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The Best Large Tents for Camping in 2021

best large tents
Written by Bertie

Are you going camping with a sizable group of people? If you don’t want to sleep shoulder to shoulder with your camping buddies, you’ll need a large tent.

Large tents come as single rooms and multiple private rooms—but what is right for you? I will take you through the best large tents available on the market so you can make the best-informed decision.

All the tents reviewed in this article are three-season tents. A three-season tent is suitable for use during spring, summer and fall, but not for typical winter weather.

If you’re short on time, I can reveal that my choice of the best large tent is the Nemo Wagontop 8-Person Tent.

The best large tents include:

nemo wagontop 8p


The Nemo tent has a floor space of 125 square feet. When unpacked, it measures 180 by 100 inches, the highest point is 80 inches and it weighs a pinch over 25 pounds. 

The vestibule area is 27 square feet, with large screened windows and one door for ventilation. $$$

The Verdict

The Nemo Wagontop 8P is an excellent tent for a group of four to eight people. It features a unique pole structure that creates straight walls and arched ceiling—providing you with an impressive 6.5 feet of headspace.

If you’re looking for a light tent, this single-wall offering will provide you with what you need. It doesn’t have a rainfly, but it has a sizable vestibule area that can be rolled back for added ventilation and light. The single-wall design means it is simple to set-up.

You can easily fit four sleeping bags at one end of the tent while creating a sitting area in the other half.

In Summary

The Wagontop tent is one of the most popular large tents on the market, and for good reason. It provides lots of space—although it doesn’t feature private rooms, it still has a large, comfortable living area.

Eureka Copper Canyon

Eureka are known for making great kit. They have a history stretching back to the 19th century. Their tents have been used on multiple expeditions, including Sir Edmund Hillary's Himalayan expedition. They also supply the military with tents. They bring their extensive technical expertise to the recreational market with their "Canyon" series at very attractive mid-range prices.

Copper Canyon 12 Specs

This large tent has a floor space of 168 square feet. When unpacked, it measures 14 by 12 feet, the highest point is 7 feet and it weighs 38.12 pounds.

It features two gear lofts, multiple storage pockets and a zippered E-port for power cord access. Two ample doors provide easy entrance and exit, six large screened windows and skylight panels give improved ventilation. $$$

Copper Canyon 8 Specs

This eight-person tent has a floor space of 130 square feet. It measures 13 by 10 feet when unpacked with the highest point being 7 feet. It weighs 34.2 pounds, so it’s also on the heavy side, similar to the 12-person. 

It features two gear lofts, multiple storage pockets and E-port for power cord access. There are two doors, and six screened windows. There's a detachable awning for added shade during the day. $$$

Eureka Desert Canyon

Desert Canyon 6 Specs

This square tent has a floor space of 100 square feet, that's 10 feet square when unpacked. The tent has a high center height of 7 feet, and it weighs 23.2 pounds.

The tent features one gear loft, two storage pockets and E-port. It features one large door, three screened windows and skylight panels. $$ 

The Verdict

The Eureka "Canyon" range of large tents have a lot to offer when it comes to space. All feature walls are close to vertical, and an arched ceiling gives you a generous height of 7-foot. 

The tents also come with several storage and organization options—including gear lofts and mesh storage pockets. The larger tents feature room dividers to help you keep the space even more organized—it’s also a handy feature if you’re camping with friends or kids.

Ventilation is superb in the Copper Canyon range—each tent features large mesh windows on all sides that can provide a cooling breeze in the summer. All the tents are fitted with mesh ceiling panels. These not only improve ventilation but also give you front row stargazing seats.

If you’re worried about staying dry on wet days, all tents come with a protective rainfly made of high-quality polyester. The wrap-up bathtub floor keeps the seams on the walls rather than the floor, to prevent water from entering and protect you from underneath. 

In Summary

If you’re looking for a tent with ample headspace, the Eureka "Canyon" range is an excellent option. No matter how many people the tent fits, it still has that tall 7-foot ceiling, allowing all but the basketball team to stand upright.


This 14-person has a floor space of 260 square feet. When unpacked, it measures 20 by 20 feet, with a height of 78 inches, and it weighs 47.4 pounds.

The tent features one gear loft, two gear hammocks, eight wall pockets, one media pocket and one E-port. It has four rooms, four doors and 12 windows. $

The Verdict

This is a grand-sized tent that can sleep up to 14 people comfortably in four separate rooms, each with its own entrance. It offers ample floor space, which makes it an excellent choice for family gatherings or a large camping group.

We know Ozark Trail to be a budget-friendly brand and this tent is no different, despite its immense size. It has a lot to offer, such as multiple storage options, media pocket and zippered E-port. 

The tent features 12 windows with mesh screens and mesh ceiling panels to improve ventilation throughout the interior.

Setting the tent up might seem like a challenge; however, it comes with a pin and ring frame attachment, and pre-attached corner molds. These features simplify assembly.

In Summary

If you need an enormous space for family gatherings, the Ozark Trail 14-Person tent is an ideal choice. It has ample room to fit your camping friends or guests comfortably, and it comes with plenty of bells and whistles without breaking your bank.

North Face Wawona


The North Face six-person tent has a floor space of 86.11 square feet. When assembled, it measures 119 by 54 inches with a height of 77 inches, and it weighs 20.15 pounds.

The tent features ten storage pockets and two vestibule areas, measuring 21 square feet and 44.7 square feet, respectively. It features three doors and good-sized mesh windows. $$$

The Verdict

The North Face Wawona six-person tent was made for car camping. It’s easy to set-up in minutes thanks to the three-pole design, and it packs up compactly, so it’s easy to transport and store. 

If you’re traveling with lots of luggage, you will enjoy the two large vestibules—these will keep large gear out of the way. Campers with pets especially enjoy the additional areas where their animals can sleep comfortably and dry. 

Inside the tent, you’ll have multiple storage pockets to help you keep all of your essentials organized. It also features a convenient mud mat by the entrances to keep dirt and mud on the outside.

You’ll remain dry and happy inside the tent even when the weather is less than ideal. The rainfly and floor are PU coated to keep water outside. 

When the weather is hot, you can roll up the walls to reveal mesh panels that create a cooling breeze.

In Summary

If you need a tent that’s easy to transport and assemble, the Wawona is an ideal choice. Campers are loving the large vestibules and the high ceiling that allows you to move around upright without getting a stiff neck.

Marmot Limestone 8


The Marmot eight-person tent has a floor space of 129.9 square feet. When unpacked, it measures 100 by 187 inches with a height of 77 inches, and it weighs 20.5 pounds.

The tent features one large vestibule measuring 32 square feet and has multiple storage pockets. It has two large doors, windows and mesh ceiling panels. $$$$

The Verdict

If you fancied the NEMO Wagontop tent, but it doesn’t quite suit your budget, this Limestone 8 is an excellent alternative. It sleeps eight people comfortably similar to the Wagontop, and it comes with a durable rainfly and floor to keep you dry.

The large vestibule provides you with lots of storage for large gear, and the interior pockets will keep everything neat. It comes with color-coded poles to simplify installation so you can spend more time with your family and less fiddling with the tent.

Marmot thought every little detail through and included jingle-free zippers that won’t disturb anyone on windy days. The oversized door makes for easy access, and you can pin it up to create a pleasant shade in front of the tent on sunny days. Another thoughtful detail is the reflective points added to the corners of the tent to help you see it at night.

In Summary

Overall, the Marmot Limestone 8 is an excellent tent for a family weekend camping trip. It’s super quick to set-up and provides you with lots of headspace and storage. It has many small but significant details, such as the silent zipper, that make it a top-rated tent.


This 14-person tent measures 20 square feet, with a height of 78 inches. The tent has four private rooms, each with its own entrance, and it can fit five queen-sized airbeds in total. It features mesh windows and ceiling panels and an E-port. $$

The Verdict

If you’re on a tight budget but need a large tent, this 14-person tent is an excellent choice. It might not be as durable as the Ozark Trail Base Camp tent; however, in mild weather, this will do just fine.

A large rainfly with sealed seams will keep water out. Each room can be closed off for privacy, and they even feature their own entrance, so you don’t disturb other campers. 

Each room can easily fit a queen-sized airbed, including the center room, so that’s five in total. The tent has windows and mesh panels throughout to provide good air circulation.

You get several storage pockets and an E-port so you can easily pull an extension cord inside the tent.

In Summary

For mild weather, this large tent is a super option for family gatherings or family camping trips. It’s important to remember that this is a budget tent—it won’t hold up as well as others in very windy or wet conditions, which is when most campers run into trouble.


This compact tent measures 10 feet by 15 feet with an impressive height of 87 inches, and it weighs 34.11 pounds. There are two doorways, six windows, a mesh roof and a room divider. It also features multiple mesh pockets for storage. $$

The Verdict

The Big Horn tent is a durable, free-standing tent, made with fiberglass poles and steel uprights. The sides of the tent are almost vertical, giving you optimal headspace inside. There’s room inside to fit up to eight sleeping bags or cots comfortably, and you can set-up the room divider for more privacy.

Thanks to the free-standing design, you can move the tent around without having to take it apart. You can also use it on hard ground, since it doesn’t rely on support from ropes to keep its shape. 

It comes fully equipped with mesh storage pockets, guy ropes, steel stakes and a durable polyester fly. The seams on the fly are factory sealed, so that you can stay dry on rainy days.

The six windows and the mesh ceiling provide excellent airflow throughout the tent while the two doorways make for easy entrance and exit.

In Summary

The Big Horn is an ideal option for families or friends camping together. If you need to, you can create a degree of privacy with the room divider. 

They make this tent with high-quality materials that will stand up to most rain, wind and sun. This is an easy-to-assemble tent, and will keep its shape thanks to the steel uprights.


The Tahoe tent measures 20 by 17 feet with a height of 6.5 feet. It features one door, three windows, storage pockets and a room divider. $$

The Verdict

If you need a tent that’s easy to pack up and transport, the Manitoba is a superb choice. It fits up to 14 people comfortably in three rooms and has a decent center height so you can avoid a stiff neck.

It comes with a polyester rainfly that features sealed seams for added protection against rain. The convenient mud mat provided helps to keep dirt and debris out of the tent.

Assembly is made super simple with the shock-corded poles as well as pin and ring system. The rainfly is easily attached and secured with the included guy ropes, and it extends over the entry for added protection. 

You can open the windows for added ventilation, and close for privacy during the night. The large mesh ceiling panels provide you with optimal ventilation on sweltering summer days.

In Summary

The Manitoba is an excellent large tent that can fit the entire family comfortably. The windows provide proper ventilation during warm days and nights. If you prefer more privacy when getting ready in the morning, the room divider is a thoughtful addition.

Buying Guide to Find the Best Large Tent for You

Before jumping headfirst into a purchase, you need to consider a few things to ensure you get what you need. Below is a quick guide to help you find the best large tent for your next camping trip.


Yes, we’re talking about large tents, but what size do you actually need? Manufacturers categorize tents by the number of people, or sleeping bags they can hold. However, if you’re going camping as a group of eight, an eight-person tent might not be roomy enough—here’s why.

Some campers prefer to get close to nature and sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag—whereas others prefer cots or even airbeds. So, if you’re a group of eight, and some would like a cot or mattress, consider a larger 10-person or even 12-person tent.


Large tents are heavy, which shouldn’t be a surprise. If you’re going car-camping—where you simply pull up to the campsite and set-up your tent—weight probably won’t matter since you aren’t carrying it for long distances.

On the other hand, if you're going camping in a more rural area where you must take your gear to and from the car—the weight will matter. Consider who will carry the tent—do you have lots of luggage and equipment as well? 

These large tents aren’t suitable for backpacking, but most come with a convenient carry bag. This will help to make it easier to get the tent to and from the car and simplify storage.

Pole Quality

The poles are one of the most crucial parts of large tents as they support the structure. Fiberglass poles are excellent for short camping trips in mild summer, spring or typical fall weather. However, if rough conditions are on the radar, go for aluminum poles since these are more durable and won’t bend or break as easily.

Material Quality

A tent has to keep you dry in wet conditions, warm in chilly weather, and cool in blistering temperatures—therefore, you should consider the material.

Tents come in a range of materials, such as polyethylene, nylon and polyester. Polyester is probably one of the most common materials used because of its durability and affordability.

It’s also more UV-resistant compared to nylon and will, therefore, perform better when exposed to direct sun.


Having a good rainfly over your tent is crucial for a few reasons. First of all, when it rains, the waterproof fly prevents water from soaking into the ceiling and walls of your tent by redirecting down the sides.

During chilly nights, the added protection of the rainfly will help to keep the inside of the tent warm. As we saw in the reviews above, most large tents feature mesh ceiling panels for added ventilation; therefore, a rainfly is a must.

All seams should be sealed to further waterproof your rainfly. Nowadays, most manufacturers do this for you in the factory—usually labeled as factory-sealed—however, this isn’t always enough. Luckily, it’s easy to seal the seams yourself either by using tape or a sealant, such as the GEAR AID Seam Grip.

Storage Options

We prefer tents that come with multiple storage options—you rarely go camping with a lightly packed bag; therefore, there should be a place for everything. A gear loft or hammock provides an excellent overhead storage compartment for large gear. You can also hang lanterns or lights from the hammock to keep the tent well-lit at night.

Smaller storage pockets within the tent keep your essentials off of the floor. Some tents, such as the Ozark Trail Base Camp 14, even come with a media pocket that suits most tablets and iPads.

Vestibules are the optimal gear storage option; however, adding a vestibule to an already large tent can make it excessively big, so they aren’t as common as they are in smaller tents. 

In saying that, you can find big tents with large vestibules, such as The North Face Wawona 6, if it’s a must-have in your book.


Proper ventilation is a must in all tents; however, when you’ve got eight or more people inside the tent, and it’s humid—the air can get somewhat stagnant. This can also lead to a build-up of carbon dioxide, which is the byproduct we exhale.

As oxygen levels lower and carbon dioxide rises, it can cause headaches, fatigue and even shortness of breath.

Many of the best large tents come with screened or mesh windows that will increase airflow. Mesh ceiling panels also help to keep good air circulation throughout the tent.

This feature is less effective if you fit a tarp or rainfly tightly over the mesh panels. If possible, try to leave a slight space between the tent and the fly to give you optimal air circulation during hot summer days and nights—even in the rain.


An E-port is a handy feature in any tent. It gives you easy access when you need to draw a power cord into the tent to work a light or even a phone charger. Some tents feature a straightforward folded opening while others feature a zippered opening.

You’ll find the E-port usually at a corner close to the entrance of the tent.

What Does Tent Capacity Mean - How Large Is Large?

Tent capacity ONLY refers to how many people that a tent can sleep comfortably—We’ve discussed sleeping preferences and arrangements and how crucial ample storage space is, but there are other considerations. 

If you're camping with kids, you'll need room for them to fidget, stretch and play, or wet days and nights will be very long. If you’re taking a pet along, you may need to keep that inside too if the weather is poor.

Multi-Room vs. Single Room Tents

You can find large tents as single-room models and multi-room tents, but which is best? It all depends on your preference—it’s also worth considering who you’re camping with.

Vacationing with friends is great, but you, and they, will need some private space, so are separate rooms required, or will a divider do? If you're taking along the dog, will it need an indoor place of its own to sleep?

Having multiple rooms means you won't have to worry about disturbing others during the night. It will also give you more privacy when you need to change.

Multi-room tents also allow you to create separate dining and sleeping areas.

On the other hand, single-room tents are excellent for families with smaller children since you can keep an eye on the kids at all times. Most large single-room tents feature one or more room dividers that can turn your single-tent into a multi-room tent.

A room divider can be the best of both worlds. When you want privacy, close the divider, and when you want more space, keep it open.

Advantages of Large Tents

Here are a few things to look forward to when camping with a large tent:

1. More Affordable

Large tents might have a more significant price tag; however, when you compare how much more space you get, it's worth it. Consider this if you're going camping with close family or friends, you have the option of buying separate tents or purchasing one together.

Buying one large tent that you all can stay in will save you a few bucks.

2. More Storage Options

Small tents can feel cramped—add in all of your gear, and you might not have a place to sleep. Large tents generally have more storage pockets, lofts and hammocks to store your essentials.

3. Better Ventilation

The added space within larger tents will improve the airflow since campers aren't as cramped up inside. Most large tents also feature multiple mesh windows, doors and even large mesh ceiling panels.

Disadvantages of Large Tents

Before settling on a large tent, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Size

Large tents can be difficult to fit into some small campgrounds. It's essential to plan ahead to ensure the place you're camping can adequately room your grand tent. You don't want to have to pitch your tent right up against your fellow campers and risk disturbing each other.

2. Weight

Large tents are significantly heavier than smaller ones. This can make both transportation and storage harder. Again, by planning ahead, you can easily avoid any major weight issues.


What Is the Largest Tent You Can Buy?

One of the largest camping tents on the market is the Ozark Trail 20-Person tent. It's shaped like a giant Y and is exceptionally aerodynamic so that it can withstand powerful winds.

On our list, the largest tent featured is the Ozark Trail 14-Person tent, which is both big and budget-friendly.

What Is the Best Large Family Tent?

The Eureka Copper Canyon 3-Season 8-Person tent is one of our favorite family tents—it’s got plenty of room for a family of four plus luggage and a pet.

A good family tent should be large enough to room parents and kids comfortably. Depending on the weather, you might spend more time within the tent—there should, therefore, be room for the kids to play.

Multiple rooms are excellent to have when camping with children, regardless of their age. However, with young children (babies to school-age) it’s good to have a separate room where they can sleep peacefully regardless of their bedtime. A simple zippered room divider will also do just fine in this case.

If you choose a tent with multiple rooms, make sure the youngest children either sleep in your room or right next to it. This will ensure you’re always close at hand if needed. 

How Long Will It Take to Assemble a Large Tent?

You may assume that large tents will be a challenge to assemble; however, not all large tents are difficult. Many larger tents feature a pin and ring system that makes it easier for you to attach the poles to the rainfly.

Most tents also come with shock-corded poles that easily snap into place—these will also help to ease assembly.

If you’ve two, or more, people working together, you should be able to put the tent up in about 10 minutes. However, if you’re on your own, it will take longer and depend on your experience.

Pop-up or instant tents are popular because they’re super quick to set-up. Unfortunately, the largest pop-up tent will only fit between four and six adults.

What Is the Best Large Tent for Bad Weather Conditions?

If you’re going camping in an area where rain and high winds are likely, you must equip yourself properly.

We found that The North Face Wawona 6 tent is one of the most weather-resistant large tents. The PU-coated fly and floor will keep water out while the low-profile and smooth shape withstands winds excellently.

If this tent isn't your cup of tea, there are ways to improve the weather-resistance of your tent. First of all, seal all seams, as we explained above. Make sure you have a strong rainfly that's appropriately attached to keep the rain out.

Bathtub floors are also a must-have in rough weather. Here, the seams are higher up on the wall, as opposed to on the ground. This means, even if you're stuck in a puddle, water should stay out.

Having a footprint for your tent will also help to prevent any damage to the floor. You place a footprint underneath the tent as a protection for the floor against rough terrain.

Are Expensive Tents Worth It?

Usually, a higher price for a tent is because they are lighter but sturdier, and built with more robust materials—such as aluminum poles instead of fiberglass, than a cheaper tent. However, whether they're worth the extra expense depends on you, and how and where you plan to use it.

If you need a summer tent for a car-camping trip, a budget tent or regular tent is more than enough. Expensive tents are mostly used by campers who are camping in rough terrains and weather for an extended period.

Which Is the Cheapest Large Camping Tent?

The price of a tent depends significantly on the size, build quality and brand. Ozark Trail is a well-known budget brand that produces good-quality tents.

On our list, one of the cheapest large tents is the fortunershop Family Cabin Tent. Considering that it can hold up to 14 people in light weather, it’s safe to say it’s worth it. However, if you want a budget-friendly tent that can keep up in harsher conditions, Ozark Trail products are better.

Large-Scale Camping

Large tents have a lot to offer when it comes to storage, ventilation and space—which makes them the perfect option for groups or families camping.

The Nemo Wagontop 8-Person Tent makes number one on our list. It's made of durable materials, comes with a large vestibule and is light, considering it's such a large tent.

Runner-up is the Eureka Copper Canyon 3-Season 12-Person tent, which is an excellent choice for bigger groups. It features lots of ventilation options, such as mesh windows and ceiling, it also has several doorways.

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