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The Best 4 Person Tents in 2021

best 4 person tent
Written by Bertie

Quality tents aren’t cheap and to get the most bang for your buck, it’s important to choose a tent that suits your group or family and your camping style.

4 person tents are perfect for couples who want extra space, small families, and groups of friends. The size of these tents gives you ample room for sleeping bags and luggage while still packing compactly.

Today, I’ll be reviewing the best 4 person tent for social camping and backpacking. 

Best 4 Person Tents...

ALPS Mountaineering "Camp Creek 4" - a lovely 4 person cabin tent. Probably the best little family camping tent for the money.

CORE 4 Person Instant Tent - a cracking 4P dome tent with instant setup at an incredible price.

Coleman "Sundome 4" - we prefer the CORE 4 at roughly the same price but many people cannot resist the appeal of the Coleman name. A solid budget buy.

Mountainsmith "Morrison EVO 4" - if you want something lightweight, good value and will work for you in the backcountry...this is it!


This 4 person tent measures 98 x 83 x 59 inches fully assembled and 25 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches packed down. The total pack weight is 9.5 pounds. It features two doors, two vestibules, gear loft, tub floor, and a full mesh body.

A 360-degree ventilation system for optimal air circulation keeps you cool. The Mountain Ultra is suitable for three seasons: summer, spring, and fall.

The Verdict

This 4 person tent is all about optimal ventilation, comfort, easy gear storage, and maximizing the view. The full mesh body affords breezy summer nights and front-row stargazing seats.

Because of the tent’s easy setup and lightweight construction, it’s ideal for backpackers and hikers. Pitch, apply the rain fly, and secure it using the provided clips. 

You can store all your essentials in the gear loft for even more floor space. When the rain fly is up, two large vestibules give you storage for larger items such as backpacks.

The deep tub floor keeps the inside dry even when it’s wet outside. Vents in the rain fly help keep condensation and humidity down, so you stay comfortable. The tent is waterproofed to 3000 mm.

In Summary

If you’re a backpacker or hiker who needs a light tent that has excellent weather protection, this will perform really well in wet and windy conditions. Up to four people can sleep in the tent without feeling cramped.

If you need a tent to suit a tight budget, this has a lot to offer at an affordable price point.


This 4 person backpacking tent has a floor area of 57 sq ft and measures 5 by 21.5 inches when packed. Note that the peak height of the tent is 50 inches. The total packed weight is a mere 5.10 pounds.

It features two deal-zippered large doors, two vestibules, a large ceiling gear storage area, four media pockets, and eight interior mesh pockets.

A two-tone mesh layer means improved ventilation. It’s suitable for three seasons but should stay home during winter.

The Verdict

The first reason this is hands-down the best 4 person backpacking tent is because of how unbelievably light it is. Secondly, the design is fantastic. You get two large vestibules, each measuring nine square feet and a large gear loft which means you get a substantial sleeping area, plenty of room to stash your gear and more internal storage to properly organise your camp. 

In addition, the eight interior mesh pockets are excellent for storing smaller items. Four convenient media pockets keep phones, tablets, and chargers safe, and save you from losing them.

The mesh ceiling increases ventilation and means stargazing on warm, dry nights. It’s easy to get in and out of the tent thanks to the large doors. All seams are sealed with waterproof, non-toxic polyurethane tape and both floor and rainfly have a waterproof rating of 1200 mm.

Despite how lightweight the tent is, it’s incredibly durable. A four-way hub design increases strength and maximizes interior space. The nylon material is 25 percent stronger than previous Copper Spur models.

In Summary

Big Agnes make some of the best backpacking tents on the market. If you need strong, durable backpacking tent that packs easily and weighs next to nothing, the Copper Spur is ideal. Whether you’re throwing it in the car or in your backpack, you’ll have space for your other essentials.

Increased and well thought out storage options mean plenty of interior space for you and your camping buddies. But it's not one for car campers, as you can spend less money to get more room!


Although we think this is the best 4 person backpacking tent on the market, it does come at quite a punchy price point. If it's too expensive for you and you are happy to compromise a bit on weight and design, the you may want to check out:

  • Kelty Wireless 4
  • Mountainsmith Genesee 4
  • Alps Mountaineering Taurus 4


The Eureka Copper Canyon 4 person tent has a floor dimensions of 8 by 8 feet and measures 7 by 26 inches packed down. The highest point is 7 feet and it weighs 18.10 pounds.

The tent features one large door and three windows as well as mesh cover to increase ventilation. A gear loft, multiple mesh pockets, and an e-port offer storage solutions.

Best reserved for summer, spring, and fall.

The Verdict

The Eureka Copper Canyon is an ideal small family tent for a car camping trip. Four nearly vertical tent walls increase the center height of the tent and mean even the tallest campers are accommodated. You can easily fit a cot and multiple sleeping bags comfortably. 

In terms of storage, a large gear loft and two mesh pockets keep your luggage off the floor and organized. The zippered e-pocket enables you to easily charge your phone or other electrical devices in the tent. It can also be used to power lights to help make your tent a little homelier.

The durable steel and fiberglass frame is designed to withstand wind and rain. Moreover, the tub floor and rainfly will help to keep you dry and safe in wet conditions.  

It’s simple to set up thanks to the pole sleeves that help guide you while you pitch the tent. Afterward, simply secure the canopy in place using the clips provided. 

In Summary

If you need a large 4 person tent for camping with your family, this is ideal. The tall walls increase interior space and make the tent feel spacious.

This a budget-friendly car camping tent that still offers luxury features such as the clever addition of an e-port and multiple storage options.


Browning’s 4 person tent has a floor space of 8 by 9 feet (72 sq ft of floor space) and weighs a total of 19.4 pounds. The center height of the tent is 6 feet.

It features two large doors, roof vents, a rain fly, and mesh windows for increased ventilation and to keep you cool in summer. This tent is suitable for all weather.

Inside the tent you'll find storage pockets, vestibules, and a gear loft.

The Verdict

For me, Browning make some of the best camping tents period. The Glacier is no exception. It’s tall, spacious, extremely sturdy, exceptionally durable and very easy to assemble.

A full-coverage rainfly creates two large vestibules for equipment storage. The rainfly also helps protect the tent from rain and UV damage. In short weather resistance is hard-coded into the design.

With ample headspace thanks to the straight tent walls, you can relax without worrying about banging your head. The large gear loft and multiple storage pockets help you to keep the inside organized.

The mesh roof and windows create a cool breeze throughout the tent so if you’re camping in the heat, you can stay cool and comfortable.

It makes an awesome base camp tent and is popular with hunters who like to spend a few days in the backcountry. But even if you're planning gentler camping trips, its sturdiness translates into longevity. It's a tent you can count on season after season after season.

In Summary

If you’re on the hunt for a car camping tent that can withstand rough conditions, this is one of the the best tents on the market. It’s equipped with an extra-strong rainfly as well as a tub floor to keep the inside dry.

The tent is quick to set up, the freestanding feature is really handy. Move it to where you need and the tent holds its shape with no need to take it apart and reassemble.


If you're on a budget then you may want to have a look at the Eureka Copper Canyon 4 person tent as an alternative. It's not as sturdy or durable as the Glacier tent, but especially if you're just looking at an occasional car camping trip in the summer, it might be up your street.

Or if you want something jazzier, look at the Big Agnes tent.


This 4 person tent offers a floor area of 56 sq ft and an area of 96 x 84 x 52 inches when assembled. It weighs 6.9 pounds when assembled and 6.15 pounds when packed. The center height is 52 inches.

It features two doors, two vestibules, a rain fly, ventilation windows with loft storage and storage pockets inside the tent. Suitable for spring, summer, and fall, this three-season tent should sit out the winter months.

A freestanding tent, it can be moved without needing to be disassembled. Setup is also fast thanks to the clip-pole attachment.

The Verdict

The Genesee might look quite simple, however, as 3 season tents go it has a lot to offer including lots of storage with two large vestibules and a gear loft. Additionally, multiple storage pockets help keep smaller things off the floor and organized. All this makes it a very respectable choice for car camping and backpacking if you're looking for that flexibility. 

The large wall panels can be opened to reveal a mesh panel that conveniently increases ventilation inside. Along with the durable rainfly, the tent features a deep tub floor to keep any rain outside where it belongs.

For increased waterproofing, the tent seams are taped to ensure no moisture gets in. 

In Summary

If you need a camping tent that can handle the heat of the summer and the changing conditions of fall, the Genesee is an excellent option. The large mesh wall panels and two large doors improve air circulation even on hot days. In the rain, the tent performs well and keeps you dry and cozy.

And it also works as a budget 4 person backpacking tent because it's so light.

If you're trying to research pure play car camping tents then you probably want to check out some of the bigger options in this article, because one of the things you're paying for with the Genesee is the flexible use.


  • Alps Mountaineering Taurus 4
  • Kelty Wireless 4


This Big Agnes 4 person tent measures 6 by 15 by 27 inches when packed and weighs 11.4 pounds. It has a center height of 68 inches. The tent features two large doors, windows, a rain fly, storage bag and mesh for ventilation. Your storage inside the tent is sorted with gear loops, storage pockets, bin pockets, and media pockets.

The Verdict

As Big Agnes puts it, this is a helluva 4 person car camping tent, with ample space inside and a height of 68 inches. The two large doors open smoothly with the option of closing it completely or leave a mesh layer for ventilation. There are also additional mesh side panels as well as ceiling mesh panels to increase air circulation within the tent.

You get a number of storage options, including side-wall pockets for iPads, bin pockets that double as bedside tables. You also get gear loops to keep your equipment off the floor and well-organized.

The velcro tabs connect the rainfly to the poles, helping you to get a perfect pitch each time. Furthermore, the velcro tabs provide additional stability.

In Summary

If you need a 4 person tent for car camping, the Big House is ideal. It features nearly vertical walls, large door and lots of storage options to increase interior space.

If you want a tent that’s easy to set up, the velcro tabs will help you to get the right pitch when setting up the tent.


This 4 person tent has a floor area of 59 square feet and has a minimum weight of 11lbs 2oz. It has two doors, two vestibules. a rain fly, storage bag and boasts a peak height of almost 5ft. Use this tent during spring, summer, and fall.

The Verdict

The Wireless tent is probably the best 4 person tent for the money, partly because it's so flexible. You can take it car camping or to music festivals. At just over 11lbs you can probably take it into the back country (provided you split it up and don't hike too far up the trail). Kelty make really good kit, so you know it's going to last a good few seasons, even with moderate to heavy use.

It consists of a mesh layer covered by a rainfly, so it’s well-ventilated even on hot days. A two doors makes it easy to get in and out of the tent without climbing over one another. Additionally, you get a number of storage options, including two large vestibules so you can stash all your gear without having it crowd you out. Inside the smaller storage pockets mean you can organise your essentials without having to constantly rummage through your pack.

The noiseless zipper is an excellent addition for anyone who likes to wake up early without disturbing others.

In Summary

If you’re on a budget but still want a quality camping tent, this freestanding 4 person tent is ideal. It’s lightweight, easy to assemble, and can be moved around.

A good option for car camping, festivals, a few nights by the lake or even some backcountry camping.


Measuring 7 by 5 feet (35 sq ft) when assembled and with a peak height of 4 feet, the Coleman Sundome tent isn’t the biggest tent on our list. It features one large door, large mesh windows and ground vents for improved air circulation. 

Multiple mesh storage pockets, a rain fly and e-port keep your small stuff and electronics organized.

The Verdict

For a budget-friendly camping tent, Coleman is a reasonable choice.  It's honestly not one of the best camping tents on the market. But if you're on a budget and want something to sleep in occasionally in fair weather then this tent is a great buy.

This 4 person dome tent features welded corners as well as inverted seams that prevent water from making its way into the tent. That said, most people would consider the Sundome to be a one or two season tent. You definitely wouldn't want to take it out in early spring or late fall.

It’s quick and easy to set up using the two shock-corded poles configuration. In fact, Coleman states it can be set up in less than ten minutes. Insta-clip attachments make for an even easier assembly. Multiple storage pockets keep you organized and an e-port enables you to easily power lights or chargers.

You'll probably notice that the 35sq feet of space is much smaller than any of the other tents on the list. It's not something that's gone unnoticed by Sundome owners, many of whom suggest that Coleman's rating system is flawed. So in fact, if you want to a four person tent for camping and you've settled on the Sundome, you probably want to spring for the 6P version to get the space you need.

In Summary

The Coleman Sundome tent is ideal for campers on a strict budget who don’t expect to use a tent heavily. The weather resistance leaves something to be desired. But as a summer tent for backyards or festivals or a few nights close to home, it's a perfectly acceptable beginner tent.

If you are looking for a tent that performs better in tough weather conditions, check out any of the three season tents on this list.

It’s also not the biggest or most spacious tent we looked at. So families who want plenty of room should definitely look elsewhere.

And it's also not a backpacking tent.


If I was looking for a budget four person tent that was easier to set up and had more space for not much more money, I'd definitely have a good look at the CORE 4 Instant Dome Tent. It's a pop up tent with pre attached poles and 63 sq feet of floor space. It's probably more durable and sturdy than the Sundome (it certainly has a better rain fly). And it's not much more expensive in the grand scheme of things. So something to think about.

How to Choose the Best 4 Person Tent

Now that we’ve seen the 8 best 4 person tents, it’s time to learn how to pick the right for you. Below, I’ve shared a few handy tips and considerations to help you in the right direction:

1. Determine Your Camping Style

Are you going hiking for a few days or backpacking long distances? Maybe you’re going car camping and just need a comfortable place to sleep. You need to answer these questions to figure out the tent best suited to you.

If you’re in the former group, consider a lightweight tent that’s easy to pack up and fits in a backpack. A good “rule” to follow is two pounds per person for short hiking trips. 

However, if you’re going on longer backpacking or hiking trips, get a tent as light as possible. The Mountainsmith Genesee 4 weighs just short of seven pounds when packed, making it the lightest option on our list. 

If you’re going car camping, weight isn’t a determining factor since you’ll only carry the tent to and from the car. In this case, pick a tent that features more bells and whistles, such as the Big Agnes Big House 4.

Basically, the best 4 person tent is one that brings the right balance of features for your needs.

2. Seasons

Camping tents usually come in three and four-season varieties. A three-season tent is suited for summer, fall, and spring. A four-season tent is rated for all seasons and generally features more insulation to help protect you against the cold. After all, hypothermia is no joke! So choose the tent best suited to the weather conditions (but be aware it's most likely to be a 3 season tent).

Before you go out and buy a four-season tent, thinking it’s a good investment since you can use it all year, think again. Most experienced campers have a three-season tent for summer use and a separate tent for winter use.

Furthermore, all-season tents are heavier, due to added insulation, making them less ideal for backpackers or hikers.

If you’re going to use your tent in the summer, spring or fall, go for three-season.

3. Consider Floor Space

Although the tents on this list are all categorized as 4 person tents, that doesn’t mean they all measure the same. Most of the tents reviewed are less than 60 sq feet.

Another helpful “rule” is to give every person in the tent 20 sq feet if you like it to be roomy. If you’re backpacking and don’t mind sacrificing personal space for weight and size, 15 sq feet per person is enough.

4. Storage and Organization

A tent is a compromised living space so it’s important to prioritize organization. Having different storage including gear lofts, mesh pockets and, most importantly, vestibules, is ideal.

A vestibule is an additional space (not a living space) you get outside the tent underneath the fly. It’s usually floorless, but you can lay a tarp to protect your things.

I find small storage pockets must-haves inside the tent. They don’t take up extra space or add weight, but they give you areas to store your essentials and keep your electronics and glasses from getting lost.

The best 4 person tent will definitely have lots of storage options. As you get cheaper, the design will tend to be less thought through. I'm not saying that the best 4 person tent will naturally be the most expensive. Nor am I saying that the more features a 4 person tent has, the better it will be. But there is a correlation between price and quality, especially when it comes to storage and organisation.

5. Height

The peak height of the tent is important for some whereas other campers don’t mind low ceilings. If you want extra headspace, go for a tent with near-vertical walls, such as the Eureka Copper Canyon 4. Basically, a dome tent will feel more cramped than a cabin tent. But a dome tent will also usually be lighter than a cabin tent. So when it comes to dome tens vs cabin tents it's a trade off.

However, these tents won’t pack as lightly or compactly, making them less suitable for backpacking. But for car camping, it's not a problem at all!

Before choosing a 4 person tent, consider if there’s enough room for you to comfortably get dressed without contorting your body.

6. Good Ventilation Is Key

Condensation is likely to occur within the tent along the walls and even ceiling. This can be reduced if the tent is fitted with good ventilation options. Mesh wall panels, mesh windows, and doors mean fresh air can circulate throughout the tent.

A ground vent in a tent is a great feature to further improve the air circulation without having to open up the tent’s doors and walls.

7. Clip-On or Sleeves

Attaching the canopy to the poles requires sleeves or clip-ons. Clip-ons allow better airflow and they’re also easier to set up but sleeves are more durable.

8. Perks of a Freestanding Tent

There are quite a few freestanding tents on the list above, and there’s a good reason why these make good backpacking tents. Freestanding tents don’t need to be pitched down during set-up, meaning you can move it around as you want.

Another perk of a freestanding 4 person tent is that you can set it up anywhere, even on hard ground. 

Advantages of 4 Person Tents

The best 4 person tents have a lot to offer. First off, they’re an excellent size for a small family or couples who like more room. 

  • Light: the bigger the tent, the heavier it tends to get so 4P camping tents can be a happy medium between space and weight. Bear in mind that a pop up tent will typically be heavier than a traditional tent.
  • Require less space: When setting up your tent at a campsite, you won’t feel like you’re taking up too much space. And you’ll still have plenty of room for you and your family. This is unlike the larger cabin tents or car camping tents that require a significant amount of space.
  • Easy assembly: a 4 person tent can have a few more tent poles (and a more complicated pole structure) compared to smaller tents but they’re still easy to pitch. Most campers can get their 4 person tent up in less than 10 minutes.

Disadvantages of 4 Person Tents

As with any good thing, there’s bound to be a few flaws:

  • Sizes differ: As we saw in the reviews above, 4P family tents come in a range of sizes. This does mean it’s important to look closely at dimensions before purchase.
  • Might not suit four people: If you or your camping mates prefer a specific amount of personal space, a 4 person tent might be too snug, in which case choose a bigger car camping tent with a bigger floor area.  


What Is the Best Tent for a Family of 4?

When camping as a family of four, you’ll need enough space for everyone to live and sleep comfortably. Good 4P camping tents for family camping include the Eureka Copper Canyon 4 (this tent is a great buy) as well as the Big Agnes Big House 4.

Both of these camping tents have a great center height as well as plenty of room to fit parents and children. Car campers love them.

How Much Does a Four Person Tent Cost?

How much it costs depends on quality, brand, and size. In saying that, you can find excellent 4 person tents for less than $200. Budget tents can be found at less than $100, but don’t set your expectations too high.

One of my favorite budget-friendly 4 person tents is the Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent. Although the CORE 4 instant tent is definitely better if you have the extra bucks (it's a great budget family tent).

Which Is the Best Tent Brand?

With so many different camping tent brands available, which is best comes down to personal preference. For me, the best brands offer value for money, durable materials, easy assembly, great gear storage space, and ventilation.

Camping In Groups

When camping in groups of more than two, a four-person tent is ideal. You have ample room and the tent stills pack easily and is lightweight 

Of the options we reviewed, the best 4 person tent is the Teton Sports Mountain Ultra 4. It’s light, features multiple ventilation options, and several gear storage compartments. Additionally, it’s very affordable and will fit most budgets.

Another great 4 person camping tent is the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL4. This tent is the ideal backpacking tent—it’s compact, light, and easy to set up.

Haven't found what you're looking for? If you want something smaller, do check out my reviews of 3 person tents and 2 person tents! Or if you need a bigger tent, click through to read about my best 6 person tents and 12 person tents.

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