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Coleman Sundome 6 Review

coleman sundome review
Written by Bertie

The Coleman Sundome 6 person tent is a spacious and airy option for lightweight travelers. It’s designed to withstand rain and wind, while also being comfortable during the summer. With a unique pole design, it’s quick to set up and take down. 

Camping with the whole family is the best way to spend the summer—if you have the right tent. Finding a tent with the right features, that’s spacious enough to house six people comfortably requires some research. 

Luckily for you, I’m doing a Coleman Sundome 6 person tent review. You’ll find everything you need to know to see if this is the tent for you. 

What We Like

  • Quick set-up.

  • Inward seams. 

  • Zipper protection.

  • Waterproof floors. 

  • Wind-strong frame.

  • Spacious interior. 

  • Door awning.

  • Ample storage pockets. 

  • E-port. 

What We Don’t Like

  • Fitting six people would be snug. 

  • The large ventilation windows don’t have covers.

  • Not waterproof all the way around. 

Bottom Line

The Coleman Sundome 6 person tent comes with several good-to-have features, like a door awning, storage pockets and a spacious interior. It also includes a rainfly and a compatible tote bag.

However, despite the high ceiling, I wouldn’t recommend it for more than four people to share. It might be too snug if you were to use it for six adults (a common theme with Coleman Sundome tents). 

That said, its easy set-up and lightweight frame suggest it’s an excellent option if you’re going on foot or bike. It might even protect you from minor rainfall and moist ground. 

Where to Buy Coleman Sundome 6

coleman sundome review

The Coleman Sundome 6 provides a roomy 10'x10' space and weighs 16.6lbs


In my Coleman Sundome 6 person tent review, we’ll look at some of the tent’s benefits and features, as well as shortcomings. 

The tent has a lot of pros, and it’s certainly worth considering if you’re looking for an option that won’t break the bank. 

However, it also has a few downsides, such as questionable weatherproofing and a snug interior despite being advertised as a tent for six people.


The Coleman Sundome 6 person tent is a roomy option with a floor space of 10 feet by 10 feet, weighing approximately 16.6 pounds. It consists of a polyester taffeta 75 denier flysheet that’s been rain and wind tested. 

The Sundome has a spacious D-shaped door with a wind and waterproof zipper. It comes with a steady frame, designed to withstand winds of up to 35 miles per hour. On the sides, it features large ventilation windows, suggesting it’s a comfortable accommodation during warm summers.

The Sundome also has a few extra features. This includes an E-port, which helps you stay connected, as well as additional storage compartments and one center hook for a light. 

The tent stands 6 feet at the center and can fit two queen-sized air beds. Additionally, Coleman includes a one-year limited warranty. 

However, it isn’t all good. For instance, it might be too snug if you’re planning on housing six adults. It might be a better fit for four adults, or two adults and three kids. 

You should also consider purchasing a compatible tarp for extra protection during rainy seasons. The large ventilation windows don’t come with a cover or zipper, which means that rain and wind can easily enter. 

Features and Benefits


Considering the size, the Sundome 6 person tent is rather light. It weighs 16.6 pounds—this is including the frame and all accessories. It comes with an expandable storage bag, making it easy to pack up and store. 

The weight makes the tent easy to transport from place to place. It fits easily on the back of a bike or in a backpack if you’re on foot. 

Floor Space

The spacious floor space of this dome tent is impressive—it’s enough to fit two queen-sized airbeds. 

Of course, it might be a little too snug for some people’s comfort with two beds, so a couple of sleeping bags may be a better option. 

A few campers said that the six-person tent is better for four people or less. Then you’ll have ample room for sleeping bags with spare floor space for storing other items, like a cooler or bags.

Unpacked Dimensions

Once out of the bag, the Coleman Sundome 6 person tent measures 10 feet by 10 feet. There should be ample room for four adults to stay without feeling too snug. Although, it might not be sufficient for six adults—depending on how comfortable you are with each other.


The Coleman Sundome comes with one door, suited with a zipper cuff, that’s made with weather-resistant fabric, preventing water from seeping in. Overhead, you have a door awning that leads the water out and away from the tent, hopefully keeping you dry.

With that said, the door is a little snug, and, depending on your height, you’ll have to hunch over. It also isn’t wide enough for two people to enter and exit simultaneously. 


The Sundome comes with a few internal mesh pockets where you can store things like books, devices or perhaps some light clothes. 

The mesh pockets are sewn into the walls, keeping them secure. However, there aren’t many of them, and besides these, you don’t have other storage options. For instance, there’s no gear loft or vestibules, allowing you to stash larger items. 

Highest Point

In the Coleman Sundome 6 person tent you have a ceiling height of 6 feet. However, because this is a dome-shaped tent, only the center will be this tall. To the sides and outward, it might become more challenging to stand upright. 


One of the great details about this tent is the ventilation options, suggesting it’s a fantastic tent for summer.

On the side are large mesh windows. These allow air to ventilate the interior, keeping the atmosphere comfortable and less humid. Then along the floor run ground vents—these bring cool air in, forcing the heat out.

However, this is where there seems to be a problem. 

You can’t close the mesh windows, meaning that when it rains or there’s a strong wind, it might compromise your comfort. You can counter this by investing in a separate tarp to go over the top. 


The Sundome 6 person tent is engineered to be steady and capable of withstanding strong winds. This is thanks to its wind-responsive frame with guy-out triangles and redesigned poles. 

It’s also effortless to set up. Coleman includes Insta-Clip suspension, which is supposedly snag-free. In addition to this, there are snag-free continuous pole sleeves as well as a patented pin-and-ring system. 

All in all, Coleman suggests that it takes no more than 10 minutes to get it up.

In saying this, it seems that a point of complaint is the stakes. They’re prone to snapping and may not keep the tent up once the weather roughens up. However, this is often the case with budget tents that are designed to be lightweight.

One way to prevent this is simply by purchasing new, more durable stakes.

Other Features

The tent comes with a few additional features to improve your experience. 

For starters, you’ll receive Coleman’s WeatherTec system, which is an all-inclusive bundle. In this, there’s a tub floor, designed with welded corners, inverted seams as well as a covered zipper. 

It also includes a rainfly and a covered awning, allowing the water to drain away from the door and zipper. 

At the center of the ceiling is a hook where you can hang a small, lightweight fan. 

Included with the tent is also a tote bag for easy travel. This makes it quick to pack up and get going. 

Down toward the side, there’s an E-port, enabling you to draw a cable into the tent without needing to open the door. That said, if it rains, avoid keeping the cable port open as it can provide a way for water to seep into the floor. It may also present a shock hazard. 

Rated Seasons

The Coleman Sundome tent is advertised as a three-season tent. In saying this, three seasons might be stretching it. 

The tent doesn’t include any insulation features, and due to the open windows and vents, it would get too cold. It’s also not designed to withstand hail and severe rainfall, which may make it unusable during fall. 

Still, it’s an excellent summer tent that you should be able to use during early fall and late spring. Perhaps bring extra clothes and blankets. 


To help you get a better idea of where this tent performs best, I’ve included a few scenarios below: 

Music Festivals

One reviewer said that they bought the tent to bring with them to the Electric Forest music festival. One of the reasons for buying it was for its weatherproofing since it was going to be a wet weekend. 

Overall, the Coleman Sundome performed well. Despite harsh winds and lots of rain—inches of water outside—the tent weathered through without being treated with a water sealant beforehand. 

The tent held up effortlessly through the five-day festival with only the rainfly and a tarp, which covered about half the tent.

Another point is how breathable it is. 

When it rains, it often increases the humidity inside a tent. However, thanks to the vents and windows, all the humid air is able to escape, keeping the inside comfortable. 

It was also a breeze to set up and take down again. However, it may require some quick thinking to get back into the tote bag. 

Windy Camping

Windy weather is a camping killer if you don’t have the right tent. With the Coleman Sundome, there seem to be some mixed feelings. 

Our next scenario is a camper who stayed out during a Florida thunderstorm with heavy rain and harsh winds. 

To begin with, the tent was super easy to set up, despite the poor weather conditions. It was a no-nonsense process, and all it took was two poles and seven guy lines—in all about 15 minutes. 

Coleman advertises the tent as being capable of withstanding strong winds—and it isn’t far off. The camper states that the walls shook and moved around during the storm, but it all remained intact. 

This is another camper who didn’t have time to treat the material with any waterproofing or seal the seams. However, they did set up the rainfly for additional protection. Fortunately, the Sundome didn’t disappoint and stood its ground through the storm. 

The one place of concern was the E-port. Although there’s a zipper, it did leak a few drops of water into the tent. Perhaps a notable spot to apply some sealant. 

For this trip, our camper housed only two people in the six-person tent. And although the ceiling is high, there isn’t much room for more people, plus gear. 

Despite the tent holding up, they recommended placing a 10 foot by 10 foot tarp underneath and a 10 foot by 20 foot tarp over it. 

Warm Weather Camping

Warm summers are perfect for camping, but it can quickly get too hot. Our next scenario is a camper who bought this as a last-minute replacement for an ‘ideal weather’ camping trip. 

On a warm, sunny day, with all the vents and windows sealed, the tent’s temperature rose a bit. Fortunately, it didn’t overheat or get too uncomfortable. 

Once you open the vents and unseal the windows, the temperature drops, and it becomes more manageable. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t place it in the sun. Find a shaded spot to set it up to avoid overheating. 

On the other hand, the night got a little chilly, which made the inside quite cold. This also shows that it isn’t suitable for late fall/winter camping. 

The walls don’t retain heat very well, so even with a space heater, it would be cold. You may be able to find a tarp or other material to seal the windows.

Still, thanks to the spacious ceiling and floor space, it was comfortable for the summer. The tent didn’t feel claustrophobic with everyone inside, but it would be snug with six adults. 

Mountain Camping

Our last scenario is a camper who brought the tent with them to the Spanish Peaks in Colorado around mid-May. The camper said they stayed at 10,000 feet for multiple nights. 

Sadly, the tent didn’t perform as well during the night. 

As the temperature dropped to a low 20 degrees Fahrenheit, it became freezing cold inside. The wind gusts entered through the floor vents and mesh windows, causing all the heat to escape. 

On the bright side, the rainfly kept out rain effortlessly, keeping everyone inside dry. The rainfly also provided some insulation, which might make the tent suitable for three seasons. However, it didn’t hold out completely. 

The camper suggested that if you’re going to the mountains where it’s colder, bring wool blankets to keep between the floor and mat. Then remember a good, insulating sleeping bag, and you should be fine. 


If you don’t think the Coleman Sundome 6 person tent is for you, I’ve included two alternatives below. 

CORE 6 Person Dome Tent

The CORE 6 person dome tent is a spacious option, suitable for two queen air beds. With a center height of 6 feet, there should be room to stretch. 

The CORE dome is a three-season tent. It comes with CORE’s H20 Block Technology, which consists of water-repellent fabric, made with active bean technology. This enables water to glide off without penetrating. It also includes sealed seams by the windows and door. 

Compared to the Coleman Sundome, the dome tent from CORE is better suited for summer camping. 

The dome tent includes a full panoramic mesh ceiling and windows, making it excellent in warm weather. Near the floor runs advanced venting systems that draw in cool air from the ground, pressing the hot air out. 

It also features a few more good-to-have extras than the Sundome does. This includes a roomy gear loft with a lantern hook for a lamp. There are also smaller pockets to keep your things organized and away from the floor.

That said, it isn’t suitable for cold weather, even with the rainfly up. It leaves a small space open, enough for cold wind to enter the tent. This may suggest that the Sundome is the better option for a late fall camping trip.

ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 6 Person Tent

Dome-shaped tents do limit the amount of room you have. So, as an alternative to the Sundome, you may want to check out the ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 6 person tent. 

This is a straight-wall tent with an extra-tall, 7-foot center, which allows for more room. You can easily fit six adult sleeping bags inside. 

The Camp Creek tent is suitable for three seasons. It comes with a weatherproof fly that adds large awnings over the entrance and back window. 

Like the Sundome, it comes with a hub design and pole clips, making set up quick and effortless, despite the size. But in contrast to the Sundome, it features more storage options. 

However, it is quite heavy, weighing 23.8 pounds, suggesting it isn’t as portable as the Sundome.

Final Verdict

To conclude my Coleman Sundome 6 person tent review, I’d say it’s worth it if you’re looking for a lightweight, easy-to-tote six-person tent. It has a spacious ceiling and comes with a tub floor to keep the surface dry. 

It includes large mesh windows for ventilation as well as ground vents. Sadly, it doesn’t perform as well in cold weather. You can’t close the windows, which may also cause water to seep in. 

Still, for the price, it doesn’t get much better. 

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