Best Sleeping Bag for Tall Man

Camping offers fun for everyone, whether young or old, sporty or laid-back, short or tall. But for us taller folks reaching beyond 6 feet, regular sleeping bags just don’t cut it. We wake up with cold shoulders and arms, and our heads are outside the cushioned layer underneath. 

This is why we’re going to pick out the best sleeping bag for tall man (or lady!) in this article. If you’re short on time, the Coleman Big Basin is the best product in our eyes. 

The best sleeping bags for tall men include:

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Reviews of the Best Sleeping Bag for Tall Man

Coleman Big Basin—Best Overall


If you’re looking for a spacious sleeping bag, the 39 x 92-inch Coleman Big Basin is a great fit. It’ll fit someone up to 6 feet 6 inches tall, giving you extra space to move around if you’re anything under that. With a 39-inch width, larger people will also have a good night’s sleep inside the Big Basin.

Ripstop polyester is used for both outer material and filling, which is long-lasting and holds up heat well, but it isn’t the softest material to sleep in. For your feet, there’s a fleece-lined area that will keep your toes warm throughout the night. It’s a barrel-shaped sleeping bag which means that it has insulating features but still gives you some wiggle room. The temperature rating is 15 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Other features include an adjustable hood so you can customize how much warmth or ventilation you want while sleeping. Also equipped is a thermolock draft tube that prevents heat from escaping through the zipper. Finally, this sleeping bag comes with a stuffing bag for easy transportation.

The Verdict

Customers state that the Coleman Big Basin gives them plenty of legroom, even though they’re tall. Larger buyers also state that they don’t feel claustrophobic inside the bag, and generally speaking, this product really does provide a lot of space.

Due to the barrel design and adjustable hood, however, it doesn’t compromise on warmth either. Users report that they stay warm throughout the night in this sleeping bag, and the fleece-lined foot area also helps. If the weather conditions are warmer, customers also appreciate that the foot area has air vents to prevent them from sweating excessively.

The large dimensions of the Coleman Big Basin make it slightly heavy, but most of all, reportedly difficult to roll up and store inside the stuffing bag. It’s not ideal for backpacking either, since it’s large even when rolled up.

In Summary

The Coleman Big Basin is our top pick for sleeping bags for tall men. It’s super spacious, warm, and durable as well. Due to its large dimensions, it’s not the most portable bag, however. Backpackers should probably look for less bulky sleeping bags that are easier to carry. 

hug your body the closest and minimize cold air pockets, which means that they keep you warmer during the night. However, if you tend to move around a lot when sleeping or if you sleep on your side and not your back, this might not be the best-fitting sleeping bag.

Coleman North Rim—Best for Cold Weather


Here’s a sleeping bag that’s built to withstand cold temperatures. This mummy sleeping bag retains heat really well, but the tradeoff is that it hugs your body tight and doesn’t give as much wiggle space. Its temperature rating is 10 degrees Fahrenheit, but it can withstand temperatures as low as 0 degrees F.

The North Rim measures 32 x 82 inches, so it’ll fit people up to 6 feet 2 inches tall. This bag is quilted and thick to keep you comfortable and warm, but this also makes it heavy. At 5.8 pounds, it’s not appropriate for those who will use their sleeping bag when hiking. Also, note that it’s nylon-lined, which isn’t the softest material.

Other features of this sleeping bag include an insulated foot box and quilting construction to keep you as warm as possible. Another thing to mention is that this product has a semi-sculpted hood that you can tighten with a drawstring to maximize its heat-sealing capacities. Finally, the thermolock draft tube prevents heat from escaping through the zipper.

The Verdict

The most appreciated thing about this camping bag is how warm it keeps its users during the night. At 30 degrees F, it keeps buyers warm and toasty, and at 10 degrees F or even 0 degrees F, they report getting through the night fairly comfortably. Naturally, you need to take additional measures to stay really warm when temperatures drop that low, such as warm clothing and an insulating layer underneath you.

Other pros of the North Rim include the string-hood that you can customize to your liking and even fit a pillow inside. The bag is easy to get in and out of and the zipper doesn’t get stuck due to the ZipPlow system that plows away fabric when you use it.

This sleeping bag comes with a stuff sack which means that you push the bag into the stack rather than rolling it up. Buyers state that this makes it really bulky, and this paired with its heavy 5.8-pound weight, makes it less-than-ideal for backpacking trips.

In Summary

For those who like to camp during winter, the Coleman North Rim will keep you cozy in freezing temperatures, and the string hood can be pulled tight or loose depending on how warm you want to be. This is a bulky and heavy sleeping bag, though, so backpackers should probably pick another product on our list.

Coleman Biscayne—Best Summer Sleeping Bag


The Coleman Biscayne consists of a brushed polyester cover that’s both breathable and prevents overheating but can also keep you warm during spring and fall. The inner part of the bag has a tricot blend liner that further adds to the breathability.

This is a rectangle-shaped sleeping bag that doesn’t retain heat as well as the other models, but it gives you more room to move around and lets heat escape when it’s warm. The Biscayne works well at a temperature rating as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit but is more suited for warmer environments. You can also unzip the bottom on hot nights.

This sleeping bag is 39 x 81 inches, which means that it suits people on the wider side. It’s also a good fit for those as tall as 6 feet 4 inches.

Other features include a roll control system that locks the edges of the bag when you roll it up, as well as a quick cord that snaps and locks to make it easier to pack up the bag.

The Verdict

The Biscayne works well to keep you cool and dry during hot and humid nights. Users state that their body temperature felt perfect during summer nights and that it kept them from sweating despite 50 percent humidity. Users also report using the sleeping bag at 50 degrees F and that it works well in those temperatures.

Another appreciated feature is that you can zip two of these camping bags together if you want a double bag that fits two people. Even if you only use one bag, buyers also like how much space they have to move around inside it.

What people complain about the most is the sewn-in cord that feels flimsy. While it helps to roll up the sleeping bag, buyers feel like it won’t last very long. Also, some customers complain that the inner lining feels rough on the skin and that it isn’t the most comfortable sleeping bag they’ve used.

In Summary

Sometimes, the biggest issue people have with sleeping bags is that they get too hot and sweaty. If you’re a summer camper, the Coleman Biscayne is a great choice that will keep you well-ventilated. The inner lining may feels rough, so it’s best to wear a thin layer of clothing underneath to combat this,

Oaskys Camping 3 Season—Most Budget-Friendly


The oaskys Camping 3 Season is an affordable sleeping bag that has enough space for taller people. It measures 31.5 x 86.6 inches, meaning that those as tall as 6 feet 5 inches will have a good night’s sleep inside the bag.

Another pro with this camping bag is that it’s lightweight, weighing only 3.2 pounds. This makes it a good fit for those who need to carry it for long distances. What makes it good for tough conditions is that it consists of waterproof polyester to withstand rain. The stuffing is cotton, which has heat-retaining properties for cold weather.

The separate zipper at the bottom allows you to pop your feet out if you feel too hot inside the sleeping bag. Also, the half-circle hood uses an adjustable drawstring so you can tighten the bag to seal in heat as well.

The Verdict

This is a budget-friendly sleeping bag that accommodates people well over 6 feet. Users say it’s ideal for long distances as it packs down small and is light enough to carry.

Other advantages of this camping bag are that it keeps you warm during the night in cool temperatures, but not those below freezing. If it’s cold outside, users appreciate that they can tighten the drawstring for a warmer sleep.

One complaint is that the zipper isn’t the best quality and it’s broken after a few uses for some. Others report that the fabric tears when you wash the bag, even if you follow the instructions on the label.

In Summary

If you’re on a tight budget but still want a large sleeping bag, go for the Oaskys 3 season camping bag for the best value for money. It’s lightweight and a good fit for hikers or backpackers. However, it’s not the most durable product, so take care when using and washing to make it last longer.

REDCAMP Cotton Flannel—Softest Sleeping Bag


The most prominent feature of the REDCAMP sleeping bag is its inner cotton and flannel lining that’s soft, breathable, and well insulated. Its barrel shape means that it can retain heat while still giving you space for tossing and turning.

The cotton flannel bag measures 35 x 91 inches, making it an excellent pick for those as tall as 6 feet 9 inches. It’s also rather wide and can reportedly fit two kids or one adult on the larger side.

The sleeping bag also comes with a compression sack that makes it less bulky during transport. Finally, REDCAMP offers a one-year limited warranty for manufacturing defects, which is another bonus.

The Verdict

Users love the softness of the fabric and state that they sleep super comfortably inside the bag. It’s extra-long and roomy as well, and tall people feel like they have space to move inside the sleeping bag and can even cover their head.

Another feature people like is the internal storage pocket where you can keep belongings such as your phone or wallet while you sleep. It’s not slippery like some synthetic materials can be, and it doesn’t make you sweat as much either, according to buyers.

However, users state that it’s not the warmest sleeping bag, and when the temperature rating drops below 50 degrees F, you might feel cold. Some people also feel like this camping bag is heavy and bulky, even when rolled up into the compression sack, so you might not want to use it for backpacking.

In Summary

For those looking for an extra-long, soft sleeping bag that makes you feel like you’re sleeping on clouds, the REDCAMP Cotton Flannel is ideal. With a cotton flannel inner lining, it feels soft and keeps you comfy throughout the night. It’s breathable as well, and you won’t feel sweaty, but the downfall is that it’s not as warm as other products on our list.

Sleeping Bags for Tall People: Buying Guide

Consider the following features for a spacious, comfortable, and warm sleeping bag for a tall user.


While most sleeping bags are between 70–75 inches, people who reach above 6 feet need a sleeping bag that’s 5–10 inches taller than them. A bag for a tall man of 6.5 feet should be at least 84 inches, for example.

You should also consider the width of the sleeping bag, especially if you’re a bigger person all-around. The best sleeping bags are those that give you a few inches of space on each side of your body so that heat can be stored in those layers. Too much space, however, and you’ll lose heat.


The three most common shapes are barrel, rectangle, and mummy sleeping bags. You should pick one that suits your sleeping style.


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