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The Best Beach Canopies & Sunshades for a Sunny, Sandy Get Together (November 2019)

Beautiful beach sunshade, thatched beach canopy on tropical beach
Written by Bertie

When I’m not hiking up a mountain or doing bushcraft in the woods, there’s nothing I like more than chilling out on the beach. There’s something about coastline that’s deeply relaxing, particularly the sand and the surf. But I have Scottish ancestry which means my skin always fares better out of direct sunlight! So I’ve searched high and low to find the best beach canopies, best sunshades and best shelters for shade-bathers, families and group get-togethers. I hope you find it useful!

(Note: I’ve dedicated a separate post to beach tents which provide a much more enclosed space for changing and storing gear than a more simple beach shade).

Asin Was Not ReturnedAsin Was Not Returned
best beach canopy
Red Suricata Family Beach SunShade
    Special Features
  • Available in 2 sizes & 4 colors
  • Large size fits up to 7 adults
  • Great headroom & easy set up
Check on Amazon
Otentik Beach Sunshade - with Sandbag Anchors - The Original Sunshade Since 2011Otentik Beach Sunshade - with Sandbag Anchors - The Original Sunshade Since 2011
best beach canopy for wind
Otentik Beach Sunshade 
    Special Features
  • 3 sizes & 30 colors to choose from
  • Lightweight (max 5lbs)
  • Excellent performance in windy conditions
Check on Amazon
Neso Grande Beach Tent with Sand Anchor, Portable Canopy for Shade - Multiple Colors (Periwinkle, Large)Neso Grande Beach Tent with Sand Anchor, Portable Canopy for Shade - Multiple Colors (Periwinkle, Large)
best beach canopy for family
Neso Grande Beach Sunshade
    Special Features
  • Available in 8 fun colors
  • Very portable
  • Easy for kids to help assemble
Check on Amazon
Artik Sun Shade (Blue, Large)Artik Sun Shade (Blue, Large)
Artik Sun Shade
    Special Features
  • Best cheap beach canopy
  • 3 sizes & 8 colours
  • Large size is shy of 10x10
Check on Amazon
Asin Was Not ReturnedAsin Was Not Returned
Coleman Instant Beach Canopy - 10x10
    Special Features
  • Best 10x10 pop up canopy
  • Very solid structure
  • Great sun shade for wind
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Red Suricata Sunshade Review - An awesome beach shade and one of the best beach canopies for family trips


The Red Suricata Sunshade comes in 2 sizes (small is 7'x7' and large is 10’x9’). The little one claims enough room for 3-4 adults while the large version has easily enough room for a family of 6. You get UPF50 UV Protection from the stretchy, polyester/lycra fabric. It comes with 4 lightweight aluminum poles, 4 sandbag anchors, 4 pegs and a carry bag. The small size weighs just 6.6lbs while the large version is 8.6lbs. ($$$)

The Verdict

Where most beach canopies only come with 2 poles, this one comes with four which makes it more robust in the wind than some competitors.

As with most sunshades, the first time getting it up can be a bit fiddly, but as soon as you've done it once it becomes so easy your kids could put it up in minutes. Take down is also super-simple. You've got 5 colours to choose from (not something that speaks to me because I have the fashion sense of a hippo, but others may enjoy the choice!).

Only real downside is the headroom is a bit limited. Not a problem for a lot of beach trips but it means you won't be spending a lot of time on your feet mingling with friends.

In Summary...

This is a fantastic beach sunshade. I like how easy it is to put up and take down. It's much lighter than a gazebo-style beach canopy. If I was buying for 2 I'd probably look a tthe small version, but any more than that and I'd spring for the larger one. Basically, if you need a large space and and don't need masses of headroom, I'd definitely recommend it.

Otentik SunShade - best sun shade for the beach


Made from an eco-friendly Italian sport fabric (Eurojersey Sensitive), the Otentik Beach Sunshade comes with 2 poles, 4 reinforced sandbags and a drawstring carry bag. It’s available in 30 colours and 4 different sizes. And it weighs only 4lbs - 5lbs depending on the size. ($$)

The Verdict

Not everyone wants to take a gazebo to the beach, so if the idea of a solid, 45lb structure like the Coleman doesn’t appeal, this is a really excellent choice at the other end of the spectrum.

The Otentik has been a firm favourite with beach-goers for several years now basically because it’s lightweight, compact, easy-to-set up and durable. And when combined with 120 different size/colour combinations, there’s literally nothing to dislike about it!

OK, when I say easy to put up, the first time can be a bit daunting. But there’s several helpful Youtube videos on how to set it up (apparently you can even email customer services for help setting it up and they’ll respond really quickly - so you can’t say fairer than that!). It’s simple to adjust, meaning you can tweak it here and there to shelter from the wind or track the sun to keep it in the shade. One person can erect it in 5-10 mins.

It holds up well in the wind with reports of people being comfortable in 20mph winds. However, you will want to familiarise yourself with instructions on how to set it up best for windy conditions because if you don’t you might find it flaps around a bit. Get it right, though, (again, see the Youtube videos) and you’ll be in for a very comfortable day.

In Summary...

Probably the best beach shelter for wind I’ve come across. If you’re looking for a sun shade that’s really portable, sturdy and lightweight, look no further!

Neso grande beach sunshade review - best beach canopy for family


Measuring 9'x9', the Neso Grande Beach Canopy comes in 8 different colours, including a number of funky patterns. It's got 4 sand anchors, 2 x 7ft poles and a bag that easily fits in carry-on luggage. It weighs just 6.5lbs. ($$)

The Verdict

Neso produce a variety of beach canopies but in this review I'm only going to focus on the Neso Grande. It's a good size; neither too big nor too small. You can definitely fit a family underneath it!

It differs slightly from a number of other beach sunshades in that it utilises 'sand anchors' rather than bags. What this in effect means is that you can just pile sand on top of flat bits of fabric rather than going to the hassle of shovelling sand into a bag. And then at the end of the day you just shake them off. It's a nice design touch that saves a few minutes setting up and taking down without any big compromise in performance.

The main reason I think this is the best sun shade for families is the slightly cheaper price point. As a family man myself, I definitely like to save a few dollars and so the fact it's cheaper than either the Red Suricata or Otentik is interesting. That, combined with the sand anchor design, makes it very worthy of consideration.

The two poles that are included in the package are fairly standard. There is the option of purchasing two extra poles (check them out here), but once you've gone to that expense, you may as well have bought the Red Suricata which already comes with 4 poles. So the Neso Grande is only a cheaper option when you roll with a 2-pole setup.

Performance-wise it is solid. I think the build-quality of the Otentik and Red Suricata is marginally superior, but if you're already stretching your budget with the Neso then don't let that hold you back from buying it.

In Summary

This is a decent beach shade for a budget-conscious family looking to go on the occasional beach excursion.

(If a 4-pole setup is important to you then go with the Red Suricata which includes 4 poles in the price because you'll get a slightly better rig for about the same spend).

Otentik vs Neso

I get quite a lot of people saying they can't decide between the Otentik & Neso sunshades, so I thought it would be useful to give a little side-by-side comparison.


If you're happy to spend the moolah, this is the better beach shade, especially in higher winds.


If you're more budget conscious and only intend on using it occasionally, the Neso won't let you down.

  • Lighter to carry (4lbs-5lbs)
  • 4 sizes/30 colors
  • Sand bags
  • Great in winds up to 20mph
  • More expensive - check prices here
  • Slightly heavier (4lbs-6.5lbs)
  • 2 sizes/8 colors
  • Sand 'anchors'
  • Great in winds up to 15mph
  • Slightly cheaper - check prices here
Artik beach sunshade - good budget beach shade and best cheap beach canopy


The Artik Beach Canopy comes in 3 sizes: Large (9.8'x9.8') Medium (7.4'x7.4') and Small (7'x5'). It is available in 8 colours, including garish pinks and a purple. It also comes with 4 sandbags and 2 x 7ft poles. ($)

The Verdict

This is a fairly standard beach shade but with Artik quite new on the scene they are competing a bit on price, meaning they are offering relatively cheap beach canopies.

It's not as lightweight as the Otentik but even with the large version coming in at less than 10lbs, it's very portable. It breaks down into a really compact case. And the telesopic poles provide decent headroom.

There's not a lot to dislike about these sun shades. Coming in at around 30% cheaper than the higher end sun shades, the compromises are in the material and the stitching. Which means it's a bit bulkier and a bit more prone to wear and tear than the others.

In Summary

It's cheap enough you won't break the bank. It's lightweight enough you won't break your back. The extra build-quality from our top-rated canopies means that if you can, you'll seriously consider springing for a more expensive competitor brand. But if cash is tight, the Artik will do the job!

Coleman 10x10 Beach Canopy - Best pop up beach shelter


The Coleman Instant Beach Canopy is 10’x10’, has lightweight metal legs, three adjustable height settings and air vents in the roof which is made with UV-guard material. It comes with stakes, guy lines and a carry bag. It weighs 45lbs. ($$$$)

The Verdict

When all is said and done there’s three very nice things about this pop up canopy: it’s really easy to set up and break down, it’s super-sturdy and it’s easy to transport.

It maximises your time at the beach! Coleman claim it only takes 3 minutes to set up (I think that’s a bit optimistic but one person can definitely do it in under 5 minutes). And given you want to get everything into place as quickly as possible so you can enjoy the day, this is a really good feature. Similarly, it’s extremely quick and easy to break down so you don’t have to spend ages packing up. And unlike some of the competing products, it fits neatly (but not too tightly) in the carry bag, which also has wheels!

A lot of cheaper beach canopies can’t hack the wind, with legs bending and buckling in the lightest breeze. The sturdy metal legs on the Coleman mean it's a fantastic beach canopy for wind and also you'll own something that's going to last for several years and not just one season. When it comes to securing it you have the choice between burying the legs, using the guy lines and a set of specialist tent stakes (I really rate the Cosmos stakes for sand) or buying some canopy sandbags like these.

Another nice feature is the adjustable height settings which means you don’t have to erect it on a surface that’s 100% flat. It’s one of those touches that shows Coleman have properly thought through how to design a product for real-life use.

In Summary...

If you’re looking for 100 square feet of shade, want something a bit more serious than a bit of fabric and are looking for an instant canopy that will last more than 1 season, I highly recommend you seriously consider the Coleman 10 x 10.

A Buyers Guide to Beach Canopies

When the temperature starts to rise, lots of people head to the beach to cool off. Depending on the number of people that need to seek shade from the hot sun, you will need to find the right sized beach canopy that is not only durable and wind and water resistant, but that is also easy to set up and carry. There are tons of beach canopies on the market with different sizes and features, so you decide what features are right for you and your beach canopy, you should have no problem finding the right beach canopy for your needs.

When looking for a decent canopy you’ll be asking yourself a bunch of questions:

  • Does it have to be a beach canopy? Or will any old canopy do?

  • How big does it need to be?

  • How light is too light and how heavy is too heavy?

  • How easy are these things to set up and pack away?

I’ve gone and taken a look at a whole range of options to help you navigate the array of canopies on the market. In this article I’m going to offer up few tips on what to look for in a great beach canopy and selected 6 of the best to review so that you don’t have to spend any more time than necessary making a decision. And that means you can focus on the important stuff like getting the ice packed into the cooler. (And here's a video on how to do just that...)

Types of Canopy to Consider

Slant Leg vs Straight Leg Canopy

Slant leg canopies tend to look better and they are also usually a bit cheaper. But they have two problems: firstly you lose coverage and secondly they tend to be less stable than straight leg canopies. If you want your beach canopy to hold up in strong winds, you might be better off with a straight-legged canopy which is generally more sturdy. And when it comes to space, you know exactly what you are getting.

Fixed Location Garden Canopy

This style comes with a replaceable fabric canopy and side curtains so it has the ability to turn an open-air tent into a weatherproofed shelter.

Square Canopy on Four Legs

Normally measuring 10 x 10 feet, some of these canopies with this style measure 8 x 8 feet but have feet that spread out for a total of 10 feet square size. Varying in ease of setup and portability, this style is convenient as a backyard shelter and is a popular choice for those needing to cover a temporary outdoor display like crafters.

Triangular Canopy

Often used at pools or restaurant patios, this canopy style is considered seasonal use and is connected with rope onto places that are hard to reach.

Garage Canopy

Designed to cover up to three vehicles, this style comes with a heavy-duty fabric and is often used to cover boats, cars, truck, and agricultural equipment.

Beach Canopy

Similar to a supersized beach umbrella, beach canopies have a “pop up” style that can have a reflective surface and ventilation to lessen the heat inside, plus they are sometimes rated for sun screening.

Baby Beach Canopy

These canopies are usually about three feet square and also feature a “pop up” design that works at the beach and in your backyard. I’ve reviewed a bunch of pop up tents for the beach which you can read here.

Part Canopy

Sizes range from big to small depending on the type of event being held. Used with or without sides, they can also come equipped ready for electricity and are usually measured by square footage as well as guests it can accommodate.

Considerations for Selecting a Beach Canopy

You also want to make sure you have something that is portable, easy to set up, and will do well in the wind.

Easy Assembly

Ease of assembly is often a big consideration when choosing the right beach canopy. The last thing you want is to be wrestling with a canopy in the wind in the hot sun. You may want to choose a tent that is easily set up by one person instead of requiring two people as that can indicate the difficulty level of the setup.

Make sure it has few parts that can get lost and has easy to pop up lever that is easy to secure in the wind. You also want a canopy that will disassemble just as easily and fold down well into the included carrying bag.


If you are buying a canopy for the beach, you are obviously planning to have to carry it to places. You need to consider whether the tent can be moved, but that once it is folded down and packed away, that it is easy to take back to your car.

Does the carrying case have wheels or a handle that is handy for lifting and rolling? How heavy is it once it is fully loaded and will it fit into your vehicle? You need to answer all these questions before choosing a canopy.

Side Walls

Some canopies will come with side walls to help keep out rain and wind. It also helps to create a private atmosphere or keep insects away. In some cases, it can cause an unwanted build-up of heat, so some designs allow for the side walls to be rolled up or tied back on corner posts when they aren’t needed.


You may choose a canopy for its rain protection, so make sure you check to see if the seams are properly sealed so they won’t leak. You should also look to see if the canopy is fire retardant and meets any relevant regulations. If you intend to put up your canopy on a windy day, make sure it has sufficient weight on each of its corners, usually about 40 pounds, and make sure the sidewalls are weighted as well.


Most contemporary canopies are very weather resistant and include durable aluminum poles that support it. Canopies with fewer parts are better for having less important pieces to lose, and durable fabrics are important, especially if it is a fabric that quickly dries after it rains.

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