Most Comfortable Tree Stands in 2023

most comfortable tree stands

The most comfortable tree stands will mean you can sit for an all-day hunt without worrying about cramps, aches, pains etc.

But it’s not just about avoiding discomfort for the sake of it. (Any hunter worth their salt is willing to endure a little bit of pain to achieve success). But discomfort in a tree stand means you are more likely to shift about.

Every time you shift about, you risk giving away your position.

And so a comfortable tree stand (be it a climber, a hang on, or a ladder stand) has a practical purpose in addition to providing for our creature comforts.

The most comfortable tree stands we could find are detailed below. But if you want the top level summary:

  • Millenium are widely considered to make the most comfortable hang on tree stands. The M100U is their most popular model (you can pick one up at Cabelas or Black Ovis or Amazon).
  • The most comfortable climbing tree stand is generally thought to be the Summit Viper SD (also available at Cabelas or Amazon).
  • The most comfortable ladder stand is almost certainly the Hawk Big Denali 1.5 (available at Sportsman’s Guide and Cabelas).

Most Comfortable Hang On Tree Stand – Millennium M100U

The Millennium M100 Ultralite is widely regarded as one of the most comfortable tree stands full stop (that’s out of all tree stands, not just lock ons).

The seat is 22″ x 17″ with 17″ of height. It’s a contoured “sling” design that uses Millenium’s patented ComfortMAX technology. Not exactly sure what that is but it is certainly comfy (and most hunters who’ve sat in one will attest to that fact)!

It’s got a sizeable platform at 20″ x 38″ (which is around 5.25 square feet). It’s not the biggest platform you can find with a hang on stand but there’s plenty of room to manoeuvre into position to take a shot.

Consider adding an M105 Footrest from Millennium to pimp out your stand, even more, taking your comfort to the next level. 

The Millennium M100 is the most comfortable hang on tree stand, so if you like to post in your perch for hours at a time, this is the stand for you. Just be prepared that you might doze off!


The Millenium M100 Ultralite should be available from the following stores:

Another Comfortable Lock On Stand – Millenium M150 Monster

The Millennium M150 is one of the biggest hang on stands you can find. It’s a bit harder to hang than the M100, but that extra room and the adjustability of the seat makes it one of the best tree stands for big guys.

The 20″x17″ seat is adjustable between 16″ and 20″ from the platform. The platform is a massive 37″ x 24″. It’s rated for 300lbs and weighs a surprising 19.5lbs.

Millennium’s M150 is hard to beat. It is spacious, comfortable, and suitable for use on almost any tree, even if it’s leaning at a bit of an angle (up to 15 degrees). And if you want even more comfort, consider purchasing a footrest


The Millenium M150 should be available from the following stores:

Most Comfortable Climbing Tree Stand – Summit Viper SD

The Summit Viper SD is hands down the most comfortable climbing tree stand you can buy today. It’s fairly lightweight, coming in at 20lbs. It’s rated for 300lbs. The 20″ x 36″ platform is a decent enough size. And the 18″ x 12″ x 20″ seat is so comfy you may just nod off.

The Viper SD also has a front rail made from aluminum that works great to support rifles, though not as much for bow hunters. The aluminum frame is constructed using DeadMetal, a sound deadening technology that reduces noise from the climbing tree stand to prevent making animals aware of your presence.

According to customers, this is a rock-sturdy stand that grips well on to abrasive tree stems such as pine and oak, but it tends to slide a little on sleek, wet surfaces. Another thing users praise is that the tree stand is very portable due to its relatively small seat, but the downfall with this is that larger people might struggle to fit onto the seat and the platform.

If you’re looking for the most comfortable climbing tree stand, the Viper SD is where it’s at. It features a seat, backrest, and armrests fully padded with foam and comfortable backpack straps, making it super portable and easy to carry. For larger people, it might be a little tight, but that’s where the Summit Goliath SD comes in…!


The Summit Viper SD seems to have good availability in a bunch of online stores. At the time of writing you could find them in the following places:

Most Comfortable Ladder Stand

Hawk Hunting have been supplying the hunting community for over 50 years, during which time they’ve been at the forefront of hunting technology. It’s perhaps little wonder, then, that their ladder stands are widely considered to be the most comfortable tree stands a hunter can sit in.

HeightWeight CapacityPlatform SizeSeat Size (W/H)
Big Denali 1.520′300lbs26″x18″26″x23″
Big Denali 2-Man18′500lbs51″x17″48″x23″

They sell three tree stands: the Bighorn, the Sasquatch and the Big Denali. You can takes your pick as far as comfort goes, because the seat designs are approximately the same. But it’s the Big Denali 1.5 and the Big Denali 2-Man that we’re going to discuss here.

The Big Denali has everything you could possibly need from a tree stand in terms of comfort. The padded armrests feel almost like a couch, as does the seat itself. The flip-out footrest also does its part in keeping your feet and legs from getting cramp.

And if you’re hunting with a rifle, the adjustable shooting rail means you can get into position quickly, quietly and without hunching or stretching. 


The Hawk Big Denali 1.5 should be available from the following stores:

The Hawk Big Denali 2 should be available from the following stores:

Another Comfortable Ladder Stand – Bolderton Outlander 360

The really awesome thing about the Bolderton Outlander 360 is the massive platform and the swivel seat. So in addition to being supremely comfortable you have a massive field of vision.

It’s a 19′ ladder stand. Its comfortable mesh seat is on a huge, hexagonal platform that gives you a lot of room to stretch. And it has a bunch of built-in camouflage blind panels to keep you concealed. 

It’s an absolute beast to put up (and will probably require you to bribe a couple of buddies with some beer to help you). But once it’s up the swivel chair is so comfortable you could just as easily be in the office.


The Bolderton Outlander 360 should be available from the following stores:


Whether you’re looking for a hang on stand, a climbing stand or a ladder stand, comfort is probably the most important thing to most people after they’re comfortable that the kit is as silent as possible.

The hunting community are pretty much as one voice on the most comfortable tree stands:

For a comfortable ladder stand go with Hawk Big Denali 1.5.

For the most comfortable lock on stands go with a Millenium from their M-Series (like the Millenium M100U or the M150).

And for the most comfortable climbing tree stands, it’s Summit every time, specifically the Summit Viper SD.

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