The Best 12 Person Tents For Epic Camping

Trying to choose the best 12 person tent isn’t necessarily the easiest thing in the world. It all slightly depends on where you’re going, how often and who with.

You might need a lot of space, or multiple rooms. You might want lots of windows or a screen room. You might need your camping tent to be as portable as possible (bear in mind 12 person tents can weigh anywhere between 30lbs and 60+lbs).

So you can seen… the best 12 person tent for you might not be the best 12 person tent for the next guy.

With that in mind I’ve pulled together a list of the best 12 person tents; looking at features like space, privacy, weather-proofing and value-for-money.

Eureka Copper Canyon LX 12 – Best 12 Person Tent


The Copper Canyon LX12 is a 14′ x 12′ cabin tent with a peak height of 7′. It weighs just under 37lbs and breaks down into a bag that measures 11″ x 11″ x 29″.

It comes with two gear hammocks, 6 storage pockets, reflective guy lines, tent stakes, an E! powerport, several mesh windows and a detachable room divider.

The Verdict

The Eureka Copper Canyon LX12 is a really high quality tent.

The tents also come with several storage and organization options—including gear lofts and mesh storage pockets. The larger versions also feature room dividers to help you keep the space even more organized—a handy feature if you’re camping with another family or kids.

Ventilation is superb in the Copper Canyon LX range—each tent features large mesh windows on all sides that can provide a cooling breeze in the summer. All the tents are fitted with mesh ceiling panels. These not only improve ventilation but also give you front row stargazing seats.

If you’re worried about staying dry on wet days, all tents come with a protective rainfly made of high-quality polyester. The wrap-up bathtub floor keeps the seams on the walls rather than the floor, to prevent water from entering and protect you from underneath. 


You should be able to find the Eureka Copper Canyon LX 12 at the following stores:

In Summary

These are among the best family tents you can stand up in with ample headspace, a really durable design and a price point most camping families would consider affordable (once you take into account the many years of service you will get from one).

Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review – Best Budget Choice

Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Tent - great for privacy


The Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent is designed to make family camping altogether less stressful. It weighs 61lbs. It’s got a massive 256sq feet of floor space (dimensions are 16’x16’x7′) and it comes with two dividers that create 3 rooms, each of which can fit a queen size mattress (or 4 sleeping bags). It has 7 windows, an excellent awning and a ground vent that can fit an air-con unit. ($$$)

The Verdict

This tent is relatively easy to set up because the  poles are pre-attached to the tent. So in theory you just unfold the tent and extend the poles. I say “in theory” because it’s not quite as “instant” as the name suggests. And you do have to be careful because if you damage any of the poles, that’s going to affect the whole instant mechanism. But once you get the hang of it, it’s a pretty smooth ride.

Once assembled, you can create three rooms plus a front awning. Each room has large windows and can fit a queen size camping cot. Overall, you can fit up to 12 sleeping bags inside. So it’s pretty huge!

It is a “value” tent and so suffers from many of the same things that any budget tent does. With that in mind you may want to upgrade it with a tarp to protect the floor and some higher quality tent stakes. It’s also worth considering swapping out the standard guylines with hi-visibility paracord and giving it an extra coat of tent sealant to be on the safe side.

All that said, this is quite a lot of tent for the money. And while Ozark tents aren’t known for their durability, you will have a shelter that is spacious, comfortable and weatherproof for a relatively modest investment. If you pimp it out with the upgrades above, you will extend the lifetime of the tent (although, if you’re going to go to that effort, you’d be as well to spend the extra dollars on the Browning Bighorn safe in the knowledge it’s designed to last and is backed by an amazing warranty…)

In Summary…

If you’re on a budget and are looking to buy a big tent for occasional use, this will work well for family trips, car camping and festivals. It will keep you dry and you will be comfortable. But it won’t last forever.

You can upgrade the tent with your own accessories to extend the lifetime of the tent. But if you’re looking for a something that will last years you may prefer to look at the Browning Bighorn. Or if you want a slightly higher quality tent (albeit a bit smaller) you could check out the Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent (review below).

CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review – Best Instant Cabin Tent

Core 12 person instant cabin tent review - best instant cabin tent for family camping


The Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent boasts 180sq feet of floor space and a center height of 6’6″ (dimensions are 18′ x 10′ x 6’6″). It comes with two room dividers to create 3 separate rooms, each with space for a queen air mattress. For storage it has an array of mesh pockets and a handy gear loft. There’s an electrical cord access port. It weighs 53lbs and packs into a neat carry sack (dimensions of the bag are about 51″x12″x12″). ($$$)

The Verdict

Another instant cabin tent and it’s an absolute breeze to put up! The marketing department at CORE claims the setup time is just 2 minutes. Take that with a pinch of salt. But it’s definitely achievable in 5-10 minutes without any practice and sub-5 once you’ve got the hang of it.

It’s a really big tent. I like the fact there’s quite a few different ways you can configure it. If you want to squeeze a lot of bodies in, there’s probably enough space for 12 people in sleeping bags. You definitely can get 3 queen size air mattresses in there. The most comfortable configuration is probably going to be two queens (and maybe a small double) off to the sides and leaving a large “hallway” for mingling, entertaining or stowing the dog!

The tent comes with an electrical cord access port which is really useful if you want an electric tent heater (I highly recommend Honeywell 360 Surround). And there’s a really nice touch in that the port is a flap that closes with velcro when it’s not in use (which not all access ports have).

The one thing I’d be a little bit concerned about is how well it performs in high winds. 15-20mph won’t be an issue at all. But I think the high walls could struggle a little with big winds (say 40+ mph).

In Summary…

It’s a really wonderful camping tent that’s incredibly easy to set up (although a bit slower than 2 minutes). It’s a tremendous option for summer camping and festivals. If you plan to do any winter camping it could be a reasonable choice so long as you aren’t expecting high winds.

So it’s a perfect tent for warm weather camping and for sheltered sites. And a great price. But if you think you might end up camping in a gale, I’d probably refer you back to the Browning Bighorn.

Browning Big Horn Review – Best 12-Person Tent


Unpacked the Browning Big Horn is 10 x 15 x 7.5 feet. It weighs in at 35lbs. It boasts 2 large doorways, 6 windows, an array of mesh storage pockets and a detachable room divider. It also comes with an industry-leading lifetime warranty. ($$$$)

The Verdict

Browning Camping is an ALPS Mountaineering brand that focuses on seriously good build quality. Their gear is designed to tough out the most punishing weather season after season after season.

That means this is an extremely solid tent that will last you for years. So it’s not something I’d buy to go to a music festival; this is a tent I’d recommend to families who have (or plan to have) a regular outdoor vacation.

It’s a cabin tent that splits into two large rooms by way of a removable divider. Each room has a private entrance and 3 zippered pockets. As a family man myself, I know the importance of having a bit of privacy. And I know that privacy is hard to come by out camping. That’s where the removable divider comes in; to give anyone almost instant privacy.

The only criticism I have is really minor (but a bit annoying): the windows on the doors don’t have any toggles to hold them open. (The main doors have toggles. The windows have toggles. But the windows on the doors don’t). As I say, minor quibble.

The thing that I think is really awesome about this tent is the price:durability ratio. In a world where we are all too used to throwing things away after a couple of uses, it’s really refreshing to see craftsmanship in action. It’s a great design, it’s sturdy and in the unlikely event of anything going wrong, the customer service is second to none.

In Summary…

If you’re just looking something big and cheap, this ain’t for you (check out the Tahoe Gear 12 instead).

But for anyone looking to invest in tent rated for 12 people that they want to use for many, many years this is an excellent choice. It’s comfortable, reliable and is the sort of tent that will make memories.

Tahoe Gear Prescott 12 Review – Best Basic 12-Person Tent

Tahoe Gear Prescott - Best budget 12 person tent


The Tahoe Gear Prescott 12 offers 200 square feet of floorspace (20′ x 10′) and the centre height is almost 7 feet (6’7″ to be exact). The tent comes with a sewn-in, zip-down divider allowing you to split it into two large rooms (1/3 and 2/3). It breaks down into a carry bag that’s 30′ x 12′ x 11′ and weighs 31lbs.

It has two doors that can be tied back to be completely open, or just the mesh screen or completely closed. Similarly there’s lots of mesh windows that can be zipped up or down from inside the tent. There are no storage pockets. ($)

The Verdict

This tent is a great value-buy. It’s nothing fancy but there’s plenty of room; you’ll have no bother fitting a bunch of mattresses (you can fit 3 queen size air mattresses in at a push). What I liked most about it is that it’s a solid, basic tent that does the job with no frills. It means that families on a tight budget can enjoy camping too, which I think is really important.

I reckon Tahoe Gear are aiming this primarily at families. Certainly you can fit parents, 3-4 kids and 1-2 dogs in here without it getting too cramped. The other market could be for students who want to pool their dollars and have a cheap camping getaway.

The divider means that you can close off your sleeping space which keeps things really neat. It means that you can use the remaining two thirds of the tent for socialising. I can absolutely see folk getting together here in the evening to eat, play games or have a few drinks. The windows really come into their own here, because they let in the light and keep the air flowing.

Oh! And the mesh roof means you can use it with the rain fly or without the rain fly for stargazing! 

All that said, do not lose sight of the fact it is a value-buy. This does mean that it’s light on a a few features. for example there’s no storage pockets or gear loft which might annoy some people. It also doesn’t have an access port for running cables in if you want an electric hookup. And, like any tent and the cheaper end of the market, it’s not something I’d like to use in very windy or very wet conditions.

In Summary…

If you’re on a tight budget and you’re looking for something you can use occasionally in the summer, you should definitely think about buying this tent because it’s a great tent for the price! 

I would recommend looking at a different tent if:

  • you want to use it more than a couple of times a year
  • you want to use it in early spring or late fall
  • you’re planning to camp somewhere that gets big storms


If you are worried about any of those issues above, then you might want to look at something like the CORE 10 Person Tent. It’s a bit smaller (140sq feet) but has more features and is a bit more robust. It’s a bit more expensive and is only a good alternative if you can compromise on the space. But it’s definitely worth looking at…

NTK Super Arizona GT Tent Review – Best 2 Room Tent

NTK Super Arizona GT


The NTK Super Arizona GT is one of the largest tents sold by NTK. There’s over 200 square feet of floor space (20.6′ long x 10.2′ wide). The center height is nearly 7 feet tall. It breaks down into a storage bag that’s approximately 28″ x 16″ x 12″ and weighs around 40lbs.

The tent comes with a room divider in the form of a fabric curtain which attaches with toggles to the sides to form one small room and one large room. It has 3 windows and 2 large D-shape doors. ($$$)

The Verdict

As large camping tents go, this is a really good one! It’s the Taj Mahal of tents; super-spacious and can be either one huge room or two separate rooms. Two people can set it up fairly quickly (and actually, it’s easy enough that one person can get it up on their own). It’s a great choice for bug protection as the mesh is very tight and the floor is reinforced.

This tent contains one frustrating design flaw. The windows only open and close from the outside. So, you will want to zip or unzip them before you settle for the night. However, that aside, once it is set up, you’re off to the races.

It’s got a good amount of ventilation if you’re camping in hot weather. But it also holds the heat very well when you batten down the hatches. So unlike a few of the cheaper tents listed here, this gets a green light for a full 3 seasons.

One of the really cool things about is this tent also comes with a lifetime warranty on the fiberglass poles. Obviously if you step on one and break it, that’s not covered. But if a pole breaks in the in wind then NTK promise to replace it. (You might be thinking “great, but there’s not much I can do about a broken pole when I’m on a camping trip” and you’d be right. I think what this guarantee does is demonstrate the confidence NTK have in that just not happening).

In Summary…

You want a durable tent rated for 12 people that’s going to last you multiple trips over a good number of years in a variety of different seasons and weathers, then you should absolutely consider this one.

Tahoe Gear Gateway 12 – Best L-Shape Tent

Tahoe Gear Gateway - best 12 person festival tent


The Tahoe Gear Gateway 12 is a very spacious, l-shape tent offering 300sq feet of floor space (20′ x 15′) with 7′ of headroom. It has a small room and a big room which can either be open plan or turned into three separate rooms using the divider that zips shut. The tent breaks down into a carry case that measures approximately 2′ x 2′ x 4′ and weighs around 40lbs.

It has two doors that can be tied back to be completely open, or just the mesh screen or completely closed. Similarly there’s lots of mesh windows that can be zipped up or down from the inside. ($$)

The Verdict

This mansion of a tent is a really nice design! I especially like the small room which you can choose to use in a variety of ways. You can use it as a “mudroom”, kinda like a hallway where you can take your outdoor gear off, keeping the main living space clean and dry. Or you might use it as a second bedroom for a couple of small kids. 

If you have bigger kids who want their own space, you could put them in a separate tent and use the Gateway as the tent to socialise in, which means you could turn the small room as a storage room.

Or! You can put the dogs in there. Or you can use it as a dining room. The list goes on!

As you can see, it offers quite a lot of flexibility which is super handy!

It’s relatively easy to set up. One person could probably do it but it’s easier with two. Between the two rooms you can easily fit 3 queen size mattresses in (2 in the big room and 1 in the small room). Start to introduce smaller mattresses/cots and you can very quickly get a family of 6 or 7 in here with room to spare (as per tenting law, fitting 12 people in a 12 person tent is likely to be too much of a squeeze).

Given the very competitive price point I would have expected it not to stand up well in bad weather but it’s actually surprisingly sturdy. So I think you can have a lot of confidence that it will keep you dry. It’s also very well ventilated because of all the windows.

For extra ventilation, whip off the rain fly and have fun stargazing through the mesh roof!

Or roll down the windows and enjoy a bug-free evening meal along with the last of the sunlight!

In Summary…

This is a HUGE tent and extremely good value compared to similar size tents. It’s a great combination of living space and sleeping space. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to larger families (or indeed anyone who wants to be able to spread out a bit while camping).

The l-shape design is especially cool because of all the different configurations you can have. 

How To Choose the Best 12 Person Tent for You

A massive family camping tent should give most groups plenty of room to sleep as well as space to relax in the daylight hours. But not all camping tents are created equal. Before you go ahead and buy one of these large tents, it’s definitely worth considering a few things including:

  • how much floor space you’ll get
  • what sort of privacy does it offer
  • size and weight
  • easy setup
  • storage space
  • durability

It’s also worth challenging the assumption that you need a 12 person tent at all! For example, if you are camping with kids (especially older kids), some people definitely see an advantage to giving them their own space. In which case you might want to consider getting a 6 person tent for the grown ups and a 3 person tent for the kids…).

But assuming that a 12 person tent is what you are looking to invest in, here’s some of the main discussion points.

Floor Space

Most 12 person tents offer between 150 – 300 square feet of floor space. The Browning Big Horn, for example, is one of the smallest 12 person tents on this list with floor space of just 10′ by 15′. To put that into perspective, you can fit three queen sized air mattresses with room to spare. The Tahoe Gear Gateway 12 Person Tent, by comparison, is absolutely massive, ringing in at 300sq feet; capable of accommodating 4 queen sized air mattresses and still leaving a room to spare!

Personally, my Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent feels like more than enough space for a family of four so whatever 12P camping tent you choose, you’re unlikely to be wanting for space.

But if you’re a big family (or multiple families), or if you’ve got dogs, or if you want more living space, you might want to lean towards tents with 250-300 square feet of floor space.

Rooms, Room Dividers, Layout & Privacy

As you plan your camping trip, it’s worth thinking about how you want your setup to look. If you really like having separate quarters for daytime activities and sleeping, for example, a single-room-design probably isn’t going to be the best 12 person tent for you. Instead, you’d probably be better with a multi-room tent.

Multiple rooms make for a more complicated tent that’s heavier to carry and harder to put up. So for most folk, the single-room-design is more than adequate. And by the time you throw in some room dividers, you’re probably all set.

But if you need your own space (or need the kids to have their own space!) then different rooms can definitely be an advantage in a family camping tent. For example if you are two families and need space to dress in private…

Weight & Packed Size

Ideally, your tent will be large enough to accommodate 12 people while being light enough to manoeuvre into a campsite. A typical 12 person tent will weigh anywhere between 30lbs and 60lbs. The reason for the huge differential comes down to:

  • design (a cabin style tent is often lighter than one with lots of rooms)
  • materials (a canvas tent is typically much heavier than a polyester tent)
  • if it’s an instant tent (instant tents seem to be much heavier than ones you set up manually)

I can tell you from personal experience that you don’t want to walk more than a hundred yards with a 50lb tent. So if you can’t park next to your pitch, consider getting a lightweight tent (or at least lightweight in the context of 12 person tents) or perhaps invest in a cart to help you move your gear.

Packed size is also a factor worthwhile considering. I don’t know about you, but I always find space is at a premium. No matter how much space is actually available, my family will always fill it! And a large tent can take up a lot of room. The Tahoe Gear Gateway, for example is 2′ x 2′ x 4′.

Even a relatively small, light, 12 person tent features packed dimensions of at least 12″ x 12″ x 24″.

And you can probably add half the size again after your first camping trip, because you can never pack these things as small as the factory does!

Durability and Tent Material

It’s worth having a brief discussion about durability. The truth is that even the cheapest tents tend to be OK in this day and age. You don’t find that many “single use” camping tents like in the olden days.

A more affordable tent will usually have a shorter lifespan than its pricier counterparts. The fixtures and fittings will definitely be lower quality, especially the zippers. You might find the stitching isn’t as strong. And perhaps the polyester will be of a lower quality. All of which is fine for the occasional camping trip / a season or two of summer camping.

As a rule of thumb, I’d use price as a guide for durability when it comes to a 12 person tent. It’s not a foolproof approach, but you won’t go too far wrong.

But as I’ve often said, if you want a tent that’s bombproof and will last a generation, you should run with a good old fashioned canvas tent. (Canvas tents may be unbelievably heavy, but canvas tents have been around for a very long time for a very good reason!).

Easy Setup

Instant setup mechanisms are your friend here. An instant tent tends not to be quite as instant as the manufacturer will make out but they tend to be the difference between a 15 minute setup and a 45 minute setup. Depending on the weather and the behaviour of your kids, this can make a huge difference at the beginning and end of a trip!

Personally, I’m quite relaxed about it. Instant setup isn’t the be all and end all for me. I can see how it is attractive but I also quite enjoy the more manual approach. Personal preference aside, instant setup does tend to be a bit more expensive, so if you’re running a tight budget then this is an easy way to cut a few bucks.


From dome tents to tunnel tents to cabin tents, there’s a whole array of designs out there. When it comes to a 12 person tent you’ll mostly be looking at a cabin tent design (or at least cabin style tents). There are a few tunnel tents on the market. But you’re unlikely to find a dome tent that sort of size.

One thing I really do like is a screen porch! If you can find a cabin tent with a screen porch I really think you’re on to a winner. It’s really nice to be able to sit “outside” and not worry about the bugs!

Storage Space

Some 12 person tents are quite spartan whereas other tents have an abundance of storage options. The more storage pockets you can see, the easier your life is going to be. Also the best 12 person tent is likely to have one or more storage hammocks. All the tents I’ve ever seen with storage hammocks have been most enviable and they are definitely a feature you want to look for!


Will Campgrounds Accept 12-Person Tents?

One of the challenges about rolling with a tent rated for 12 people is that not all campground pitches are born equal. While most sites are very aware that they need to cater for families who might be bringing a big tent, large pitches may be limited. The last thing you want is to rock up to a campsite only to find that there’s no room at the inn (or rather for your tent).

Don’t let this put you off buying a 12 person cabin tent. But once you’ve bought one, do make sure you know what the dimensions of your tent are and call ahead to check your campground of choice has a suitable pitch for you.

How many square feet is a 12 person tent?

A 12 person tent usually has floor space ranging from 150 square feet to 300 square feet. Of course, it’s always worth considering the dimensions too, especially if you are looking to configure , more than one queen sized air mattress, for example.

How big is a 12 person tent?

A 12 person tent is usually quite big! Expect most 12 person tents to have an average floor space of 200-220 square feet and a center height of 7′. If you’re looking for a larger tent, a 12 person tent is a really good option (lots of room and not impossible to put up!).

the best 12 person tents