Handy Survival Tools To Bring On Any Wilderness Trip

There are basically two types of people in this world: Those who love the outdoors and those who don’t. Well, I’m not really saying that there are people who absolutely hate the outside world. However, there are those who simply prefer to relax in the comforts of their own homes. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong about that.

But you know what? There are also some of us who feel more at home when we’re not. What do I mean by this? Well, believe it or not but there are people who feel most alive when they are with nature. These people are the ones who seek adventure; there are the ones likely to crave for the outdoors in their lives. People like these are hard to cage in. Forever and ever, they will lust for adventure. So if this is you, there’s really no point in trying to deny yourself of your nature. Just let those feelings flow. There’s nothing wrong with recognizing who you really are and what you really want in life. Check this out for instance: https://mpora.com/outsiders/20-signs-serious-addiction-outdoors/.

However, here’s a tip: When you do go adventuring outdoors, make sure that you’re always well-prepared. While the world is great and big out there, it’s also relentless. And once you’re out there, you can’t call time-outs anymore. Whatever happens, you are on your own and you also have to do your best on your own. It’s one thing when you’re just going somewhere not too far from the city but when you’re going full-on adventuring, you have to be prepared. There’s no telling what could possibly be waiting for you out there, after all.

With that being said, you have got to equip yourself with all the right tools.

Since you’re on this guide, reading this article, I’m assuming that you’re the type of person who would prefer to sleep under the stars rather than be stuck at home in bed. If you’re THAT person, then you’re just like me. If we were to meet in real life, I am most certain that we’d be great friends even! So from one adventurer to another, heed my advice. Never go anywhere without these nifty gear and tools!

Sleeping Bag

This isn’t exactly a tool but more like a necessity for outdoor travellers and campers. Sure, you love nature but that doesn’t make you invincible to the harsh outdoor environment. Humans as we are, there are limits to what our bodies can handle. Particularly, changes in temperature when night falls can easily wear your body down. In order to make sure that you don’t fall victim to the harsh environment of the outdoors, always make sure that you pack a sleeping bag with you for the trip. Not only will it improve your comfort while you rest, it will also help keep you warm when the nights are too cold to ignore.

Plus, if it’s not too much of a hassle, be sure to pack a jacket with you! The wilderness at night can turn into a ginormous freezer and you don’t really want to shiver yourself to death. You can also check out survival techie for more budget-friendly gear suggestions.


This is another must-have for all outdoor travellers. Being one with nature may be your kind of thing but that doesn’t instantly mean that you are well-adjusted to life in the wilderness. Let’s face it; growing up in the city makes you depend on all sorts of conveniences like a stable supply of water and electricity. When you camp outdoors, such luxuries may be hard to come by. While you can definitely try to challenge yourself and just camp out in the dark anyway, safety should still be a concern. After all, it might seem that you are alone out there but you’ll never know for sure.

At the very least, pack a flashlight with you. A good flashlight should give you enough illumination to survive long and cold nights. It will also help you ward off wild animals should it come down to it. Electricity is hard to come by when you’re out camping so be sure to secure a sufficient source of lighting!

Power Bank

Okay. So I know you want to detach yourself from technology and all but not having your phone with you (or having one with a dead battery) can be very dangerous. Times have changed and there are things that you can’t normally do these days alone. If you want to travel by yourself for a while, always be sure to bring a working communication device with you (cellphone, tablet, etc.). These devices will come in handy during emergencies so make sure that they have enough battery. You can read more about the necessity of this device here.

Also, it would be good to pack a power bank just in case you run out of battery too soon. It’s important to inform important people of your whereabouts as well as communicate with them every now and again to tell them you’re doing fine. You wouldn’t want to cause a mass panic just because you’ve been MIA for several days now, would you?