Klymit: Wild Aspen 20 & Wild Aspen 0 Sleeping Bag Review

klymit wild aspen review

When it comes to budget sleeping bags there’s always a niggling doubt about whether they will keep you warm and even if they do, how long they will last. Enter the Klymit Wild Aspen range… How do these sleeping bags shape up? And if so, should you spring for the Wild Aspen 20? Or the Wild Aspen 0?

Read on to find out more!

Klymit Wild Aspen Review

It’s incredible how Klymit have managed to create a range of sleeping bags that are as light, compact and warm as the Wild Aspen at such a budget price point.

Now there are a couple of caveats in there:

  • These are not ultralight sleeping bags. (Depending on which version you get, they run between 3lbs and 5lbs. Amazing for the price but weightwatchers may not be too delighted).
  • They are not compact. (Again, depending on what version you get the dimensions are anywhere from 15’x8’x8′ to 17’x10’x10′. They’ll take up a lot of space in a 45l pack).
  • On the durability front, they are synthetic bags which have a reputation for shorter lifespans compared to down sleeping bags (think 5 years compared to 20 years).

That said, they are warm and cosy, which is extremely important for any sleeping bag! The weight and bulk may make them better suited to car camping than backpacking, but plenty of folk have reported using them for thru-hiking without any issues.


You’ll find more specific details in the Klymit Wild Aspen 20 review and the Klymit Wild Aspen 0 review below. But if you’ve read enough you may want to check prices and other user reviews at some of the following stores.

Oh! If you do go ahead and buy one, beware that they have a reputation for being on the small side, so always buy a size larger than you think necessary. There shouldn’t be a difference in price and you’ll be more comfortable.

Kylmit Wild Aspen 20 Review

The design of this sleeping bag makes it seem like it’s hugging you while you sleep. It has stretchable baffles that allow for more freedom of movement while you’re in it. The sleeping bag is made from micro polyester with a synthetic filling. 

The material is durable, soft, and water-resistant, which protects the insulation and provides extraordinary warmth. It also has a storage pocket on the inside near the left shoulder, as well as a velcro closure to keep all drafts out when you’re zipped up. 

Dimensions (L x W)74″ x 30″82″ x 32″
Packed dimensions15″ x 8″ x 8″16″ x 8″ x 8″
Shoulder girth56″60″

Whatever your adventure needs, the Wild Aspen sleeping bag will rise to the challenge of the elements. With its water-resistant, stretchable baffle shell, you’ll find it to be soft and warm. It has a fully adjustable mummy hoodie that keeps drafts out, and the double-layered synthetic filling will keep you extraordinarily warm. 

It has a convenient storage pocket on the inside to store your car keys, wallet, or other valuables in so you don’t lose them while you’re exploring. 


Wild Aspen 20 sleeping bags should be available from the following places:


Just a very quick note about the Klymit KSB range. Although they tend to be in the $180-$280 price bracket, they are definitely worth considering. There are 4 to choose from (0 degrees, 15 degrees, 20 degrees and 35 degrees). They all designed with a down topper. And as anyone who has slept in a down sleeping bag can attest to, that makes things really roasty, toasty warm! 

Kylmit Wild Aspen 0 Sleeping Bag Review

Much as with the Wild Aspen 20, this is an awesome budget car camping sleeping bag that will also work as an occasional backpacking sleeping bag for those not too fussy about weight and bulk.

RegularLargeExtra Large
Dimensions (L x W)74″ x 30″82″ x 32″82″ x 36″
Packed dimensions15″ x 9″ x 9″17″ x 9″ x 9″17″ x 10″ x 10″
Shoulder girth56″60″98″

The great things about this bag don’t just relate to the price point. Firstly, it is warm. Lots of 0 degree bags just aren’t comfortable in anything nearing 0 degrees. But the Wild Aspen 0 does a really good job of delivering on those cold nights.

Secondly, where lots of bags have a rather slippery lining (which isn’t always massively conducive to a comfortable night), this bag has something more akin to a fleece lining. I think most people will really like that feature as it feels really cosy (which is exactly what you want as you bed down outdoors in freezing conditions!). I’ve heard some folk complain that it creates friction which stopped them from shifting in their sleep, but that’s not my experience.

The downsides of this bag are much as you’d expect. The synthetic fill, as with most synthetic fills (and all synthetic fills in budget bags) is really bulky. And that can be a problem for backpacking. If your sleeping bag takes up half the main compartment of a 65l pack then you’re not left with room for much more gear. That’s why many backpackers tend to look for the lightest and most compact down sleeping bags they can afford.

Same with the weight. Any sleeping bag around the 4lb mark is a heavy sleeping bag.

So if you’re car camping, that’s not a problem! But if you’re an avid backpacker, you probably want to splurge a few more dollars.

If you are an occasional backpacker then it may simply come down to affordability. If you can afford something lighter and more compact, you may want to do that.

However, if you can’t afford to go more upmarket and you’re willing to tolerate the bulk then you’ll probably be fine. Because it’s still going to deliver on the warmth and comfort front.

Oh! One final word! Just as with the Wild Aspen 20, you probably want to buy a size bigger than anticipated. The “regular” might be OK for anyone under 5’8″, but unless you’re petite you probably want to go large in order to fully cocoon yourself during the night.


About Klymit 

Klymit launched in 2007 and are based out of Kaysville, Utah. They have fast-established themselves as a well-respected value brand in the outdoor community. Their products may not be the highest tech, highest spec or highest price in the market. But they have a strong reputation for great design and highly functional gear at very affordable prices.

A point in case is one of their flagship products, a sleeping pad called the Klymit Static V. It’s probably the best budget sleeping pad you can buy right now. Are there better sleeping pads? Sure! But when you compare the Static V with other sleeping pads in the same price bracket, it blows the competition out of the water.

We haven’t tested all Klymit’s products but their name is quickly becoming a by-word for “great value” and we’d trust pretty much anything they put out right now.