The Best Tent for a Tall Person – Updated 2022

If you like camping and you’re taller than average then you may need specialist gear. I’ve gone out to the market and found a selection of the best tents for tall people. 

I’ve split the list out into two: the longest tents and the tallest tents. So whether you are looking for a long, low-profile tent for backpacking, or a tent you can stand up in without hunching, I hope we’ve got you covered!

Here’s a selection of the best long & tall tents:

  • Marmot Limelight 2P – At 7’4″ long and two huge doors, this is probably the best tent for tall people. Spacious, versatile & great value!
  • MSR Hubba Hubba NX2 – 7′ long and weighing as little as 3lbs, this is an amazing backpacking tent for tall people. Pricey but worth it!
  • Eureka Jade Canyon – With a peak heigh of 7′ & 64 sq feet of floor space, most folk will find this tent very spacious. It also won’t break the bank…

Not sure if any of those will work for you? Not to worry! There’s a bunch more options reviewed below covering different sizes, shapes, capacity and budgets…

Marmot Limelight 2 — Best Tent for Tall People


This 2-person tent is 7’4″ long x 4’6″ wide. It has a center height of 3’7″. The trail weight is 5lbs 2oz and the max weight is 5lbs 10oz.

The “pre-bend” construction of the poles creates walls that are near vertical. It has two doors (double door at front and D-door at back). There are a variety of storage pockets and a footprint is included. There are two colors to choose from.

The Verdict

All-in-all this tent is designed to provide maximum space, not just for sleeping but also for organising your gear and manouvering inside. Marmot achieve all this without compromising massively on weight (at 5lbs – 6lbs it’s not ultralight but it is definitely light enough for backpacking) or on price (again, not the cheapest but very good value nonetheless).

Backpacking tents are known for their compact design and lightweight features, but this model brings some well-needed space into backpacking tents in order to cater to all the tall nature lovers out there.

This is a feature-rich model that comes with fascinating design and tactical elements. The use of body zone pre-bends helps create a set of vertical walls around the tent in order to offer more space than most 2-person tents.

Entering and exiting the tent is incredibly easy even if you are a big or tall person, thanks to an extra-large double door in the front and a rear D-shaped door. It also comes with two vestibules for added space around the tent.

The use of a seam taped full coverage fly armed with plenty of vents helps make this an all-weather option. Pitching the tent is also extremely easy thanks to the use of easy-pitch clips and poles that are fully color-coded.

In Summary

You do want to rough it out a bit when you’re camping, but a little bit of extra headspace would always be nice, right? This is why this model is a great pick for tall backpackers who are looking for extra room to sleep comfortably.

The fact that it comes loaded with impressive features such as super-sized doors, color-coded clips, and lamp shade pockets makes this an absolute steal!

Slumberjack Trail Tent


This is a two-person trail tent 7′ long x 4’4″ wide and a centre height of 3′ 5″. It weighs 6lbs 5oz and has a total floorspace of 33 sq feet. It is made using a 75D polyester of 1200mm construction.

The Verdict

All of you friendly giants out there will thank us for introducing you to this extraordinary tent that specializes in housing tall people. The fact that it can easily house two large individuals within its confines, coupled with a reliable and lightweight design, makes this a must-have for all the tall campers.

This is a freestanding trail tent that features a rain fly and vestibule that offers full coverage during storms. The mesh wall panels ensure enough ventilation when the heat is up, thereby making this a great all-weather tent.

Setting it up is easy as well, thanks to the stable fiberglass poles and the color-coded clip construction system. It uses a ridge pole to maximize the interior space even further, while the internal storage pockets help you store all your vital commodities easily.

You can count on carrying this tent for a multitude of activities, including camping, backpacking, fishing, and most other outdoor adventures.

In Summary

We couldn’t think of a better single or two-person tent for tall people because the Slumberjack Trail Tent has everything you will need to make your camping experience memorable.

It has the right dimensions to comfortably house two large people both in length and height, and it’s built using a tough and durable 75D polyester material. It has ample ventilation for the dry season and offers cover during storms, making it an all-weather wonder.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 — Best Backpacking Tent for Tall Person


This is a three-season, two-person backpacking tent. It offers 29 square feet of floor space, a vestibule area of 17.5 square feet, and has a peak height of 39 inches. 

It has an overall weight of just 3.9 pounds, and it can be packed down to a minimum size of 18 x 6 inches. The exterior is made using 20-denier ripstop nylon, while the mesh is made using 15-denier nylon. 

This product comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty of three years.

The Verdict

A backpacking tent is different from a camping tent in major regard—weight. This is why we went with the MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 as the best backpacking tent for tall people, as it’s ultra-lightweight and spacious.

This tent setup has an overall weight of just 3.9 pounds, and this can be brought down to just 3.5 pounds if you choose to go with the minimalistic option of carrying only the poles, footprint, and rainfly.

A freestanding design allows you to use the DAC featherlite poles to set up the tent in double-quick time. Even though this tent is extra-light, it offers an impressive floor space of 29 square feet, plus an additional vestibule area of 17.5 square feet.

The durashield coating helps add great durability to the exterior of the tent, allowing you to carry this product in three out of four seasons.

In Summary

A backpacking tent should allow you to carry your roof over your shoulders without feeling any burden. This model helps you do exactly that without compromising on floor space or vital features.

It offers plenty of space for two tall people across three seasons, and the use of intelligent pole geometry allows you to quickly and easily create a comfortable space while backpacking.

Coleman Dome Tent for Camping — Best Budget Tent for Tall Person


This is a two-person camping tent with dimensions of 9 x 7 feet and a peak height of 4 feet 11 inches. It is a weatherproof model that can withstand winds up to 35 miles per hour. 

The conventional pitch system allows you to set up the tent in 10 minutes. It comes with a limited warranty of one year.

The Verdict

A great budget camping tent for tall people should ideally be economical, spacious, and feature-rich, and the Coleman Dome Tent manages to tick all these boxes. 

This is a spacious 9 x 7 feet tent that can easily accommodate a queen-size air bed. It comes with a screen room and dark room technology that helps block out over 90 percent of all sunlight in order to give you a comfortable rest, even when the sun is up.

A well-ventilated airflow system helps keep the interiors cool at all times and helps reduce the overall heat prevalent in the tent. A fully weatherproof system makes this an all-season tent; it comes with welded corners and inverted seams to keep any water from infiltrating.

The use of a strong and durable frame helps to keep the tent standing even when the winds are blowing at over 35 miles per hour. 

It also has an e-port that allows you to use electrical devices inside the tent.

In Summary

You wouldn’t expect a budget tent to come with ample space to house a tall person, dark room technology, all-weather conditioning, and an e-port, but that is precisely what makes this model special.

ALPS Mountaineering Mystique 2 — Longest Camping Tent


This is a waterproof tent made using polyester taffeta, and it has a base size of 5 x 8 feet. The total center height is 40 inches, the overall tent area is 32 square feet, and it has a separate vestibule area of 18 square feet.

It weighs a total of 5 pounds, but packing light brings the weight down to just 4 pounds.

This model can be purchased in copper and rust or grey and navy.

The Verdict

The Mystique 2 is truly a mysterious tent because you’ll be wondering how such a compact and lightweight tent can offer you a total floor length of a whopping 8 feet. This is enough to house even the tallest that roam among us!

Assembling the tent is remarkably easy thanks to the use of an aluminum two-pole design that allows a single person to put up the tent. A massive rainfly offers additional vestibule space, providing extra room for storage and added protection from the rain.

It comes fully equipped with eight zippers, guy ropes, aluminum stakes, and a mesh storage pocket to place all your valuables.

In Summary

An 8-foot tent may seem like an anomaly, but it allows tall people to truly get a good night’s sleep in their tent. The waterproof fly, easy-to-pitch poles, and all-weather exterior make for some beautiful icing on top of your camping cake.

Eureka Jade Canyon — Best Tall Tent


This is a six-pole cabin style, four-person tent. It unpacks to occupy 8 x 8 feet of space and has a peak height of 7 feet. It can be packed up to 8 x 26 inches for travel and weighs only 18 pounds in these dimensions.

The frame is made using steel and aluminum, while the exterior is made using 100 percent polyester. There’s also a six-person option available.

The Verdict

The Eureka Jade Canyon is the perfect tent when you’re out camping with your family, and you need enough space to accommodate all of you (including some tall individuals). 

It’s an excellent three-season tent that has near-vertical walls and a maximum height of 7 feet in order to easily allow you to maneuver inside the tent. 

It uses a sturdy steel and aluminum frame in order to provide ample stability in the face of heavy rain and wind. If it is raining outside, you can access some much-needed entertainment safely with the E! Media center.

A special E!luminate system helps triple the lighting in the tent with the use of a pair of removable fabric panels that can be used to reflect the light from your camping lantern.

In Summary

Camping with the family can be a lot of fun, especially if everyone is safe and comfortable. The use of this incredible, 7-foot tall model ensures that your tent will feel like home, with the added bonus of a great view of course.

Added features such as smart lighting panels and an entertainment center make the experience a whole lot better as well.

Browning Big Horn 8


The Browning Big Horn is a 7’3″ tall cabin tent which measures 10’x15′ (giving 150sq feet of space). It weighs 35lbs, comes with a rain fly and boasts 2 large doorways, 6 windows, plus an array of mesh storage pockets. It also comes with a detachable room divider. It is supported by an industry-leading lifetime warranty. 

The Verdict

The impressive center height of 7′ 3″ on the Big Horn 8 is an exceptionally tall tent. It’s honestly one of the best camping tents on the market and the fact it’s so tall also makes it one of the best tents for tall people.

The tent walls are almost vertical, giving you optimal headspace inside. There’s room inside to fit up to eight sleeping bags or several air beds comfortably, and you can set-up the divider for more privacy.

Inside the tent it comes fully equipped with mesh storage pockets, guy ropes, steel stakes and a durable polyester fly. The seams on the fly are factory sealed, so that you can stay dry on rainy days.

The six windows and the mesh ceiling provide excellent airflow throughout the tent. This provides awesome ventilation for summer camping. But it also performs really well for cold weather camping and it’s been shown to withstand winds of over 40mph.

Because it’s so robust and durable it’s a very popular cabin tent for hunters as well as for family camping trips.


You should be able to pick up a Browning Big Horn in any of the following stores:

In Summary

The Browning Big Horn is an exceptional tall tent. Indeed, unless you go with a canvas tent you are unlikely to find a taller tent. It’s got a lot of space. It’s extremely durable. It will stand up to some of the worst weather. It’s backed by a strong warranty from a reputable company. It really is a fantastic tent.

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike — Best 8 Person Tall Tent


This is an eight-person tent with dimensions of 16 x 11 feet. It has a maximum floor space of 98 square feet and a peak height of 6 feet 6 inches. It packs up into a kit that weighs 26.38 pounds. This model can easily fit two queen size air beds.

The Verdict

For our next selection, we went with a model that can house your family and your extended family as well!

The Wenzel 8 person Klondike tent comes with a screen room that’s convertible and features a “T” shape door and zippered windows for easy access at all times. The use of mesh roof vents helps circulate the space inside the tent and keeps heat levels low in order to keep all eight individuals comfortable.

It uses shock-corded fiberglass roof frames along with steel uprights and corner elbows in order to keep the entire structure stable. This comes in handy when multiple people are moving inside the tent and if the weather becomes harsh enough to try and upturn the tent.

In Summary

Fitting eight people inside a single tent may seem like a mighty task, but this model is up for the challenge. We would highly recommend this product to tall families the world over as it offers nearly 100 square feet of space, which can be easily packed into a 26-pound bag.

Camp Creek 6 — Best 6 Person Tall Tent


The base size of this Alps Mountaineering product is 10 x 10 feet, the center height is 7 feet, and the total weight is 23 pounds and 8 ounces. You will gain a total tent area of 100 square feet, while the entire tent can be packed up to measure 8.5 x 28 inches.

A weather protection system has been featured in this tent, and it’s equipped with a 75d 185T polyester fly that has a 1500 mm coating and a 150d polyester oxford floor.

The Verdict

The Camp Creek 6 is a great six-person tent that’s easy to set up. It has a unique hub design and pole clips that allow you to quickly snap the fiberglass tent poles into place. It’s a spacious model that has an extra-tall center and straight side walls in order to allow you to move easily within its premises.

This is a weatherproof model that comes with a sturdy fly that adds plenty of space over the front doorway and back window. The exterior is made from a durable polyester fabric and it’s well-ventilated thanks to the mesh room and four spacious windows.

In Summary

Finding a tent for six people can be quite taxing because there often tends to be so little room for much else when the tent is in full occupancy. This model, however, is extremely well-designed, with a maximum height of 7 feet and straight sidewalls in order to ensure plenty of room when you’re out camping with your friends or loved ones.

How to Choose the Best Tent for Tall People

The best tents for tall people are usually either very long, or very tall, or both. That’s the main difference between buying tents for tall people vs buying any other tent. Any other specs you’re looking for will depend on your intended use and personal preference; be that multiple rooms, dome tent vs cabin tent, instant tents, an affordable tent or anything else you can think of.

Tall Tents: Choosing the Best Tall Tents for Camping

To qualify as a tall camping tent you really want a minimum center height of 6’6″ (78″). But, because of the way tents bow inwards, this may actually be a bit claustrophobic for tall people, even if they can stand up straight in the middle.

And so the best tall camping tents will have a center height of at least 7′ (84″).

The tallest tent we could find was the 16′ Regatta Bell Tent from White Duck Outdoors which is a canvas tent with a center height of 9’8″. Now of course, being a bell tent, the roof slops downwards at quite a sharp angle and so the wall at the edge is just 2’7″. However, the door is a whopping 6’6″ high and there’s plenty of space for taller campers to move around. (The Regatta is available in 4 sizes and you can buy them either on Amazon or on the White Duck website itself >>).

If you’re not in the market for a canvas tent then the tallest we could find was the Browning Big Horn Tent. The 8P version has a peak height of 7’3″ and, because it’s a cabin style tent with near-straight walls, the height is fairly constant throughout. Ideal for a tall camper!

Tall Tent Design

Nine out of ten times, opting for cabin tents makes the most sense for tall campers. The problem with dome tents is that the walls usually slope inwards quite aggressively and it’s the same with tunnel tents. And so even with a decent center height, they can end up feeling quite claustrophobic.

Cabin tents, on the other hand, tend to have straight walls which means that tall people can move much more freely throughout the tent.

The bell tent is another design that works well as a tall tent. These are almost always canvas tents. The benefits of a canvas tent is that they can repel virtually all kinds of weather and last a lifetime. The downsides are that they tend to be quite expensive and they always weigh an absolute ton (not necessarily an issue if you are car camping, but still…).

Long Tents: Choosing the Best Backpacking Tent for Tall Person

What if you’re not car camping? What if you’re backpacking instead and need a long tent?

A standard backpacking tent is 84″ – 88″ long (7′ – 7’4″). An extra long backpacking tent will be about 90″ (7’6″) long.

The longest tent we could find was the ALPS Mountaineering Mystique 2, an extremely long tent measuring 96″ (8′). In fact, all the tents in the Mystique series are longer than average. And they’re excellent value too!

Although more of a “tarp tent” than a traditional tent, you may also like the Zpacks Duplex which storms in at an extra long 100″ (8′ 4″). If you need an extra long tent, love super-ultralight-gear (it weighs less than 2lbs) and have a bunch of cash to drop, then head over to Zpacks and place an order!

Long Tent Design

Unlike a family tent for tall people, where cabin tents are recommended, backpacking tents for tall people can be much more flexible in their design. After all, the main consideration is the length of the tent. That, and a cabin tent is designed to maximise space rather than to be optimised for weight.

So don’t look for a cabin style tent. Go for virtually any other design!

Long & Tall Tents

If the “tall” and “long” portions of the previous two models seemed appealing to you, but you weren’t a big fan of their shortcomings (emphasis on short), then you’re probably waiting to hear all about tall and long tents.

This model offers you the best of both worlds, allowing you to have plenty of floor space and headspace in order to help you remain truly comfortable during your time in the great outdoors. There is a price to pay for this level of comfort though, and the price here is more money than the previous two models.

It makes sense that this model would cost you more cash, considering the square footage you will have on hand when you’re done setting up this tent. The size of the tent makes it harder to set the whole thing up, but it’s a relatively small compromise to make in order to rest comfortably during your camping experience.

A major drawback to keep in mind is that tents of this size are usually only available in sizes that can fit four to six people. It can be fairly difficult to find a two-person tent in this category, so you may have to opt to pick up a tent that’s twice the size you may need in a bid to get that extra bit of space. 

It’s pretty much all or nothing when it comes to tall and long tents!


With great height comes great responsibilities, especially if you want to be safe while you’re out camping. You will need a tent to house your dimensions properly, particularly if you want to stay well-rested during multi-day hikes.

This is why we can’t recommend the Slumberjack Trail Tent and the MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 enough to all 6-footers and 7-footers out there. The former is our top pick for the best overall tall person tent, while the latter is our pick for best backpacking tent.

The Slumberjack model is built for multiple seasons and offers plenty of space and handy features such as color-coded clip construction to make your camping experience highly pleasurable. The MSR Hubba Hubba helps you stay light on your feet and well-rested on the floor when you’re hiking.