 Person Dark Rest Tent

This tent also boasts a 2-minute setup. It’s basically the same style as the Ozark Trail 12P Dark Rest but smaller (obviously!). It boasts 140sq feet of floor space with 14′ x 10′ dimensions. It has an-ever-so-slightly lower peak height of 6′ 5″. It comes with a single room divider (meaning you can have two rooms or one big one) and fits two queen airbeds. All this makes for a slightly more compact carry bag and just shy of 38lbs in weight.

Coleman – Best Budget Large Tents

Coleman Tents are really solid budget tents that give Ozark Trail a run for their money. They tend to be a bit more expensive than Ozark Trail tents. And they also tend to be a bit smaller (a large tent from Coleman is an 8 person tent – with a 10 person tent being the largest they sell at the time of writing). But what you do get with Coleman tents is the name.

Because unlike Ozark Trail (remember, a Walmart brand), Coleman have been dedicated outdoors specialists since the 1950s. And their decades of experience shines through in their manufacturing quality.

In short, people trust Coleman because there are good reasons to trust Coleman.

Coleman have 3 large tent designs that are definitely worth considering if you are on a budget but want a bit more sturdiness and longevity than you might get from an Ozark Trail tent.

Coleman WeatherMaster 10

Measuring 17′ x 9′, the WeatherMaster 10 provides a very comfortable 153sq feet of space. It’s tall, too, with a peak height of over 6’6″. It weighs 30lbs. It’s rated for 10 people and can comfortably fit 3 queen sized airbeds. It’s got two doors (one D-shaped, the other a standard zip-up-zip-down job). And it’s surprisingly easy to set up given it’ size (expect to have it up in less than 15 minutes, even if you’re doing it solo).

Coleman Red Canyon 8

The Coleman Red Canyon is a very similar style to the WeatherMaster 10 (similar price, too). But it’s a bit smaller. The floor dimensions are the same (17′ x 9′) but the center height is just 6′. As a result it’s about 30% lighter at around 20lbs. Honestly, the design is so similar to the WeatherMaster 10, I don’t know why they didn’t just call it the WeatherMaster 8. But there we go.

It’s a massively, massively popular tent. Whether or not it is ‘large’ enough for someone researching large tents, I don’t know. But it’s a solid buy at a solid price. Well worth considering (unless you’re more than 5’10” and love standing up inside tents – in that case look elsewhere).

Coleman Octagon

This is a super tall tent with an almost-yurt-like design. If you’ve ever seen them at a campsite you’ll know they stand out (and as far as we’re concerned that’s in a good way). At 13′ x 13′ it’s definitely not the biggest tent on this list. But 169sq feet of floor space is not to be sniffed at. It’ll easily fit 2 queen airbeds. And you can throw up a divider to create two rooms. it weighs about 20lbs.

The North Face Wawona 6 — Best Storage Options

North Face Wawona


The North Face 6 person tent has a floor area of 86.11 square feet. When assembled, it has floor dimensions of 119 by 54 inches with a center height of 77 inches, and it weighs 20.15 pounds in its carry bag.

The tent features ten storage pockets and two vestibule areas, measuring 21 square feet and 44.7 square feet, respectively. It features tent stakes, guy lines, three doors and good-sized mesh windows. $$$

The Verdict

The North Face Wawona six-person tent was made for car camping. It’s easy to set-up in minutes thanks to the three-pole design, and it packs up compactly, so it’s easy to transport and store. 

If you’re traveling with lots of luggage, you will enjoy the two large vestibules—these will keep large gear out of the way, making space for any air mattresses you’ve bought. Campers with pets especially enjoy the additional areas where their animals can sleep comfortably and dry. 

Inside the tent, you’ll have multiple storage pockets to help you keep all of your essentials organized. It also features a convenient mud mat by the entrances to keep dirt and mud on the outside.

You’ll remain dry and happy inside the tent even when the weather is less than ideal. The rainfly and floor are PU coated to keep water outside. 

When the weather is hot, you can roll up the walls to reveal mesh panels that create a cooling breeze.

In Summary

If you need a tent that’s easy to transport and assemble, the Wawona is an ideal choice. Campers are loving the large vestibules and the high ceiling that allows you to move around upright without getting a stiff neck.

Marmot Limestone 8 — Great Alternative to NEMO Wagontop

Marmot Limestone 8


The Marmot eight-person tent has a floor space of 129.9 square feet. When unpacked, it has floor dimensions of 100 by 187 inches with a center height of 77 inches, and it weighs 20.5 pounds in its carry bag.

The tent features one large vestibule measuring 32 square feet and has multiple storage pockets. It has two large doors, tent stakes, guylines, windows and mesh roof panels. $$$$

The Verdict

If you fancied the NEMO Wagontop tent, but it doesn’t quite suit your budget, this Limestone 8 is an excellent alternative. It sleeps eight people comfortably similar to the Wagontop, and it comes with a durable rainfly and floor to keep you dry.

The large vestibule provides you with lots of storage for large gear, and the interior pockets will keep everything neat. It comes with color-coded poles to simplify installation so you can spend more time with your family and less fiddling with the tent.

Marmot thought every little detail through and included jingle-free zippers that won’t disturb anyone on windy days. The oversized door makes for easy access, and you can pin it up to create a pleasant shade in front of the tent on sunny days. Another thoughtful detail is the reflective points added to the corners of the tent to help you see it at night.

In Summary

Overall, the Marmot Limestone 8 is an excellent family camping tent. It’s super quick to set-up and provides you with lots of headspace and storage. It has many small but significant details, such as the silent zipper, that make it a top-rated tent. Yes it’s expensive. But it’s such high quality it’s also one of the best you could hope to buy.

Tahoe Gear Manitoba 14-Person — Best Portable Large Tent


This Tahoe Gear tent has floor dimensions of 20 by 17 feet with a center height of 6.5 feet. It features one door, three windows, storage pockets and a room divider. $$

The Verdict

If you need a tent that’s easy to pack up and transport, the Manitoba is a superb choice. It fits up to 14 people comfortably in three rooms and has a decent center height so you can avoid a stiff neck.

It comes with a polyester rainfly that features sealed seams for added protection against rain. The convenient mud mat provided helps to keep dirt and debris out of the tent.

Assembly is made super simple with the shock-corded poles as well as pin and ring system. The rainfly is easily attached and secured with the included guy ropes, and it extends over the entry for added protection. 

You can open the windows for added ventilation, and close for privacy during the night. The large mesh ceiling panels provide you with optimal ventilation on sweltering summer days.

In Summary

We like Tahoe Gear here. And the Manitoba is an excellent large tent that can fit the entire family comfortably. The windows provide proper ventilation during warm days and nights. If you prefer more privacy when getting ready in the morning, the room divider is a thoughtful addition.

Best Large Dome Tent? CORE 9 Extended Dome…


The CORE 9 Extended Dome Tent weighs 18.21lbs and measures 16′ x 9′, giving a substantial 144sq feet of floor space. It has a center height of 6′. And it breaks down into a carry bag that measures 27″ x 10″ x 10″. It seems to be available in either Orange or Wine colors. ($)

The Verdict

I love CORE Equipment tents. This tent is a great example of why. Firstly, it’s really cheap compared to many other large tents. But CORE seem to really care about quality. So for not very much money you’re getting something that’s durable and well-designed. And there’s not many manufacturers of any product that can achieve that.

It’s so easy to erect that we read about one user claiming to be able to put it up while drunk!

It’s got plenty of room, even with the dome structure. You can easily fit a queen mattress at each end and have plenty of space in the middle. So if you want to have some tables and chairs set up between the “bedrooms”, then you can.

It’s super sturdy. As with many budget tents, the stakes are really crappy (excuse my French). So throw them away immediately and buy some better ones. That should give you some extra security if the wind gets up or if you have to suffer through a storm.

If you’re over 6′ then you’ll be jealous of all the short people who can stand up straight. If that bothers you, then you might want to find a different family tent. But all-in-all, it’s really spacious, really sturdy and very inexpensive.

In Summary…

If you really want a large dome tent, this should be an easy choice to make. The only reason you might hold back is if you’re tall and feel the need to be able to stand up inside (in which case look at a cabin style tent from this list, because a cabin tent usually has vertical walls and they tend to be a bit taller). 


Got a question that isn’t answered here? Just drop a comment below and someone will get back to you ASAP. In the meantime, here’s some common queries:

What is the Biggest Tent You Can Buy?

The biggest tent you can buy is the Ozark Trail 20 Person, 4-Room Cabin Tent. It’s nearly 7′ tall and offers nearly 300 square feet of floorspace. It’s a monster! But a lot of fun to camp in!

What is the Best Large Family Tent?

The best large family tent is probably the Browning Bighorn Two-Room. It’s an 8-person cabin style tent measuring 10′ x 15′ (150sq feet of floor space) with a peak height of 7’3″. It’s a bit pricey but completely bombproof so a family can enjoy it for…probably decades.

What is the Cheapest Large Camping Tent?

The cheapest large camping tent that we recommend people consider buying is the Ozark Trail 11 Person Instant Cabin Tent. It offers just under 200sq feet of floorspace and has a peak height of 6’3″. You can usually pick one up for between $150-$200 and it’s likely to last at least a couple of seasons.